SEMA News—November 2021

New Products Showcase Spotlight Products

By SEMA Editors

New for this year, the New Products Showcase will be located in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Upper South Hall in booth #31255. In addition, buyers and media can now use the Show app on their mobile device to scan and save products and provide step-by-step directions to the exhibitors that submitted each product.

Badassmounts 360º Swivel Light Mount
Booth #60194

Badassmounts billet aluminum, O-ring sealed light mounts allow 360º rotation of your lights with no tools required and no readjusting lights. Perfect for all types of four-wheeling, adventure vans, search and rescue, race trailers and more. Installs in minutes. BAM!

Oil Filter Wrench
Booth #35075

Here at JM3, we offer an oil filter wrench that comes in five standard sizes to fit just about every oil filter on the market. Anything that takes an oil filter, we will make a size to fit it. From automotive, diesel, aviation, ATV, UTV and marine vessels, we have the best wrench for you.

It comes in a 14 and 15 Flute/tooth wrench set and is designed to get into those hard-to-reach places and to loosen those over-tightened rust-welded filters. Our tool has an insurmountable amount of leverage that makes taking off and loosening oil filters super easy. Our tool gives you the leverage you need. Just squeeze the spring-loaded lever and boom, filter is loosened—that easy!

PN: 1978-XL

Bartec USA LLC
TechRITEPro, TPMS Diagnostic Tool
Booth #45126

The TechRITEPro offers high-powered functionality at an entry-level price. The TechRITEPro is also a Rite-Sensor programmer and includes the Bartec exclusive Rite-Sync technology. The TechRITEPro has an easy-to-learn graphical-user interface and includes more OBDII relearns and VINDicate tool setup. The TechRITEPro provides for faster TPMS Service, flexibility in TPMS service and use, and greater coverage of TPMS sensor solutions.


JMD Tubes X-Pipes
Booth #20263

Not all X-Pipes are created equal, and the team at JMD Tubes always strives to produce performance components that work as they are intended to. We are extremely proud to be able to offer our 100%-made-in-the-U.S.A. X-Pipes. Not sacrificing craftsmanship for a few extra dollars, our company’s vision is one in which we make manufacturing in the U.S.A. an industry standard with outstanding
quality and results.

PN: XP-SS-250/300

JMD Tubes Mufflers
Booth #20263

Our JMD Tubes Mufflers are quality engineered for comfort while providing maximum performance. Tested and proven to not only sound better than the majority of options on the market, but also to outlast the competition even under the most aggressive fuels. We source the best U.S.-made materials to put together a muffler that will make your vehicle purr in low rpms and ROAR at wide-open throttle. There is no point in making your high-dollar vehicle sound like a lawnmower, for your car’s a JMD Tubes Muffler!

PN: MFL-RD-300-600-12/14

Dash Protector for Professional Window Tinters
Booth #54258

Dash protection and car accessories in Miami. The Dash Protector will protect the whole dashboard from all the water spray during the process of installing a windshield film. The microfiber towel and the absorbing ropes will catch all the water. Plus, the white waterproof material will stop any water or glue remover from touching the dashboard. For a clean and safe windshield tinting.

Modern Driveline
Side-Shifter Program-Rear
Booth #20047
Side Shifter

Certain vehicles require exact-fit transmissions to eliminate console and body modifications. For this, Modern Driveline has created modified versions of the NEW Tremec TKX transmission. The detent action is smooth, symmetrical and maintains that short throw feeling.

The C2/C3 Corvette requires a lower-profile shifter placement to clear the tunnel and come up correctly in the console opening. This exact fit will make installation quick and simple.

Modern Driveline offers a full complement of support parts for this installation as well. Visit booth #20047 in the Central Hall to see the full package.

Modern Driveline
TKX Front-Position Shifter
Booth #20047
Front Shifter

New for 2021, this shifter fits in the front square opening of the new Tremec TKX transmission.

It will naturally detent to the neutral position and has built-in positive stops. It will also retain the reverse lock-out feature between 5th and reverse gears. This price includes the necessary 3/4 shift lug for improved gating/shiftability. The ball/socket relationship is hardened for long wear. The improved gasket design will provide years of leak-free use.

Visit booth #20047 in the Central Hall to see the full package.

Modern Driveline
Side-Shifter Program-Front
Booth #20047
Side Shifter

Modern Driveline has created modified Side-Shifter for the NEW Tremec TKX.

Detent action is smooth, symmetrical, and maintains that short throw feeling.

