SEMA Member News - September/October 2010

An Eye to the Future

Thinking and Planning Ahead

By Karl Stearns

  SEMA Member News-September/October 2010-PRO  

The 2009 Nat Danas Person of the Year winner was B.J. Leanse (left), who accepted the award from PRO chairman Karl Stearns. Be on hand at the 2010 Novemberfest at the SEMA Show when the 2010 winner will be announced!  

As chairman of the Professional Restylers Organization (PRO), my job is more than just being a figurehead. Those who reach this position work hard to attain it and have a strong passion for the industry they represent. They need to have a good handle on the immediate needs of the council and industry but also have a vision of the future. Our previous chairman, Chuck Blum, mentored me for two years while I was chair-elect. He trained me to do things with an eye to the future, always looking ahead to what would serve the council and membership in the best ways possible. “Think of what you want to do,” he’d tell me. “Then get the people involved that you know can help make it happen.”

To that end, I am always seeking out people who want to be involved. Are you a PRO member? Would you like to be more involved in PRO? We have a number of task forces and committees, a lot of events and jobs to be done. We need your help. I hope that if you get involved, you will likewise develop your passion for the industry by making your own mark, big or small, on something that you’ve helped to accomplish. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone me (570/595-9011). I’ll be happy to talk to you and put you to work!

Why is this important? A number of reasons. Our industry can’t thrive without an active, lively council. We depend on new ideas, clear thinking and a “big-picture” view. We also need future leaders. Hey, I love my job, but I only get to do it for two years. Somebody needs to be in line after the current chairman. We also need Select Committee members who can serve as guides for the council. Participating in task forces and committees helps you learn about the council, and then you can move forward to become part of its leadership.

I’m glad Chuck taught me to look at things this way. The past year has been exciting for me as I’ve seen the PRO council literally take off like a rocket. I’m looking forward to the coming year. I’ve set as a slogan for the Select Committee: “Let’s Make It Shine,” because we have become a standout as a council and I want us to be even more so. Sadly for me, it will be over all too soon. But it has been a wonderful 12 years for me—and I will still be here participating in some way. I hope you will, too.

Think Outside the Shop

  SEMA Member News-September/October 2010-PRO  
We’re beginning a new marketing campaign for PRO. “Think Outside the Shop” is our message to the industry. It will be appearing in our membership campaigns, our Technical Skills & Training Conference events (we’re planning two in 2011!) and all other PRO activities. As an industry, we need to look beyond our own four walls. Are you willing to do that? If you take part, you’ll meet some great people, get some new ideas and maybe even find an outlet for your creative ideas for our industry. I hope you’ll find this a stimulating marketing campaign.


Please join the PRO at the 2010 NovemberFest, taking place on Tuesday, November 2, at 5:30 p.m. at the Las Vegas Hilton during the annual SEMA Show. NovemberFest is a break from the traditional industry reception and will provide guests with a premier networking opportunity that is second to none. PRO will honor the Manufacturer of the Year, Restyler of the Year, Nat Danas Person of the Year and the Jim Borre Lifetime Achievement recipient. Don’t miss this chance to mingle with industry icons, leaders and friends. Find out what the buzz is all about. Last year was a blast. This year will be better. Join us to congratulate our PRO award recipients, have a bite to eat and enjoy a drink. We’ll even have a DJ! Commemorative T-shirts for all will be supplied by our sponsor, Eagle Enterprises. We’d love to have you. NovemberFest has become the place to be on Tuesday at the SEMA Show. Keep abreast of the goings on at