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SEMA Member News - September/October 2009

Chairman, Chairman-Elect and Six New Members Assume Positions On SPC Select Committee

The Street Performance Council (SPC) has been the driving force in supporting this industry segment with education, networking and information on existing and emerging market trends. With the recent council elections, a new crop of leaders seeks to expand and promote this message throughout the industry. The following provide a brief spotlight on each of the new council leaders.

Chair and Chair-Elect
SEMA Member News-September-October 2009-SPC Tracie Nuñez of Advanced Clutch Technologies (ACT) is a longtime member of SPC and has served as chairman-elect since 2007. In that role, she helped guide a variety of projects as she prepared to take on the role of chairman, which she now does. Nuñez was named the SPC Person of the Year in 2008 for her personal work and achievements within ACT and SPC. “Over the next two years, I seek to build upon the foundations laid in providing members in the street performance market with tools and programs in support of their businesses,” said Nuñez. “I join Tyler Tanaka [incoming Chairman-elect] in welcoming the new members of the select committee and look forward to utilizing their expertise in serving our fellow SPC members.”
SEMA Member News-September-October 2009-SPC Tyler Tanaka of Turbonetics now assumes the duties of SPC chairman-elect. “As chairman-elect, I will continue to push for new forward-looking programs focusing on business development and new market growth opportunities for our member companies,” he said. “We can also be of service to our members by establishing tools and information sources to help our members grow revenue and help reduce costs.”
New Select Committee Members
SEMA Member News-September-October 2009-SPC “Since starting Titan Motorsports back in 2000, I’ve experienced all the ups and downs, highs and lows and differing trends that the market has thrown at us and have always found a way through it,” said Bottle Deliwala of Titan Motorsports Inc. “I am glad to have been a part of this expansion and the opportunity to have competed against guys that pushed the sport and the industry at a grassroots level.”
SEMA Member News-September-October 2009-SPC Chris Dye of Club RSX Inc. also joins the SPC select committee. “I have run a sport compact parts business for eight years and have been involved in the industry for over 16 years,” he said. “While the manufacturers and distributors are the backbone of this industry, the retailers are the heart and the ones that keep everything moving. In these economic times, you need someone who is going to fight for you, and I will be that voice.”
SEMA Member News-September-October 2009-SPC
Regis Finn of B&M Racing & Performance Products Inc. as he assumes his seat on the committee: “I awake every day and realize how truly blessed I am. Our industry has given so much to me—now I want to give back. How many people can say they really love their job and the industry they work in? I can.”
SEMA Member News-September-October 2009-SPC

Gigi Ho of Digital Performance Inc. has also devoted years to the industry and the council. “I have been dedicated to the growth and development of the automotive aftermarket for the past eight years,” Ho said. “Focusing on data standardization tools for the industry and connecting buyers and sellers via our widely syndicated parts search engine gives me a unique perspective on the future of the marketplace as well as insight to help SPC achieve its goals and build on the successes of its education and communication programs.”

SEMA Member News-September-October 2009-SPC

Mike Lovro of Auto Meter Products Inc. said: “From starting with Auto Meter as a technical support representative in high school to a sales intern while in college and now as an account manager, I have a great understanding of the industry. I look to share my experience in support of the Street Performance Council.”

SEMA Member News-September-October 2009-SPC M.K. Sathya of Keystone Automotive Operations Inc. rounds out the new committee members. “I find this industry fascinating and uniquely American—representing passion, entrepreneurship, independence and individual expression,” he said. “The people I have met thus far in this space have educated me on its opportunities and challenges alike.”