Getting to Know the WTC

SEMA Member News—July/August 2012

Getting to Know the WTC

“Getting to the Know the WTC” (Wheel & Tire Council) provides a glimpse into the challenges and opportunities confronting the wheel and tire segment of the automotive specialty-equipment industry. By reaching out to WTC retailers across the United States, the council is better poised to continue its efforts to build programs and services that deliver tangible benefits where the rubber meets the road.

Capital Original Wheels-Gardena, CACapital Original Wheels

Name: Norman Huniu

Position: President

Year Established: 1955

Location: Gardena, California

Focus: Buy, sell and refinish OE wheels; powdercoating, steel wheels and take-offs

Top Challenge: Internet pricing

Opportunities: Creating a user-friendly digital format for online customers. Huniu has continued the vision of his father: “The importance of customer satisfaction, of goal setting, looking to the future and striving for perfection.”

Extreme Performance Wheels LLC-Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Extreme Performance Wheels LLC

Name: Chris Manning

Position: General Manager

Established: 2011

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Focus: High-end luxury vehicles

Top Challenge: Balancing a customer’s discretionary spending with the selling and servicing of quality products.

Opportunities: Painting OE wheels.

Rushforth Wheels-Tacoma, WA

Rushforth Wheels

Name: Jason Rushforth

Position: Owner

Established: 2007

Location: Tacoma, Washington

Focus: Pro Touring musclecars, which has been a heavily emerging market for the last 10 years and continues to
see growth.

Top Challenge: Inventorying enough raw materials to build the diversity of wheels to meet consumer demand.

Opportunities: Late-model musclecars and rear-wheel-drive sports cars.

Fountain Valley Garage-Fountain Valley, CA

Fountain Valley Garage

Name: Paul Dickerson

Position: Owner

Year Established: 2007

Location: Fountain Valley, California

Focus: Tires, general automotive repair and accessory sales

Top Challenge: Market competitiveness (how consumers shop for products) and diminishing profit margins.

Opportunities: Understanding consumer perceptions in terms of pricing. Earning the trust of customers by delivering superior knowledge and service so that you can become their full-service automotive destination. Understanding market competitiveness and meeting the consumers’ expectations.

Wheels Onsite (no photo)

Wheel & Tire Council (WTC) - SEMA CouncilName: Brian Dean

Position: President

Year Established: 2008

Location: Sterling, Virginia

Focus: Wheel reconditioning, servicing the insurance and collision industry

Top Challenge: The proliferation of manufacturers distributing wheels to Internet re-sellers.

Opportunities: Sales, service and knowledge will always provide a distinct advantage to the discerning customer. Consumers are still spending money on high- and low-end wheels. Either they want luxury wheels or low-cost alternatives. The middle ground is hurting.