SEMA News—March 2020


By Linda Spencer

The SEMA Show:

A Global Gathering, Part I

Members of The Bracketeer staff posed with SEMA Chief Financial Officer George Afremow (center). The Bracketeer was another first-time exhibitor and won six 2020 Global Media Awards from journalists in Latin America, Australia, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. They identified Bracketeer’s product as a good fit for their markets.

For one week in Las Vegas, the 2019 SEMA Show was once again the world’s epicenter of customizing, with exhibitors, trade buyers and media from 140 countries coming together to sell products, discover the latest trends and see the newest inventions, all while networking with the close-knit world of those who create, sell and cover the world’s leading automotive specialty equipment.

In recognition of that global appeal, SEMA hosted the Global Media Awards (GMAs), now in its 16th year. Nearly 30 leading international journalists from throughout the globe—from Australia to China and from Argentina to France and the United Arab Emirates—served on a panel, each selecting 10 products from the New Products Showcase that they felt would resonate with consumers in their home markets. The panel was comprised of top global enthusiast journalists from 22 countries on six continents.

With the results in, first-time SEMA Show exhibitor RSI SmartCap was the top vote getter, winning nine GMAs. Other top award winners included another first-time exhibitor, The Brackateer (six awards), which tied with Factor 55, a perennial GMA winner that has now garnered a total of 23 awards over the past eight years.

SEMA News had the opportunity to talk with 24 of the journalist judges about the reasons behind their selections and gain insights into why each of the products selected would be a good fit for their markets.

Next month, our coverage of the 2020 SEMA Global Media Awards continues with more comments and recommendations from our expert panel of international journalists.


Luis Zschocke, New Tune Up

  • American Autowire, Highway 22 Plus Universal Wiring System: “We have used American Autowire products for many years. All of our project vehicles are equipped with them. Every year at the SEMA Show, we choose some of their new products because they represent an important solution and good results. American Autowire meets
        that criteria.”
  • ATI Performance Products Inc., ATI SuperCase/Bell for the TH-350: “This housing for the TH-350 solves many problems, and this transmission is very popular in Argentina. If we really want to get good results in our builds, it is essential to have this new product.”
  • FiTech, Ultimate LS 2x4 EFI System: “The FiTech team drew my attention because it concentrates two bodies of injection each with four barrels. I use them often in my own cars. Another good point is that you can use it with the LS engines, which are turning out to be very popular in Argentina. There’s a huge market to explore and a bright future. Lastly but not least important, the ECU that controls this fuel-injection equipment can also control the corresponding automatic transmission. You have to take in consideration that in Argentina, people are increasingly buying automatic transmissions equipped. This is why this product has a really good selling potential.”
  • Flaming River Industries Inc., Classic Mustang (’65–’66) Microsteer Column and Manual Cradle Kit: “The Flaming River company is well known in Argentina. Many years ago, we used its products in our projects, and the ’65–’66 Mustang is very popular in Argentina, so there is demand for parts and updates for those cars. I found this kit innovative and very adaptable to the needs of our market.”
  • McLeod Racing, Ford Coyote 4.6L/5.0L Aluminum Bellhousing: “We are constantly using McLeod products in our work, and they give us very good results, so we look forward to the company’s new products. This bellhousing is ideal in both cost and applications, since the Coyote engine has become very popular in Argentina and we are installing it in various vehicles—many of them with manual transmissions. This piece is of great help to achieve our objectives.”
  • Milwaukee Tool, M12 Fuel Installation Drill/Driver: “Milwakee Tool has a long history in the automotive workshop market, and Argentina is no exception. I found this tool very innovative, and it will surely be of great help to all of us who work in this area.”
  • Restomod Air, Esky Right-Hand Drive A/C Kit: “I was pleasantly surprised by this restomod air product, because it represents a solution for many classic F-100 users. Keep in mind that these F-100 models were manufactured in Argentina, and it is perhaps the most popular pickup in the market. I see a great future for this A/C equipment.”
  • Revology Cars, ’64–’70 Mustang Coyote Swap Pedal Assembly: “All of us who work in restoration and modification of classics know what it means when you have to adapt parts and improve systems. This product is very welcome, because it relieves us of a lot of work. In Argentina, we install many replacements of original engines with Coyotes in classic Mustangs, and this set of pedals will be of great help.”
  • Ridetech, Coil-Over Suspension System for ’88–’98 C1500 Trucks: “In our opinion, Ridetech is an innovative company. We are always aware of its new products. This suspension for ’88–’98 C1500s goes in that direction. The public consumers of these trucks looks for these types of updates.”
  • Roush Performance, ’18–’20 Mustang Supercharger Kit, Phase 2 750 hp: “Roush is a recognized company in Argentina, and we use its products a lot in our workshop. The ’20 Mustang was recently launched in Argentina, and Ford fans will appreciate this magnificent compressor, which raises power without having to modify the engine.”


Matt Raudonikis, 4x4 Australia

  • Advance Adapters, Atlas Transfer Case for Jeep JL and JT: “Anyone into hardcore off-roading will know of the Atlas transfer cases from Advance Adapters (AA). They are heavy-duty units designed to be tough and dependable, while giving drivers more options for gear ratios and drive selection, such as 2WD low range. For 2019, AA debuted a kit to put its Atlas cases behind the new eight-speed transmission in Jeep JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator vehicles. The DIY installation kit is designed to bolt straight in behind the stock transmission using all OE driveshafts, shifters and support members. It’s just the kit to get the ultimate transfer case in a new Jeep.”
  • Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., Evolution M/T: “Many Australians love their Cooper tires for four-wheel driving and touring, so any new product from the American brand is exciting. The Evolution M/T is a new muddy from the team at Cooper, and it will sit in the range between the existing STT Pro and ST Maxx 4x4 products. Employing Earth Diggers to give the user more traction and Mud Slingers to keep the tread clear, this tire is made to get you through the rough stuff. It’s tough, too, using Cooper’s cut- and chip-resistant rubber compound and heavy-duty sidewalls to protect against punctures. The Cooper Evolution M/T is available through local Cooper Tire dealers.”
  • Factor 55, Rope Retention Pulley: “Spun alloy discs in lieu of traditional snatch-block pulleys for vehicle recoveries have become a big thing over the last couple of years, as they are simpler with no moving parts and are lighter and easier to carry, making them well-suited to use with synthetic ropes. One problem that has come up when using these products is the possibility of the winch rope slipping out of the pulley groove if ever any slack gets into the rig. That shouldn’t happen in most 4x4 recovery situations, where there should always be tension on the rope, but in some conditions, such as competition or rock crawling, where a user might drive the vehicle on the winch, it is possible. Factor 55 has come up with a solution to that potential problem with its latest recovery pulley. The Factor 55 rope retention pulley incorporates little rubber fingers in the pulley groove that hold the rope in position as it becomes slack.”
  • Icon Vehicle Dynamics, ’19–Up Ford Ranger 2.5-Series CDCV Coil-Over: “The Ford Ranger is a new vehicle to the U.S. market, and the aftermarket brands are jumping on board to get products for it. One such brand is the manufacturer of quality suspension systems, Icon Vehicle Dynamics. Icon’s 2.5-in. remote reservoir coil-overs for the ’19 Ranger feature the brand’s height-adjustable coil-over design with a 10-way adjustment for dampening control to improve ride and handling. Unfortunately for us, these are for the U.S.-made Ford Ranger and will not fit directly into our models yet, but Icon is working on more products for the Aussie market.”
  • MSA 4x4 Accessories, 4x4 Towing Mirrors: “We love seeing Australian 4x4 brands represented on the world stage at the SEMA Show, and this was the first time MSA 4x4 Accessories had its kit there. On display were the new MSA 4x4 towing mirrors, a product we have had a bit of experience with and have grown to love. The MSA mirrors are unlike other towing mirrors in that they’re not strapped onto the factory mirrors, nor do they look like elephant ears flapping on each side of your four-by, like truck mirrors. The majority of 4x4s used by Aussies are smaller than U.S. pickups, and big mirrors look out of place on them. The MSA rectangular mirrors can be turned upright or on their side to improve rearward visibility and can extend outward for an even better view. Cleverly, when you turn the mirrors upright or on their side, the adjustment functions of electric mirrors work as normal. Likewise, any wing mirror blinkers or lights are also integrated into the MSA units.”
  • Pro Eagle, Phoenix Air Jack: “We’re fans of Pro Eagle’s trolley jacks, which have big wheels to make them suitable for off-road use and for lifted vehicles, but this is something different from the team there. Designed more for UTVs, side-by-sides and other lightweight vehicles, the Phoenix portable air jack uses compressed CO² for a quick and easy lift. The gas is carried in separate canisters and runs through a regulator so you can control the speed and amount of vehicle lif—more than 610 mm in total. Pro Eagle jacks and Phoenix air jack are available through the Australian distributor, Pro Eagle Australia.”
  • Road Armor, Treck Bedrack System: “Jeep Gladiators were everywhere at the SEMA Show, and there were some pretty trick tray setups on them. A product featured on some of the better builds was the Treck Bedrack from Road Armor. The Treck Bedrack is a bed rack that is designed to fit on a range of factory cargo tubs and give users a platform on which to mount accessories such as a rooftop tent, MaxTrax, fuel, cans, lights, shovel, external speakers or a spare wheel. There’s even a bottle opener available to fit. The rack is height-adjustable to three heights and can be swapped between vehicles.”
  • Roadster Shop, RS4 Bronco Chassis: “Okay, we admit that this is a product with a very limited market, but it was just so gorgeous that we fell in love with it. I could fit a set of wheels and tires to the RS4 chassis and just have it on display in my pool room. The Roadster Shop is best known for its top-tier hot-rod and street-machine builds but has got its boots dirty with this chassis to suit the classic Ford Bronco. Made with adjustable triangulated four-link suspension, Fox Racing coil-over shocks, Dana 44 and 60 diffs by Currie, and loads of neat anodized alloy machined parts, the RS4 is designed to slip straight under a classic Bronco, be it restored or hot rodded. It’s ready to fit your choice of drivetrain and ’66 to ’77 first-generation Bronco bodies. We spotted the RS4 under a couple of Bronco vehicles out on the Show floor, and it’s a neat fit.”
  • RSI SmartCap, SmartRack: “Americans call what we would call a Ute canopy a truck cap (basically a canopy that sits on the factory Ute tub). RSI (Rock Solid Industries) makes its canopy or cap (or whatever you want to call it) in South Africa, where the Bakkie or Ute is just as popular as the 4x4 Ute is here. What makes the RSI Smartcap different to the plethora of fiberglass and plastic canopies we are familiar with here. It’s made from 409-grade stainless steel for strength and durability. What really impressed us about the RSI canopy is the range of clever accessories available for it. They are made as swappable units that fit in behind the side windows and include a basic box, a camp kitchen with stove, and tool drawers. They are easily interchangeable to transform a canopy from weekday workhorse to weekend camper. Then there’s the SmartRack that fits on the canopy, which slides outward and down to make loading and unloading gear easier. All clever stuff. We didn’t realize it when we were at the SEMA Show, but RSI products are available in Australia.”
  • The Bracketeer, UFEB1317/D Universal Car Fire Extinguisher Bracket: “Usually when you are fitting a fire extinguisher to your vehicle, you need to fabricate a custom bracket to mount it safely and securely. The Bracketeer is an adjustable bracket that can be fitted between the seat rails, either by using the clamping mounts or through the holes direct to the seat-mounting bolts. It’s simple and safe, with no need to drill holes or modify the vehicle in any way. If you’re like us and you move from car to car on a regular basis, The Bracketeer is easily transferable between vehicles. It’s one product that fits all. You can see why fleet owners and government bodies in the United States are insisting that their vehicles are fitted with fire extinguishers using The Bracketeer. The icing on the cake came when we met the designer and owner of The Bracketeer and he greeted us with a familiar Aussie accent. Simon is an Adelaide expat who is now living in the United States, where he designed the product.”

