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Global Appeal

2022 SEMA Global Media Awards

By Linda Spencer

Global Media

Edelbrock won three GMA awards from journalists based in Canada and Argentina for its E-Force Stage 2 Supercharger Kit for Ford Mustang 5.0L and CFM Race & Performance Carburetor. Trent Goodwin (left) and Annmarie Fioravante (center) are pictured with SEMA Senior Vice President of Operations Bill Miller.

Eighty-four SEMA Show exhibitors came away from this year’s event proudly touting 2022 Global Media Awards (GMAs). This sought-after recognition from top international journalists serving as judges demonstrates the global appeal of the winning products.

Vehicle customization and personalization have been growing worldwide. The GMA program taps top international media experts to weigh in on which new products are likely to succeed in their home markets.

The global automotive specialty-equipment market is made up of enthusiasts who are passionate about the hobby. That passion can be found not only throughout the United States but also in countless spots around the globe, including Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Melbourne, Australia; and Stockholm, Sweden.

Ten international journalists served as GMA judges. They were charged with each selecting 10 products from the New Products Showcase that they believed would best resonate with consumers back home. Both large, well-established manufacturers and 13 first-time exhibitors took home GMAs.

The International Happy Hour provided an opportunity for the winning manufacturers to meet the journalists who selected their products and to learn more about the unique features of their local markets, including the trends, terrain and demand that led the judges to select their products.

SEMA News caught up with five of the judges and asked them for some insights into each of the products they selected.


Thomas Holland, Throttle House

  • Last Drop Wrench, Aluminum LDW80mm14F: “A very simple oil filter wrench that pierces the filter and lets the oil drain out safely so it doesn’t spill everywhere and get all over you (which is a very real possibility when doing oil changes; ask me how I know). Simple, effective, cheap, easy. Love it.”
  • TRAC—Tire Rotation Assistance Cart/Tire Jack, TRAC Tire Jack: “Ever changed tires in your driveway and struggled to lift, move and line up the wheel on the hub? This product is a super-simple lever to slightly lift and move the tire with almost zero effort. I’ll be using this at the racetrack and in my driveway when it’s freezing out and my patience is almost nonexistent.”
  • Sea Sucker, Light Bar Mount With Battery Box: “Sea Sucker makes a lot of cool suction mounts for cars, but this one is pretty great, because not everyone wants to permanently mount a light bar on a car (especially if it’s leased). This system has the mounts and the power to just slap a big, dirty light bar on your car temporarily. Super cool.”
  • Victor Racing Inc., DRR1: “Um, F1-style DRS on any car? Yes, please. This wing automatically adjusts to give you different levels of downforce at preset speeds. The whole package is light, too. I might just put one of these on my race car.”
  • Griot’s Garage, Compact Sit-On Creeper II: “This was a very well-designed little sit-on shop stool with a detachable creeper. Perfect for track days. Makes way more sense than bringing both a stool and creeper for racing weekends. I’ll be picking one of these up for sure.”
  • Lippert—Curt, Ranch Hand, UWS, Luverne, Aries, QuickPin No-Latch Trailer Coupler: “This was one of those products that I looked at and went: ‘Why has no one made this before?’ Instead of that annoying latch to hold the trailer hitch to the ball that seizes and rusts, this is just a simple pin that slides through to attach the trailer to the truck.”
  • General Motors, ZZ632/1000 Crate Engine: “Okay, here are some numbers: 1,000 hp, 10 liters, 7,000 rpm, 93 octane. Insane. If this is a sendoff to gasoline engines from GM, I’m very onboard. ’Nuff said.”
  • Webb Motorworks Ltd., Webb V8 Electric Small-Block Chevy: “This is an easily swappable EV motor that you can drop in on normal engine mounts. It looks like a hot-rod American V8. Who says EVs can’t have fun engine (uh, motor) bays? The builders of this make them in a small shop and put heart and soul into making them look great. If this makes it easier for hot rodders to convert their cars to EVs in the future so we can continue to enjoy American classics, then there is hope yet.”
  • Torque Trends Inc., TorqueBox for Tesla Motor: “This was a great little innovation that takes the place of a transmission in an EV-swapped car. It’s much lighter than the stock transmission (crucial for saving weight in an EV swap) and can adjust the gear ratio where necessary. Well built and great for EV swappers.”
  • Antigravity Batteries LLC, Re-Start Motorcycle Batteries: “This just seems like a good idea. A lithium-ion car battery that always has a power reserve built in to be able to jumpstart the car if the battery dies. I’ve been stranded enough times to know why this just makes sense.”

