Sample Key Messages for Collector Car Appreciation Day


Be sure to modify these key messages to meet your unique needs.

- (Organization Name) is pleased to be a part of the nationwide celebration recognizing Collector Car Appreciation Day. For over a century, America has produced some of the greatest cars and trucks ever built. The Day reaffirms the important role that automobiles have played in the United States heritage.

- (Event Name) is one of hundreds of nationwide gatherings taking place in honor of Collector Car Appreciation Day.  Millions of Americans enjoy collecting cars and do so with great passion and as a means of individual expression.

- As you can see from today’s (Event Name), historic and classic automobiles play an integral role in American society. They serve as the inspiration for everything from music and photography to cinema and fashion.

- We applaud the United States Senate for recognizing how valuable vintage automobiles are to our society. We appreciate the support of Senator Jon Tester and Senator Richard Burr, and of organizations such as SEMA and ARMO for requesting the resolution.

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