Simon Christie, 4WD TV

  • ARB 4x4 Accessories, Tred HD Recovery Boards: “These self-recovery boards are designed and made in Australia and are ideally suited to the local conditions, where an affordable and practical solution for self recovery is highly valued. The boards represent 10 years of research and development and are aimed at providing a high-spec solution. Australian’s have a lot of easy access to beaches and deserts for driving. These boards are good for any terrain but work exceptionally well in sand, which is a very popular terrain to drive on.”
  • Factor 55, Rope Retention Pulley: “Leading the way for safe winching practices, Factor 55 has stepped up again with an ingenious rope-retention solution on its lightweight snatch block. In a country where 4WD travel is prolific and safe recovery practices are a must, the design and practicality of this product will be well received as an evolution of the standard pulley. Extreme solo recoveries are common in Australia, and the addition of the rubber retainers greatly improves convenience and safety when the vehicle gains traction and takes the load off the pulley. As 4WD drivers, we are all looking to save on weight, and this pulley is far lighter and more compact than the common snatch block, hence making it ideal for our market.”
  • Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels, Baja Boss: “With a revolutionary design, a broad range of sizes and a 20% stronger sidewall, this tire will fit perfectly into the demanding Australian conditions for modern and resilient tires that can survive our harsh off-road conditions as well as the tortures of off-road racing. Australia is a large, sparsely populated country, with vast arid inland areas that are crossed by rough roads. Australians love to travel and explore and require resilient tires that can handle the tough conditions.”
  • onX Offroad, App: “Simply effective and extremely affordable, this app provides adventure-specific features that will enhance the safety, experience and memories of any overland experience. In a country where vast remote areas separate towns and populations, a reliable mapping and navigation device is a must. Australians can safely plan, map, track and record their off-road adventures with this affordable app. It’s an alternative to expensive GPS units that are very popular here.”
  • ProComp/Smittybilt/Rubicon Express/Poison Spyder/G2 Axle/LRG Rims, Delta Hook—18,000 lbs.: “With a fresh new take on the well-known winch hook, this affordable product is a stylish, practical and effective tool to add to a winching recovery solution. With self-recovery being so dangerous and prevalent in Australia, this innovative product fills a gap for a stylish, safe and superior winch hook that can be retrofitted to any winch. With 4x4, off-road adventure and winching so popular in Australia, this product will be well received.”
  • Rhinohide 4x4 Body Armor, JK Wrangler Off-Road Armor: “Australian tracks can typically are tight and overgrown, and it’s common for expensive vehicles to receive numerous and deep scratches requiring regular and expensive repairs to paint and panels. This product provides an affordable, one-purchase solution that protects the vehicle and provides a level of personalization.”
  • RSI SmartCap, SmartCap Evo: “A new design and material for off-road canopies, this product is well-suited to the style of vehicles, terrain and uses of Australia’s most popular 4x4s. It’s a solution that provides increased storage, security and styling. With the top-selling vehicles in the country being dual-cab 4x4s, there is a huge demand in Australia for quality canopies that can survive the outback. This product offers a unique solution for Australian 4WD drivers, as it is made from stainless steel and offers a modern, militaristic look.”
  • RSI SmartCap, SmartKitchen: “An innovative and convenient solution to the off-road kitchen, this well-manufactured product will provide a unique offset to the popular utility and canopy market in Australia. With the top-selling vehicles in the country being dual-cab 4x4s, there is a huge demand in Australia for quality canopies that can survive the outback and offer features such as improved storage, security and looks. The SmartKitchen is an accessory within the canopy that provides convenient cooking facilities for traveling and camping by 4x4, which is extremely popular in Australia.”
  • Scosche, M8RIX Relay Switch System: “An easy, convenient and reliable wiring solution that provides a compact gang of off-road accessory switches with minimal impact on modern dashboards that often have no areas to mount extra switches. Australians are pedantic about accessing and individualizing their 4x4s with functional off-road accessories, many of which require 12V and switched control. This relay switch offers a quick-and-easy wiring solution that integrates well with modern vehicles and dashboards.”
  • Topfire China, Wrangler Fury Hood: “A unique and stylish bonnet for Jeep enthusiasts that provides enhanced styling and increased airflow and engine-bay cooling. The Jeep market in Australia is comparatively small, but Jeep owners are passionate about their vehicles and customizing them. With added airflow for better engine cooling and stylish looks, the Fury hood will work well in Australia’s hot and harsh remote areas.”

Ben Davidson, Jeep Action Magazine

  • Bestop Premium Accessories Group, Core Doors: “A great example of a well-made product taking on the Jeep marketplace. Many Jeep owners are familiar with Bestop’s products. This premium product is not only stylish but also functional, robust and practical for everyday use. The Core doors are able to give the Wrangler owner the freedom of a tube door or half door with the protection from the elements of a full door and with some unique styling. These doors will be a hit with any sun-loving Australian Wrangler owner wanting style and fun.”
  • Bestop Premium Accessories Group, Supertop Ultra: “Another great example of Bestop’s clever thinking. This simple but stylish top ticks all the functions that Bestop in now known for. This product allows the top to be used in many ways, and it’s easy to do. This top is ideal for Australia JL owners wanting a soft top who purchased a hard- top model.”
  • Coverking, Topliner: “Add some extra comfort to a JL Jeep with this beautifully made hardtop lining. It doesn’t just look good but also mounts inside, giving you some insulation from heat and sound, which is also a winner for the Australian market.”
  • Dana Inc., Jeep Gladiator JT 1350 Driveshafts: “Dana is very well known for its axles, including its 44, 60, and its aftermarket replacement axle assemblies. Those looking to upgrade the suspension lift on a JT Gladiator will want to look at the new two-piece driveshaft engineered as a direct bolt-in solution for increased strength. It features several upgrades designed for added durability on the trail and includes a center bearing drop bracket kit designed to accommodate lifted vehicles. Ideal for any Australian JT Gladiator owner looking to modify the suspension.”
  • Factor 55, Extreme-Duty Tow Strap: “Functional, just like your usual tow strap, but with the extra protection of the extreme-duty woven-strap cover protecting the strap from harsh dust and other elements found in tow recovery situations. This strap isn’t cheaply made, and the product shows innovation and top-quality stuff. Hardcore Australian buyers will appreciate this product.”
  • Factor 55, Rope Retention Pulley: “This is one of those inventions that makes you wonder why you didn’t think of it. This pulley ring takes more weighty metal out of your recovery rig by replacing the traditional snatch block with a simple aluminum ring, which your synthetic rope slides around and is designed to be used with soft shackles and synthetic winch rope to make vehicle recoveries as safe as possible but with the added failsafe of the patented fingers to hold the rope in place when not under load. This is a must for any Australian off-roader wanting the latest and safest recovery gear.”
  • HaulGauge/Garage Smart, Lifter and Storage System: “One of the challenges of owning a Jeep Wrangler is the hardtop. This product is all about one-person operational design. It’s easy to install and uses lightweight components. With its stable design, the hardtop won’t spin when lifted, and soft-touch parts are safe on body-color hardtops. The adjustable frame works with all factory Wrangler hardtops. Includes a freedom panel and accessory storage. Wireless control via smartphone, with automatic lift and lower stopping points. Ideal for any Australian looking for a hard-top solution.”
  • TeraFlex, JT 2.5-in. Coil Spring Lift Kit: “The Jeep Gladiator was the most well-represented vehicle at the SEMA Show, and the Teraflex 2.5-in. spring kit was hard to walk past. It is priced to sell by the truckloads and is built to last, like all Teraflex products.”
  • Truck Hero, JL/JT Rugged Ridge Snorkel System: “The Rugged Ridge AmFib snorkel system for Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT can be a high-mount snorkel or can be converted to a low-mount snorkel. Once installed, the AmFib snorkel looks to be part of the Jeep’s original design. There is little modification and no cutting of precious sheetmetal. Ideal for the Australian market.”
  • Yokohama Tire, Geolandar X-AT: “This tire is well-suited to the overlanding market with its extreme traction design. It has the strength of a mud-terrain tire in an all-terrain pattern. This tire is suitable for 4WDs and should have long tread life, low noise and a comfortable ride. Idea for Australian roads.”
The RSI SmartCap/SmartKitchen was one of three RSI products that were singled out for Global Media Awards.


Eduardo Bernasconi, Revista Fullpower

  • Aeromotive Inc., Variable-Speed 5.0-GPM Brushless Fuel Pump: “Brazilians are investing money to get more performance for four-, five-, six-, eight-or 10-cylinder engines. We love Aeromotive components, and the manufacturer should invest more to make it even more popular here.”
  • FiTech, Go Fuel In-Tank Pump Module: “FiTech is already in Brazil, and the brand can get more products in our country.”
  • Garrett Advancing Motion, Turbo G-Series G35-1050: “Garrett is also in Brazil, but the company must get closer U.S. and Brazilian divisions to make the operation more efficient. It takes too long to get a ball-bearing turbo in Brazil these days. Garrett must make it faster.”
  • Hypertech, Speedometer Calibrator: “Very hard to find a product like that down here. Interesting, and consumers must get some more information about it.”
  • Integrated Engineering, Carbon-Fiber Intake For Audi RS3 (’17+): “Audi RS3, TTRS, RS6 and RS7 are receiving investments in Brazil. Products like this one can be popular soon.”
  • JE Pistons, Ultra-Series Pistons for VW 2.0T TSI Engines: “Audi and VW—especially the EA888 engine—are so popular right now, and we have almost no performance parts to invest.”
  • JE Pistons, Ultra-Series Pistons for Audi/VW TT RS Engines: “TTRS, besides the four-cylinder from VAG, is a one-of-a-kind engine, and the airport race scene is becoming so popular.”
  • Metra Electronics, Heise Universal 8 Gang Switch Panel System: “For those who are building high-horsepower machines. Practical, beautiful, inexpensive.”
  • Racingline, Carbon Brake Upgrade: “The more powerful cars become, the more brake-system failure we see. Very good to have these guys presenting their products.”
  • Vais Technology, SEER (Smart Entry Exit Recognition): “Aftermarket products such as this are great. It’ll be cheaper and easier to install.”
  • XS Power Batteries, SuperBank Combo Kit: “We see a lot of power banks ready to charge a mobile phone, but it’s hard to find somebody looking for an accessory like that. Very well executed.”