Edmundo Pazzetti, Sobre Ruedas

  • Ford Motor Co., Soundbar by JBL: “We selected this product because of its design, which is not the traditional UTV bar with round individual speakers. It allows for easier and more rigorous cleaning, since UTVs are subjected to extreme conditions of dust, sand and, above all, mud. This last reason is why we believe it is ideal for our market since the UTV enthusiast groups in our region are mud lovers.”
  • HIMA Lighting, Driver Fatigue Monitoring System: “Many accidents on the roads are the result of people who, due to their high level of fatigue, cannot react in an ideal way to an event—increasing the chances of being involved in an accident. I believe that this is a product that is not only interesting for our region but a solution that should be a requirement by law, at least for the heavy transport sector; a sector that is the most prone to fatigue due to many hours behind the wheel and that if accidents occur, most of them are fatal.”
  • ICON Vehicle Dynamics, CDEV Shock Powered by IIC: “What’s better than being able to adjust the shock absorber settings from the comfort of the cab? Normally, the driver has to get out of the car and adjust the suspension using a special tool, however with this solution they can do so in far less time and from their mobile phone. It is very welcome because of the versatility it offers.”
  • KENOH USA, LED Light Bar: “The ailments that every auxiliary light suffers are degradation from sun exposure and the possibility of damage from a rock in the road—both of which I have personally experienced. With this product, these are two less concerns to have. As above, this is a solution for all auxiliary light users in general, and while it applies very well to our market, we are sure it also applies globally.”
  • Last Drop Wrench, Aluminum LDW80mm14F: “In every industry, reducing time and risk is extremely important and having a tool that can remove and drain the oil from the engine filter is something that every specialty shop would want to have.”
  • MAKEiT, MAKEiT 2x2 Large Format 3D Printer: “This was the product we liked the most, and the one we believe will shape the future of the aftermarket. Instead of having a warehouse full of inventory, suppliers now only need to have this printer and the blueprints of the parts to be able to print at the customer’s request. It not only reduces costs but also increases the (virtual) capacity of products since some that have very low rotation are usually not available everywhere. In small countries, this application is even more interesting due to the market being small and the availability of many parts is limited or nonexistent—something that would not be a problem if a 3-D printer was on hand.”
  • Rhino-Rack USA, Stow It: “Another product that we not only liked but need is this solution to prevent equipment theft. This problem is more accentuated in Latin American countries where the level of crime is higher, and being able to rest assured that I can leave my recovery equipment exposed without fear of returning to the car and finding the gear gone is priceless.”
  • Smart Winch, RescueWinch: “Out on the trails we have seen the need to pull the car from behind, from the side or even from above. This is often impossible with the front winch and having one that can be placed at the exact point where we want to direct the recovery is very welcome. Additionally, this product is small and can easily be used because it is not so heavy.”
  • Sony Car Audio, XAV-AX9500ES: “It was about time to get a full HD big screen at a decent price from Sony! Been around looking for a good quality stereo, and the market is flooded with cheap units with bad quality output.”
  • Super Shiner, Buffer With Compound Dispensing System: “Reducing labor time and costs in creating quality products are, of course, the goal. This solution not only reduces labor time drastically but is also more efficient in the use of compound material and improves the uniformity of the finish. Without a doubt, something that every paint shop MUST have.”

