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SEMA News regularly publishes new product information from manufacturers as a service to the industry. Product information included in SEMA News will be published on a first-come, first-served basis, edited for length, and chosen based on relevance and image quality. Included below is a compendium of recent product announcements as submitted by member companies.


MishimotoMishimoto has launched its transmission cooler hoses for the ’01–’10 6.6L Duramax platform. The hoses are developed to hold up to GM owners’ high horsepower and towing.

The hose features a PTFE inner liner designed to be oil- and heat-resistant for durability. The nylon outer braid is manufactured to prevent expansion under high pressure and protect against abrasion.

The kit includes -10AN to M22x1.5 fittings for use with many aftermarket radiators.

Information: or 877-466-4744.



AEMAEM EV has released its VCU300 Vehicle Control Unit. The unit is used in Ford Racing’s CobraJet1400 EV drag concept and in the Huff Motorsports EV dragster.

It is built on OEM hardware and features OEM-quality strategies designed to provide reliability and safety for both the programmer and the end user.

The control unit is engineered to manage four inverter/motor systems, communicate with up to three independent CAN bus networks, and be used on direct-drive and indirect-drive EV setups.

Information: or 310-484-2322.

Design Engineering Inc.

Design EngineeringDesign Engineering Inc. has introduced its stainless-steel thermal and acoustical floor and tunnel shield. The floor is designed to be a high-temperature solution for controlling heat and sound in hot rods, street rods, classics, trucks and just about any vehicle.

The flexibility allows the shield to be formed and tightly shaped around firewalls, transmission tunnels, floorboards and anywhere for total protection from the potential harmful effects of heat.

The shields start with a stainless-steel reflective surface backed with a high-temperature-resistant glass fiber manufactured to block heat. Micro-perforations are engineered to control noise. The heat barriers are offered in a 22x19-in. sheet that can be trimmed with tin snips.

Information: or 800-264-9472.

Impact Racing

Impact RacingImpact Racing introduces its Super Charger OS20 racing helmet. The helmet features a top air version in a lower profile that is designed to increase overhead clearance.

It is engineered to offer a panoramic field of vision and features a polycarbonate shield.

The helmet includes removable cheek pads and is manufactured to feature fire-retardant, soft-knit Nomex upholstery.

Optionally available cheek pads are available in a variety of thicknesses and configurations to provide a custom fit.

Information: or 317-852-3067.




HolleyHolley announces the release of its top-feed Low Ram Manifold Kit. The plenum entry configuration is designed to allow the plenum tops to be fitted to a low-profile base intake manifold.

The short-runner, low-profile base intake manifold is intended for forced-induction applications and was conceived to package with an air-to-water plenum-mounted intercooler with a shorter overall height than possible with other existing intake manifolds.

Information: or 866-464-6553.


Energy Suspension

Energy SuspensionEnergy Suspension announces the release of its performance polyurethane bushing for the Honda CBR. The dampener is designed to provide the solution for smooth shifting and rider confidence.

It is engineered to provide smooth shifting and reduces wear on drive components, outlasting the OEM part equivalent for the life of the machine. The part fits the following Honda CBR models: 600F4–1000R–900R and RVT51/RVT1000.

Information: or 949-361-3935.



MishimotoMishimoto announces the introduction of its performance aluminum radiator for the ’17+ Honda Civic Type R.

The radiator is designed to increase core volume by 48% and fin surface area by 102%.

It features full aluminum construction with TIG-welded end tanks and strutted tubes engineered for durability.

The radiator includes a magnetic drain plug manufactured to capture any metallic debris/fragments in the cooling system.

Information: or 877-466-4744.




Design Engineering Inc.

DEIDesign Engineering introduces its Heat Sheath Gold Sleeve. It is available in five sizes and features a lock weave pattern.

The sheath is manufactured to reflect direct heat up to 800ºF. It is designed to protect components and keep them cool in the most demanding applications. The sheath also features a high-temperature hook-and-loop fastening system for secure installation.

It is also available in custom dimensions.

Information: or 800-264-9472.


Oracle Lights

OracleOracle Lighting has launched its new Fiber-Optic Dash Kits. The integrated edge is designed to hold the fiber-optic cable tightly without the use of any adhesive.

The single-color kit is available in six options (white, blue, red, green, amber and ABL).

Specialized fiber-optic cable is also required for install ($4.95), which can be cut with scissors and be reused.

Information: or 800-435-5944.


Champion Brands

Champion BrandsChampions Brands announces the release of its Poly-7 Green Grease. The grease is designed to be a green, ultra-heavy-duty, high-temperature grease. It is made using refined petroleum stocks, copolymers and advanced lithium complex additives processed to provide lubrication.

The grease is engineered to stay put under extreme shock loads and offers a very low friction coefficient. It is manufactured to increase lubrication and delivers excellent oxidation, adhesion and pumpability characteristics.

It is an all-weather grease constructed to meet the requirements of NLGI GC-LB for automotive wheel bearing and chassis lubrication.

Information: or 800-821-5693.


Red Line Oil

Red LineRed Line Synthetic Oil announces the launch of its 15W50 Powersports Oil. The oil is formulated for high-performance engines in a variety of applications, including ATVs, motorcycles, UTVs and additional powersports vehicles.