Perry Mack, 4WDrive Magazine

  • Bubba Rope, NexGen Gator-Jaw Synthetic Shackle: “Occasionally, a manufacturer answers a question that we haven’t asked but should have. The question was, Can we have shackles that are lighter, stronger, and float? They would be easier to find in the dark, in the mud, and not rattle around in the recovery box. In Canada, spring rains come extra hard and heavy, flooding our trails, and the winter sun sets early, making recovery in the cold, twilight and dark challenging. Pass the synthetic shackle, please!”
  • Coverking, Topliner: “Canada is a land of extremes. Extreme cold, heat and wind plague Jeep owners with wild fluctuations in temperature and the accompanying road noise from forest surface roads, snow-covered frozen highways and the noise generated by wind across our light bars. The Topliner by CoverKing insulates the Jeep hardtop from edge to edge, insulating the interior from temperature extremes, road and wind noise, and improving the acoustics so you can hear your tunes or answer your phone via hands-free device.”
  • Factor 55, Rope Retention Pulley: “The move to synthetic rope is all but complete in the recreational off-road market north of the 49th parallel. This pulley is a great alternative to the heavy snatch block/pulleys and is solely for use with synthetic line and shackles.”
  • Giant Loop, Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder: “Space is always a concern when traveling off-road, and the distance between filling stations can be enormous. The Gas Bag allows off-roaders to roll up the empty container and minimize storage when they are empty. They are a very tough ballistic nylon and can be easily moved from the truck and strapped to an ATV, side-by-side, dirt bike, snow bike or snowmobile using the daisy-chain webbing. With sizes of 1, 2, 3 or 5 gal., you can match a Gas Bag to your needs.”
  • Kenoh USA, Automotive LED Light-Shield LED Light Bar: “LED light covers are essential for most parts of Canada for legal reasons, and there are a multitude of covers available as a result. But not like this. The Kenoh Lightshield stands out because its innovative design makes it easy to open and close from one side. The built-in low-wattage flood gives you an additional light source for work or campsites, and they can be tightened at a number of different angles to adjust the light dispersion. You don’t have to stow it inside your vehicle when you need to use your lights, and the flip covers are encased in epoxy rather than plastic—an industry-first weatherproofing process that makes them more durable in the extreme seasonal conditions we experience in Canada.”
  • Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels, Baja Pro XS: “Most of us would rather drive to the trail than trailer our rigs, but we’ve never had a really good, reliable, street-legal tire in a size and aggressive tread pattern that would do the job in the mud, dirt and on our snow rigs. That is why the Baja Pro XS is so good for Canadians. With sizes from 35 to 58 inches, they will perform any job requested on the trail while still able to get us there and home without a trailer.”
  • RSI SmartCap, SmartCap Evo: “Fiberglass is fine, but stainless steel is sturdier, and that was the first feature that caught our eye about this truck cap. The 700-pound dynamic load capacity is stellar. We not only need our roof-top tent in the wilderness, but Canadians also need to take all their other toys as well. Tops on our list of innovative features include the positive-pressure roof vent that pressurizes the cargo area while we’re driving to keep dust and moisture out, and the gullwing side doors that provide easy access to the cargo area or the optional kitchen insert. Finally, Canada is a big country, and shipping cost is always a concern. The SmartCap is comprised of five panels and ships knocked down to save money.”
  • Rubicon Expedition Products, Hitch Tent: “Canadians love roof-top tents (RTTs). Canadians hate getting into RTTs. Moreso when the temperature drops and the wind starts to blow. The Hitch Tent keeps the RTT down low, out of the wind, and that also makes it very easy to get into and out of. And as much as we love overlanding, good ol’ fashioned camping and wheeling are even more popular. Being able to leave the campsite set up and then go exploring is very appealing. Not to mention the Hitch Tent frees up our roofs for kayaks, SUPs, mountain bikes and more.”
  • Suntop, Suntent: “Camping and overlanding are an easy pastime for many Canadians. Drive in any direction for 20 min., and you can be off-road in the wilderness. The Suntent is a roof-top tent (RTT) built into the Suntop soft top and mounts directly on the Jeep JLU rollbars. That reduces weight, cost, and the overall height of a traditional RTT mounted on a separate (and often expensive) rack system. The tent opens to 7 ft. long and 4.5 ft. wide, with a 2-in. mattress. For Canadians whose Jeep Wrangler JLU is their daily driver and needs to fit in their garage, this is a convenient, cost-effective way for them to get away at a moment’s notice.”
  • Westin/Superwinch, Winch2Go: “Four wheel driving is all about trucks, because Canadians are all about getting outdoors, which is why we buy so many trucks. Your typical off-roader has a bumper-mounted winch, and that’s where it stays. What about the ATV, side-by-side or snowmobile that you haul with your truck? The Winch2Go is a great idea for users with multiple off-road vehicles, as it is a complete 4,000-lb. winch system in a toolbox, including shackles, straps, remote, gloves and battery leads. Sure, you can permanently mount it, but more importantly, you can mount it in a trailer, to a recovery point, hang it off a receiver hitch, and switch from truck to trailer to ATV to snowmobile. While 4,000 lbs. is a little light for many trucks, using a pulley block and a double-line technique will take you to 8,000 lbs.”

Darren Greenwood, GarageShots Magazine

  • Aero Detail Products, Aero Shield Flight Line: “Ceramic coating seems to be becoming more and more popular, and Aero’s Sheild Flight Line appears to be a product that is priced right and will do exactly what the customer would expect from a ceramic coating.”
  • Flaming River Industries Inc., Classic Mustang (’65–’66) Microsteer Column and Manual Cradle Kit: “Flaming River’s electric power steering conversion kit gives builders another option to easily fit to almost any vehicle without changing the rack.”
  • ididit LLC, Side Step Offset Steering Box: “A great-looking side step offset box that gives builders more options for their steering columns or more space under the hood.”
  • Milltek Sport, Active Sound Control: “A great option to those builders who would like to give their builds the sound and control they just can’t get with their current exhaust systems.”
  • NotcHead, AN Wrench Insert Kit: “A great way to protect those the fine details of your latest build.”
  • Restomod Air, 4-Way Bypass Water Valve: “If you require continuous engine coolant flow to your engine, Restomods four-way bypass would be a great fit to your current setup.”
  • Retro Manufacturing, New York Radio: “A sleek, classic-looking stereo, but with all the modern-day conveniences.”
  • Sony Car Audio, XAV-AX8000: “For those builders who would like to add modern technology such as Apple Car Play to their latest builds, Sony’s XAV-AX8000 will work at a great price.”
  • United Pacific Industries Inc., Chrome Exterior Mirror With LED Turn Signal for ’66–’72 Chevy Passenger Cars: “A beautifully designed mirror with a built-in LED turn signal will give builders a great option for their latest builds while adding some modern safety features.”
  • Wright CNC, Light Series Plasma Table: “A very reasonably priced entry plasma table to give a builder with a small shop the ability to create the pieces he just couldn’t in the past.”


Felipe Joui Antillo, UHP Magazine

  • GFB Go Fast Bits, SV52 Blow Off Valve: “Go Fast Bits has been a quickly growing company, with high-quality products and good solutions for performance needs. With many new products this year at the SEMA Show, we can see that GFB is serious about performance and concern for the customer’s needs. The SV52 is a more compact valve that actually flows more. In Chile, GFB is also becoming very popular, so this product could really have an impact.”
  • Integrated Engineering, Downpipe for VW/Audi MQB GTI, R, Golf, Jetta, S3, A3: “A downpipe is a key product when seeking more horsepower or improving flow coming from a turbocharger, but it has to be also a quality part because of the high temperatures in that particular area. IE has developed a high-quality downpipe at a reasonable price. That’s hard to find, and for countries overseas such as Chile, price is crucial. (For the final customer, the price includes adding shipping and taxes). Also the MQB platform (Audi/VW) has become really popular (especially Golf), so this product could be a good solution.”
  • K&N Engineering Inc., 63-3109 Enclosed Air Box Intake System: “K&N is known as one of the leaders in air filters and performance intake systems. That’s because of its quality products and continuous innovation with new technology, applications and new products. This new enclosed air box increases horsepower and torque and is easier to install. Chilean enthusiasts will like it very much.”
  • King Shocks, ’19+ Ram 1500: “Chile is also an off-road country. Big pickups are becoming very popular, and the Ram 1500 is one of the hottest pickups. King is a well-known brand in Chile, so for off-road use or as leveling kit, this is a winner product for the Chilean market.”
  • Nitrous Express, Stage 2 Boost Cooler Plate System for ’15-Up Subaru WRX: “The WRX is a popular vehicle all around the world, and the use of NOS for racing is also a popular upgrade. Making a specific application for each vehicle is a very useful upgrade, reducing the risk of running into installation problems such as what might happen with universal kits. WRX is also a popular platform for Chilean tuners, so this Nitrous Express system definitely is good news.”
  • RaceChip, GTS Black: “Tuneboxes or piggybacks have changed a lot since we first met them back in 2012. We can see innovation and good use of technology on this GTS Black, with very interesting features you can customize from your cellphone. Delivering more power without the concern of voiding the warranty is important for Chilean customers, and that’s why they would love this device.”
  • Racingline, Carbon Brake Upgrade: “Innovation, thinking out of the box, making possible the unthinkable—that is what Racingline did with this big brake kit. Full carbon ceramic and lightweight, same as Ferrari or McLaren but for the Volkswagen/Audi MQB. Huge improvement on brakes with this kit, which is made for serious enthusiasts who wants the best for their cars. For those in Chile for whom price is not the main factor, this is the best option for racing a Golf R or an Audi S3.”
  • Sparta Evolution, Big Brake Kit Boxes: “Packaging is also important, and not all brands give attention to it. That’s why the Sparta big brake kit drew my attention. It’s one of the finest packagings I have ever see. I am sure enthusiast customers will love it.”
  • Spyder Auto, ’14–’18 Subaru WRX LED Headlight: “There are some brands that give us many new products every year, searching to be the first with fresh news for every model. Spyder headlights have that thing for me, since WRX is a very popular ride in Chile. This original and new look for headlights could interest enthusiasts as well.”
  • Wagner Tuning Inc., Kia Stinger GT Competition Intercooler Kit: “Wagner is another German-based brand. It’s crazy on quality products and always looking to have the best for new models. There are not so many Stingers in Chile, but the few units on the streets can now lower their temperatures with this intercooler that provides a 175% larger frontal surface and 183% more core volume compared to the stock intercooler. Perfect for racing in the summer temperatures in Chile.”
Matt Raudonikis of 4x4 Australia was one of nearly 30 top global journalists serving on the Global Media Awards panel. He and other judges from 22 countries were charged with selecting 10 products each that they believed would best resonate in their home markets.


Baokun Lyu, FB Life

  • SSV Works Overhead Weatherproof Audio Solution for Polaris RZR 2 and 4 Seat Vehicles; Hypertech Harness/Seatbelt; Steelcraft UTV Front and Rear Replacement Bumpers: “UTVs entered the Chinese market about 10 years ago. UTVs were used as a vehicle for tourist attractions at the very beginning. Then they became the main vehicles for the outdoor self-drive entertainment market. UTV super-breakthroughs and enjoyment made off-road enthusiasts fall in love with this all-terrain vehicle. More and more enthusiasts own UTVs in China. As the world’s largest UTV supplier, Polaris upgraded the safety and enjoyment of UTVs with its new products, and Chinese high-end senior off-road UTV enthusiasts will have a new experience. As Polaris advocates: “The way out.” RZR audio, Hypertech Harness and UTV bumpers greatly enrich enthusiasts’ experience.”
  • RSI SmartCap, SmartCap EVO; RSI SmartCap, SmartKitchen: “Smartcap Evo and SmartKitchen are good fits for the Chinese pickup market because there is a shortage of similar Chinese products in China. One of the first upgrade accessories Chinese pickup owners consider to purchase is a beautiful and practical cap. On top of that, most Chinese pickup owners make long-distance trips or participate in traversing activities. Smartcap and SmartKitchen are top options for Chinese enthusiasts who make long-distance self-driving trips or traversing activities.”
  • Topfire China Wrangler Fury Hood; Topfire China Wrangler Marauder Grille: “The Topfire Wrangler Fury Hood and Wrangler Marauder Grille are very practical and powerful. Previous Topfire products were very well received in China, and the sales of Topfire products are very good. I selected Topfire products because the Topfire brand is highly recognized and well-established in China.”
  • Icon Vehicle Dynamics ’20–Up Jeep Gladiator (JT) 2.5-in. Suspension System; Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. Mastercraft Courser AXT2: “Both ’20–up Jeep Gladiator 2.5-in. suspension system and the Mastercraft Courser AXT2 are cost-effective and well-established in China. After many years of comfortable riding experience provided to Chinese customers, Chinese car owners have confidence in the stability and safety in using these products in whatever road conditions. Chinese vehicle owners need this kind of cost-effective and personalized product in complicated and challenging terrains.”
  • Traxxas, Unlimited Desert Racer Fox Edition: “Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer Fox Edition is one of the most well-known remote-control cars. Traxxas products are very well received in China. It also has a very good customer base and market share. Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer Fox Edition is fit for all different kinds of complicated terrain, and it runs in a very graceful posture in the desert. With its 6s LiPo engine, it runs at a speed of 50 miles per hour. Its performance in the desert is outstanding. I believe that it will sell well to the rapidly growing Chinese remote-control car market.”