Angel Gonzalez, Mas Motor

  • AlphaRex, ’19–’21 Dodge Ram 2500 Nova Series LED Headlights: “The lighting that it offers in conjunction with the chips used in its design offer the driver safer handling, thanks to the scope of the 3-D projectors patented by AlphaRex. In the Mexican market, there are still many brands that need to position themselves with this type of product that provides quality and high performance thanks to its technology and the patents it has.”
  • Cedar Electronics—Escort/Cobra, Escort Maxcam 360c: “This type of radar detector and dash camera is always necessary since they complement the alerts about obstacles on the road and store the information in the cloud and in the app. In Mexico, there are some similar products but not yet one as developed as this. The regulations of our country already allow the use of this technology, so a good number of sales can be expected in the short term.”
  • Hella Automotive Sales Inc., Hella Black Magic LED Series: “The increase in sales of all-terrain vehicles such as Polaris in Mexico has made the market look for more accessories and an improvement in vision in low-light conditions. This product, due to its high resistance to dust and water, would undoubtedly be one of the most important components sought after for ease of installation and high durability.”
  • Integrated Engineering, IE CARB-Legal Intake System for VW and Audi MQB 1.8T and 2.0T Gen 3 Engines: “Better performance engines without the need for many modifications. It is important that the different brands keep in mind the most popular applications in the countries into which they seek to export. For example in Mexico, Volkswagen and Audi are among the best sellers.”
  • KENOH USA, LED Light Bar: “In a personal way, this is one of the best products for all-terrain or utility vehicles. It gives you the facility to turn it at the necessary angle to help improve the view of the road and in that way make it safer. As I mentioned in other products, the market in our country is opening up a lot to this type of vehicle and to all kinds of accessories that can be mounted to make tours safer day or night.”
  • Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels, Baja Legend MTZ: “Mickey Thompson has always been known for being a trusted brand for those of us who use their products in our vehicles. In the case of this model, it gives you the security and tranquility that, regardless of the terrain conditions, its design will give you the confidence of a quick response to the movements of the steering wheel and in braking conditions. As I already mentioned, this brand is positioning itself in our country as reliable, and its products give you the guarantee of durability.”
  • Morimoto Lighting, Morimoto 4Banger A-Pillar Brackets for Tacoma (’16–’21): “The extra lighting that can be had in pickups has become very important due to the different roads traveled. This accessory for Tacoma, which is one of the best-selling trucks in Mexico, can undoubtedly be positioned in our market, which is always looking for small but useful accessories.”
  • Scosche Industries Inc., ProClip Phone Mount for the ’21–’22 Ford Bronco: “The Bronco is increasingly one of the top vehicles of choice for going off-road both in the United States and in Mexico. Last November during the SEMA Show, we saw a large number of accessories for it. Inside, it has panels so that you can install different accessories for both tools and different gadgets. This phone mount is ideal, as it gives you the assurance that it will not fall at some point with movements on difficult roads.”
  • Spyder Auto, Performance Lighting: “As I have mentioned, the exterior lighting of our vehicles is very important, since it gives us the peace of mind that our path is clear when driving and for the drivers of other vehicles to see us. Let’s be seen with the application of sequential lights on the Spyder products. This technology has not been fully implemented in our country. These products would be the perfect solution for this area of opportunity.”
  • Vais Technology, Smart Keyless Access Based on Proximity: “This accessory can undoubtedly give you the peace of mind and security of being able to access your vehicle in an easier way, since the proximity sensors can open, close or lock the vehicle or even turn on the engine or the lights.”

