SEMA News—October 2021


Tech on Display at the SEMA Show

Five Questions With SEMA Vice President of Events Tom Gattuso

By Mike Imlay

Show Tech
Major automakers such as Ford Motor Company are perennial
exhibitors at the SEMA Show and often leverage the annual
trade event to announce and demonstrate new technical
innovations and initiatives.

During the summer, America’s Big Three automakers—Ford, GM and Stellantis—announced their shared goal to achieve U.S. electric vehicle sales volumes of 40% to 50% by 2030. Although industry analysts don’t predict the disappearance of the internal-combustion engine anytime soon, the announcement was yet another indicator that the vehicle landscape is undergoing historic changes.

Add in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), the race toward vehicle autonomy, greater vehicle connectivity, and 21st-century product development, manufacturing and repair techniques, and clearly this is not the aftermarket of the ’50s and ’60s. Understanding and staying ahead of emerging tech is more crucial than ever, and there’s no better place to begin future-proofing your business than at the annual SEMA Show.

In fact, the latest vehicle trends will be on full display at this year’s Show, to be held November 2–5. To learn more about how businesses can access all the Show has to offer in that arena, SEMA News sat down for a rapid-fire, five-question interview with SEMA Vice President of Events Tom Gattuso. What follows has been edited for clarity.

SEMA News: Why is the SEMA Show the ideal place to spot emerging technologies and trends?

Tom Gattuso: As a trade association, SEMA is in the unique position of being involved in all aspects of the aftermarket and performance industries. Once a year, we put an event together that mirrors what’s happening across the industry. At the SEMA Show, you’ll see a reflection of what builders are currently doing, what OEM vehicle makers are currently doing, what the collision-repair industry is doing, not to mention our industry’s many other sectors. Included in that are the many education opportunities in new-vehicle and tool technologies.

All of those segments come together at the Show to offer attendees deep insights into where technology is headed in the industry, how they can participate in the latest trends, and how they can make those trends work for their businesses moving forward.

SN: Will the 2021 Show include any special features focusing specifically on emerging technologies?

TG: We have a constant eye on emerging trends and are always looking at ways to incorporate them into the things we do. We’ll have some designated features dealing with vehicle electrification at this year’s Show, and we’ll also be more focused on ADAS than ever before. You’ll see that manifested not only through displays on the Show floor but also through our exhibitors and education sessions as well as a lot of the content that comes out of the Show.

If you look at how some of the technologies such as electrification are evolving right now, they’re mainly driven by original-equipment manufacturers, with our industry adapting or developing product accordingly. There aren’t a lot of electric-vehicle platforms in the current market, but we’ll see more over the next several years. We’re also seeing builders equipping vehicles with electric motors, and we’ll have examples of that at the Show. It’s a growing trend, and we’re focused on introducing the industry to the possibilities ahead.

SN: You mentioned ADAS, which is a hot-button trend for the aftermarket. What can Show attendees look forward to in that regard?

TG: From an education standpoint, the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) and the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) will have some programming built around ADAS. Manufacturers in both the collision industry and the specialty aftermarket are also developing ADAS-related products that you’ll see on the Show floor—and especially in the New Products Showcase. While ADAS technologies are still too new for their own dedicated Show section, they do represent a growing segment that will be highly visible throughout our event.

SN: Let’s say I’m an attendee who’s particularly interested in emerging technologies. Do you have any tips to help me zero in on brands and products reflecting the latest trends?

TG: I would start with our SEMA Show website ( and look through the exhibitors in your specific market segment. You can also check in regularly with the Show’s online Media Center ( to find press releases for new tech products and any feature vehicles showcasing them. That will give you an idea of the companies you’ll want to visit at the Show and provide a good head start.

When you’re at the Show, I would recommend spending some time at the New Products Showcase, which will have an expanded footprint for 2021. That will create a pathway that can lead you to the exhibitors who are featuring the technology that suits your business.

SN: Those are all helpful tips. Do you have any parting comments you’d like to add on this topic?

TG: Taking in the view from 10,000 ft., the 2021 SEMA Show will mark two full years since the industry last gathered. That means we can anticipate seeing more technological advancements at this coming event than we’ve ever seen in the past. We recommend that attendees really take the time to do some pre-Show research. Once at the Show, they’ll especially want to invest time in walking the Show floor.

