HRIA Announces Its Incoming Chair-elect

On July 1, 2009, the HRIA Select Committee chairmanship will be passed from Jeanette Ladina to the current chair-elect, Dennis Overholser.  At that time, a new chair-elect will be installed.  Rick Love of Vintage Air has been selected for this position which will inevitably lead to the chair position in just over two years.  During the next two years, Rick will be learning and assisting Dennis on the focus and direction of the HRIA Select Committee.  To get to know Rick a little and find out why he will be so well suited for the chair-elect position, we need to look at his passion for the industry.  Rick is currently the Executive Vice President of Vintage Air, Inc.  He has been involved in the hot rod industry since the late 70s when he built his first hot rod during his senior year in high school. He built several hot rods in the early eighties and began to do a/c installations, which led him to become an authorized Dealer and installer for Vintage Air products. Through this association, he began to work with them on product development, which eventually led into a full time position. Rick has been Vice President at Vintage Air since 1998.  When asked about his passion for the industry Rick declares, "My hobby has evolved into a career, but I also remain a dedicated enthusiast at heart".  He still has the ’39 Ford coupe he first built in 1984, and it has over 140,000 miles on it so far. Rick also has a 1932 Ford coupe and a 1972 Camaro RS Pro Touring car that get exercised regularly. To round out his life, Rick and his wife Linda, whom he has been married to for 15 years, have a 13 year old son Matt.  He also states, "My other hobbies are sports, especially basketball, and I enjoy being involved with my son’s sports activities".

Rick has been an HRIA Select Committee Member since 2005 and states, "I am looking forward to moving into the chair-elect position in July". Rick also expresses, "I think two of the most important issues ahead for our industry are continuing to promote youth involvement and focusing on legislature that will encourage the growth of our hobby and industry. The next generation of passionate car guys (and car gals) are the key to sustaining the steady growth that we have enjoyed. It is equally important that we have consistent processes and legislation throughout the country to register and license our specialty vehicles so that we may continue to drive and enjoy them". Rick believes that SEMA and the SEMA Councils like HRIA can help to mobilize support for these issues and keep them in the forefront.