SEMA Member News—July 2021

Lunch ’N’ Learn events at the SEMA Show are a great way for
attendees to listen to and connect with experts on four to six
different topics focus on emerging technical trends in the industry.

ETTN Seeks Volunteers

Providing programs and educational offerings are essential elements of the mission statement for the Emerging Trends & Technology Network (ETTN). From in-person Lunch ’N’ Learn events and virtual meetings to Live Chats, Member Insights, the Student Competition and Vehicle Sharing Programs, ETTN offers a menu of resources, but few would exist if it weren’t for volunteers. While the select committee initiates and implements the various programs, it takes a collaborative effort that relies on member input and participation.

“As a select committee, we want more interaction with our members and to offer more opportunities to encourage engagement,” said Ian Lehn, the network’s outgoing chair. “We’re looking for volunteers to be on task forces and work groups to help with the heavy lifting and bring fresh ideas. This is your opportunity to get involved.”

As an example, Lehn cited the Student Competition Program made a shift this year. For the first time, ETTN collaborated with the Society of Automotive Engineers to provide a contingent of network members who volunteered to serve as judges. Though races were on hold at press time, students presented their business and design projects under the SAE banner.

“These kids are excited to be part of our industry, and we were excited to engage with the students and universities to further build that pipeline of innovation into our industry,” Lehn said. “Getting our members involved was huge.”

Call to Action

New initiatives are also in the pipeline.

“Our educational Live Chat series received such high marks from our membership that we would love to create more educational events and develop programs whereby our membership doesn’t just hear about things but gets involved hands-on,” Lehn said.

The new ETTN Symposium Subcommittee will focus on creating an event that will combine product features and an educational component. The Symposium Committee is looking at several resource options to ensure members are utilizing the resources provided by SEMA to benefit their company.” The concept for symposium’s format is based on the MPMC presented by the Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council.

“The symposium will utilize the trade conference platform, but instead of media attendees, we’ll have technology services,” Lehn said. “That will enable ETTN-member companies to engage with tech services that can assist in developing new products and technologies. We’re super excited about this new program.

“We’ve got a lot of new things happening and need our members to get involved. If you’ve ever been interested in volunteering or in being part of the select committee, this is your opportunity to make your mark on the industry.”

This program is still being considered by the Committee will be reviewed by the Board of Directors in the near future.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, email Council Director Nicole Bradle at, or call 909-323-2149.

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