The ’64–’67 Chevelle, ’64–’72 GM, BOP, and Sunbeam Tiger benefit from a lower-profile shifter placement to clear the tunnel and come up correctly in the console opening or original four-speed floor-hump opening.

Modern Driveline offers a full line of support parts to make this installation quick and simple. Visit booth #20047 in the Central Hall to see the full package.

Pedal Commander
Throttle Response Controller
Booth #24415
Pedal Commander

With 36 sensitivity settings, the fastest processor on the market, and a two-year warranty, Pedal Commander is the world’s most advanced Throttle Response Controller.

Sea Foam Sales
Finish Fast Exterior Detailer
Booth #20034

Finish Fast is a total exterior vehicle finishing spray and protectant. Quickly restores shine without streaking and protects paint and clear coat.

PN: ED24

Modern Driveline
’62–’66 Nova Hydraulic Master Kit
Booth #20047
Modern Drive

New for 2021, this kit fits in the original firewall opening and is priced very competitively.

Uses OE-style master cylinder and custom plates to achieve a direct-connect from firewall to pedal. Adjustable pedal height to achieve comfort level for clutch re-engagement from the carpet. It locates on a single existing fastener hole; drill two more small holes, trim a plate, install fasteners, hooks up and bleed, and done! Steering column may be removed for convenience but not mandatory.

Visit booth #20047 in the Central Hall to see the full package.

Sea Foam Motor Treatment
IC5 Fuel Injector Cleaner
Booth #20034

Sea Foam IC5 Fuel Injector Cleaner is specially formulated to help clean fuel injectors and restore injector spray patterns for better engine performance. It works to help recover lost power and restore lost fuel economy caused by dirty injector fouling. Safe for all types of gasoline fuel-injection engines; just pour it in!


Sea Foam Motor Treatment
X99 Complete Auto & RV Interior Sanitizer
Booth #20034

Help your vehicle stay clean with X99 Interior Sanitizer. Eliminates 99% of viruses and bacteria on vehicle interiors and helps eliminate tough odors.

PN: X99

Sea Foam Motor Treatment
Finish Fast Interior Detailer
Booth #20034

Finish Fast is a total interior vehicle detailer and cleaner. Cleans and protects interior surfaces without the greasy residue. Safe and effective on all surfaces, including leather, vinyl, plastic and screens.

PN: ID24

SAE 15W-50 Full Synthetic 4T Engine Oil, API SN, JASO MA, MA2
Booth #21731
Ultra Plus

It is a full-synthetic, super high-performance, multi-grade oil for high-RPM, four-stroke motorcycle engines with integral gearboxes and wet clutches, applications requiring a four-stroke engine oil JASO MA2, API SN. Blended with 100%-synthetic base-stocks and premium performance additives. Specialty friction modifiers provide smooth clutch gear shift operation, while specialty anti-oxidants and sophisticated dispersant technology enhance cleanliness. Excellent wet-clutch performance.


Sea Foam Motor Treatment
Ultimate Oil Stabilizer
Booth #20034

Ultimate Oil Stabilizer works in oil systems to lubricate engine parts, minimize wear and help prevent the causes of harmful oil deposits and sludge. Simply substitute 1 qt. of OS32 for 1 qt. of oil at your next oil change. When combined with motor oil, Ultimate Oil Stabilizer is always working to help minimize long-term engine wear.

PN: OS32

UniAuto Inc.
Thret Firewall 702
Booth #47033
Uni Auto

The Thret 702 Firewall Wheel is a full-face design with a concave-based on the Classic Round Hole wheel and is available in satin black as well as a bronze finish. Rivets on the firewall are stainless steel to prevent rust from harsh conditions. The firewall is available in 5-, 6- and 8-lug applications in 17x9, 18x9 and 20x9.

PN: 702I-1790J-12

VP Racing Fuels
VP Trigger Fluid Control System Hose
Booth #23013

VP Trigger is a fuel hose system like no other. Its patented push-button, self-venting control flow valve is developed for use with VP Motorsport Containers. Moreover, it takes seconds to install and makes refilling extremely efficient and a breeze. Simply tilt your container and press the Trigger button for flow, and release the Trigger button to quickly stop the flow.

PN: 33320

Vyper Engineering LLC
Vyper Chair
Booth #37087

Finally, a shop chair that doesn’t suck. The Vyper Chair provides ultimate comfort and stability through the use of precision laser-cut steel arms, industrial foam padding, premium 4-in. roll-over casters and a perfectly angled backrest for lumbar support. Built with the highest-quality materials and made 100% in the U.S.A. that will last a lifetime.

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