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By Douglas McColloch

Collision Repair and Refinish New Products

The Latest Offerings From the 2020 SEMA Show New Products Showcase

Of all the segments of the automotive aftermarket to have been impacted by 21st-century advances in original-equipment design and manufacturing technologies, few have been more dramatically affected than the collision repair and refinish industry. Lighter-weight body panels, tri-coat paint applications and advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS) have all become commonplace on OE production platforms, and those advancements have posed fresh challenges to the market.

A successful repair and refinish shop technician today must be fluent in recalibration, scanning and sensor aiming; understand the ins and outs of color-matching increasingly complex OE finishes; and know the characteristics of next-generation body materials such as aluminum, high-strength alloy steel and even carbon fiber. Additionally, many processes of automotive collision repair now require OE certification, so there has seldom been a greater need for educational resources on these subjects.

For industry members looking to keep up with the latest practices and protocols, the SEMA Show’s Education Sessions can provide an assist. Throughout Show week in Las Vegas, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair and the Society of Collision Repair Specialists offer instructional seminars for attendees. Visit for additional information.

In any event, advances in safety technology and build integrity have helped to make cars safer and more durable than ever, but as long as humans are piloting them, accidents will happen. Reflecting that reality, the collision repair and refinish industry remains a growing segment within the automotive aftermarket, with annual revenues having increased from $32.3 billion in 2014 to an estimated $38.5 billion in 2020, according to industry trade publication BodyShop Business.

What follows here are product entries from the sector that exhibited at the 2019 SEMA Show New Products Showcase, along with some insights provided by industry leaders.

One of the biggest challenges facing repairers today is the need for scanning and ADAS recalibrations. Completing those items in-house in a timely, cost-effective and accurate manner is a key to delivering proper and safe repairs while optimizing profits.

Today’s repairers need a combination of solutions that includes a high-end aftermarket scan tool, access to remote OEM scanning services, available remote technical assistance from diagnostic experts, and in-house recalibration capability. Any repairer lacking one of those four capabilities should immediately seek to step up their game in these areas.—Jack Rozint Senior Vice President, Sales & Service, Repair, Auto Physical Damage Solutions, Mitchell International Inc.

The market is hungry for tools that do things quickly, easily and in a non-disruptive way. Since the mid-2010s, leading collision repair sector businesses have been interested in broadening their services.

They have been drawn to tools allowing them to efficiently provide glass replacement, calibration and dent repair without disrupting existing services. Because of shop space limitations, tools that operate effectively outdoors and that require less user input have been well-received.—Darryl Simmons, Publisher, Collision Repair Magazine


One of the biggest potential challenges for shops is exposure to greater liability due to incorrect repairs being performed without the benefit of OEM information. The increasing reliance on evolving technologies to improve safety and fuel efficiency drives increasing reliance on OEM repair information to correctly diagnose and repair those systems. Shops need to stay up-to-date with the latest tools, technologies and trends to stay competitive and repair vehicles properly. Proper training/education is crucial. Repairing vehicles properly requires the latest information on ADAS, repair/replacement procedures, proper materials requirements, TSBs and recalls. Vehicle safety is improving, which is great, but that involves a learning curve, and bodyshops need to adapt. If they do, it could possibly create new revenue streams or increase profits with pre- and post-scanning, fewer mechanical sublets, etc.—Satwinder Mangat, President, ALLDATA

Bonding Solutions
Like90 Corrosion-Inhibiting Compounds

PN: 10010

Like90 corrosion-inhibiting compounds use aerospace thin-film technology that’s more effective and easier to use than traditional cavity wax and weld-through primer. The system includes weld-through primer, wet black self-healing tinted film, dry-clear dry film, remover, a 36-in. flexible wand and a caddy. Penetrates seams. Lasts up to four times longer.

Gforce Max Scratch-Removal System

PN: GW-S51300

Meet the Max, said to be the only tool engineered specifically to remove scratches in glass. With the Gforce Max, distortion-free glass-scratch removal is not only possible but also amazingly simple. The one-step Gforce process allows even inexperienced techs to remove scratches distortion-free in just minutes.

Induction Innovations
Mini-Ductor Venom HP

PN: MDV-787

The Mini-Ductor Venom HP is part of the Mini-Ductor-series product line that allows users to release hardware from corrosion or thread-lock compounds in a matter of seconds without the dangers of an open flame. The Mini-Ductor Venom HP offers more power than any other Mini-Ductor, making the Venom HP the highest-powered Mini-Ductor available.

ITW Evercoat
PC 1-2-3 Paint Correction System

PN: 501201, 501202, 501203

Auto Magic’s PC 1-2-3 Paint Correction System is an advanced system incorporating micro-abrasive technology that cuts through paint imperfections and defects and restores the surface to like-new condition. The system includes three products and pads that are specifically formulated to address different surface issues, leaving a brilliant and swirl-free finish.

KBS Coatings
Water-Based Cavity Coater

PN: 75200

KBS water-based cavity coater is a rust-proofing compound specifically engineered to protect enclosed automotive body sections. Water-based cavity coater is a thin gel but with low viscosity, allowing for seam penetration. Available in aerosol or bulk. It repels and displaces water, is self-healing and flexible. No chipping or cracking. Low VOCs.

Presta Products/Malco Automotive
Epic CR2 Hydro Protect Ceramic Spray

PN: 1094

Epic CR2 Hydro Protect ceramic spray is an SiO2 ceramic spray-on formula designed to shine, protect and beautify a vehicle. Epic CR2 is long-lasting, absorbs UV rays, adds gloss and easily sheets off water. Epic CR2 should be used every few months on a clean vehicle. This formula is safe for all vehicle surfaces, including wheels and trim.

Reliable Automotive Equipment Inc.

PN: WS-640080

The Weiländer and Schill MEC600 is an all-in-one tool for the application and cutting of a car’s outer body panels (steel or aluminum). Perfect for the cutting of doors, quarter-panels and roofs, this tool is designed to open welding seams and has an adjustable guide to prevent the cutter from slipping off and damaging the car.

Clearcoat Restoration


RockOz CCR 2.0 is a revolutionary new product that easily removes unwanted marks from any clearcoat finish. It removes paint, scuff marks, tar and more. Simply wipe on with an applicator pad and wipe off immediately. Quick, easy and no buffing. It does not damage the clearcoat and leaves it with a beautiful shine.


Solary Electric Equipment Co.
Handheld Paint Curing Lamp


Portable design for hard-to-reach spots or areas, weighs only 2.4 lbs. Shortwave infrared emitter dries two-pack paint within 15 minutes and polyester putty in five minutes. Gold-coated shortwave tube and reflector for best drying capacity. Can be used to soften trim molding during windscreen replacement. Infrared lamp has up to 6,000 work hours.

Wizards Products
Mist-N-Shine Professional Detailer

PN: 01214

Highly regarded as an industry favorite for brightening paint and cleanup after buffing. May be used on all fresh and cured paints, glass, plastics and chrome without streaks, scratching or smears. Show-winning gloss. Excellent retail item.

Whirlwind Tools Co. Ltd.
Tools and Equipment Product


Whirlwind Tools says that its cleaning guns are unique products and have the following patents in the U.S.A.: Rotatable spray—U.S. 921 1560. Foam generating apparatus—U.S. 895 069. Two-in-one cap—U.S. 898 5360. Air conductive rotary sprinkler—U.S. 982 1329.

Zero Rust
Zero Rust


Zero Rust primer is designed for use on new and old steel, rusty surfaces and partially rusted and partially painted surfaces such as decorative metal fixtures, metal railings, barns and metal furniture. This product is not recommended for submersion applications.

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