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Photographer shooting for the Hot Product Showcase at the Carlisle Swap Meet, Coral and Auction.

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ARMO Gears Up for Hot Product Showcase at Spring Carlisle

Every year since 1977, collector-car enthusiasts and auto restoration suppliers have flocked in droves to the annual classic- and collector-car swap meet, car corral and auction known as Spring Carlisle. Held on the massive fairgrounds in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Spring Carlisle last year featured 3,000 vendors and drew more than 100,000 gearheads intent on celebrating all things automotive.

The 2020 Spring Carlisle is slated for Thursday, April 22, through Sunday, April 26. And for members of SEMA’s Automotive Market Restoration Organization (ARMO), it’s a highly anticipated opportunity for the council to spotlight the newest and hottest restoration products in the ARMO Hot Product Showcase.

Value-Packed Member Benefit

Specialty equipment used by photographer to shoot products entered into the Hot Product Showcase.

An annual council activity since the mid-’00s, the Hot Product Showcase is a prime attraction at Spring Carlisle. It affords participating companies a chance to display their products in a tent situated in a high-traffic area close to the grandstands—a site that’s certain to be viewed and visited by thousands of showgoers.

Participation in the Showcase is simple, economical and highly valued. Any restoration product from a member company is welcome, and brand-new products eligible to receive ARMO New Product Awards. To receive an award, however, new products must be available for sale by the Showcase opening and must demonstrate unique/innovative technology and/or be of significant benefit to the restoration industry.

The Showcase is open exclusively to ARMO-member companies. While members are responsible for shipping costs (which can be avoided if the company or a distributor is displaying at Spring Carlisle), participation in the Showcase is free and comes with plenty of perks.

Once on site, each company’s product is unpacked and set up for display in the Showcase tent. Signage indicating the company name and product name is provided. Enthusiasts who visit the tent get to vote for their fan-favorite new product in each of five ARMO award categories: exterior trim; drivetrain/brakes/suspension/wheels/tires; accessory item; interior (including trunk); and engine/engine compartment.

SEMA staff and ARMO select committee members are on hand throughout the event to answer attendee questions and provide company contact information. At the end of the event, each product is repacked in original shipping materials and either shipped back to the company or picked up on-site.

Attendees of the Carlisle Swap Meet had the opportunity to view products entered into the Hot New Product Showcase.

In addition to on-site visibility, the Showcase is also highly publicized. New-product award winners are announced after the event on social media and through all SEMA outlets, and they receive their awards at the annual ARMO awards reception, to be held during the 2020 SEMA Show.

“If you are an ARMO member, you can display the hottest or newest product your company has to offer in our Hot Product Showcase tent,” said Justin Whitten, ARMO select committee member and chair of the Hot Product Showcase task force. “Not only will your product be on display for thousands to view, but attendees also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite items in the Showcase. And the best part is that it’s free to members.”

“Get your products in front of 100,000 potential customers,” added Ben Tucker, ARMO chair-elect. “Get recognized with an award. Voting is done by true industry enthusiasts. Free exposure at no cost makes this event a no-brainer.”

For more information on the Hot Product Showcase, email SEMA Council Director Jim Skelly at

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