Beatriz Nunez, Puro Motor/Media Group/Automotive Industry and Motorsport

  • Antigravity Lithium Batteries, Lithium-Ion Auto Battery: “One of the car parts that doesn’t show a significant evolution is batteries, so I find this product to be attractive. First the material—lithium-ion. Second, it is manufactured for various sizes. Third, it gives much higher power, and it is ultra-lightweight compared to lead/acid batteries—not to mention that it’s eco-friendly. It will be greatly appreciated in my country.”
  • AutoMeter, Elite Digital Dual Pressure Safety Gauge With ProControl: “Gauges are a best-selling product in Costa Rica. This model gives a clean and customized look and allows for the monitoring of two fluids with the purchase of an additional sender on the same display.”
  • K&N Engineering Inc., 20-9036 Throttle Control Module: “Another best-selling product in my country. The product is attractive because it improves throttle control, response and acceleration. It can be installed in less than 30 minutes, and no software is required. This should be a good fit in our market.”
  • K&N Engineering Inc., 63-1577 Air Intake System: “One of the main modifications in street racing in Costa Rica is the addition of air intake systems, and K&N is already the best-selling product. Its product helps increase the volume of airflow to the engine and provides an increase in horsepower and torque. One more benefit: The system is paired with a washable, reusable high-flow air filter.”
  • Nitrous Express, Boost Cooler Ring: “Modifying street vehicles is very popular, and so is the installation of turbochargers and nitrous. Aftermarket cooling products are highly appreciated in our market.”
  • PurePower Performance Eco Filters, Pure Power! 2.0 Lifetime Cleanable Performance Filter: “Generally, the car-product industry doesn’t make an effort to decrease the environmental footprint, so a filter that increases engine performance and is possible to be cleaned, is reusable and avoids the need to buy new filters regularly is a great option. Besides, the filter looks great and lessens the trash generated. I think this product has a good chance of success in my country.”
  • RaceChip, GTS Black: “Another product that is very popular for street turbocharged cars, this product increases power and torque, generating fuel savings up to 15%, and you can control it through a smartphone app. Also very important, you can deactivate the RaceChip, returning the car to stock tune.”
  • The Bracketeer, UFEB1317/D Universal Car Fire Extinguisher Bracket: “In Costa Rica, it’s mandatory to carry a fire extinguisher in the vehicle, but vehicles typically don’t have a safe spot where it can be placed, so this seems like a practical, safe and useful idea for our market.”
  • TKO Clamping Systems, Gate Cuff Anti-Theft Tailgate Clamp: “In Costa Rica and Latin America more generally, pickups are best sellers, so this security device seems like a great option to prevent theft, which, unfortunately is all too common in the region.”
  • Turbosmart, Gen-V eWG60 Power-Gate 60 Electronic: “All street-racing products are in high demand. I chose this product because it simplifies the use of boost and is adjustable from a laptop. I found it innovative and useful.”
2020 Global Media Award Winners—Number of Awards
  • RSI SmartCap–9
  • Factor 55–6
  • The Bracketeer–6
  • Antigravity Lithium Batteries–5
  • AutoMeter–5
  • Tire Stickers–5
  • Turbosmart–5
  • FiTech–4
  • Ford Motor Company–4
  • Icon Vehicle Dynamics–4
  • Lokar Inc.–4
  • Aeromotive Inc.–3
  • Bestop Premium Accessories Group–3
  • CFR Performance–3
  • Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.–3
  • DeatschWerks–3
  • Griot’s Garage Inc. –3
  • Integrated Engineering–3
  • JE Pistons–3
  • K&N Engineering Inc.–3
  • Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels–3
  • Nitrous Express–3
  • R3 Performance Products–3
  • Restomod Air–3
  • Stoner Car Care–3
  • Switch-Pros by Off Road Engineering–3
  • Topfire China–3
  • Traxxas–3
  • United Pacific Industries Inc. –3
  • VAIS Technology–3
  • Yokohama Tire–3
  • AAMP Global–2
  • All-Fit Automotive–2
  • Cedar Electronics – Cobra/Escort–2
  • Chevrolet–2
  • Coverking–2
  • Flaming River Industries Inc.–2
  • Garrett Advancing Motion–2
  • Harbor Freight Tools–2
  • Hypertech–2
  • NotcHead–2
  • RaceChip–2
  • Racingline–2
  • Retro Manufacturing–2
  • Roush Performance–2
  • SeaSucker–2
  • Specialty Auto Parts/Proform–2
  • sPod–2
  • TRAC Tire Rotation Assistance Cart–2
  • Wheel Vintiques–2
  • XS Power Batteries–2
  • Zeitronix–2
  • The A.T. Hotbox–1
  • Advance Adapters–1
  • Aero Detail Products–1
  • aFe Power–1
  • American Autowire–1
  • ARB 4x4 Accessories–1
  • ARP Inc.–1
  • ATI Performance Products Inc. –1
  • AutoRing.Com–1
  • Banks Power–1
  • Bubba Rope–1
  • COMP Performance Group–1
  • Cragar Wheel & Black Rock Wheel–1
  • Curt Group: Curt, Aries, Luverne, UWS–1
  • Custom Wheel Solutions–1
  • Dakota Digital–1
  • Dana Incorporated–1
  • DashLogic–1
  • The Detail Guardz Premium Car Care Products–1
  • Distinctive Industries–1
  • Dobinsons Spring & Suspension USA LLC–1
  • Eibach–1
  • Essex/AP Racing–1
  • Falcon Shocks–1
  • GFB Go Fast Bits–1
  • Giant Loop–1
  • Goodridge USA–1
  • Green Filter USA–1
  • GU Auto Tech Inc.–1
  • HaulGauge/Garage Smart–1
  • Heatshield Products Inc.–1
  • Hima Lighting–1
  • Hiwowsport–1
  • HKS USA Inc. –1
  • Hoffman Services Inc.–1
  • Holley Performance–1
  • Hotchkis Sport Suspension–1
  • Hunter Engineering Co.–1
  • Ididit LLC–1
  • Inurzone–1
  • Keep It Klean–1
  • Kenoh USA: Automotive Led Light-Shield–1
  • King Shocks–1
  • KNS/Grand General Accessories–1
  • Lincoln Electric Co.–1
  • Liquid Armour Protective Coatings–1
  • Mahle Motorsports–1
  • McLeod Racing–1
  • MechMan Alternators–1
  • Metra Electronics–1
  • Midwest Innovative Products–1
  • Milltek Sport–1
  • Milwaukee Tool–1
  • Mirka USA–1
  • Mobil 1–1
  • Mooneyes–1
  • MouseBlocker–1
  • MSA 4X4 Accessories–1
  • MSS Automotive UK–1
  • Nexen Tire America–1
  • NFS Sport International–1
  • Northern Radiator–1
  • onX Offroad–1
  • The Original California Car Duster Company–1
  • Pareto Point Industries–1
  • Pilot/RBP/Voodoo–1
  • Pro Eagle–1
  • ProComp/Smittybilt/Rubicon Express/Poison Spyder/G2 Axle/LRG Rims–1
  • PurePower Performance Eco Filters–1
  • Ram Mounts–1
  • Redline Detection–1
  • Rennstand by Wuhan Robot Weld–1
  • Revology Cars–1
  • Rhinohide 4x4 Body Armor–1
  • Ridetech–1
  • Rightline Gear–1
  • RimPro-Tec/Wheel Bands–1
  • Road Armor–1
  • Roadster Shop–1
  • RockJock 4x4 by John Currie Performance Group–1
  • RPC–1
  • Rubicon Expedition Products–1
  • Rust-Oleum Corporation–1
  • Scangrip–1
  • Shenzhen Carku Technology Co., Ltd.–1
  • Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS)–1
  • Sojoy Auto USA Ltd.–1
  • Sony Car Audio–1
  • Soundigital/Ground Zero–1
  • SP Tools USA–1
  • SPA Technique Inc.–1
  • Sparta Evolution–1
  • Speedmaster–1
  • Speedway Motors–1
  • Sprint Booster/Johnston Research & Performance Inc. –1
  • Spyder Auto–1
  • SSV Works–1
  • Steelcraft–1
  • Steele Rubber Products–1
  • Suntop–1
  • Super Mini–1
  • TeraFlex–1
  • 3D Billet Products–1
  • 3M–1
  • TKO Clamping Systems–1
  • Truck Hero–1
  • True Spike Lug Nuts–1
  • TSI Products Inc. –1
  • Turbonetics/Precision Turbo & Engine–1
  • Unisteer Performance–1
  • Velvet Comfort–1
  • Victor Racing–1
  • Wagner Tuning Inc.–1
  • Wavian USA–1
  • Waxedshine–1
  • Weld/Momo/Adv.1/CCW/Forgestar/Hiper–1
  • Westin/Superwinch–1
  • Wright CNC–1

First-Time Exhibitors Winning Global Media Awards—Number of Awards

  • RSI SmartCap–9
  • The Bracketeer–6
  • Integrated Engineering–3
  • Vais Technology–3
  • Harbor Freight Tools–2
  • Racingline–2
  • TRAC Tire Rotation Assistance Cart–2
  • The A.T. Hotbox–1
  • Giant Loop–1
  • GU Auto Tech Inc.–1
  • Keep It Klean–1
  • Midwest Innovative Products–1
  • Milwaukee Tool–1
  • MSS Automotive UK–1
  • onX Offroad–1
  • Rennstand by Wuhan Robot Weld–1
  • RockJock 4x4 by John Currie Performance Group–1
  • Rubicon Expedition Products–1
  • SP Tools USA–1
  • 3D Billet Products–1
  • Velvet Comfort–1
  • Waxedshine–1
  • Wright CNC–1


Jerome Andre, Generation 4x4 Magazine

  • Bestop Premium Accessories Group, Supertop Ultra: “If the Swiss Army made Wrangler soft tops, they would have probably invented this smart, do-it-all top by Bestop. The Wrangler market is one of the most open to aftermarket modifications (all types of vehicles considered), a major asset for Bestop in the European market.”
  • Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels, Baja Pro X: “Mickey Thompson brings one the most impressive tires with the fantastic Baja Pro X, ready for the wildest Big Foot owners or fearless rock crawlers. These are too extreme to be street-legal in Europe, but they would suit the fast-growing rock-crawling market in France, Spain, Portugal, etc.”
  • Mooneyes, Moon Disc for Tesla Model 3: “Moon manages to improve drag coefficient and enhance the look of the Tesla Model 3 with this unique disc. The Tesla Model 3 arrived much later in Europe than in the United States (and only a few weeks ago in the United Kingdom), meaning that while the aftermarket parts market is only in its infancy, it will grow very quickly, thanks to numerous EV incentives throughout Europe. Aftermarket wheel options are very limited at this time, and this disc is a perfect way to customize a Tesla Model 3 without opting for non-TÜV-approved wheels.”
  • SeaSucker, Off-Road Rescue Board Mount: “‘Why did no one think of this before?’ comes to mind when discovering the SeaSucker off-road rescue board mount. It saves precious room on the roof rack or allows using spare room on the side of the truck. The overlanding gear market is way more developed in Europe than in the U.S., and this is a great innovative product that needs to be offered in Europe sooner than later.”
  • Traxxas, TRX-6 Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6: “The G-Wagon is popular stateside, but it is a cult vehicle in Europe, and this 6x6 RC version is as good as it gets. The G-Wagon is iconic throughout Europe, and this configuration makes it an instant winner in the RC market.”
  • Weld/Momo/Adv.1/ CCW/ Forgestar/Hiper, Weld Off-Road Cinch Beadlock Yokohama Tire, Geolandar X-AT: “The latest tire compounds and construction technology now bring incredible tires such as the Geolandar X-AT that are able to truly shine on any terrain off-road while managing to be quiet and grippy on the road. Again, the off-road and overlanding market are stronger in Europe than in the U.S., and this type of all-around tire option is an ideal offer on the Euro market.”


