SEMA Member News - November/December 2010

MPMC Establishes Hall of Fame

Established in 1995, the Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC) was one of the first SEMA councils. Not so coincidentally, many of today’s MPMC-member companies were also original SEMA members when the association was formed in 1963 as the Speed Equipment Manufacturers Association. As SEMA grew to represent companies in virtually all facets of the automotive aftermarket, speed and performance manufacturing companies formed MPMC as a means of focusing volunteer efforts on their own niche of the industry. Today, MPMC remains the only council dedicated solely to manufacturers.

With such a rich heritage and singular direction, it is fitting that the MPMC Select Committee decided to establish the MPMC Hall of Fame. The MPMC Hall of Fame honors those who have made a significant contribution to the motorsports manufacturing segment and/or MPMC. Nominations were solicited from the MPMC general membership, and the final selection of inductees was voted on by the MPMC Hall of Fame task force. MPMC is proud to congratulate the 2010 Hall of Fame inductees.

Amy Faulk, Hypertech

  SEMA MPMC Hall of Fame-Amy Faulk 

Amy Faulk was a founding member of the MPMC and served seven years on the MPMC Select Committee. She chaired the council from 2000–2002 and has been a member since its inception in 1995. She was also one of the original designers of the MPMC Media Trade Conference. Now in its 14th consecutive year, that event was and is a unique opportunity available only to MPMC-member companies. Faulk has served on numerous SEMA task forces and committees, including six years on the Board of Directors, and she currently sits on the SEMA Governance Committee. Over the years, she has received numerous awards and honors, including SEMA Person of the Year, SBN’s Athena Award and SBN’s Woman of the Year Award. She was inducted into the SEMA Hall of Fame in 2002 and has been a lifelong participant in motorsports. Her NHRA driving career highlights include being the only woman to win NHRA national events in three categories: Super Stock, Comp and Alcohol Dragster. She was the 1979 NHRA Super Stock World Champion and the 1980 Car Craft magazine Driver of the Year.

Rolan “Jeep” Worthan, Auto Meter

  SEMA MPMC Hall of Fame-Rolan "Jeep" Worthan 

Jeep Worthan was another founding member of MPMC and also helped champion the MPMC Media Trade Conference. He served on the Select Committee from 1995–2000 and again for another term in 2003–2004. He has been a member of MPMC since 1995 and also served eight terms (so far) on the SEMA Board of Directors. He has chaired or served on virtually every SEMA committee and task force and has been the MPMC Board liaison since 2007.

He was inducted into the SEMA Hall of Fame in 2009. “His vision and passion to build the future of our industry is second to none,” said current MPMC Select Committee member John Spar of Stable Imaging Solutions LLC. “His support and commitment to the industry and the people in it is legendary. His integrity sets the gold standard and is what we all look up to.”

John Menzler, Motofeet/COMP Performance Group

  SEMA MPMC Hall of Fame-John Menzler 

John Menzler served on the MPMC Select Committee from the council’s inception in 1995 until June 2010, a total of 15 years. He chaired the council in 2004–2006 and, when his tenure as immediate past chair/advisor was over in 2006, he immediately ran and was re-elected to the Select Committee. He is the only recipient of the MPMC Industry Recognition Award, presented to him in 2000. When longtime friend and current SEMA Board of Directors member Chris Thomson of AIRAID heard of Menzler’s induction into the MPMC Hall of Fame, he said: “Few are as deserving as John Menzler for this long-overdue award. John served the MPMC for 15 years, including two years as the council chairman. Under his leadership, the MPMC had steady growth in membership and the very successful Media Trade Conference. Although his Select Committee service is over, John continues to represent both SEMA and MPMC as an ambassador at large. John personifies the meaning of altruistic service. He is a genuine ‘pay it forward’ kind of guy.”

Paul “Scooter” Brothers , COMP Performance Group

  SEMA MPMC Hall of Fame-Paul "Scooter" Brothers 
As with the other three inductees, Scooter Brothers is a charter member of MPMC. He served on the Select Committee from 2000–2004 and was the MPMC Board liaison from 2004–2006. He currently serves as SEMA Board of Directors chair-elect and will assume chairmanship in 2011. Brothers is widely recognized and respected in the aftermarket industry for his integrity, commitment and generosity in helping anyone who asks for a hand. He is also quick to give credit to those around him, always emphasizing “the team” and sharing accolades with his peers. When elected to the SEMA Hall of Fame in 2005, Brothers said: “It’s an honor to be selected. But on the other hand, it’s hard to think that people would feel this way about you when you’re just doing what you ought to do. I’m not doing anything special. I think they’re just running out of people to talk about.”