SEMA News—November 2020


New Product & Catalog Showcase

Aldan American
Aldan’62–’67 Chevy II/Nova Coilover Kits

Made in the U.S.A., Aldan Road Comp Series Coilover kits include everything you need to convert your front suspension to fully adjustable coilovers.

Road Comp Series coilover kits from Aldan include single- or double-adjustable coilovers and allow stock height to 2.0 in. of lowering. OEM-like fitment for easy installation. Bolt-on and GO! Improve your Nova’s stance and handling performance today. Aldan Part #300174 shown.

Aldan American

American Racing Headers & Exhaust
The New C8 Corvette Headers From American Racing Headers!

We are thrilled to offer you this incredible header system for your C8 Corvette. The kit is a direct bolt-in made entirely in the U.S.A. using 304 stainless steel throughout. Our header kit picked up +17 hp and +33 lb.-ft. rear-wheel torque at peak and as much as 37 hp and 37 lb.-ft. torque across the mid-range! Enjoy the increased performance and badass sound these headers offer. Visit us at today!

American Racing Headers (ARH) is the leading manufacturer in performance headers and exhaust systems. With decades of passion and experience in the automotive racing industry, ARH is proud to continue offering you 100%-American-made exhaust products built with power, performance and reliability you can depend on. To learn more about our American-made exhaust systems, check out our website and be sure to follow us on social media for the latest from American Racing Headers.

ALLDATA Shop Manager

ALLDATA Diagnostics is your affordable scan tool solution, the only one with ALLDATA’s industry-leading repair information built in. Simplify the creation of routine shop documents like estimates, repair orders and invoices. Easily add parts and labor directly from ALLDATA Repair or ALLDATA Collision.




ASE Industries

High-performance bearings and seals!

  • Bellows
  • Impellers
  • Gaskets
  • Tubes
  • Back Plates
  • Seals
  • Screws
  • Seats
  • Hubs
  • Ball Bearings
  • Bearings

Automotive water pump component parts.

1920 S. Griffith Ave.
Los Angeles, CA. 90011
Fax 213-748-1151
Mon.–Fri., 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. (se habla español)

Atturo Tires

The new Atturo Trail Blade MT Sport is a race-inspired extension of the Trail Blade M/T featuring new sizes and an alternate design borrowing from modifications done by Atturo’s short-course off-road teams.

Built for superior traction, the MTS tread pattern features grooves, sipes and a unique four-lug design. The tire is made for 12-in.-wide wheels with a size range from 15 to 24 in., offering 12-ply-rated construction across many sizes. The 35x13.5R20 is now available.


Badass Workbench
Badass Workbench 2BAY


  • 72-in. long x 32-in. deep x
  • 66.5-in. tall

This Badass 2BAY workbench features a 1.75-in. hardwood top that can be used for woodworking, reloading or any other badass projects you have. The optional pegboard with adjustable shelves works great for storing tools and aerosol cans. Each bench is made to order and can be customized for color, drawer layouts, pegboard, shelves, upper cabinets, keyed locks, casters and more.


AutoMeter Products Inc.

The new InVision Digital Dash System allows drivers to monitor the speedometer, tachometer, fuel level, oil pressure, water temperature and volts all in one place.

This LCD dash can update worn or outdated equipment with direct-fit make- and model-specific car and truck solutions, as well as a universal all-in-one dash for most vehicles.

The InVision Digital Dash was even awarded the Best New Interior Accessory Product at the SEMA Show New Product Awards.

Badass Workbench
Badass Workbench 2X3 Corner Unit With Keyed Locks and Pegboard


  • 38.5-in. working height
  • 12-ft. 8-in. long on 3bay side
  • 10-ft. long on 2bay side
  • 66.5-in. overall height to the top of the pegboard

Badass Corner Units are the best way to utilize the “dead space” commonly found in the corners of most workshops. Our three standard design layouts can be customized for color, drawer layouts, pegboard, keyed locks, upper cabinets and upper shelves.