Nabil Moustafa, Strive Middle East

  • Antigravity Batteries LLC, Lithium Starter Battery: “This is a convenient product to have, where you don’t have to worry about cables and charring your battery and how to do it. This has lots of potential in our region and is needed in every household. I would also look into the Saudi Arabia market as well, since females are now starting to drive and need easy ways to deal with car problems.”
  • Dee Zee, Under-Seat Storage Drawer: “Space is always needed, and the need to store several items without them flying around is also a must. In our region, you see a lot of people going to the Gladiator, for example, because it has storage under the seats. If you look at the F-150, there’s a lot of space under the seats but no storage compartment. These are a few examples among lots of other vehicles that are used for off-roading or camping in our region.”
  • Giant Loop, Armadillo Bag: “Overlanding, camping—desert activities are growing in an exponential rate, and add racing. Having the ability to move liquids in such a bag while avoiding leakage is an extremely clever idea.”
  • Mastertop, Full Door Cab Cover in Durable Soft Top Vinyl for JT Gladiator Trucks: “Not just for Gladiators, but this is a must for Wranglers and now the Bronco. We all love to take off the roof and the doors, but at night (especially in our region) you get hit either by sand or humidity and need to put everything back on and remove it the next morning. It’s a hassle, and this cover solves the problem.”
  • Off Road In Mind, RGB-Recovery Gear Box: “There’s always a need for extra storage, and using the lost space for a recovery kit (which is usually dirty) and having it properly stored is a great idea. Created from actual need and a must in a desert region, and it can also be easily accessible even in a desert storm.”
  • Stinger Off-Road, Full Screen Front/Rearview Mirror Replacement Monitor With DVR and Backup Camera Kit: “This is a very convenient product and can fit on any car. Even OE products do not come with these features in most cars. In my opinion, it has great potential in our market.”
  • Tire Stickers, DigiWall Tire Lettering: “Having the potential of adding a printed image on your tire is great. I think people will be interested in this product, especially for tuning events and activities.”
  • Universal Air Suspension, Light Up Acrylic Air Tank: “Customization is always welcomed in our region. Adding air tanks is becoming really popular. So far what I have seen is either air brushing an air tank or adding lights around it, so this is a great idea that has potential in our market, especially among those who are always looking to be distinguished.”
  • Webb Motorworks Ltd., Webb V12 Electric Flathead: “The trend is now electric, and lots of people are also engaging in restomods. This product will provide the solution to go electric and have the latest technologies while preserving the classic looks. As for our region, electrics are not there yet but will be in the near future—especially with UAE going carbon-neutral in the near future. It will have lots of potential.”
  • Woolf Pack Racing, Natural Nitrous: “The racing scene and the constant need for being faster in our region is growing. People are looking for quick and easy-to-use solutions. This is one of these ideas, and the name is really catchy.”

Henry Pierini, AutoZulia International

  • Antigravity Batteries LLC, Antigravity Batteries Lithium Powerstation: “The Lithium Powerstation is an ultra-compact and efficient power supply that everyone should have. From an emergency power supply to a must-have camping tool, it’s a product no one can go wrong with.”
  • Hima Lighting, Driver Fatigue Monitoring System: “We consider the Driver Fatigue Monitoring System to be a must in all vehicles as it can potentially reduce numerous accidents caused by drowsy drivers.”
  • Wiha Tools, Pro Rolling Tool Set: “The Pro Rolling Tool Set is a must-have tool set for car enthusiasts who like to go up close and personal with their vehicle maintenance and upgrades.”
  • Airgas Advanced Fabrication, LightWeld 1500: “The LightWeld 1500 is essential to those who aim to learn how to weld, as well as to professional welders who need a truly portable welding tool.”
  • CIC Powerbox LLC, CIC Powergrid Utility Start Power: “The CIC Powergrid Utility Start Power is an exceptional, heavy-duty, portable and self-sufficient powerhouse that offers both AC and DC as well a potent air compressor.”
  • Performance Electric, PE3-8400P DIY Kit: “For enthusiasts, the PE3-8400P DIY Kit is the perfect custom wire harness kit, including tuning software to adjust your build to your liking.”
  • General Motors, 4L75-R Transmission: “The 4L75-R transmission is one of the best electronically controlled, four-speed automatic transmissions currently on the market.”
  • Litespeed Racing, Carbon One: “The Carbon One is an absolute game changer. Top-quality ultra-lightweight rims that will make a difference both on the street and on the track.”
  • ICON Vehicle Dynamics, ICON Alloys Rebound Pro: “The ICON Alloys Rebound Pro is one of the most robust wheels currently available, capable of traversing most terrains.”
  • Gold Eagle Co./303 Products, Graphene Nano Spray Coating: “We found the Graphene Nano Spray Coating to be a very complete product, offering both visual enhancements as well as improved protection to almost all surfaces of the vehicle.”