So much has been happening over the last two years that you’re sure to find something new around every turn.

Show Tech
Chevrolet used the 2019 SEMA Show’s Monday Night Reveal to debut
its E-10 concept build. The restomod truck incorporated a double
stack of Chevy’s new e-crate motors to deliver up to 700 hp and
near-instantaneous torque.
Tech-Related Education at the 2021 SEMA Show

In addition to leading-edge exhibitors, features and displays, this year’s SEMA Show will offer a variety of seminars addressing emerging technologies and the future of the specialty-equipment industry. The following are some noteworthy opportunities presented through SEMA Education, I-CAR and the SCRS. While session listings were current as of press time, visit for education-track details, up-to-date information and registration.

SEMA Education Offerings

Future-Proofing Classic and Collector Cars

  • Tuesday, November 2, 3:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m. (PDT)

This session will provide a look inside the conversion of classic and collector cars to electric power. Will the electromod become as common as the restomod and provide a new way to keep classics on the road in a petroleum-free world? This panel will feature some of the top pioneers of this growing segment.

Why the New UV Is EV

  • Wednesday, November 3, 2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m. (PDT)

For a while, hybrids and electric vehicles were found mostly in the sedan and small-wagon segments. Now, trucks and SUVs are what buyers want, but do they want them in EV form? We’ll discuss how EVs are infiltrating the off-road and AWD segments and creating new opportunities for the aftermarket.

Future Trends: What’s Next for the Automotive and Specialty-Equipment
Markets (AFT3)

  • Wednesday, November 3, 3:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m. (PDT)

Where is the aftermarket headed? How is tech changing our market? What’s the next big thing for our industry to watch? Join us as we discuss how key automotive and tech trends (electrification, ADAS and the shift to light truck) and consumer trends (online shopping and changing tastes) are combining to affect the specialty-equipment market.

EV and the Accessorization Game, Powered by the Professional Restylers

  • Thursday, November 4, 9:00 a.m.–10:00 a.m. (PDT)

This session is an in-depth look at the future of modifying and accessorizing vehicles that are electric powered. The introduction of EVs that are attractive to enthusiast buyers will no doubt spur demand for aftermarket manufacturers to offer accessories and upgrades to help buyers personalize their purchases. The expert panel will discuss the challenges and best practices of developing aftermarket parts and packages for these new electric-powered cars and trucks.

Industry Insiders Dish on the Future of the Specialty-Equipment Industry (AFT5)

  • Thursday, November 4, 10:15 a.m.–11:15 a.m. (PDT)

Consumer behavior is changing the automotive industry. In this session, industry insiders will provide insights into the latest automotive and consumer trends affecting their companies (and yours) now and into the future.

Top Aftermarket Journalists Predict the Future

  • Wednesday, November 3, 11:15 a.m.–12:15 p.m. (PDT)

Join several of the industry’s top journalists, who will discuss (and debate) how the aftermarket has changed and is changing for the better. This includes how young enthusiasts, EVs and autonomous vehicles will drive many of the industry’s trends over the next 10 years.

Mobile Electronics Certified Professional Panel (Tentative)

  • Monday, November 1, 10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. (PDT)

Seminar description to be announced. (Check for the latest details.)

Seamless Visual Integration of Modern Electronics in Vehicles

  • Tuesday, November 2, 1:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m. (PDT)
  • Location: N257

Car and truck enthusiasts enjoy an unprecedented range of choices for modern electronic infotainment and creature comforts, even as retrofitted in musclecars, hot rods and other customization examples. This informative session will take attendees through many design ideas and concepts that can differentiate installation work and appeal to high-end clientele.

I-CAR Education Offerings

Initialization and Calibration of Electronic Systems

  • Tuesday, November 2, 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. (PDT)

Initialization and calibration of electrical systems is intended to identify the type of information that scans and initializations provide and when initializations and calibrations are needed. A recommended course to take prior to the SEMA course is “Understanding Vehicle Communication Networks.”