Billet Connection

Billet Connection is developing the future of oil filtration with its patented See Through Filter Assemblies.

Filters allow visual inspection of filtered particles in seconds without leaking or draining oil, unbolting or loosening fasteners or fittings and without loss of fluid out of the system.

We also offer engine bracket kits, specialty engine tools and more.

Contact: Billet Connection, 7320 N. Regal St., Spokane, WA 99217; 509-467-7584.




AutoMeter Products Inc.

The E-Power 800 Jump Starter is a versatile unit that can jump-start your auto, marine, powersports and lawn tractor up to 20 times on one charge.

Rated at 800 amps and 1,800 mAh, it can charge your vehicle and personal electronics when no other power source is available.

The E-Power 800 has a super-bright LED flashlight with SOS- and strobe-mode capabilities. Be ready for emergencies with the E-Power 800 from AutoMeter.


Billet Connection

Billet Connection’s Priming System installs on the vehicle; no more dry start-ups!

To prime the engine, push the momentary switch until the oil pressure gauge starts to move up around 15 lbs., which is enough to prime oil system.

After the oil gauge shows pressure engine is primed, push the starter button and eliminate dry start-ups!

The complete kit weights less than 5 lbs. and is always on the vehicle ready for the driver to prime the engine.

Contact Billet Connection at


BlueDevil Radiator Flush

Part #00204

BlueDevil Radiator Flush restores efficiency to vehicles by helping remove grease, rust, grime or any other buildup that occurs during normal vehicle use. Our specially formulated coolant flush works well in all vehicles—especially those with high mileage warranting a deep flush.


Biocide Systems
Auto Shocker

Powerful chlorine-dioxide permanent odor solution! From cigarettes to skunk odors and everything in between.

Chlorine dioxide is a gas that can penetrate deeper and more effectively than other non-gas products.

The ClO2 molecules are attracted to the negatively charged odor molecules so the Auto Shocker literally seeks them out and destroys them like a smart bomb. No other product can get behind the dash and other hard-to-reach places like Auto Shocker!


BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer

Part #38386

BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer will repair and seal leaks in blown head gaskets, warped or cracked heads, heater cores and freeze plugs.

BlueDevil contains no solid or particulate matter and will not clog or harm your engine.

It bonds to metal, aluminum, cast, alloy or plastic, and it’s safe and easy to use as a permanent seal for your head-gasket leak.


Biocide Systems

Powerful chlorine-dioxide odor eliminators! From cigarettes to skunk odors and everything in between.

Chlorine dioxide is a gas that can penetrate deeper and more effectively than other non-gas products.

The ClO2 molecules are attracted to the negatively charged odor molecules so the Bio-Shocker literally seeks them out and destroys them like a smart bomb. No other products can get behind the dash and other hard-to-reach places like Bio-Shocker’s ClO2 odor eliminators!


BOP-MIT Series Clear Paint Protection Film

A top-ranking paint-protection film (PPF) with a nano compact coating offers a 10-year-warranty for yellowing and staining.

Long-standing and self-healing; super installer-friendly installation; and 50% higher on car glossy.

BOP (Global Standard Window Film) offers a wide range of paint-protection films, including black glossy and matte black; matte and satin; clear ones with different features; 10-mil PPF, etc. Still more items to be developed.

Callies Performance Products Inc.
Callies Compstar Gen III Center Counterweight Hemi Crankshaft

Redesigned with center counterweights! These performance-specific and durability-enhanced crankshafts are ready for anything your racing program can throw at them. Compstar Hemi Crankshafts are manufactured from 4340 steel.

These shafts will easily increase the power potential of Chrysler 6.4L, 6.1L and 5.7L engines. They can be ordered with either 32 or 60-2 reluctor wheels.

Rod journals ground to 2.100-in. SBC diameter and width. Strokes available are 3.800 in., 4.000 in., 4.050 in., 4.080 in.

All rod and main journals are drilled. Dual-linear post keyways. Standard post and flange configuration.

