Andrea Nicholson, SBN Member of the Month, October 2014

Name: Andrea Nicholson
Address: 2125 Southend Drive, Suite 453, Charlotte, NC 28203

What does your company do?
Our larger company, SpeedDigital, provides digital solutions for enthusiast and associated brands. This includes software, ecommerce solutions, web development and digital advertising/marketing. is an enthusiast website with all digital aspects of the automotive enthusiast's online experience in one destination.

What is your position?
In business development, my main goal outside of selling services has been to build lasting relationships with brands and individuals in the aftermarket industry.

What is the most satisfying aspect of your job?
I'm an automotive enthusiast myself, so the subject matter of the job itself doesn't feel like work. The fact that my job allows me to interact with top names in the industry on a daily basis is amazing.

How long have you been involved with the aftermarket industry?
I've been with for just over a year and it is truly my first role in the aftermarket industry. I have been in the automotive industry by way of motorsports and television production.

What brought you to the industry?
My first job, while still in school, was with a television production company. We produced motorsports programing. The motorsports aspect of it is what kept me in the television industry for more than 13 years. The opportunity with came about and allowed me to grow my career and still stay true to my interest.

What are some of your major professional accomplishments?
I was with NASCAR for more than 10 years and was on a number of award-winning productions, but I wouldn't dare claim them as personal accomplishments.

Who is your industry mentor?
I have a couple. First, Patti Wheeler. Patti was my first professional mentor and showed me by example how to navigate a male-dominated field. Most recently, I have to say Jim Cozzie. I know I'm one of many he has influenced and helped along the way. Jim has been a helpful resource who has reinforced the importance of relationships in a passion-based industry.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?

My mentors and co-workers throughout my career have been so good at what they do. I've always been able to learn from their influence rather than spoken advice. But the common examples of professionalism have taught me confidence is key in all situations and relationships are everything.

What would someone meeting you for the first time be surprised to learn?

I'm an avid race fan-really all forms of motorsports. Any given weekend, I will more than likely attend some sort of motorsports event. Whether it be supporting my boyfriend who races his late-model stock at Hickory Motor Speedway, or attending the local tractor pull, my family will be spectators or competitors at a local racing event!

What is your dream car?
It's so hard to narrow down to one but if forced to choose, it's not a car at all. I would love a C10 pickup, and '71-'72 models are my favorite. Short bed or long bed, lifted or dropped. I'm a huge fan of the stylizing that can be done with these trucks.

What is your favorite pastime?
Time with my family is really my only pastime. It doesn't matter what we are doing, we truly enjoy each other's company. Any down time we have is usually unscheduled and spontaneous. I consider myself an amateur photographer, so I always have my camera in hand to capture those moments.