Tomi Eronen, Amerikan Rauta

  • AutoMeter, InVision Digital Dash: “Since the modern engines like LS and modular are becoming more and more popular all the time, just like all the restomod stuff also in Finland, this could be the weapon of choice.”
  • CFR Performance, Vintage Finned Tall LS Valve Covers, Black Satin: “LS engines are not usually exactly the most beautiful ones when leaving the factory, so this is a great update that could be popular with Finnish builders.”
  • COMP Performance Group, Comp Cams FSL Series Camshaft Expansion for GM LS Engines: “A great way to get more horsepower out of LS engines without problems with emissions.”
  • FiTech, Ultimate LS Tri-Power EFI System: “Everybody’s going for LS anyway, so why not make it with a classic tri-power setup?”
  • Lokar Inc., LS Classic Engine Package: “Lokar’s new product line helps get the classic look to modern engines, which I’m sure most Finnish LS swappers are after.”
  • Specialty Auto Parts/Proform, MOPAR Small-Block Valve Covers With Black Crinkle Finish: “MOPARs have always been very popular in Finland, and most of the MOPAR guys over here still believe in classic small-blocks and big-blocks. These covers are great for an OE kind of look.”
  • Speedway Motors, Deluxe LS Swap Fuel Filter/Regulator: “All you need in one cute package. AN6 lines are a great feature too.”
  • Unisteer Performance, ’69 Camaro Electra-Steer Direct-Fit Column Kit: “First-generation Camaros are probably the most popular pro-touring cars in Finland, so I think the local builders will like this.”
  • Wheel Vintiques, Aluminum Series Grand Sport Wheel: “I really like the new styles of Wheel Vintiques, I think these are the styles we’ve been missing for a long time.”


Daniel Garcia Solis, V8 Muscle Cars, Trocas & Mustang Day

  • Dobinsons Spring & Suspension USA LLC, Zenith Air Compressor: “Before you think about how useful this compressor can be for our cars, we need to see how useful it also is for our homes. An accessory that’s easy to carry anywhere. In Mexico, there is a variety of low-cost compressors. Of course, the quality can define the product. To compete, you must have a competitive price in our market.”
  • Griot’s Garage Inc., Foaming Metal Detailer: “Thinking about classic and restored car shows, this product can be a good immediate option so that the engine, body and interior can look great. It’s an easy way to keep our cars clean and shiny. This product can be introduced to the market if it manages to have good advertising in the car shows. Another good part of the product is that it is also used at home or in the workshop, thus keeping our workplaces clean. The price is quite affordable.”
  • GU Auto Tech Inc., Snake Eye Thermal Far IR Night Vision: “This product will be very useful and valuable for display cars. It certainly offers an auxiliary vision in different situations such as darkness or fog. It has a wide field to display an object some distance from the car. I think the gun owners should be interested in integrating this visual option into their new-car launch. It is not low-priced, but it may be worth the investment if we think about our safety.”
  • Harbor Freight Tools, Braun 3-in-1 Quick-Connect Light Kit: “It is a very useful lighting tool for mechanics or for any time in the dark. It is a three-in-one kit, easy and quick to install. I chose this product for its design and the practical way it can compete in our market. I see an opportunity to integrate it as an option for the buyer looking to have an auxiliary light. It could have a good marketing projection and have a high impact on display and sales.”
  • Heatshield Products Inc., Heatshield Armor Pipe Kit: “This accessory has a very good intention for both safety and car performance. That is, by using this product in a car, it helps to keep the heat isolated from the exhaust pipe and not on the floor. Now, if it’s necessary to work somewhere under the car, it can keep us safe from serious burns to our hands or body. There may be mechanics interested in learning more about this product and its performance at high temperatures. We will have to work on demonstrations.“
  • Hoffman Services Inc., The Original Hoffman MiniLift: “This mini lift can be very practical in small places or anywhere. It has a good load capacity. It can be auxiliary for changing tires, balatas or any use under the car. In addition to being electric, maintenance can be easier and reduced in cost. It could attract a lot of attention from mechanical workshops to do some easier and faster work. You will need to analyze the price more thoroughly to make an investment in this type of tool.”
  • Stoner Car Care, Invisible Glass Clean & Repel Washer Fluid Additive: “This product, apart from being one of the best designated for its marketing packaging for the SEMA Show, also aims to be a quality product, because it offers a treatment that works as a rain repellent. That is, it creates an insulator in the glass, which helps keep the area free of any dirt and clears the field of view. A product that has competition but looks attractive and can be easily placed in the preference of buyers.”
  • Switch-Pros by Off Road Engineering, RCR-Force 12 (Patent Pending): “This is a very striking switch panel system. It looks sophisticated but gives the option to have more agility, changing operations at the reach of a finger and ranging from starting the car to connecting the Bluetooth. A very dynamic system that can be adapted to almost any car. However, its greater use could be in off-road and some pickups. In Mexico, it could be used for racing cars specifically.”
  • The Bracketeer, UFEB1317/D Universal Car Fire Extinguisher Bracket: “This accessory provides a quick, easy and safe option to mount a fire extinguisher inside the car cab, as there are many cars that have the extinguisher in the trunk of the car. The material from which it is made is steel, and it can be installed under the seat. There are not many options of this type of accessory in Mexico, so I see it very innovative. If the buyer is convinced of its safety, it could have good sales in our territory.”
  • Tire Stickers, Cerebrum Smart Tire Sensor: “This tire sensor is a very ingenious product, although there are cars with computers that alert us about tire pressure. In many cases, the information can be misleading if any tire changes come. We will have to calibrate the system, and I am sure we never do that. Having this type of sensor connected to an application to our Smartphone gives us the confidence to bring properly inflated tires. I have not seen any similar product in the Mexican aftermarket, so when making a presentation to potential auto parts distributors, the reaction you may have will be very interesting.”


Alastair Ritchie, NZ Hot Rod Magazine

  • Aeromotive Inc., Variable-Speed 5.0-GPM Brushless Fuel Pump: “Besides sporting the reliability of a low-current brushless pump design, this new product offers the handy option of electronically altering the flow rate to suit the application. Lowering the flow rate for low-demand situations will help keep the fuel circulation temperature down. It has to be noted that Aeromotive knows how to look after its client base by allowing owners with the current standard version to upgrade the end panel to a variable model. With the number of high-end hot-rod and muscle-car builds in New Zealand, a product like this will be a solid option.”
  • AutoMeter, InVision Digital Dash: “AutoMeter has finally produced a universal, all-in-one dash combining the majority of inputs required by any road/race driver into a well-built modern LCD dash display. New Zealand race and street-car builders will enjoy the simplicity of being able to install such a complete instrumentation setup at a reasonable price point.”
  • Curt Group: Curt, Aries, Luverne, UWS, BetterWeigh Mobile Towing Scale With TowSense Technology: “Curt Manufacturing has really come up with a gem of a product with this mobile towing scale at an amazing price point. Designed to take the guesswork out of obtaining weight distribution, tongue-weight data, etc., this system will help anyone setting up to tow just about anything. It will even provide data on the payload when loading up a truck bed. The TowSense module cleverly plugs into the ODB-II vehicle diagnostic port of just about any vehicle post-’96 and provides real-time data wirelessly to the BetterWeigh cellphone application. Towing of trailers and sizable boats is a serious business on the challenging roads of New Zealand. A product like this would quite simply save lives.”
  • Dakota Digital, DCC-4000 HDX/RTX Climate Controls: “Dakota Digital always comes up with something cool. This year, the company released a discrete digital A/C climate air controller module designed to work with the popular Vintage Air Gen IV system. Module colors can be customized to suit any interior. New Zealand custom-car builders are always trying to hide modern tech in their old-school rides. This type of product could be popular.”
  • Factor 55, Rope Retention Pulley: “Factor 55 has improved a very simple product through experience and innovation. In the world of off-road recovery equipment, a snatch block is a handy piece of equipment. Factor 55 has called this new design a rope-retention pulley. The two new unique elements that make this product a standout are the heat-reducing Teflon coating and the clever retention spokes that stop the rope from falling out when there is any slack. The multiplication element and unique features reduce the load on a winch, which in New Zealand’s off-road conditions would make this pulley a must-have piece of equipment.”
  • Lokar Inc., LS Classic Engine Package: “Lokar Inc. has managed to turn a modern LS engine into a period-correct small-block Chevrolet via an array of customizable ‘classic’ engine packages, including intake systems and valve covers. Custom builders in New Zealand are always looking for ways to hide modern technology in old-school cars without losing the look and feel of the era.”
  • RSI SmartCap, SmartCap Evo: “RSI has developed a new stainless-steel modular light-truck canopy called the Smartcap Evo. Not only does it look smart, but it’s also packed full of well thoughtout features and options. The SmartRack roof-rack system drops down off the roof, allowing for easy access without having to climb. The optional SmartKitchen is a great design born from experience. No rattling glassware and cutlery with this setup. While not a cheap product, the system is easy to install and fits all the main contenders in New Zealand’s super-popular light-truck market.”
  • Turbosmart, Gen-V IWG BorgWarner EFR Twin-Port Sensor Cap: “This new wastegate actuator kit is packed with features and has been purposely designed to work with the current class-leading Borg Warner ERF range of turbochargers. The new swivel-joint actuator rod assists with correct alignment with the wastegate, allowing for better sealing and control for true twin-port boost control. The sensor cap also adds data acquisition for advanced tuning options. Tuning of turbocharged applications is very popular in New Zealand, so I can see this product adding to the multiple options Turbosmart currently has available.”
  • Turbosmart, Gen-V eWG60 Power-Gate 60 Electronic: “Turbosmart has been setting the pace in the aftermarket boost-control scene for many years and this year took things to the next level, introducing the first aftermarket electronically controlled boost controller. Demand for boost-control strategies has become more and more complex, and this new element truly adds unlimited tuning control to the already bulletproof Gen-V series of external wastegates. Electronic tuning of turbocharged engines in New Zealand is popular across the automotive realm, from Jetsprint boats to drag racing, street and circuit car applications. Builders are always looking for better ways to maximize potential in a reliable and controlled manner. This product will become the way of the future.”
  • Wheel Vintiques, Aluminum-Series Grand Sport Wheel: “Combining modern materials and engineering techniques, Wheel Vintiques/Coker Tire is offering this cool series of ‘60s-era classic wheels to give a period-correct Shelby/Corvette look but in a modern 17-inch size, either bolt-on or with knock-off fitment. With the popularity of builds and existing rides within this era in New Zealand, this style will be popular—especially at this price point.”