Eagle Specialty Products

Eagle is proud to introduce a complete line of crankshafts, connecting rods, and rotating assemblies for Jeep 4.0L and 4.2L straight-six engines.

Eagle cast crankshafts for Jeeps are available in 3.44-in., 3.895-in. and 4.060-in. stroke.

Rods are Eagle forged 5140 steel I-Beam. Pistons included are from DSS or Icon in a variety of compression ratios and bore sizes. Complete assemblies also include rings and bearings. Available January 2021.




Design Engineering Inc.

DEI’s New Products Brochure gives you a first-hand look at our new innovative heat and sound-control products.

This year we have introduced Black & Stainless Steel Floor & Tunnel Shield, Oil Rug, GEN 3 Titanium Turbo Shields, Jeep JL and Gladiator Headliners, in addition to new pre-cut hood liners.

Find everything you need to keep you cool and comfortable in your vehicle.




Eagle Specialty Products

Eagle is proud to introduce forged steel crankshafts, H-Beam rods and full rotating assemblies for Ford 5.0L Coyote engines.

Cranks are forged from 4340 steel with center counterweights and .125-in. radii for superior strength and durability. Strokes available are 3.650-in. and 3.750-in. Eagle H-Beam rods are forged in a two-piece forging from 4340 steel and feature ARP 2000 bolts.

Pistons included in Eagle stroker kits are provided from DSS, Mahle and Traum in a variety of compression ratios and bore sizes. Full rotating assemblies also include rings and bearings. Available November, 2020.


Design Engineering Inc.

Boom Mat Spray-On is an aerosol spray that is an easy and quick way to reduce road noise and vibration, add a layer of thermal protection, or as an undercoating to protect against damage from rust, rocks, gravel and other debris.

This black rubberized polymer compound dries to a textured paintable finish without chips or cracks in 20 minutes.

Highly rust-resistant, it is ideal for use on the undercarriage and hard-to-reach areas where noise-control sheet material is impractical.



Eagle Specialty Products

Eagle is adding many new forged 4340 steel big-block cranks for 2021. A 4.625-in. stroke is now available for Ford 460 and Mopar RB engines.

Center-counterweighted big-block Chevrolet cranks in 4.000-in. and 3.776-in. strokes are also now available.

Center counterweights provide better stability and strength in high rpm and high power-level applications.




Eagle Specialty Products

Eagle is expanding its lineup of Chrysler small-block forged 4340 crankshafts.

Along with the stock and 4.000-in. strokes for 318, 340 and 360, the company is adding 4.125-in. and 4.250-in. strokes for the Chrysler 360.

Eagle is also producing a new 6.200-in. H-Beam rod specifically for use with these new crankshafts. A 440ci small-block Chrysler is now just a phone call away!




Erson Cams
Erson Valves

Erson Stainless Steel Valves are manufactured from premium forged alloys to exacting tolerances.

Incorporating features like a precision-machined face for consistent volume, precision ground keeper grooves to eliminate stress risers, and an undercut stem Powerflow design, Erson valves ensure dependable, long-lasting performance.

Designed for compatibility with most popular engine applications with styles for street performance to professional-level racing, they are ideal for upgrading your old worn or fouled valves or fitting in brand-new heads.


ECP Inc.

ECP Inc., one of the oldest and most trusted names in the automotive industry, features its Technician’s Choice program.

Since 1969, ECP has delivered proven chemistry, product innovation and merchandising targeted to increase revenue traffic. Technician’s Choice and Tornador Tools are major market segments of ECP’s line of professional products—Auto Armor, The Protector and Platinum Professional Car Wash Systems.



Ferrea Racing Components
Introducing Our New Retainer Degree Gauge

We designed and manufactured our Retainer Degree Gauge to precisely measure the degree on any type of retainer. Using this gauge will prevent incorrect degree on your retainer to valve lock and avoid valve failure. Measures all standard degrees 6°, 7°, Super 7 and 10°.