The following lists are the New Product Showcase selections by the other 2022 Global Media Award judges:


Luis Zschocke, New Tune Up

  • Modern Driveline, TKX Side Shifter for Early GM A-Body and Sunbeam Tiger
  • BluePrint Engines, Newly Designed Ford 302 Compatible BluePrint Engine Block Casting
  • Speedmaster, Ford C4 Billet Aluminum Bolt-Together Torque Converter 3750+
  • General Motors, ZZ632/1000 Crate Engine
  • FiTech Fuel Injection, Go Fuel Force Fuel Mini Surge Tank
  • Edelbrock Group (Edelbrock, Comp Cams, TCI, FAST, Russell), Edelbrock E-Force Stage 2 Supercharger Kit for Ford Mustang 5.0L GT Coyote ’19–’21 V8 Engines
  • Edelbrock Group (Edelbrock, Comp Cams, TCI, FAST, Russell), Edelbrock VRS-4150 850-cfm Race and Performance Carburetors
  • Ford Motor Company, Gen 3 Coyote Carbon-Fiber Front Timing Cover
  • AADPerformance, ’15+ S550 Mustang Rear Suspension Setup
  • FiTech Fuel Injection, Nemesis 4500 1,600hp Bright Aluminum EFI System

Darren Greenwood, GarageShots Magazine

  • JM3 Oil Filter Wrench, JM3 Oil Filter Wrench
  • Webb Motorworks Ltd., Webb V8 Electric Small-Block Chevy
  • Mile Marker Industries, Rhino Pull 1000
  • Speedway Motors, Speedway Motors Bomber Seat Kit
  • Vintage Air Inc., Streamline Heater
  • Bed Wood and Parts, Carbon Series RetroLiner ’14–’18 Chevy/GMC with 5-ft. 8-in. Bed
  • MAKEiT, 2x4 Large-Format 3D Printer, MAKEiT, 2x2 Large-Format 3D Printer
  • Cube Tracker, Cube GPS Tracker
  • Vais Technology, Smart Keyless Access With Push to Start
  • AutoBio Tags, AutoBio Tag

Jordan Lessen, PASMAG

  • Woolf Pack Racing, Natural Nitrous
  • Goobi Glass, Goobi Glass
  • KW/ST/Belltech Suspensions/BBS, KW Variant 5 High-Performance Four-Way Adjustable Coil-Overs
  • Retro Manufacturing LLC, RetroSound Denver Radio
  • Integrated Engineering, IE Carbon-Fiber Intake System for Audi B9 S4, S5 and RS5
  • Integrated Engineering, IE Carbon Fiber-Intake System for Audi C7 S6, S7 and RS7
  • Edelbrock Group (Edelbrock, Comp Cams, TCI, FAST, Russell), Edelbrock E-Force Stage 2 Supercharger Kit for Ford Mustang 5.0L GT Coyote ’19–’21 V8 Engines
  • Victor Racing Inc., DRR1
  • Turbosmart, Electronic StraightGate 50
  • Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering C8 LT2 Performance Design Carbon pTR Intake Manifold System

Pablo Olmos, Cars & Coffee Chile

  • Vyper Chairs, Robust Steel Max
  • JM3 Oil Filter Wrench, JM3 Oil Filter Wrench
  • Griot’s Garage, Compact Sit-On Creeper II
  • Adam’s Polishes, Adam’s SK Pro Micro Cordless Swirl Killer 2.0
  • Adam’s Polishes, Adam’s Premium Foam Cannon
  • Adam’s Polishes, Adam’s Premium Foam Gun
  • Adam’s Polishes, Adam’s Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating
  • Adam’s Polishes, Adam’s Advanced Spray Graphene Ceramic Coating
  • BoxoUSA, MotoBox Toolbox
  • Last Drop Wrench, Last Drop Wrench—Aluminum LDW80mm14F

Pini Paz, Ron Paz Ltd.