Andy Bighetti, Musclecars Universe

  • Antigravity Lithium Batteries, Lithium-Ion Auto Battery: “A product suited for people who need a battery for their weekend car and can’t afford to be left stranded. Here in New Zealand, we have a large population of car collectors, and this item could be a good addition to their builds.”
  • DeatschWerks, 5.5L Triple DW400 Staged Surge Tank: “A clever, all-in-one compact solution for every fuel-system upgrade and/or new builds. Very tidy and effective.”
  • Ford Motor Company, ’18–’19 F-150 5.0L Supercharger Kit: “Really suited to our New Zealand market. Ford has a prominent influence in the performance-brand new-car market here, and the sales of trucks in general has gone proportional to the sales of land in the countryside. More and more people can afford ranch-style properties, and trucks are a must to move/tow stuff around. This supercharger kit is a very valid OEM option to upgrade the F-150 and give it more punch and perhaps add some fun to the utility of the truck itself.”
  • Garrett Advancing Motion, Turbo G-Series G35-1050: “The most anticipated product from Garrett—ever—promising smaller housings with faster spooling and more horsepower if compared to a current GTX bigger model. Garrett is extremely popular here in New Zealand, contending for the first spot in sales together with Precision Turbo. The new G series promises to be a major deal breaker with breakthrough technology and outstanding performance.”
  • Lokar Inc., LS Classic Engine Package: “As mentioned before, New Zealand has a really wide population of classic-car collectors and owners. It’s not uncommon that some prefer to freshen up their cars with a new motor/gearbox/diff setup. However, most owners don’t want their precious rides to lose the classic appeal. This LS classic engine package is probably the most clever LS product of this year, allowing you to run an LS motor in your classic without compromising on the new versus old look.”
  • R3 Performance Products, ’65–’70 Mustang Body Shell and ’67–’69 Camaro Body Shell: “In the past five years, there have been numerous brand-new builds here in New Zealand. Needless to say, most were Mustangs and Camaros from the ’65–’70 era. Speaking to some of the owners of those builds, it emerged that the real challenge was to find a nice and tidy car to start with. With the current offer of shells/vehicles in the market getting thinner and thinner, these officially licensed body shells are exactly what’s needed to replenish and satisfy the ever-growing demand for classic cars.
  • RPC, LS Swap Oil Pan: “A very common issue on most LS swaps on ’60–’70 chassis. A much-needed product that should have been released much earlier than 2019.”
  • Turbosmart, Gen-V eWG60 Power-Gate 60 Electronic: “Another major breakthrough in the power-adders world of tuning. New Zealand has a huge request for Turbosmart products, being pretty much the preferred choice for wastegate/BOV products for forced-induction applications. This electronic wastegate is set to eclipse the current technology, allowing more precise and fine tuning, easier monitoring, and longer/shorter opening windows of the gate itself.”


Chet Kjetil Sveistrup, Amcar Magazine

  • Distinctive Industries, Early Bronco Assembled Rear Jump Seat With Storage Compartment: “We have seen an incredible increase in demand for early Broncos in recent years, especially in the U.S. While Norway sometimes might be a year or two behind on such trends, they do come. With increased demand follows increased supplies of parts and accessories for everyone who restores or modifies classic SUVs such as the Bronco. The value of the first-generation Bronco has increased dramatically, and various suppliers such as Distinctive Industries now have a great lineup of accessories to offer, such as door panels, upholstery, seat foam, arm rests and now this high-quality rear jump seat with an under-seat storage compartment. In a market with such a demand for everything Bronco, this is a great new addition.”
  • Griot’s Garage Inc., Foaming Metal Detailer: “Griot’s Garage has an impressive lineup of detailing products for paint, rubber, glass, interior, leather and also for metal. Foaming Metal Detailer is one of the latest products. It is made to be used on bare, painted or powdercoated metal or stainless steel. We are eager to try it out, especially to see how long-lasting its effect is. Our experience with other products from Griot’s Garage is very positive, and we hope this new product has the same long-lasting effect as Griot’s polish and wax products for paint. What caught our eye was in part the Griot name itself and the product quality Griot’s Garage is known for. While still not a top seller in Norway, the market for Griot’s products is definitely there.”
  • Hotchkis Sport Suspension, GM A-Body Front Suspension Kit: “This installer-friendly bolt-on suspension kit for common models such as the Buick Skylark, the Chevrolet Chevelle, the Malibu and the El Camino as well as the Oldsmobile Cutlass and Pontiac GTOs includes sway-bar sets, upper and lower control arms, complete with bushings and ball joints. This will increase ride and handling by leaps and bounds on these popular models, especially on curvy and narrow roads, which there are plenty of in Norway.”
  • Pareto Point Industries, FilterBooster: “Pareto Point Industries introduces the FilterBooster, a new product for advanced oil filtration. While there are hundreds of oil-treatment products and additives on the market, this little booster—designed to be installed inside a regular oil filter—is in many ways unique. It has the purpose of enhancing filtration and keeping the oil cleaner longer. For any market, and especially for the Norwegian market, where the price of an oil change is very steep, many car owners will often follow today’s long-range oil change intervals instead of the old “every 3,000 miles” rule. With the longer intervals, it is reassuring to know that you have a little booster inside your oil filter, increasing filtration and keeping your oil cleaner longer.”
  • Speedmaster, Small-Block Ford Downdraft EFI Manifold—Black: “Oh, what a beauty it is, this classic Weber-like EFI individual throttle-body unit. It provides the high state of tune and engine performance versatility of EFI while keeping all the show-off value and classic looks. What we like about these types of throttle bodies is that they are able to keep the advantages of EFI and you don’t need to cover it up under a massive air cleaner. For the Norwegian market, just like for the market in the U.S., the number of people who trades their old carburetors for EFI increases at the same rate as the number of people who don’t know how to adjust a carburetor.”
  • Stoner Car Care, Invisible Glass Clean & Repel Washer Fluid Additive: “Ultra-concentrated Invisible Glass Clean & Repel Washer Fluid Additive mixed with your washer fluid improves driving visibility in wet weather. In Norway, where there are more rainy days than sunny days for months, it seems that you use more washer fluid than gasoline. Anything to get better visibility and help you reduce the volume of washer fluid is highly welcomed. For safer and more comfortable driving through rain, sleet and snow, this product is a perfect match for the Nordic market.”
  • Tire Stickers, Cerebrum Smart Tire Sensor: “The list of new high-tech products for any auto application grows longer and more advanced each year. Car tires, however, seem to have escaped this trend—until now. Cerebrum is a tire sensor that measures tire pressure, tire rubber temperature, tread depth and alignment variation. It comes in a four pack of reusable smart tire sensors, each with a rubber bonding adhesive to be glued inside each car tire. With the Cerebrum app (available in the App Store), it records user sessions, providing GPS path, pressure, temperature and accelerometer conditions, all meant to optimize tire performance. For the Norwegian market, which has its share of early adopters, this might be an interesting product to watch.”
  • TRAC Tire Rotation Assistance Cart, TRAC Tire Rotation Assistance Cart: “Heavy tires can take a toll on your back and knees. It is easy to imagine the benefits of this cart. For the Norwegian market, with its share of SUVs with heavy tires, not only does it help with regular tire rotation or tire changes but, more importantly, it makes it easier to change from regular summer tires to winter tires—something most Norwegians do twice a year the fall and the spring. This product would be helpful both for the average do-it-yourselfer and for professional shops.”
  • TSI Products Inc., Stratos Climate 5-in. Multi-Fit Under-Dash Heater Kit: “More often than not does a pre-manufactured solution or kit work just as well than a custom-made solution. This heater kit includes all components needed to complete installation in any car, UTV or boat. Any vehicle in Norway needs a heater 10 months of the year. In cases where the original heater was removed during restoration, this might be an easy and more economical solution. The same would be the case where the original unit simply does not do the job well enough and assistance is needed.”
  • Turbosmart, Gen-V eWG60 Power-Gate 60 Electronic: “The Gen-V WG60 Power-Gate60 is the largest in the Gen-V range. It is an external high-performing 60mm wastegate that can easily be configured. Turbosmart has a long list of advantages for this unit, such as best-in-class flow and thermal performance. What caught our interest on this improved version was better user configurability. We have noted the amount of individual control on previous models from Turbosmart, and this Gen-V eWG60 Power-Gate 60 Electronic is the best to date. For the Norwegian market, this is a product that will find its way to its target audience.”


Kike Perez, Auto TV Peru

  • Pilot/RBP/Voodoo, Lunna 3-in-1 Seat Poncho: “I found the product very versatile and creative. It can be used in several ways and is suitable for all types of climates—to be cooler in the summer or to shelter in the winter. It’s also useful to always keep the car seat clean. I chose it because it seemed very useful, especially for people who work with their cars such as taxi drivers. They always try in different ways to avoid the sun and are always putting things on their seats. This poncho is very useful in these cases, and they can also use it sometimes outside the car.”
  • RSI SmartCap, SmartKitchen: “I love how they have stored all the kitchen stuff in specific places, trying to save space at all times. For a camp, it is perfect, because you do not have to look for all the kitchen implements inside a suitcase. This make everything easy to get to or grab and also leaves you a lot of free space inside the vehicle to load everything you need to go camping. Peru has 1,900 miles of coastline where you can find many deserts with dunes of all sizes. That is why off-roading is very common. A lot of people go to camp at the beaches, and that is the reason why this product seems very suitable for desert trips, typical in Peru.”
  • SeaSucker, Off-Road Rescue Board Mount: “This element tries to save space in the vehicle in a very creative and simple way. I found very interesting the solution that gave the transport of this type of equipment for rescuing vehicles. Being off-road is very common in my country, and you can always see SUVs very loaded with things for the camps and the off-road implements that take up a lot of space.”
  • Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS), SCRS Guide to Complete Repair Planning—Blueprint Optimization Tool: “I found this product quite complete and very well done. It can help a lot to the workshops that do not have much budget to buy machines or expensive systems. In Peru, there are many low-cost workshops where I am sure that this product would be ideal and required by this type of business.”
  • Switch-Pros by Off Road Engineering, RCR-Force 12 (Patent Pending): “This switch box looks great. The buttons are of very good quality and look very neat, with clear icons. It seems perfect to have all your controls ordered and good looking. There are no cheap switches that take away that cool look, for example. Due to the large number of dunes in Peru, there are different degrees of difficulty, and it is common to see well-equipped vehicles. It is very likely that many people are looking for an implement like this.”
  • The A.T. Hotbox, A.T Hotbox: “This product was very interesting because it is very simple but at the same time very useful. Many times when people go camping in their cars, they make grills in the afternoons. Leftover food is usually wasted because there is no way to heat it later. With this product, that problem is over. You can also cook something extra while you grill. With the A.T Hotbox you can heat everything you want without having to light a burner.”
  • Tire Stickers, Cerebrum Smart Tire Sensor: “I find very interesting all the tire information that this product can obtain. Improves driver safety and helps to better understand the behavior of tires in different situations. The most interesting thing is the track mode, where you can get information in shorter time intervals and angle information such as camber or caster, and it will be of great help to set up a racecar. The track mode is ideal for Peru. Car racing has very little technology to measure car behavior. With Cerebrum, we could work very well to set up racecars.”
  • True Spike Lug Nuts, Fat Bullet Antenna: “This product was very simple, but that was what I liked. A bullet-shaped antenna with theft insurance, it is an ornament and at the same time it is safe. In Peru, there are many robberies of this type of equipment. Antennas do not last long. That is why I think that the anti-theft protector is suitable for the people of the country. On the other hand, many taxi drivers like to brag about the new designs of their cars.”
  • Vais Technology, SEER (Smart Entry Exit Recognition): “With few cables and with a simple installation, you can have the system of not taking the key out of your pocket. With this, you no longer need a modern car to be able to have this type of technology. You also don’t have to pay for the most equipped version of the model you want to buy. Peru has a very old vehicle fleet. On the other hand, new cars often do not arrive in the country in the most equipped versions, and you don’t even have the option to order this technology. That’s why I think this product is going to be a success.”


