-- Automotive and motorsports enthusiasts, businesses can now access perks and discounts on parts, services, apparel, and more --


DIAMOND BAR, Calif. (Nov. 1, 2022) – SEMA and PRI launched a new, first-of-its-kind benefits program for the automotive and motorsports communities. Through SEMA and PRI Memberships, participants can now receive perks and save money on parts, services, apparel, logistics, education/training, travel, insurance, and more.


Since launching just last year, SEMA and PRI Individual Memberships have united and strengthened the automotive and motorsports communities. Unlike any other programs, the memberships support and celebrate the unique passion and pride found in the automotive community. With a combined participation of more than 15,000 members, SEMA and PRI Individual Memberships have been instrumental in strengthening legislative efforts to Save Our Racecars and protect enthusiasts’ automotive rights. The new benefits introduced today will provide greater value to members and help further attract and strengthen participation.


“In today’s inflation-ridden times, we’re pleased to offer SEMA and PRI Members such lucrative benefits,” said PRI President Dr. Jamie Meyer. “The industry and the community are stronger because of the members, and the money-saving discounts will help members to be more successful.”


Each membership category – SEMA Individual Members, SEMA Business Members, PRI Individual Members, and PRI Business Members – has its own unique discounts, as well as its own requirements for joining. Business membership typically offers discounts on services such as shipping and logistics, product development tools and support through the SEMA Garage, and business solutions. Individual membership includes discounts on auto parts, services, and apparel.


“Our goal is for the value of membership to greatly exceed the $40 fee,” said Meyer. “If SEMA and PRI Memberships can result in tangible discounts and members can save money on a new vehicle, parts for their builds, and lifestyle perks, then we’ve done our job.”


Benefits can be conveniently accessed through the online membership portals. The SEMA Individual Membership portal launched today, and the PRI Individual Membership portal launches in a about a week.


For more information about the membership programs and a list of the benefits by category, visit or Companies interested in participating as a benefits partner can contact Mike Kirks, Benefits Manager, at


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