  • Antigravity Batteries LLC, Antigravity Batteries Lithium Powerstation
  • AutoParts4Less.Com, World’s First Dedicated Multi-Seller Automotive Parts Only Marketplaces!
  • Castrol, Castrol GTX Full Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Greer Products LLC, Thumbguntool
  • Lippert—Curt, Ranch Hand, UWS, Luverne, Aries, Echo Under-Dash Trailer Brake Controller, Bluetooth Smartphone Connection
  • Maxxsonics, MB Quart MBQRG-STG3-1 800-Watt Stage 3 Polaris Ranger Tuned System
  • Mothers Polish, Mothers Ultimate Hybrid 1-Step Ceramic Clay & Coat
  • Project X, Project X Rock Lights With Integrated 4K Cameras
  • SummitCRS, Production Board—Countdown
  • Ventra Technology, Ventra VDR-130 Dual-Camera Dashcam With WiFi
Global Media

First-time exhibitor JM3 Oil Filter Wrench won two GMA awards. Company executives pose here with SEMA Senior Vice President of Operations Bill Miller (right).

Winning Exhibitors by Count
  • Adam’s Polishes–5
  • Antigravity Batteries LLC–4
  • Edelbrock Group (Edelbrock, Comp Cams, TCI, FAST, Russell)–3
  • General Motors–3
  • Integrated Engineering–3
  • Last Drop Wrench–3
  • Webb Motorworks Ltd.–3
  • FiTech Fuel Injection–2
  • Ford Motor Company–2
  • Griot’s Garage–2
  • Hima Lighting–2
  • ICON Vehicle Dynamics–2
  • JM3 Oil Filter Wrench–2
  • KENOH USA LED Light Bar–2
  • Lippert—Curt, Ranch Hand, UWS, Luverne, Aries–2
  • Makeit 2x4 Large Format 3D Printer–2
  • Vais Technology–2
  • Victor Racing Inc.–2
  • Woolf Pack Racing–2
  • AADPerformance–1
  • Airgas Advanced Fabrication–1
  • AlphaRex–1
  • AutoBio Tags–1
  • AutoParts4Less.Com–1
  • Bed Wood and Parts–1
  • BluePrint Engines–1
  • BoxoUSA–1
  • Castrol–1
  • Cedar Electronics—Escort/Cobra–1
  • CIC Powerbox LLC–1
  • Cube Tracker–1
  • Dee Zee–1
  • Giant Loop–1
  • Gold Eagle Co./303 Products–1
  • Goobi Glass–1
  • Greer Products LLC–1
  • Hella Automotive Sales, Inc.–1
  • KW/ST/Belltech Suspensions/BBS–1
  • Lingenfelter Performance Engineering–1
  • Litespeed Racing–1
  • Mastertop–1
  • Maxxsonics–1
  • Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels–1
  • Mile Marker Industries–1
  • Modern Driveline–1
  • Morimoto Lighting–1Mothers Polish–1
  • Off Road In Mind–1
  • Performance Electronics–1
  • Project X–1
  • Retro Manufacturing LLC–1
  • Rhino-Rack USA–1
  • Scosche Industries, Inc.–1
  • SeaSucker–1
  • Smart Winch–1
  • Sony Car Audio–1
  • Speedmaster–1
  • Speedway Motors–1
  • Spyder Auto–1
  • Stinger Off-Road–1
  • SummitCRS–1
  • Super Shiner–1
  • Tire Stickers–1
  • Torque Trends Inc.–1
  • TRAC—Tire Rotation Assistance Cart/Tire Jack–1
  • Turbosmart–1
  • Universal Air Suspension–1
  • Ventra Technology–1
  • Vintage Air Inc.–1
  • Vyper Chairs–1
  • Wiha Tools–1
  • First-Time Exhibitors Winning
  • Global Media Awards–Count
  • JM3 Oil Filter Wrench–2
  • Woolf Pack Racing–2
  • AADPerformance–1
  • AutoBio Tags–1
  • Cube Tracker–1
  • Goobi Glass–1
  • Mastertop–1
  • Morimoto Lighting–1
  • Off Road In Mind–1
  • Project X–1
  • Stinger Off-Road–1
  • Super Shiner–1
  • Vyper Chairs–1

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