Part# T7000



Fluidampr-Vibratech TVD
Cummins 5.9L/6.7L Common Rail–Competition Series

Professional truck pullers and drag racers who push the limits demand a Fluidampr for all-out competition.

The new Competition Series damper for Cummins 5.9L/6.7L Common Rail engines delivers. PN 980301.

At 103/32-in. diameter and 28.8 lbs., the competition damper offers greater damping over the standard Fluidampr performance diesel design. SFI 18.1. Made in the U.S.A.


ECP Inc.

TORNADOR Car Cleaning Tools are the fastest and easiest way to clean all automotive surfaces. The TORNADOR works with your air compressor to blast cleaning solution into crevices you can’t reach by hand. Clean carpet, plastics and upholstery inside the car.

Clean wheels, convertible tops and body seams on the exterior. The patented TORNADOR Car Cleaning Tool tackles your most challenging detailing jobs with ease.

The cone-shaped nozzle and oscillating tip create a tornado cleaning action that cleans hard and soft surfaces like nothing you’ve seen before. Dirt and grime are immediately released from fabrics, carpet and solid surfaces.

Fuel Safe Systems

Fuel Safe Systems delivers improved performance and safety with the FIA-FT3-certified Spare Tire Fuel Cell.

Available in 10- and 12-gallon options, the Spare Tire Cell allows for a convenient low-mounting setup for better handling. The rear-set plate location allows for easy plumbing, fuel pump installation and serviceability access.

Rear-set plates simplify your fuel system while improving performance by delivering a more efficient fuel scavenging system. Check out the Spare Tire Cell at



G-FORCE Racing Gear

G-FORCE Racing Gear has set a new standard for helmet excellence: the SuperNova. This 100%-T800 carbon-fiber helmet is the lightest full-faced helmet we’ve ever offered.

Packed with features like two top-vent options, dual Snell/FIA certification, the largest eyeport on the market, a removable, customizable liner, and by using higher-quality/lower-weight build materials, the SuperNova helmet still weighs in under 3 lbs.!

See the new SuperNova and our full line of SA2020 Helmets at



Griot’s Garage Inc.

In addition to our premium car-care products, the summer series of Griot’s Garage catalogs feature new products and showcase our Best of Show System (BOSS), which includes an innovative foaming car-wash system, a line of industry-leading orbital polishers, and proprietary pads and creams.

We’re a family-owned company celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2020, and we make all of our car-care liquids in the U.S.A.



Metra Electronics

Heise LED Lighting by Metra Electronics is the installer’s trusted source for automotive and marine LED lighting solutions.

From our reliable off-road lightbars backed by a limited lifetime warranty to our powerful all-terrain rock lights and RGB lighting kits, Heise will be your go-to supplier for lighting that is built to last. Upgrading headlights, adding safety lights and accent lighting to your vehicle has never been easier.

Visit to download our latest catalog.




Morimoto Lighting
MorimotoChevrolet Silverado 1500 (’16–’18) Morimoto XB LED Headlights

If you are still running old-school halogen headlights on your Silverado, then you’re just behind the times!

The new Morimoto XB LED headlights look great, are well-built, have a virtually infinite life span, have an unbeatable warranty, and out-perform the alternatives—easily making them the best LED headlights on the market today for the Silverado aftermarket.

They feature an Osram projector LED light output and LED sequential turn signals.

Part #LF542.

Herkules Equipment Corp.
Herkules EquipmentOil Filter Crusher OFC1

Leveraging the company’s patented airbag technology, the new Herkules OFC1 Crusher provides 4 tons of crushing power in a streamlined, compact unit.

This crusher, available in both a bench and standalone version, is powered by 120 psi, and extracts oil remnants for recycling while reducing the used oil filter’s size up to 80%.




Metra Electronics

Metra ElectronicsMetra’s RGB LED underglow lighting, the RGB1-UNDGLED, is designed for all terrain on powersports vehicles, boats, cars and more!

Choose from 16 million different color options using the Metra RGB smartphone app with pre-built lighting transitions, flash patterns and more.

