Pay Per Buyer Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I’m not a SEMA member?
A. Although you can still take part in the program directly through Digital Performance, only SEMA members are eligible for the discounted program rates. As a SEMA member, this Pay-Per-Buyer program will often times offset the cost of your SEMA membership dues. SEMA offers many other member benefits that make membership a great option. Over 7,000 companies have already seen the value that SEMA membership provides. Click here to join SEMA.

Q. If I have my own website, why should I spend the money to be on the Shopping Guide?

A. Just the volume of parts that can be resourced is reason enough. But consider also the other huge benefit. The Shopping Guide gets your company in front of many more consumers than you ever could on your own. The Shopping Guide Syndication Network has a reach of almost 4.5 million visitors per month. Now that’s exposure!

Q. How can I track the results I’m getting?
A. Once you sign up, you are provided with a username and password where you will be able to see all of your progress whenever you like.

Q. Your website isn’t listing the parts that I sell. How do I get them on there to sell?
A. Let us know. If the manufacturer has the data available we will get them listed as soon as possible. Remember that there are already more than 2.2 million parts from over 1,200 manufacturers, so this won’t be a problem you’ll see often.

Q. What format do I need to send my product listings to you?
A. You can send us export in any delimited text file or MS Excel. Also, if you use a channel provider and have exports that are for Google Base, Yahoo Stores, or other comparison shopping formats, we can accept those as well. Key is that you will provide the manufacturer brand, manufacturer part number, price you’re selling at, any specials, and the URL link to that part on your website.

Q. Won’t this program just cause pricing wars?

A. The opposite is true. Most people that buy from the Shopping Guide do not buy from the lowest priced reseller. The consumer wants to feel assured that they will not only get the part they need but that the distributor will be there with the service they need should they encounter a problem.

Q. Would my money be better spent on Google Adwords?
A. If you want to manage bidding for placement and variable click costs -- that doesn’t get you a well-qualified lead, then traditional PPC could be for you. Remember with this program, before you get charged a cent, the customer has found their vehicle, located the part, seen detailed information about it, reviewed pricing and chosen you to take the next step with.

Q. How is this different than eBay?

A. This program is not an auction website nor is it a separate online store for you to manage. This program helps to drive buyers directly to your current online store…which could be an eBay store.

Q. Can I advertise on the site?
A. You bet you can. In fact, what better way to get your company’s name in front of the consumer before they choose which reseller to buy from. The companies that do are just those companies that are able to sell more products at a higher price. The consumer feels confident after seeing your name listed throughout their shopping experience.

Q. Can I be a preferred vendor and be the only one listed?
A. No, the same way you don’t want locked out of a product, others can’t be locked out because of you. In fact, you want others listed to validate that this is a great comparison of prices and places to buy the product, and there is no need to go anywhere else. Use your advertising dollars smartly to get in the consumers mind before the reseller listing. Well placed ads on the site do that best.

Q. What are all the brands/products listed on the site (i.e., line card)?
A. Feel free to visit the site and click on See All Brands. All of the brands and their products that are currently available on ( are listed for you to review. Just remember, however, the list is constantly growing.

Q. How does the site work (i.e., who collects money, ships out the products, etc.)?
A. You do. The site simply directs buyers to you. What you get from your investment with this program is a well-qualified and educated consumer.

Q. Will I really be listed along with ads from Amazon?
A. Hard to believe, but yes. Where else can you compete on the same level as resellers of that size? Whether large or small every distributor is on an even playing field.