SCRS Education Offerings

2035: Looking Ahead at What the Collision Industry Might Look Like

  • Monday, November 1, 3:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m. (PDT)

As the automobile quickly moves toward becoming batteries, computers and iOT sensors on wheels, all collision-industry segments will be forced to change the way they manufacture, insure, appraise, repair, recycle and learn. This presentation will focus on 20 trends and technologies that are disrupting the industry and attempt to provide ideas for operating a successful business between now and 2035.

Scanning and Calibrations: Make Them a Profit Center of Your Business

  • Monday, November 1, 3:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m. (PDT)

The focus of this presentation will be on whether scanning and calibration should be a business cost or a separate revenue-generating profit center. How do we know what to invest? How to implement? Or, for that matter, how do you even get started?

Digitalization and the Future of Color Matching: What Does a Shop Focused on Operational Excellence Need to Know?

  • Wednesday, November 3, 3:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m. (PDT)

Join us for a roundtable guided discussion around the digital advances in color matching and how they can help a shop achieve a quality color match faster. Participants will range from painters and shop managers to technical experts, trainers, operational excellence consultants and may even include OEM representative participation.

Future Tech: Technology and Vehicle Repair Trends

  • Wednesday, November 3, 3:00–5:00 p.m. (PDT)

The automotive space is rapidly changing around us. What kind of technology and repair process changes can we expect? This will be an interactive session where attendees will see how vehicles will continue to evolve along with the consumers who operate them.

SCRS OEM Summit—Session I—Electric Vehicle

  • Thursday, November 4, 9:00 a.m.–10:30 a.m. (PDT)

SCRS OEM Summit—Session II—Vehicle Research and Trends

  • Thursday, November 4, 11:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m. (PDT)


  • Thursday, November 4, 1:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m. (PDT)

The OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit is designed to put SEMA Show attendees in a room with innovators in automotive structural design and technology. The summit’s three sessions feature distinctly different topics that host discussions between companies and individuals with rich histories of producing sophisticated advancements in the automotive and collision-repair fields. The event content will highlight developments in modern vehicles, with a focus on emerging trends that influence vehicle repairability and collision-industry preparation.

Tech-Related SEMA Show Exhibitors

AAMP Global

Booth #12133


Booth #32099

Acumen Robot Intelligence Inc.

Booth #12168

Advanced Marketing Distribution

Booth #12351

AFC Finishing Systems

Booth #34141

Airgas West Inc.

Booth #32201

AirPro Diagnostics LLC

Booth #32229

A.J. Dralle Inc.

Booth #34231

AK Software

Booth #33181


Booth #31061

Alliance Distribution Partners

Booth #12079

American Bass Audio

Booth #12069

American Honda Parts, Service & Technical

Booth #31199

American Innovative Manufacturing

Booth #34207

AMH Canada Ltd.

Booth #32181

Anest Iwata-Medea Inc.

Booth #31043

Antigravity Batteries

Booth #12157

Apollo Sprayers International Inc.

Booth #33161

Arslan Automotive Canada Ltd.

Booth #32205


Booth #34051


Booth #31191


Booth #12341


Booth #11865

Auto Techcelerators LLC

Booth #34185

Autobody News

Booth #34139

AutoZone Parts Inc.

Booth #31067

B&B Blending

Booth #32131

Bao Sanding & Tools Corp.

Booth #34221

Beulentechnik AG

Booth #31207

BHG Import Export Inc.

Booth #33071

Blair Equipment Co.

Booth #34043

Blowtherm USA LLC

Booth #31187

BME/Boss Audio Systems

Booth #11819

BodyShop Business

Booth #34041

Bolt Buster

Booth #35138

Bonding Solutions

Booth #34063

Bossauto Innova S.A.

Booth #36224


Booth #11733


Booth #35237

Cability Inc.

Booth #12431

Car ADAS Solutions

Booth #39217

Car Bench International S.p.A.

Booth #31097

Car Mate USA Inc.

Booth #11840

Carcoon Storage Systems International

Booth #36239

Booth #35030

Carworx Distribution Inc.

Booth #32173

CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc.

Booth #31087

Cebotech Inc.

Booth #33067

Cedar Electronics

Booth #12019

Celette Inc.

Booth #31135

Cerwin-Vega/Diamond Audio

Booth #12519

Changzhou Guangmeng Tools
& Hardwares Co. Ltd.