This four-piece package includes two 36-in. and two 48-in. sealed water-resistant LED tubes, mounting hardware and extension cables, providing a fast and durable RGB lighting solution. (RGB-CB1 controller sold separately).

Visit for more details.




Morimoto Lighting
MorimotoChevrolet Corvette (’14–’19): Morimoto XB LED Headlights

LED headlights for all C7 Corvettes utilize an Osram LED projector light output and a style that will stop anyone in their tracks! Featuring amber sequential turn signals and a wild LED DRL.

Your old ’Vette headlights use low-quality optics and often lose 50% or more of their intensity over time.

These new LED headlights will outperform the stock headlights and make driving safer and more fun. Part #LF463.

Morimoto Lighting
MorimotoToyota 4Runner (’10–’21): Morimoto XB LED Tails

Fits all Toyota 4Runners from ’10–’21, these complete LED taillight assemblies will swap directly in place of the original 4Runner taillights, uses all of the stock mounting points, and should take less than 30 minutes to install.

The dual raised sections on the lens give the 4Runner an updated look and the sequential turn signal gives you a modern operation. Part #LF700.

Morimoto Lighting
MorimotoRam 1500 (’19–’20): Morimoto XB LED Headlights

If your Ram is still rocking OEM headlights, it’s time for an upgrade! Even the latest OE “projector” headlights for the Ram are still powered by halogen bulbs and their light output is pathetic.

The new Morimoto XB LED headlights look great, are well built, have a virtually infinite life span, and have an unbeatable warranty!

Comes with a sequential LED turn signal and LED projectors that are more than two times brighter than what your truck has now.

Part #LF523.

Morimoto Lighting
MorimotoGMC Yukon (’15–’20): Morimoto XB LED Headlights

The GMC Yukon LED headlights from Morimoto utilize an Osram LED tri-projector light source that puts the original headlights to shame!

Three times brighter than stock, these are totally plug-and-play built to OEM spec or better, and feature an aggressive look and sequential LED turn signals.

These are also the only aftermarket Yukon headlight with a true OEM-style LED DRL. Part #LF545.

Morimoto Lighting
MorimotoFord F-150 (’18–’20): Morimoto XB LED Headlights

The Gen2 LED projector headlight for ’18+ Ford F-150 trucks is brighter and better than ever!

Featuring a quad-LED projector low beam, a sequential amber LED turn signal, and new styling that makes no mistake they belong in the Ford family.

Not only are these headlight brighter than what your truck has now, they’re also OEM quality and the best-looking F-150 headlight option in the world.

Part #LF501.2.

Morimoto Lighting
MorimotoRam 2500HD (’19–’20): Morimoto XB LED Headlights

According to independent testing, one out of 15 new-vehicle headlights score lower than a “satisfactory” rating.

The Morimoto LED headlights are five times brighter than your original headlights, are DOT-compliant, and look better than any other option!

Along with brighter night-time driving, you’ll also get a state-of-the-art sequential LED turn signal. Get safer, better, cooler, brighter lighting with Morimoto LED projector headlights for your new Ram 2500HD. Part #LF701.

Northstar MFG
NorthstarFord Transit Adjustable Lower Ball Joint

The Ford Transit platform is known for its common alignment issues. Ford’s recommendation is for the alignment technician to perform a cradle shift. This is not always effective as it trades positive camber on one side to negative camber on the other side. This is not usually effective in completing the alignment.

Northstar has developed the solution to completely and effectively solve these issues.

  • Adjustable for both camber and caster
  • Adjust ride height for camber change or HD applications
  • Fits all Transit Vans 150-350
  • Quick and easy on-vehicle adjustment
  • U.S. and Canada patent pending

Northstar MFG
NorthstarRAM Promaster Adjustable Lower Ball Joint

Wheel alignment solution addressing the Ram Promaster Utility Vans.