Neeresh Harrichand, Speed and Sound

  • AutoMeter, InVision Digital Dash: “The InVision Digital Dash quickly caught my attention because it’s a simple and easy-to-install digital dash that allows you to replace several other gauges with one sleek, high-tech-looking screen that provides you with all the information you need. With the amount of crazy aftermarket mods I see back in South Africa, I’m certain that this will be very well accepted.”
  • Custom Wheel Solutions, Custom Steering Wheel: “Seeing this at the new-product awards was a breath of fresh air. Lets face it: OEM steering wheels are straight-out boring, and you can’t really have a custom new-age car if it still has a bone-stock steering wheel. On the contrary, no one wants to replace their OEM steering, as there is nothing available on the market that allows you to retain your vehicles air bag. Until now, that was. Custom Wheel Solutions has seriously changed the game by being able to offer a service that allows users to have the best of both worlds.”
  • MechMan Alternators, 500-Amp Alternator for GM Trucks and SUVs: “With the increasing technological advances in the car audio industry where amplifiers are becoming more and more powerful, so is the need for larger-than-normal current supply. MechMan certainly has outdone itself with this whopping 500A alternator, which is more than enough power to feed an array of amplifiers efficiently.”
  • Mirka USA, Aros Cordless Denibber: “If ever you’ve used an orbital sander, be it for woodwork or in an auto-body repair shop, you would agree that, while they are brilliant, it can become more of an inconvenience than anything else to pull out a chunky sander when you just need to touch up a little corner or sand something really tiny. The Mirka Aros Cordless Denibber makes it so much easier to remedy these challenges, as its tiny enough to fit in your pocket yet effective enough to get the job done right. Given that the battery lasts up to 16 hours and that it has a brushless motor, you could put it to work nonstop.”
  •, Ninja Harness: “I’ve seen a number of enthusiasts using daily drivers as track and drag cars on the weekends. As much as they’d like to kit their rides out with four-point harnesses, it does make it rather uncomfortable when using the car during the week. When I saw that the Ninja harness allows you to simply add a four-point harness to an existing safety-belt system, I figured that this could come in handy for everyone in South Africa who uses their daily rides to race over the weekend and needs that added support and safety when at the track.”
  • SounDigital/Ground Zero, 800.4 Evox: “I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing one of this company’s amplifiers in the past and was already blown away with just how much power they could put out from such a tiny footprint. Needless to say, when I saw the new SounDigital Evox, I was really taken aback at how much smaller their new range has gotten. What was even more impressive was that they’ve clearly made a few improvements as the new range now also sports a variable crossover.”
  • SP Tools USA, Flex-Head Torque Angle Pro: “Irrespective of what industry you’re in, from time to time, almost everyone needs to accurately fasten a bolt or nut to a certain torque setting. In South Africa, most of the torque wenches that I’ve seen have fixed heads, which can sometimes be a problem, especially when you’re working in tight spaces. SP Tools new Flex-Head Torque Angle Pro remedies that problem by allowing you to torque your bolt and nut at an angle. The fact that it has a digital screen for you to dial in your settings and that it alerts you with an audible sound and LED indication when it reaches the specified angle value is just a bonus.”
  • The Detail Guardz Premium Car Care Products, Dirt Lock Pad Washer System Attachment: “Being a detailing enthusiast myself, I’ve learned to appreciate a great product when I see one. What I noticed here was that this was actually two great products in one. This first is a proper high-quality polisher pad washer, which I’ve never seen before. The second is that it can be used to lock dirt at the bottom of your wash bucket, which also works very differently from anything I’ve ever seen in South Africa.”
  • Waxedshine, SQL Soundwave Speaker Strip Surround: “As simple as this product may seem, it’s actually quite cool. It is uncommon to find a foam product like this that allows you to add a barrier that seals your aftermarket speaker and the door card for added audio performance. These kinds of products are already pretty popular in South Africa, but what makes this product so different is its shape. Because of this shape, it allows you to bend the foam around a speaker without the foam losing its shape or form, which in turn helps provide better overall performance. For that reason. I believe that this product has a chance of doing well on African soil.”
  • XS Power Batteries, SuperBank Combo Kit: “Both the car audio and performance market in South Africa are pretty huge. In both market segments, consumers are constantly striving to not just get better current but also help reduce weight and physical volume where possible. XS Powers Superbank combo kit allows you to do exactly that, so I think the demand in Southern Africa is already there.”

Vic Pardal, IgnitionTV

  • aFe Power, ’19 BMW M5 Carbon-Fiber Intake: “I loved the high-end finish on this intake, which complements the engine bay on an M5. The BMW M performance brand has a huge following in South Africa. Aftermarket bolt-on performance products are in high demand for these products and would be welcomed by BMW enthusiasts.”
  • AutoMeter, InVision Digital Dash: “All the important information and engine outputs are displayed neatly. Perfect for anyone retrofitting new-age technology on possibly ‘60s and older cars. One screen with all the vital info would suit the South African aftermarket needs. As with many engine swaps, sometimes it’s necessary to wire several aftermarket gauges to keep tabs on the engine. This has everything on one screen.”
  • DeatschWerks, 5.5L Triple DW400 Staged Surge Tank: “My favorite of my selections. This surge tank ticks all the right and much-needed boxes on any professional racing build. Creatively housing three pumps with all the right fittings for your fuel line needs. Love the black finish. The motorsports community of South Africa would love this. This product is a winner.”
  • DeatschWerks, DW400 Fuel Pump: “Small in size but great in performance. Reliability intertwined with high fuel pressure. A requirement for all performance-built cars. This product would do well in aftermarket tuning circles specializing in European performance models in South Africa, including RS3, M3 and GTI.”
  • Icon Vehicle Dynamics, ’19–Up Ford Ranger 2.5 Series CDCV Coil-Over: “Ford Rangers are the second-best-selling trucks (Bakkie) in South Africa, with a huge following for aftermarket accessories. These coil-overs are perfect for our market, as South Africans in general love the outdoors and 4x4s. Really appreciated the quality finish and the ability to control dampening.”
  • Integrated Engineering, Carbon-Fiber Intake for Audi RS3 (’17+): “Clean, soft lines with great visual appeal. It’s a simple bolt-on product that complements the RS3 performance brand. VAG is huge in S.A., and simple stage 1 performance upgrades are a must for any RS3 owner.”
  • Mahle Motorsports, Toyota Supra Drop-In BMW B58 3.0L: “Mahle Motorsports has always been associated with quality and performance, and this piston is no different. A great drop-in option if you rebuilding or upgrading your B58 for performance or planning to up the boost significantly.”
  • Nitrous Express, Stage 2 Boost Cooler Plate System for N54/N55 BMW Engines: “Water meth has become a standard upgrade for anyone looking to increase their boost on their N54/N55. With this plate, you able to inject into all six ports and increase the water/meth mix into your engine, thus allowing increases in performance tuning capabilities and preventing engine knock. With older BMWs falling out of motor plan, the BMW 135i has become the popular choice for entry-level street to strip performance-minded individuals in South Africa.”
  • Turbonetics/Precision Turbo & Engine, Entry-Level Sportsman PT7675 Turbocharger: “Precision has great loyal customers in South Africa, and this would be a great addition to their catalogue. A great turbo for drag racing enthusiasts with great services both locally and abroad.”
  • Yokohama Tire, Advan A052: “A phenomenal tire, whether you’re a weekend racer attending track days or a die-hard professional racer/drifter looking for the edge over your completion. This is the tire that will get you on the podium. Advan is already well represented in South Africa with an estimated 55% of circuit racing teams using Yokohama Advan on their race cars.”


Nabil Moustafa, Strive Middle East

  • 3D Billet Products, Hub Lights: “Having the light bulbs inside the rims is a really cool idea, and it can actually have high potential in our market, taking into consideration the love of personalization on each car.”
  • Antigravity Lithium Batteries, Lithium-Ion Auto Battery: “I work with many battery providers in our region, and they seem to have an issue with returned batteries. This will definitely help solve their problems.”
  • Retro Manufacturing, Daytona Radio: “Having a retro mod radio with classic looks and modern and futuristic features is an excellent combination. I think it has potential in our markets, as lots of collectors are now looking to have today’s comfort and technology in their retro-looking cars.”
  •, Custom Printed Seat Belt Webbing: “Customization is all about individual styling, and in our region, mostly you see either a four-point seatbelt or a colored three-point seatbelt. Having the chance to customize it the way the owner would like will create a great opportunity for such product.”
  • sPod, SourceLT: “Having the ability to create your own controller in the car and defining what each button does is one of the best inventions out there—especially for off-roaders who wish to run several aftermarket options that are not usually in the OE control panel.”
  • Tire Stickers, Cerebrum Smart Tire Sensor: “Having this technology set up in cars that don’t have it is a great option. Markets such as Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Arab North African will be the perfect for such a product.”
  • TRAC Tire Rotation Assistance Cart, TRAC Tire Rotation Assistance Cart: “Physical strength has always been part of the tire-changing process, and now, with this easy-to-use product, physical strength is no longer needed. This will create opportunities for women in our region to be part of that industry and also will create effectiveness among male employees.”
  • United Pacific Industries Inc., Chrome Exterior Mirror With LED Turn Signal for ’66–’72 Chevy Passenger Cars: “Retro mods are becoming a big thing in our region, and everybody is looking for comfort in driving while still maintaining retro looks. This fits perfectly in that market.”
  • Vais Technology, SEER (Smart Entry Exit Recognition): “This is an option that should be available in every car. Most of its features are available but separately or not having the same full functionality and practicality—especially that everything is connected to your key. Depends on the price, but there may be a great opportunity for such product.”
  • Victor Racing, SPT1 Intelligent Active Aero Wing: “A racing technology in an everyday car. People like to take their cars on tracks, but the limitation of the rear wing definitely doesn’t help. With this product, people can actually adjust the rear wing according to their need.”

