Make Sure You’re Connected With SEMA

SEMA Member News—September/October 2012

Make Sure You’re Connected With SEMA

  Employees of SEMA-member businesses can view their company’s listing. Members are encouraged to keep their profiles and staff listings up-to-date. 
If you are reading this article, you are most likely a subscriber to SEMA News magazine, and you undoubtedly value the industry-specific information that only SEMA can provide. In addition to reading the monthly publication, SEMA members can maximize their ability to connect with industry professionals and receive beneficial information by providing SEMA with up-to-date and accurate contact information.

Why Does SEMA Need Updated Information?

If your company is a SEMA member, be sure that SEMA has your correct company information.

The online member directory contains listings of all SEMA-member companies. Each listing includes a company description, address, phone number, website, company e-mail address and list of company employees.

The need to have updated company contact information is obvious, but you might ask yourself why it’s important to make sure that SEMA has a current list of company employees. Here’s why:

  • All employees of SEMA-member companies are entitled to utilize SEMA’s member benefits. By having an e-mail address for every employee, SEMA can provide a log-in name and password to allow employees to access member-only benefits, such as free research, education and webinars.
  • In addition to being listed on, employees can be contacted through their MySEMA accounts by potential customers and other industry professionals.
  • Keeping your staff list up-to-date ensures that key staff are receiving important industry information and updates, and reduces the amount of unnecessary communications to people who are no longer with the company.

What Information Should I Provide?

As a member, it’s important that you are aware of what company information is being displayed to others. To view your listing, go to and locate your company. Be sure to review your company name, address, phone number, website and company e-mail address for accuracy.

  • Company Name: The doing-business-as (DBA) name that you are currently using.
  • Company Contact Information: Company address, company phone and company e-mail that will be displayed in the online SEMA Membership Directory year-round on as well as in the printed SEMA Membership Directory.
  • Company Description (in 400 characters or less): The description should concisely describe to prospective customers your company’s products and/or services.
  • Company Website: If you have more than one website, be sure to list your company’s primary website.
  • Employees’ Titles: This helps SEMA to deliver content-specific information to the appropriate person(s) based on their position and job function within the company. This will also improve SEMA’s communication efficiency and will minimize the number of e-mails being sent to individuals who are no longer with the company.

How Can I Update My Company’s Information?

The person(s) listed under “Company Contact” on the bottom right of your company’s online directory listing has the ability to make updates to your company profile, including adding and removing employees from your company’s record. For details on updating your company profile, visit

For additional assistance with updating your company’s information, contact membership specialist Timothy Johnson at 909-978-6685 or

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