Booth #36219

CJ Inc.

Booth #31119

Collision Repair Magazine

Booth #34233

Collision Services

Booth #31173 Inc.

Booth #34183

Cozmo Recon

Booth #34235

Crystal Tack Cloth

Booth #34163

Cumberland Products Inc.

Booth #32057

Custom Paints Ltd.

Booth #34197

CVD Audio

Booth #12524

CWB Electronics Inc.

Booth #12225

DB Research LLP

Booth #12177

Deerfos America Inc.

Booth #33211

Delta Kits Inc.

Booth #34039

Dent Fix Corp.

Booth #31125

DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing

Booth #32239

Diffusions Nu-Book Inc.

Booth #34219

Disco Automotive Hardware

Booth #31077

DJS Fabrications Inc.

Booth #33123

Dominion Sure Seal Ltd.

Booth #35148

Dongguan Golden Sun Abrasives Co. Ltd.

Booth #35198

Dongguan King Abrasives Co. Ltd.

Booth #36229

Donglai Coating Technology Co. Ltd.

Booth #32217

Dynavin GmbH

Booth #11828

Eagle Abrasives Inc.

Booth #33173

Elcometer Inc.

Booth ## 34089

EMM Specialties

Booth #33239

Endeavor Business Media

Booth #35078

Epsilon Electronics Power Acoustik Electronics/Farenheit Tec

Booth #11749


Booth #35207

Equip Automotive Systems Inc.

Booth #31093

Essity North America

Booth #34079

Eurovac Inc.

Booth #35122


Booth #11868

FairInteramerican Inc.

Booth #12153

Fillon Technologies North America

Booth #31121

Booth #32189

Fineline Products Inc.

Booth #34189

Finishing Solutions LLC

Booth #33217

Fisheye Filter

Booth #35146

Ford Customer Service Division

Booth #31213


Booth #11769

Fuji Industrial Spray Equipment Ltd.

Booth #34180

Garmat USA Inc.

Booth #31055

Gema USA Inc.

Booth #34075

Gemini Coatings Inc.

Booth #31075

Gentex Corp.

Booth #12525

Gerson Co.

Booth #35110

Glass Mechanix Business Solutions

Booth #35162


Booth #35126

Global Film Source

Booth #39215

Global Finishing Solutions

Booth #33057

Goff’s Enterprises

Booth #34147

Goliath Carts LLC

Booth #31107

Guangzhou Sun Holy Wind Air Cleaning Products Co. Ltd.

Booth #34225

GU Auto Tech Inc.

Booth #12425

Guangzhou Aidefoe Electronics Co. Ltd.

Booth #12469


Booth #31179

H&S Autoshot Manufacturing Co.

Booth #33117

Haldon Co.

Booth #35042

HBC Systems A/S

Booth #36236

HC Pacific

Booth #39225

Hedson Technologies North America Inc.

Booth #35054

Helvina UAB

Booth #36240

Henkel Corp.

Booth #33232

Herkules Equipment Corp.

Booth #35158

Hornblasters Inc.

Booth #12518

Houston Digital Corp.

Booth #32092

hyStik Adhesive Tape Inc.

Booth #33091


Booth #33139

Indasa Abrasives

Booth #35186

Induction Innovations Inc.

Booth #31035

Infinity 3D Laser Measuring

Booth #35224

Infratech LLC

Booth #35026

Innovative Tools & Technologies

Booth #33097

International Epoxies & Sealers

Booth #34127


Booth #12072

ITM Autoparts

Booth #12573

ITW Evercoat

Booth #33131

Jpanvista LLC

Booth #12423

JTape Ltd.

Booth #35182

Kapci Coatings

Booth #35219


Booth #32211


Booth #12541

Killer Tools & Equipment Corp.

Booth #35225

Kolor System Co., Ltd.

Booth #35241

Langeman Manufacturing Ltd.

Booth #34017


Booth #34111

Lenco Holdings LLC

Booth #33205

Level Finish LLC

Booth #37231

Linear Logic LLC

Booth #12530

LinksWell Automotive Inc.

Booth #12219

Lippert Insurance Solutions

Booth #35229

Martech Services Co.

