2011 SEMA FIAT Partnership Program

SEMA Fiat Partnership Program, OEM In celebration of the FIAT brand returning to North America, we are offering two vehicle customizers a FIAT 500 Sport Vehicles to express how "Life is best when driven"TM. For the first time, we are partnering with external customizers to express the multiple personalities of the FIAT 500 for SEMA 2011.

This year's focus will be on developing lifestyle vehicles. Here are two directional examples:

Discoteca: Vehicle inspired by the "Superclub" scene in major metropolitan areas around the world.

Explore: Vehicle reflects the ability to live life on the edge while conquering the sun, surf, snow & concrete jungle.

We are not accepting applications showcasing performance. (Example: FIAT 500 Abarth or FIAT 500 Ferrari 695 enhancements, look or feel)


SEMA Fiat Partnership Program, OEMAbout the vehicle:

FIAT 500 Sport

  • 1.4L 16v MultiAir® Engine with manual transmission
  • Sport Suspension
  • Sport Seats
  • Rear Spoiler
  • 16" Aluminum Alloy Wheels
  • More information: http://www.fiatusa.com

FIAT 500 SEMA Offer/Benefits

  • A FIAT 500 Sport Vehicle to create and promote accessories and/or vendor capabilities.
  • Potential display of the modified FIAT at major auto shows and FIAT promotional events.
  • Potential media coverage of the modified FIAT and, therefore, the vendor name from the SEMA Show and through other media outreach.

FIAT 500 SEMA Requirements

  • An introductory letter defining the theme of the project vehicle and its general content
  • 8 ½ x 11 color renderings illustrating front / side, rear and interior appearance (Composite ¾ views acceptable) with the intended color and graphic scheme accurately defined. Preservation of front end brand identity (Divisional emblem and possibly grille features) is mandatory.
  • A list of specific system upgrades including partnered sources and new products being develop for FIAT through the project.
  • Examples of previous project vehicles and promotional activities by the applicant.
  • Promotional and media outreach plan beyond the SEMA Show (i.e. tour of events, specific magazine feature articles, online promotion, etc.)
  • Availability for the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada is required. Please state where the vehicle will be displayed at the SEMA show and who will sponsor the vehicle if it is placed in a feature spot. Note that partners are required to promote the vehicle thru November 1, 2012. Proposals with guaranteed interior booth space will be given preferred consideration.
  • Required shows to be displayed at as part of FIAT Display: NAIAS Jan. 9-22, 2012; Chicago Auto Show Feb. 8-19, 2012; NY Auto Show Apr 6-15, 2012; Fader Fort - Apr 2012
  • Need to be accessible for Fiat Brand/Dealer Events (minimum: 4)

Aftermarket companies requesting vehicles should have these capabilities:

  • Financially and technically capable of building a one-off show car without financial or parts support from FIAT USA or Chrysler Group, LLC or Mopar.
  • Willing to partner with other non-competing aftermarket companies or enthusiast publications to enhance the vehicle project.
  • History of active promotion of vehicle projects with an established marketing plan.

Project vehicle recipients must:

  • Execute a promotional agreement with Chrysler that sets forth the obligations of the vehicle recipient, including, without limitation, the requirement to return the vehicle to Chrysler Group LLC in [#] years.
  • Commit to make the vehicle available to FIAT or its dealers if requested for additional shows and exhibits for a minimum of two years from the initial delivery date.
  • Commit to feature the vehicle with the FIAT and model logos intact and visible. Commit to provide regular reports to FIAT USA Public Relations regarding media coverage and event activity for the project vehicle for a minimum of two years from the initial delivery date.


  • Proposals due: 7/7/2011; 4 p.m. EST
  • Vehicle Delivery: 7/18-20/2011
  • Customized Vehicle Live Visit Review with FIAT Brand Team to review finished vehicle: 10/7-11/2011
  • FIAT 500 Customized Vehicle on Display at SEMA 2011: 10/30-5/2011


Please e-mail your detailed project proposal or questions to nicole.longhini@FIATUSA.com before July 7, 2011 at 4:00 p.m. EST.