The motorcycle and powersports lubricants are designed to resist the chopping and shearing action of powersports transmissions while ensuring that the viscosity meets the desired specification. The oil is manufactured to provide wear protection under adverse conditions and extreme temperatures.

It is recommended for metric motorcycles (KTM, Husqvarna, Ducati, Yamaha, BMW, etc.) or any powersports vehicle calling for a 15W50 engine oil, and it is suitable for JASO MA2 applications.

Information: or 707-745-6100.


Oracle Lights

OracleOracle Lighting introduces its pre-assembled Dynamic ColorShift RGB+A “Black Series” headlights for all ’15–’17 Ford Mustangs. The lineup features amber LEDs designed for a dynamic turn-signal effect.

The replacement headlights feature Dynamic Halos, Dynamic Tai-Bar DRL and Dynamic Demon Eyes and include everything needed for installation. Mustang fitments include Base, EcoBoost, EcoBoost Premium, GT, GT 50 Years Limited Edition, GT Premium, Shelby GT350, Shelby GT350R, V6 and V8.

The lights are constructed to be controlled through an app that features more than 200 preprogrammed moving patterns as well as static color control and white DRL mode for normal street driving.

Information: or 800-435-5944.


LGE-CTS announces the introduction of its Baja Forged kits for the ’18–’20 Ford Expedition 2WD/4WD. Featured in the line for the Expedition are a front bumper kit, a rear bumper kit, a bumper light-bar kit, fender flares and a roof rack.

The kits are engineered to give a Prerunner look and to be durable. They are also designed to follow the contour lines of the Expedition.

Information: or 909-599-2203.


Vintage Air

The Gen IV SureFit air-conditioning system for ’73–’79 Ford F-100 pickups and ’78–’79 Broncos is available as a complete kit as well as an evaporator kit. The system employs a fully electronic microprocessor control system that eliminates cables or vacuum connections.

The separate parallel-flow copper heating coils and aluminum plate-and-fin cooling coils are designed to provide outstanding performance and infinite “just right” temperature air blends, blower fan speed adjustments, and high-volume dehumidified defrost.

The kit also includes a three-lever, fully electronic LED backlit control panel that replaces the factory control panel. The factory A/C kit uses the original in-dash louvers, and OEM-style in-dash louvers are included with non-factory A/C systems.

Information: or 800-862-6658.

Hellwig Products

HellwigHellwig Products has released its helper springs for the ’20 Toyota Tundra, including 2WD and 4WD models. The helper springs are designed to feature 2,000-lb. load-leveling capacity and to maintain level ride height and better overall driver control when the vehicle is loaded.

The springs are engineered to improve vehicle control and safety by maintaining even weight distribution over the front and rear axles.

Information: or 800-435-5944.



HolleyHolley has released its 100-gph fuel pump for naturally aspirated and forced-induction EFI vehicles. It utilizes a -10 AN female inlet and a -6 AN female outlet for installation on new applications and/or replacement of existing fuel pumps.

The pump is designed to support up to 900 EFI or 1,050 carbureted hp and be compatible with gasoline, E85 or diesel. A male -6 to -8 AN fitting with integral high-pressure check valve is included.

Note: The fuel pump is rated for use with ethanol-blended fuels (E85/E90) and all types of gasoline, but pump life will be diminished if used with 100% ethanol fuels.

Information: or 866-464-6553.

Mahle Motorsport

MahleMahle Motorsport introduces Porsche 911 2.7L and 2.9L Piston Kits designed to pair with Nickies Performance air-cooled cylinders. One is a standard-bore 90mm that retains the stock 2.7L displacement, and the second is a 93mm big-bore piston cylinder kit that equals 2.9L of displacement.

Both piston and cylinder kits are engineered to incorporate deeper valve relief to accommodate performance camshafts, while the big-bore 2.9L piston also has larger valve reliefs to accommodate bigger valves. Each combination is constructed for durability for street or for SCCA- and PCA-legal race applications.

The pistons also feature hard-anodized top ring grooves manufactured for durability to protect against micro welding. The kit is complete with a steel 1.2mm top ring, 1.5mm second and 3.0mm oil ring set, precision CNC-machined bores, and heavy-duty tool steel wrist pins.

Information: or 888-255-1942.

Hooker BlackHeart

Hooker BlackheartHooker BlackHeart introduces its header-back exhaust system for the 4.6L ’05–’09 Mustang GT. The system is designed for use with BlackHeart long-tube headers. It is built with 3-in. 304SS tubing, has an X-pipe and high-flow straight-through mufflers engineered to produce an aggressive tone.

The system is manufactured to be lighter than OE by 18% or 11 lbs. Note: This product is not street-legal and may only be used on race vehicles that must be used exclusively for racing or other forms of competition.

Race vehicles must not be registered and must never be used on the street. It is illegal to install this product on a registered vehicle and use it on the street.

Information: or 866-464-6553.



Edge Products

Edge ProductsEdge Products introduces its CTS3 Backup Camera. The camera is designed for drivers who want to hook up to trailers with ease.

The camera mode on the CTS3 products automatically engages when the vehicle goes into reverse (only on automatic applications when gear PID is an option) or if the user selects a camera icon from the top menu anytime.

The kit includes a license-plate mount (pictured), an RCA-to-USB video signal adapter, and night-vision LEDs for optimal lighting.

Information: or 888-360-3343.

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