-- Expanded SEMA Electrified section will feature leading-edge EVs, conversions, and specialty-equipment solutions for a growing market --


DIAMOND BAR, Calif. (Oct. 30, 2021) -- As the automotive industry trend toward vehicle electrification intensifies, the Nov. 2-5 SEMA Show will feature an expanded SEMA Electrified section to help business professionals discover and understand how to leverage the cutting-edge technology. Located in North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, SEMA Electrified will include the latest innovations and solutions for electric-vehicle (EV) platforms and conversions with nearly a dozen EV projects and related products on display.


“Industry interest in electric vehicles and EV conversions has increased tremendously,” said Tom Gattuso, SEMA Vice President of Events. “The SEMA Electrified area at this year’s SEMA Show is sure to spark attendees’ imaginations and open up ideas for endless possibilities for modifying, converting, and accessorizing alternative-power platforms. Moreover, SEMA Electrified demonstrates the association’s commitment to helping the industry stay ahead of trends.”


Although alternative powertrains currently represent just 1% of light vehicles in operation on American roads, those numbers are increasing each year, making EVs a vital new category of interest for the automotive aftermarket. According to recent SEMA Market Research, the electric market includes several areas of opportunity for the aftermarket, including the development of parts and products to aid in the conversion of older internal-combustion vehicles; building and modifying new project, racing, and purpose-built vehicles; and expertly accessorizing new OEM electric offerings.


Underscoring the excitement of the vehicle electrification movement, SEMA Electrified’s display vehicles will include the Team Vesco 444 reVolt Systems “Little Giant” streamliner, which twice crushed the National Electric E3 Record at the Bonneville Salt Flats this past October. Driven by Eric Ritter, the vehicle clocked a 322-mph mark, followed 24 hours later by a blistering 353-mph average — 12 mph faster than the existing world record. “ ‘Little Giant’ parked some big records on the salt,” said team owner Rick Vesco. “We are excited about the future of electric vehicles and happy to be a part of shattering the notion that electric cars are slow.”


Torque Trends, an Arizona-based company specializing in EV reduction gearboxes, will also display in the SEMA Electrified area. While the company has exhibited at the SEMA Show since 2013, they will be showcasing their gearboxes – which are used principally on older-model hot rods and classic cars – in this year’s SEMA Electrified area. “We’ve definitely seen [the EV] space grow,” said Torque Trends CEO Mitchell Yow. “It’s been over 120 years with internal-combustion engine, so electrification brings something new and exciting to the marketplace.”


Another exhibitor in SEMA Electrified is Hypercraft, a newer company that was founded just last year. The company manufactures turnkey EV drive systems for motorsports applications, including off-road and rally car racing. The product is designed to help ease the adoption of EV drive systems within the racing industry, while making them safer and less cost-prohibitive. In partnership with Geiser Brothers, Hypercraft will present an electrified Trophy Truck purpose-built to race in the SCORE Baja 1000 unlimited class. The vehicle will be on display in the North Hall at the SEMA Show.


Visitors will also find a 1966 Ford Bronco Roadster in the SEMA Electrified area. With official licensing from Ford Motor Co., Tennessee-based Kincer Chassis specializes in custom 4WD early Bronco chassis fabrication and is an innovator in early Bronco restoration. Armed with a three-phase 200kW AC motor and 85kWh of battery capacity, and mounted on a Kincer EV Freeway Series Rolling Chassis, the converted electric vehicle is designed to demonstrate “the sustainability of the classic car markets as emissions laws evolve,” said Thomas Kincer, President. “This build showcases our flexibility and capabilities while proving to show attendees that classic cars can be electrified while maintaining original aesthetics and functionality,” he added.


Meanwhile, SEMA Show exhibitor Switch Vehicles is set to offer car builders key insights into EV builds and conversions by assembling an electric vehicle right on the SEMA Show floor. The project will encompass assembly of a 96-volt lithium battery, installation of a battery-management system, configuration of the battery and motor inverter, and complete wiring of the entire vehicle. “Anyone stopping by can apply to participate in the build process, time and space permitting,” said Peter Oliver, co-founder and CEO, Switch Vehicles Inc. “The Switch team will be on hand to explain all the components installed and demonstrate safe building techniques when working with lithium cells to construct a traction battery.”


While the dedicated SEMA Electrified section will underscore endless possibilities in the electric market, EV projects and products will be displayed throughout the Show floor. The trade show will also be the venue for special OEM announcements relating to vehicle electrification and alternative-power platforms, notably from Ford Motor Co. and Chevrolet. Based on stated goals through 2025, all major automakers plan to ramp up production of electric and hybrid models for the North American market.


To learn more about the 2021 SEMA Show, visit www.semashow.com.


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