Zlatko Mulabegovic, Top Performance

  • FiTech, Ultimate LS 2x4 EFI System: “EFI conversions and system upgrades are very popular with custom shops in our region, with a variety of brands and products represented in the Middle Eastern markets catering to the users of the full LS engines range. The comprehensive FiTech Ultimate LS 2x4 EFI System ticks many boxes, covering the popular applications. It is both a powerful weapon in the hands of a professional tuner and a beginner-friendly package, allowing even inexperienced users to take control of their engines. The sleek sheetmetal intake manifold delivers the goods and enhances the looks of the engine bay, thus providing extra clearance. The compatibility of the system with aftermarket cams and adaptability to GM truck engines makes it a perfect solution for a number of platforms. Finally, the single-pump surge tank eliminates fuel starvation under lateral G-forces and extreme angles, making it relevant for the Middle Eastern terrains and ideal for extreme off-road and desert use.”
  • HKS USA Inc., Hipermax Touring Height-Adjustable Spring: “Toyota launched the exciting new Supra in the United Arab Emirates on the 22nd of September 2019, marking the return of the glorious high-performance grand tourer, with close to a hundred units sold in the first batch. As with any new launch, all eyes are on the aftermarket, expecting new performance parts with anticipation. Japanese tuning giant HKS was among the first to jump on the Supra bandwagon, developing a number of go-fast parts before its competitors. The Hipermax Touring Height-Adjustable Spring set works with the original adaptive suspension system and offers height adjustability through its hybrid spring kit, which includes sport springs, a threaded adjustable sleeve, rear bump stops and rear shock dust boots. With the popularity of the new Supra, this product should be in high demand for those looking to improve the stance and handling of their vehicles.”
  • MSS Automotive UK, MSS Sport Springs With Rear Unique Middle-Located Adjuster Coupler Product: “Lowering springs are a quick and cost-effective fix when it comes to improving both the looks and handling of a car. For those car owners on a budget, springs are often the first upgrade they select. The only downside of lowering springs is the lack of height adjustability, making it impossible to dial in the perfect ride height. MSS Sport Springs feature a unique and innovative middle-located adjuster coupler that promises quick and easy height adjustment—a game changer when it comes to entry-level suspension upgrades. Ride height can be adjusted without removing the product, and the manufacturer claims increased grip levels with unchanged comfort and improved drivability. Cost-effective upgrades promising improved performance have been traditionally popular with those venturing into car customization, and our market is no exception.
  • Rennstand By Wuhan Robot Weld, Rennstand: “The Rennstand by Wuhan Robot Weld is a revolutionary workshop stand that changes the way cars are supported, with a four-post design that supports the car under its tires, offering increased clearance and access. Virtually any space can be converted into a makeshift workshop within minutes. Rennstand solves the problem of lifting, supporting and height adjusting of a lifted car at the same jack point. In our market, this product should work for both large dealership workshops as well as smaller garages and individual users, addressing the issue of limited floor space in addition to the above-mentioned advantages.”
  • Restomod Air, Bantam A/C Kit With Remote Control: “Restomod Air has been synonymous with innovation in the field of air-conditioning systems and has had an increasing presence at the SEMA Show, with a whopping 11 new products on display this year. The one that caught our eye is the Bantam A/C kit with remote control. Aside from the cooling efficiency and compact size, this is one of the most significant features of an A/C system in the hot Middle Eastern weather, allowing the cooling of the vehicle to start even before the driver steps in, thanks to its Wi-Fi-based remote control. Despite the Bantam’s compact size, this kit packs a mighty punch and features the most efficient evaporator in the market and thus is backed by quality components that exceed OEM standards. Retrofitting such kits should allow the owners of classics to enjoy driving their prides even during prolonged warm-weather periods and extend the usability of classics in our region.”
  • RockJock 4x4 by John Currie Performance Group, Forged Antirock Sway Bar Arms: “The Antirock sway bar arms are designed to enhance off-road driving capabilities and to provide balanced performance of front and rear suspension in rugged off-road conditions. They improve off-road traction by enabling increased suspension flex and by equalizing and distributing the weight of the vehicle over all four tires, contrary to the standard sway bars that only limit suspension flex, therefore affecting off-road traction and performance. Unlike traditional sway bars, the Antirock sway bar arms do not require disconnection. They are connected at all times, promising a more enjoyable transition from the road to the off-road. Available for most popular applications, they promise to change the way off-roaders perform in the rough at all levels, mild to extreme. With the immense popularity of dune bashing and rock crawling in our territory, this product should find its way onto the shelves of our local off-road shops.”
  • Specialty Auto Parts/Proform, Universal Slim-Fit Radiator System With 23-in. Hybrid Core: “Efficient engine cooling is paramount when building a performance machine in the hot Middle Eastern region, with summer temperatures soaring to extreme levels. Providing adequate cooling is often synonymous with reduced engine-bay clearance, thanks to an oversize radiator, radiator fans and shroud that clutter the front of the engine bay. Proform is changing the way we look at engine cooling with the introduction of its Slim-Fit radiator system, where the radiator, fans, shroud and thermostat can come together in a unified radiator system that is under 4 inches thick, looks great and is efficient. This revolutionary system is a preassembled and ready-to-fit unit for your custom V8 motor and comes with a thin radiator, a shroud, an electric fan with an adjustable thermostat, wiring harness and a radiator cap. Perfect for our region.”
  • sPod, BantamX: “The Bantam is a small, innovative eight-circuit expandable control system that provides a clean and safe way to power and control all 12-/24-volt accessories without the need to spend hours wiring them into your vehicle’s system. The compact-size Bantam is connected via an Ethernet cable and does away with wires or the need to tap into the vehicle’s electrical system and thus is programmable to control dimming, strobe or flash. All aftermarket electrical accessories can now be controlled from one central point, using its touchscreen or an app. Bantam also acts as protection against over-current, overheat, reverse polarity and field collapse. These features make it a perfect device for off-roaders and campers who tend to overload their weekend rides with additional accessories such as lighting, audio system, speakers, navigation, fridges, showers and other convenience accessories and aids.”
  • The Bracketeer, UFEB1317/D Universal Car Fire Extinguisher Bracket: “Another mini revolution is the universal car fire extinguisher bracket developed and manufactured by the Bracketeer. This patented universal bracket simply drops down onto the front or rear side of the seat rails, providing an adequate location for the emergency extinguisher on both the driver and passenger sides. The clever design provides over 30 different positions and mounting combinations, making it adaptable to virtually any vehicle found on our roads. Compatible with the majority of the industry-standard fire extinguishers, this universal car fire extinguisher bracket is a must have in every custom or off-road vehicle. Particularly important is the installation of fire extinguishers in our region, where extreme temperatures increase the hazard of fire, both in on-road and off-road driving. This bracket should become an industry standard, enabling every car owner to boost their vehicle safety and protection against fire.”
  • Wavian USA, Red Jerry Can, 20-Liter: “Extreme off-roading and camping are immensely popular in the whole of the Middle East, and both take place away from main roads and sometimes civilization, making it paramount to ensure sufficient fuel supplies while off-road. Keeping in mind the extremely hot climate in our region, safe storage of fuel is one of the precautions car owners need to keep in mind when preparing to venture off-road. Wavian jerry cans have been developed to deliver a safe, leak-free experience. They’re built of high-quality steel and feature a rust-proof internal lining, an internal breather pipe for splash-free pouring, a three-handle configuration for practicality, a leak-proof closure and a locking pin for the cap. These jerry cans work with both gasoline and diesel, making them the safe choice for any kind of off-roading experience in our region.”


Mike Rysiecki, Auto Italia, Retro Ford & Performance Ford Cars Magazine

  • Chevrolet, ’20 Corvette High-Wing Spoiler and ’20 Corvette Visible Carbon-Fiber Ground Effects: “These two superbly engineered products enhance and individualize the new-model Corvette, making its aero characteristics more effective and its appearance even more arresting. UK buyers are awaiting the arrival of the ’20 Corvette with anticipation and will want to be able to select their own combination of performance and personalization accessories.”
  • Ford Motor Company, 5.0L Coyote Black Cammer-Style Coil-Covers: “Respect for heritage lies at the heart of every restomod build, and the classic Cammer-style covers bring that in an appropriately understated way. As the Coyote crate engine increases in popularity for resto-modified Fords in Europe, builders now have another option when it comes to dressing their powerplants for maximum nostalgia.”
  • Ford Motor Company, 5.0L/5.2L GT500 Aluminum Oil Pan and Pump Kit: “Owners looking to extract the most from their late-model Mustangs on track will appreciate the design and engineering that went into the development of this new product. Following Ford’s success in the British GT4 Championship, the current generation of Mustang is seen more frequently at track days in the UK as owners look to explore the upper reaches of its performance.”
  • Ford Motor Company, Ranger Bed Extender: “The nascent leisure-and-pleasure subsegment of the pickup market is emerging in the UK. This load bed extender is perfect for increasing its flexibility and versatility in both commercial- and domestic-use cases.”
  • Green Filter USA, Ford Ranger Diesel ’17–’19 #7365: “Recently awarded ‘Pickup Truck of the Year’ in Europe, the Ford Ranger is a perfect platform for those with an eye for customization and performance enhancement. The new clean-burning diesels are important because of their economy and improved social acceptance.”
  • R3 Performance Products, ’65–’70 Mustang Body Shell: “The R3 Mustang body shell is now licensed by both Ford and ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ owner Denice Halicki, thereby adding more authenticity for restorers looking to replicate the hero car. The Eleanor movie halo reaches around the world as builders look to create the most accurate reproductions.”
  • Roush Performance, Roush ’18–’20 Mustang Supercharger Kit, Phase 2 750 hp: “It’s not just how much horsepower and torque a supercharged engine can produce, it’s also about how it’s delivered. Roush’s long-standing reputation for usability and power means that 2018–2020 V8 Mustang owners now have access to the latest version of proven power addition from this trusted vendor.”
  • The Bracketeer, UFEB1317/D Universal Car Fire Extinguisher Bracket: “Some products just leap out and shout, ‘Here’s what you have been waiting for.’ The Bracketeer’s clever design and thoughtful engineering make this great product look simple. How did we get this far without it?”
  • The Original California Car Duster Company, The Original California Platinum-Series Super Duster: “Who would have thought that this already world-renowned detailing essential could be improved? The new 360-degree capability with longer reach make the Platinum Series Super Duster perfect for larger vehicles and hard-to-reach places. In addition, the new ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ prong-style wheel duster is perfect for keeping complex multi-spoke alloy wheels in pristine condition.”


Henry Pierini, AutoZulia International

  • Aeromotive Inc., Variable-Speed Brushless Fuel Pump: “It’s a fuel pump that is great for your car. It uses sensors to monitor the rotor angle and provide a more reliable phase change, producing more in capacitated torque and engine efficiency. With this product, the fuel economy capacity in the vehicle, which is currently very relevant in our country, would be facilitated, where access to hydrocarbons is quite limited.”
  • Antigravity Batteries, Lithium-Ion Auto Battery: “It is a last-generation drummer that offers a longer and safer life cycle. It has safety circuits to avoid overloads and protections against short circuits, maintains the temperature and cellular balance of it, and has an energy-saving mode. These features make it safer and more permanent. With this battery, our automotive park would be more durable and efficient.”
  • Cedar Electronics, Cobra Road Scout: “It’s a smart radar with long range to detect threats along the way and also capture with high resolution images and record in video everything that happened through your lens for 24 hours straight. It is a product that could be used for passive safety of the vehicle as it works as a backup, preserving images and videos in real time and in case of accidents and unforeseen events.”
  • Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., Discoverer EnduraMax: “It is a pneumatic for small and medium SUVs with technology, design and formula of pneumatics for off-road vehicles. Resists the extra wear of difficult roads that can damage tires and shorten their useful life. It offers good performance on roads, gravel or sand, providing excellent resistance. It’s a 30% mixed and 70% off-road tire. It is a very useful product in the local market, where the terrains are varied and the distances are extensive.”
  • Griot’s Garage Inc., Ceramic 3-in-1 Wax: “It is a high-performance sprayable body, formulated with polymers líquids and a chemical fusion that forms a link with the paint to impart a layer of protection more solid than conventional waxes and sealants. Protects against oxidation, UV rays, stains, acid rain engraving and other environmental and chemical sources. It is an excellent product for automotive washing entrepreneurs, as it offers great potential for the car surface.”
  • Holley Performance, Amp’d Throttle Booster: “This product adjusts the throttle sensitivity of the vehicle, which reduces dead-pedal sensitivity while accelerating. Checks and controls the fuel level of the engine, giving access to more power according to the driver’s need. It is an innovative product that provides safety to the driver while traveling, especially over long distances.”
  • Keep It Klean, Revolution: “It is a reusable air filter cleaner that uses the power of centrifugal force to clean your filter until it leaves it flawless. It is able to clean, rinse and test reusable air filters in a simple and efficient way. It is another ideal product for automotive washing companies, as it would offer great effectiveness and guaranteed quality with only one product.”
  • Redline Detection, Dual-Purpose Diagnostic Leak Locator: “It is a device designed to test the integrity of EVAP systems, intake sockets, turbo systems, low and high pressure, all without dyes or contaminants, making it safe for vehicles and environment. It allows the discovery of all kinds of faults in all kinds of vehicles, including in heavy trucks. Ideal product for mechanical workshops.”
  • Switch-Pros by Off Road Engineering, RCR Force 12: “It’s a 12-switch power supply system. A Switch panel with active switch indicators to assist in 12 car functions. It has a capacity of 150A, controls 17 outputs and tolerates inductive loads. Programming options include attenuation memory, multiple output switches, and on-on-off. It would be a very useful product, especially in those vehicles that are not so modern.”
  • Tire Stickers, Cerebrum Smart Tire Sensor: “This product is the intelligent pneumatic solution that uses revolutionary sensor technology. It provides advanced pessio and temperature data for pneumatics, as well as depth, alignment and tread performance data to the operator through a convenient application. It is a really efficient product, because drivers can optimize the performance of the pneumatics of their vehicle, reduce fuel consumption and excessive carbon-dioxide emissions, eliminate premature wear of the pneumatics and receive critical safety alerts such as the priority of blowouts.”

For more information on SEMA international programs, contact SEMA Senior Director of International and Government Affairs Linda Spencer at

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