Christina Kwan, SBN Member of the Month, June 2010

Christina Kwan, SEMA SBN Member of the Month, June 2010Name: Christina Kwan
Company: Kwan International

Tell us about. . . 

. . . what your company does.
I can most accurately describe what we do as “innovative global branding.”  We bring interest, intrigue, awareness, and a distinct identity to companies and/or products on a global scale.  While enforcing an existing image to consumers, we also concentrate on expanding the awareness of companies and/or products in new markets not yet explored. 

. . . your job.
My job is running the company with the main goal of revolutionizing the way we intertwine concepts of marketing and branding with media utilization. I concentrate on bringing a global awareness to all companies.  Even businesses that are known worldwide still have to concentrate on keeping their market share while staying at the forefront of their industry. 

. . . the most satisfying aspect of your job.
To be able to meet and work with a diverse clientele allows me to enjoy a job where my goals can be limitless.  Every company is a unique case, and that allows me to set goals and challenges within many industries. From concept to creation, it is gratifying to see creative concepts go from my mind to fruition. 

. . . how long you’ve been with the aftermarket industry.
I’ve been involved with motorsports for many years and it was a natural progression for me to expand my company’s presence to the aftermarket industry.  I was first brought into the SEMA Show in 2007 when I met John Waraniak (VP of New Vehicle Technology, SEMA) during a collaborative effort between myself, a new motocross concept product, and Mopar. 

. . . what brought you to the industry.
It was a natural fit to be a part of the aftermarket industry when I began working with clients within the automotive industry.  Independent of working within the industry, I had always been involved with building engines, riding motocross, enjoying water sports and working on cars.

. . . any major professional accomplishments.
When I began representing Gary Densham of the Densham Motorsports NHRA Nitro Funny Car, I brought to ESPN the first Asian concept interview in its history when we placed Chinese characters across the hood of the Funny Car.  We made headlines internationally with this concept and I view it as a major accomplishment to bring to a historical sanctioning body a new idea that had never been done before. 

. . . membership in other organizations.
I am also a member of the Young Executives Network of SEMA. 

. . . your industry mentor.
While I don’t have a mentor in my industry, I look to many people across other industries as my source of inspiration. 

Rose Kawasaki is one of my inspirations.  She is an incredibly successful woman entrepreneur whose dedication to her work and to the SEMA network is a direct reflection on her success as an individual.

Another inspiration to me is Gary Densham.  Gary is 63 years old, is embarking on over four decades of Nitro drag racing, and still is his own car and engine builder.  The energy that Gary exudes is truly inspiring.   His attitude shows me that enjoying my work and my life makes each day a great day.   

Now tell us about. . .

. . . what someone meeting you for the first time would be surprised to learn.
People are often surprised that I was a U.S. National Champion and a World Champion in boxing

. . . your dream car.
There are so many fabulous cars to choose from.  There are the classic cars and the newest, fastest, and sleekest exotics. 

. . . favorite pastime.
At the moment, my favorite pastime is working with my husband on our drag boat – an 18 foot, 1,300 horsepower jet boat.