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The Newest Parts and Products From the 2020 SEMA360

In the first two decades of the 21st century, the automotive sphere has become increasingly digital and cloud-based in its use of technology, and that change has been likewise reflected in the tools and equipment aftermarket. The very definition of a “tool” has expanded beyond the basic impact wrench and scissor lift to include laptops, software and sensor-recalibration equipment. Regardless of type, though, having the proper tools and equipment at hand is crucial for enthusiast builders and modifiers to bring their dreams to fruition.

As a market segment, tool and equipment manufacturers are substantial players, comprising hundreds of companies within a global industry that’s forecast to rise to nearly $10 billion in sales by 2028, according to a 2021 survey published by Data Bridge Market Research.

What follows here are the newest tools and equipment products that were featured in the online New Products Showcase at last year’s SEMA360.

View all of the products featured in the Tools & Equipment section in the  2020 SEMA360 New Products Showcase.

Adenna LLC
EasyTask Refillable Sanitizing System
Adenna LLC

Finding a premoistened wipe with a preferred cleaning solution can be difficult, so why not make your own? Add cleaning or disinfectant solution to a roll of Adenna solvent-resistant spun lace wipers for a durable wet wipe. Two times larger than normal presaturated wipes: 10x12 in.; 275 sheets. GrabBox features a handle.


Apollo Sprayers International Inc.

The Apollo DR1000 HVLP Turbo Spray Disinfectant System is designed for automotive, light commercial and in-home use. The compact and portable system weighs only 7.5 lbs. and delivers COVID-19 disinfectant and sanitizing solutions via an ultra-fine, high-volume, atomized mist without over-saturation. Both 110V and 240V models are available for global use.

PN: DR1000-110-6


Badass Workbench
3Bay Doublewide

The 3Bay Doublewide is the latest addition to the Badass Workbench line. The bench works perfectly as an island feature in a shop. Designed with six bays of drawers (three on each side), there are tons of storage packed into this model. Comes standard with a 1/2-in. plate-steel top that can be used for heavy work or welding applications. U.S.A.-made.



Bartec USA

Bartec USA says that the wireless capacities of the Tech600 make it the fastest tool available in North America. TPMS relearns take just seconds. Connect the wireless VCI to the OBDII port and the make/model/year are detected and decoded in mere seconds, and the tool is ready for action. The graphical user interface makes the Tech600Pro very easy to learn and operate.



Big Ass Fans
Cold Front

Cold Front

Cold Front evaporative coolers provide rapid, effective relief from dry heat. Lowers the air temperature of a space by up to 33°F (18°C) and, combined with Big Ass overhead fans, delivers ultimate workplace comfort. Uses standard 110V power supply. Suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces. Industry-leading five-year warranties.



Channellock Inc.
968 Forged Wire Stripper

The Channellock 968 Forged Wire Stripper is forged for durability and to outlast traditional wire strippers. Channellock’s Xtreme Leverage Technology requires considerably less force to cut than traditional high-leverage designs. The 968 is 100% made in the U.S.A. with U.S. steel.


Astra PowerLift and Move
Astra PowerLift and Move

The Astra PowerLift and Move mobile scissor lift combination dolly is an amazing piece of equipment that really proves valuable. In a dealership/service center, lifting a vehicle off the ground has many benefits. It’s perfect for collision-repair centers for minor detrimming, measuring, inspecting, reassembly, minor body work or for detailers.



Colourlock North America
Colourlock North America

The ColourScannerPro is a very compact, Bluetooth-tethered tool for formula selection. It enables the user to scan leather colors and immediately view fitting formula suggestions, making color mixing a breeze. The device comes calibrated with the company’s up-to-date formula database, containing more than 500 formulations. Colourlock North America is aiming for 5,000.



CTech Manufacturing
Mini Cart
CTech Manufacturing

Going in and out of a trailer and across rough terrain with an entire loadout of tools has never been easier. Lightweight aluminum mini carts and mini nitro carts were designed with ultimate mobility in mind. Each cart rolls on a dedicated chassis featuring FlatFree wheels and a push/pull/tow steering handle.

PN: custom


SensorTap IAT/Baro Relocation Module

Allows the relocation of the IAT and/or Baro sensors on GM vehicles with a four-wire MAF. Now users can move the IAT further down the air tract for better accuracy when using water/meth injection or put it within the manifold for supercharged applications. Blow-through boosted setups can break out the Baro sensor as well.



The Detail Guardz Car Care Products
Visiera Face Shield
Face Shield

The Visiera face shield is said to be the perfect tool to keep safe when working with polish, chemicals or helping to keep safe from COVID-19. This premium face shield is manufactured in Canada and is extremely comfortable to wear. Its flexible and adjustable headband allows for the perfect fit on basically any head shape or size.



DWD2 Clean Air
Protect Mold Treatment Spray

Use it in air vents, a vehicle’s fresh-air intake and as a full-release mold- and bacteria-eliminating fogger. Formulated to disinfect and protect, it’s an all-natural mold treatment spray for vehicles. It is entirely safe around children and pets because it is nontoxic, unlike other chemical products.

PN: 5979 CP2004


Dyme PSI
Rattlesnake Hose Design Toolkit

The Rattlesnake toolkit is an easy-to-use system to help users design, order and receive a crimped, fully tested, high-performance hose assembly. No catalogs, no mistakes, no leftovers, no stress. It provides a complete range of replicas of the company’s hoses and fittings so that users can prototype exactly what’s needed, and the company sends the user the real part. Easy.


View all of the products featured in the Tools & Equipment section in the  2020 SEMA360 New Products Showcase.

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