  • Front lower camber-adjustable ball joint
  • This ball joint provides camber adjustment on OE non-adjustable suspensions
  • The unique patent-pending (U.S. and Canada) cam system design allows controlled adjustment for precise settings
  • Controlled Adjustability
  • Quick and easy on-vehicle adjustment
  • Greaseable design
  • Maximize tire mileage
  • Patent pending U.S. and Canada

RaceQuipRaceQuip FIA-Rated Composite Seats

All RaceQuip Composite Racing Seats are FIA certified to 8855-1999 specifications.

This model is suitable for professional racing with its increased thigh and hip support along with robust shoulder and rib bolsters.

The shell is a one-piece lightweight, FRP hand-laid composite structure built for strength and durability.

Seats weigh about 23 lbs. and are available in 15-in. Medium, 16-in. Large, and 17-in. X-Large sizes for under $400.

Contact: RaceQuip at 813-642-6644 or


PJ1PJ1 Super Cleaner

PJ1 Super Cleaner is the #1 mechanic’s choice and has been used for more than 25 years to clean, degrease and prepare multiple surfaces on cars or motorcycles.

PJ1 Super Cleaner can be used for pre-assembly of motors, carburetors and brake systems to quickly clean and evaporate, leaving no residue or moisture on prepared surfaces. PJ1 quickly and powerfully removes oil, grease and carbon with a high-pressure blasting spray.

PJ1 de-moisturizes metal surfaces, quickly evaporating and leaving no residue behind after application.

Part #3-20

Redline Detection LLC

RedlineNew SpeedSmoke improves shop efficiency with the ability to perform all types of leak testing in a single machine; low pressure for EVAP and high pressure for turbo/boosted systems.

The turbo side addresses the proliferation of boosted vehicles by replicating the boost load of a running engine, with the engine safely off, to locate minuscule faults that only appear under boost.

SpeedSmoke is made-in-America quality and features an onboard micro air compressor for portability. This technology has been mandated essential by OEMs in 114 countries.

PJ1PJ1 Foam Air Filter Oil Spray

PJ1 Foam Air Filter Oil Spray protects high-performance engines from costly repairs by improving the performance of all types of foam filters. With its new, super-tacky formulation, sand, grit and other abrasive particles harmful to internal engine parts are removed from intake air.

This improved product is both water-repelling and non-settling.
Part #5-20


Roadster Shop

Roadster ShopRoadster Shop adds to their popular SPEC line of chassis with the brand-new ’70–’81 F-body (Camaro and Firebird) application.

This new chassis conforms around factory rear subrails with zero cutting necessary and without sacrificing suspension geometry. All factory mounting points are retained with additional bolt-on chassis mounting provisions in key areas.

Other features include full routing for a 3-in. exhaust up and over the rear axle with generous-sized oval mufflers and the ability to run up to a 345 rear tire when mini tubbed.


Ross Racing Pistons
Ross Racing PistonsNew 4.8L/5.3L (Including Late Model) Direct Injection Pistons

Custom quality and features in the most popular stroke, rod and compression combinations. All at a convenient shelf stocking price. Features Include:

  • High-strength 2618-T61 aluminum forgings
  • Proprietary skirt profiles and cams for superior ring seal and quiet operation
  • Double-broached and forced pin oiling for exceptional friction and pin wear reduction
  • Anti-deto/anti-contact grooves top land, accumulator groove 2nd land
  • Double diamond plunged ring grooves producing ultra-flat grooves and superior surface finish for unmatched ring seal.
  • Performance 1.2, 1.2, 3.0mm ring set
  • Power adder-compatible


Thermo-TecClamp-On Heat Shields incorporate Thermo-Tec’s proprietary coating technology developed by Thermo-Tec, Thermal Conduction Technology. The new and improved flexible Clamp-On Heat Shield blocks more than 95% of the damaging radiant heat of the exhaust.

The high-tech composite construction of this heat shield provides the ultimate in protection.

The kits come complete with all clamps and new stainless stand-offs and install in minutes. Clamp-On Heat Shields are available in 1-, 2- and 3-ft. lengths.


