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’21 Jaguar F-Type Coupe and Cabrio


Mystery Colorado Mule Caught


Jaguar Colorado

Prototypes for the Jaguar F-type coupe and Cabrio were caught testing at the German Nürburgring. The new car looks to move away from the E-type lines the current car riffs on. The grille is larger, the headlights are slimmer and sharper, and the rear lights look svelte and squared off. This is not an all-new model.

Expect the aluminum structure of today’s car to evolve into the next decade. Thin, horizontal headlamps are ushered in, replacing the more vertical arrangements today and helping to give the F a fresh, more modern face.

The new ’20 F-type will retain its front engine, and there are talks of a purely electric Jaguar F-type featuring a 100kWh energy cell and two e-motors rated at 150kW/350Nm each. An electric F-type wouldn’t launch before 2023, and the powertrain is still up in the air.

 Last week, shots surfaced of a purported Bronco/Courier mule disguised as a Chevy Colorado. Unfortunately, that is not believed to be the case. These are photos of that same mule, although this time it had its front bumper attached. However, it didn’t feature the yellow identification tag that is seen on virtually every Ford prototype windshield. Second, the truck featured a five-lug setup, not six like the earlier Bronco mules (and the Ford Ranger). Finally, the supplier that the vehicle returned to is known for testing other brands at the Ford Dearborn Proving Grounds (e.g. Mahindra, Ssangyong, Tata, Karma). The identification of this mule is unknown; however, it is believed that it is not a mule related to the Bronco’s development.

Baby Bronco Tests Its Off-Road Chops


C8 Corvette Convertible Confirms Hard-Top


Bronco Corvette

This is the upcoming Ford Adventurer compact SUV. Ford will fill out its SUV lineup with the introduction of an Escape-based crossover that’s made more rugged and styled similarly to the upcoming Bronco SUV. Called “Baby Bronco” or “Scout,” it’s tipped to be given the Adventurer nameplate for the ’21 model year.

Little is known about the small “Bronco” other than it will use mechanicals from the ’20 Escape. Expect it to be larger than a Jeep Renegade but boast similar levels of off-road capability and come with five doors. A lineup of turbocharged four- and possibly three-cylinder engines is expected as well as some type of hybrid or plug-in version. Front-wheel drive will likely be the standard drivetrain, however.

Expect to see baby Adventurer sometime next year.

 Here’s an up-close look at the upcoming Corvette C8 convertible. The C8 will switch to a hard-top configuration for the convertible model. This represents a major departure from prior models that were soft-top convertibles. Video confirms the “hard-top” nature of the convertible roof panel, as the photographer delivers a few “knocks” on the convertible roof panel and the panel immediately behind it. It’s unclear how the convertible mechanism will work at this point. However, Chevrolet teased the C8 convertible with the roof down in a recent video, and it looks like part of the assembly will be folded into and over the engine cover.

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