SEMA Member News - September/October 2010

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  SEMA Member News - September/October 2010 -ARMO 

Cruises and car shows, such as the one depicted here, occur all summer long. But on Friday, July 9, 2010, events large and small were recognized by Senate Resolution 513 as part of Collector Car Appreciation Day.   

Along with incumbents Ken DeVries, Sal Perez and Sheila Perkins, the Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO) membership elected four new members to the Select Committee for 2010–2011. While “new” to the council in terms of the most recent elections, each of the four brings his or her own long history in the automotive aftermarket. This collective experience adds even more depth and perspective to an already accomplished ARMO Select Committee.

Matt Agosta of Steele Rubber Products has more than 35 years of experience as a manufacturer in the automotive restoration and street-rod industries and has been actively involved with ARMO and SEMA on many levels. Agosta was presented with the ARMO Person of the Year award in 1999; his company, Steele Rubber Products, was selected as ARMO’s Manufacturer of the Year in 2002; and he served as ARMO chairman from 2000–2002. Agosta was also elected to three consecutive terms on the SEMA Board of Directors from 2002–2008 and currently serves as a member of the SEMA Board Governance Committee. He is a past chairman of the SEMA National Education Conference Task Force and has served on many SEMA and ARMO committees and task forces over the years.

Todd Bidwell of Parts Unlimited Inc. has been professionally involved in the automotive restoration marketplace for 26 years and is no stranger to ARMO. Bidwell previously served three consecutive terms on the Select Committee from 2003–2009. During that time, he chaired the Take a Kid to a Car Show subcommittee and helped develop the ARMO coloring book to create youth awareness for the automotive aftermarket. He also managed to maintain an astonishing 100% attendance record at ARMO Select Committee meetings and teleconferences during his three terms. “I look forward to working with the current ARMO committee members to help create a brighter future for our ARMO members,” said Bidwell.

Camee Edelbrock of Schiefer Media Inc. said that promoting the industry by communicating the positive assets of the hobby to both enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts has been a passion of hers for the majority of her adult life. “I am excited about the opportunity to pursue this passion using the tools that ARMO and SEMA have provided, to ensure that the love of the automobile is passed on to all future generations,” she said.

During her 27 years at Edelbrock Corp., she managed public relations, media buying, advertising concept and design, copywriting and the in-house print department. As vice president of advertising at Edelbrock, she was instrumental in building the company’s in-house agency into a full-service, integral division that designed and produced all marketing materials for the company. In 1993, she received the SEMA Young Executive of the Year award. The following year, she was designated a Performance Pro by Argus Publishing. Edelbrock has managed public relations for Schiefer Media since May of 2008. Schiefer Media is a media buying, marketing and advertising company specializing in the automotive aftermarket.

Lenny Schaeffer, owner of Chop-Shop Customs in Woburn, Massachusetts, since 2004, has been an active SEMA member participating in seminars and a volunteer for many SEMA and SEMA Action Network (SAN) projects. Schaeffer has also been an active member of the ARMO council since 2008 and now brings 25 years of experience in the industry as a business owner, fabricator and hobbyist to the Select Committee. Schaeffer has the interests of the small-business owner and enthusiast at heart, and he hopes to bring that perspective to the Select Committee.

Collector Car Appreciation Day an Overwhelming Success

  SEMA Member News - September/October 2010-ARMO 
Senate Resolution 513 designated July 9, 2010, as Collector Car Appreciation Days. The resolution was passed to “recognize that the collection and restoration of historic and classic cars is an important part of the technological achievements and cultural heritage of the United States.”

To help spread the word and ensure that enthusiasts could participate in celebrating the day, a list of cruises, car shows and other automotive activities scheduled for July 9 was assembled by SEMA, SAN and ARMO. By the last printing of the list on July 6, there were more than 80 events in 37 states. A logo was created and made available for anyone to download and utilize on event materials. A list of “how to’s” was also created to help event promoters attract media and dignitaries to their events and further cement the importance of the day.

While response to this inaugural Collector Car Appreciation Day was impressive, ARMO looks for 2011 to really raise the bar. Even though July 9, 2010, has passed, ARMO members can still preserve the excitement by using the logo on their websites, letterhead, marketing materials, etc. An updated logo will become available as soon as the 2011 date is confirmed.