Booth #35074

Martin Tool & Forge

Booth #34113

Massive Audio

Booth #12174

Matrix Electronic Measuring Inc.

Booth #32137

Maxxsonics USA

Booth #11745

MCY Technology Ltd.

Booth #12427

Memphis Car Audio

Booth #12455

Mercury Tools LLC

Booth #38250

Metra Electronics Corp.

Booth #12141

MG Distributor Inc.

Booth #34099

Mitek Corp.

Booth #12165

Miracle System/Equipment Gateway

Booth #32117

Mirka Abrasives Inc.

Booth #39220

Mitchell International

Booth #33087

Mito Corp.

Booth #11765

Mobile Environmental Solutions LLC

Booth #36207

Mobile Solutions

Booth #12445

Monument Tools Inc.

Booth #35134

Moorechip Technologies Co. Ltd.

Booth #12257


Booth #12544


Booth #11873

Network 1 Solutions LLC

Booth #31223


Booth #12253

Nova Verta USA

Booth #33077


Booth #37248

Osram Sylvania

Booth #11775


Booth #12081

PanaVise Products Inc.

Booth #12419

Parr Wash Inc.

Booth #34237

PartsTrader LLC

Booth #34223

Peremptory Inc. dba HDC

Booth #12176

Peter Kwasny Inc.

Booth #34123


Booth #11659


Booth #34159

PowerBass USA Inc.

Booth #12565

PPM Industries

Booth #36233


Booth #32118

Prima srl Inc.

Booth #35218

Professional Car Audio

Booth #12073

Pro Spot International Inc.

Booth #32043

ProColor Collision

Booth #34243

Promax America LLC

Booth #38217

Prona Tools Inc.

Booth #34055

Protech Automotive Solutions

Booth #38207

PRV Audio Brazil

Booth #12065

Pull-It Corp.

Booth #35038

Race Sport Product Group

Booth #12548

REDTAIL Telematics Corp.

Booth #12532


Booth #12526

Reliable Automotive Equipment Inc.

Booth #33107

RGI Spray Booth Co.

Booth #33229

Robaina Direct LLC

Booth #34200

Roberlo S.A.

Booth #34103

Rockford Fosgate

Booth #11841

RTi-Reading Technologies Inc.

Booth #32113

Safety Regulation Strategies Inc.

Booth #34151

Santint USA Inc.

Booth #35233

SATA Spray Equipment

Booth #31017


Booth #34171

Scosche Industries Inc.

Booth #12119


Booth #37249

Seymour of Sycamore Inc.

Booth #32123

Shenzhen Car-Ku Technology Co. Ltd.

Booth #12345

sia Abrasives Inc. USA

Booth #33201


Booth #11729

Sloboganska Technological Co. Ltd.

Booth #12075

Snap-on Inc.

Booth #32017

Society of Collision Repair Specialists

Booth #32087


Booth #37207

Sondpex Corp. of America

Booth #12031

Sony Electronics

Booth #12229

Spanesi Americas Inc.

Booth #31145

Spray Booth Services

Booth #32185


Booth #34195

Start2Finish Technologies Inc.

Booth #38248

Steck Manufacturing Co.

Booth #34135

Sunmight Abrasives

Booth #32077

Taizhou Tool-Bar Machinery Co. Ltd.

Booth #39207

Tamco Paint

Booth #35230

TCI Products

Booth #33185


Booth #12365

3M Automotive Division

Booth #36225

Trade Associates Inc.

Booth #33184

Transtar Autobody Technologies Inc.

Booth #32105

Troton SP. Z O.O.

Booth #33195

Ultronix Products Ltd.

Booth #12324

United Metals Recycling

Booth #37235

USI of North America Inc.

Booth #33189

Vaber Industriale SPA

Booth #37228

VAIS Technology

Booth #12465

Ventra Technology

Booth #12421

VeriFacts Automotive

Booth #34187

Vibac Group

Booth #32195

Vision Automobile Electronics Industrial Co. Ltd.

Booth #11741

Vision Tech America Inc.

Booth #12444

Voxx International Corp.

Booth #12319

Vugera USA

Booth #12178

Wave Central

Booth #12172

Wet Sounds Inc.

Booth #11827

W.M. Barr & Company

Booth #32233

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