MPMC - 13th Annual MPMC Media Trade Conference

SEMA Member News - July/August 2009

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In addition to invaluable meeting time with more than 200 editorial media representatives, the MPMC Media Trade Conference also provides invaluable networking and relationship-building opportunities through functions such as a media reception. The media reception is held each year on Tuesday evening immediately following the first day’s round of meetings.


A new feature of the Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC) Media Trade Conference (MTC) is online exhibitor registration. Judging by the volume of applications already received, the added convenience is welcomed by MPMC-member companies.

“Processing and tracking the hard-copy applications has always been cumbersome for SEMA staff,” reported MPMC Chairman Bill Floyd. “But it was one of those ‘we’ve always done it this way’ things for us and, after 12 years, it just became accepted. Online registration wasn’t even requested by anyone, but now that SEMA stepped up and offered it, we can’t imagine why we waited so long. MPMC and SEMA look for ways to improve the conference every year, and this upgrade should really streamline the process.”

Only 100 suites are available for the 13th Annual MPMC Media Trade Conference. After exhibitor registration closes in mid-August, the lucky 100 will be chosen by a lottery. Any companies not chosen will be placed on a waiting list in lottery-number sequence. Should any of the original 100 exhibitors choose not to participate, wait-listed companies will be given the opportunity to exhibit. (Note to Media: media registration will open October 1.)

The annual MPMC Media Trade Conference brings MPMC-member manufacturers together with editorial staffs from various media publications for three days of face-to-face exchanges. Approximately 200 editorial representatives are pre-registered and scheduled for up to three days’ worth of 30-minute meetings with exhibitors. Unlike a trade-show environment, where both exhibitors and media are occupied with “business,” the Media Trade Conference is all about editorial content. Ad sales and product sales are not a part of the curriculum.

The conference has become the must-attend event for many automotive journalists, who report that they can get an entire year’s worth of technical content at one place in just three days or less. Likewise, the conference affords the lucky 100 MPMC-member companies with an opportunity to network and build relationships with the automotive press that is not available anywhere else in the world.

If your company is an MPMC member and has not yet registered for the MPMC Media Trade Conference, go to the MPMC homepage and do it now. Remember, only 100 companies can participate, but before you can be chosen, you have to be in the lottery. The only way to be in the lottery is to register at now.

If you have any questions about the MPMC Media Trade Conference or about MPMC membership, please contact Jim Skelly for more information.

Survey Says…Media Trade Conference Keeps Getting Better

Following each MTC, a satisfaction survey is sent to exhibitors and media attendees. The feedback garnered from the surveys helps SEMA staff and the MPMC plan for future events. The return rate for these surveys is typically higher than normal—perhaps indicative of the importance placed on the event by participants. This year, 48 out of 96 exhibitors completed the survey for a 50% response rate. Media returned 54 responses out of 235 surveys, for a 23% response rate. Satisfaction with the event remains high for both exhibitors and media attendees. A combined 87% of exhibitors rated the event above average or excellent. Media rated their satisfaction with 10 aspects of the event. All 10 received ratings similar to those given by the exhibitors.

Other questions and answers indicate that the top goals for participating in the MTC for exhibitors and media match up fairly well. The top two goals for exhibitors were the new-product showcase and exposure for products on a magazine project vehicle. The top objective for the media was to “learn about new products to include in a new-products showcase.”

MPMC Reminds Everyone to Take a Friend to a Race

August is National Motorsports Awareness Month. Motorsports offers affordable, action-packed, family-oriented entertainment. The next time you head off to the local circle track, dragstrip, road course or time-attack event, call up neighbors or relatives and invite them to come along.

There’s nothing like “being there.” For more information, log on to the MPMC homepage.