SEMA Member News - January/February 2010

MPMC at the SEMA Show

Motorsports Panel Discussion Breaks New Ground 

  MPMC sponsored a seminar at the 2009 SEMA Show about how companies can measure their return on investment in motorsports marketing. A diverse panel of motorsports veterans provided unique perspectives on various aspects of motorsports marketing.
The Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC) hosted a motorsports marketing panel discussion in the Las Vegas Convention Center on Monday, November 2, at the 2009 SEMA Show. Titled “Motorsports Marketing: How to Measure Your Return,” the seminar started with the basic premisethat money is too precious to throw away on a hunch. The object of the discussion was to learn how companies can measure their return on investment in motorsports marketing. A diverse panel of motorsports veterans provided unique perspectives onvarious aspects of the topic.

A last-minute addition to the discussion was veteran ESPN/NHRA commentator Alan Reinhart, who drew upon his years of experience to moderate and guide the panel through a full hour of dialog between each other and an audience of approximately 80 people.

The well-rounded group of experts included backgrounds in sanctioning bodies, publishing, manufacturing and motorsports competition. The panel included Bill Holland of Holland Communications, who has experienced all sides of the motorsports marketing arena as a competitor, an editor and a marketing agent for contingency sponsors; Karl Fredrickson of Speedway Illustrated magazine, also experienced as both a competitor and a publisher; Steve Wolcott of ProMedia Publishing, whose company operates the popular NMRA and NMCA racing series and produces magazines and websites; Brian Wolfe, director of Ford North America Motorsports and a 27-year veteran with Ford;  Jessica Forrest, the marketing account manager for NASCAR Automotive Group, which provides marketing solutions for NASCAR automotive sponsors; and MPMC Chairman Bill Floyd of RideTech, who has a lifetime of experience with various motorsports parts manufacturing companies and is a motorsports competitor.

“We have been trying to put something like this together for a couple of years,” Floyd said. “Everyone involved in motorsports—from the fan to the manufacturer to the promoter to the participant—must recognize that we’re in this together. No one part of the motorsports puzzle can survive without all the others. That’s what motorsports awareness is all about, and this panel discussion is just the first in what we hope will be many more similar events. The panelists and moderator Alan Reinhart all recognized the need for sharing information if motorsports is going to thrive in the future, and that’s why they were happy to participate. I can’t thank them enough.”

Floyd also heaped praise on his fellow Select Committee members for their efforts in planning and coordinating the event.
Vic Wood, Dan Nicholas and Todd Ryden were our ad hoc task force for this event,” he said. “They had just about six weeks to create and execute this idea, and they did an outstanding job of confirming panelists, creating questions and formulating an agenda. They really showed what the volunteer spirit for the good of the industry is all about.”

The task force made note of things to change or improve and is already making plans for another discussion at the 2010 SEMA Show. 


Media Trade Conference on Schedule


At last year’s MPMC Media Trade Conference, Bobit Business Media’s Bill Middaugh (right) was the recipient of the Robert E. Petersen Media Award, seen here with SEMA President and CEO Chris Kersting.    


The 13th annual MPMC Media Trade Conference will take place January 19–21, 2010. After six years in El Segundo, the event moves to the newly renovated Radisson Suites Hotel in Covina, California. The Media Trade Conference features three days of pre-scheduled, 30-minute meetings between 100 MPMC member manufacturers and editorial staffs from national and international media. More than meetings, though, the event provides unequaled networking opportunities.

“The value of this event goes way beyond the meetings,” said Comp Cams CEO and SEMA Board of Directors Chair-Elect Scooter Brothers. “It’s about the networking and the relationships that we establish here—relationships with the media and with our peers. There is no other venue in our industry where so many of us can spend three days together and network like this.”

In conjunction with the Media Trade Conference, MPMC will host its annual media reception on Tuesday, January 19 at 6:00 p.m. A highlight of the evening will be the presentation of the annual Robert E. Petersen Media Award. An exhibitor appreciation reception will conclude the conference on Thursday evening, and MPMC will hold an open membership meeting on Friday, January 22.

“We’d like to see as many of the exhibiting manufacturers there as possible,” said Floyd. “I know it’s an extra day of travel, but this is really a great opportunity to share your ideas with the Select Committee on where MPMC should be headed and how to get there. Please try to attend.”

Here is more information on all of the events, or call Jim Skelly at 909/396-0289, ext. 103.