SCT Performance LLC
SCT PerformanceSCT Livewire Vision Performance Monitor

The Livewire Vision Performance Monitor puts your vehicle’s vital stats on display.

This easy-to-use monitoring device includes the latest data-logging capabilities to precisely measure each drive and uncover your vehicle’s power potential. Review your vehicle’s data and performance tests with SCT’s free software—LiveLink.

Extend the possibilities with additional inputs for analog sensors and a backup camera. Available for Ford and GM applications.

*Monitor ONLY device; does not tune vehicles.


Thermo-TecGeneration II Copper Header Wrap improves heat resistance up to 30% more than current technology, by utilizing a new proprietary coating developed by Thermo-Tec; improved Thermal-Conduction-Technology (T-C-T).

Generation II Copper Exhaust Wrap creates more horsepower and reduces under-hood temperatures, increases exhaust scavenging, withstands continuous heat up to 2,000ºF and contains no asbestos.

Generation II Copper Exhaust Wrap is sold in 1- or 2-in.-wide, 50-ft. rolls with a low profile 1/16-in. thickness.

Speed Seat Factory

Speed Seat FactoryTotal weight only 3.5 lbs.

• Fits in any race seat.
• Reduces core body temperature.
• Cooler core temperature helps control mental and physical fatigue.
• System is complete with mesh insert, hoses and a blower.
• Three-port adapter is optional to add helmet to this system.

Patented technology

  • GPS tracking
  • Easy access through app
  • Remotely arm/disarm
  • Notification when alarm is triggered
  • Security in an instant
  • Flashes trailer lights
  • Sounds siren
  • Locks electric brakes
  • Customization available
  • Versions for the United States, Canada and Europe


Trick Flow Specialties
Track Heat Intake Manifold for Small-Block Mopar

Packed full of power-building features! The perfect accessory to coax maximum power from Trick Flow PowerPort 190 cylinder heads for small-block Mopar is this new single-plane Track Heat intake manifold. Ideal for 273–360 engines making peak power in the 3,000–7,000 RPM range, this CNC-machined aluminum intake features extended high-flow runners and a raised plenum floor to significantly boost horsepower and torque.

Also engineered in are bosses for nitrous nozzles and extra material for custom port work. Available soon.

Mon.–Fri. 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. ET
330-630-1555/toll free 888-841-6556
330-633-2504 Fax


World Products
World ProductsNew World Products Catalog

World Products’ all-new catalog for 2020 contains detailed information about new products and updated features in the company’s line of engine blocks, cylinder heads, intake manifolds and accessories. The new catalog includes product descriptions and photos along with important technical specifications and application information for all of World’s offerings. Notable new products include the Merlin IV big-block and the 8.1L Vortec-style replacement block.

World Products blocks and heads are 100%-American-made and are subject to stringent quality-assurance procedures to ensure superior quality and performance.

For more information contact World Products at 877-630-6651.


Trick Flow Specialties

Trick Flow SpecialtiesTrick Flow Specialties doesn’t just manufacture high performance—Trick Flow engineers design it from scratch. The parts are fully engineered, tested and dyno proven to deliver phenomenal out-of-the-box power on Chevrolet, Ford and Mopar engines.

Increase your sales today by stocking these premium-quality and affordably priced high-performance engine components. Go online to or call Trick Flow Specialties at 888-841-6556 to see for yourself the difference Trick Flow’s advanced engineering and manufacturing makes.

Mon.–Fri. 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. ET
330-630-1555/toll free 888-841-6556
330-633-2504 Fax

Vision Wheel

Vision WheelThe all-new “Vision It” Augmented Reality app lets you preview hundreds of Vision Wheels on your vehicle in a matter of seconds.

Just download the app, hold your smartphone or tablet up to your vehicle, select your wheel, and share photos of your vehicle via social media or email.

The app covers Vision’s luxury, street and off-road lines with a dealer locator built in. Download the Vision It App to your iOS or Android device and see what your vehicle looks like with a set of Vision Wheels.




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