SEMA Member News—July 2019

Tools to Help Grow Your Business

PROJosh Poulson, owner of Auto Additions and chair-elect of PRO, relies on council resources to build confidence in his company and the products and services it provides.

Members of the Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) are not just part of a community of like-minded professionals. Membership in PRO also gives employees of member companies a voice on matters that influence and impact the restyling market—and that can help to effect change.

Through the exchange of ideas at annual membership meetings and strategic planning sessions over the course of 31 years, PRO members have created a toolbox of resources in response to that collective voice.

What’s in It for You?

The car-dealer community is the restyling industry’s primary channel partner. So it makes sense that many of PRO’s resources are aimed at helping member companies create successful and profitable dealership accessory programs.

The more tools there are, the greater the chances of success. Here’s a sampling of resources that can help to enhance the stature of the industry, raise the level of professionalism, and give members a competitive edge.

Vehicle Accessorization: The Fast Track to Greater Profits. Dealer profit margins can be slim. This high-impact, dealer-direct sales tool highlights important facts about the aftermarket industry and the value of teaming up with restylers to create profit-generating accessory programs. The two-sided flyer can be personalized to include a member company’s key message points. To request a PDF, email SEMA Senior Manager of Councils Allan Keefe at

PRO Codes of Ethics: PRO has developed recommended codes of ethics for member manufacturers, warehouse distributors and installers, restylers and accessory retailers. The restyler code, for instance, identifies eight best business practices, including installing only warranted products, employing a staff of trained technicians, and having appropriate liability insurance. Keep a copy on hand. Put it in your sales presentation binder. To download the codes of ethics, visit

Owner Information Packet: PRO has two documents in its toolbox that address warranty-related concerns. The first is a two-part glovebox insert. It includes an envelope for storing various documents (product warranties, accessory operating instructions, etc.) plus a postcard insert containing valuable information on new-vehicle warranty coverage as defined under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. To order packets—available free to members—email

SEMA Document: The second document, authored by SEMA President and CEO Chris Kersting in collaboration with the PRO select committee, provides guidance to installers working with dealerships and advises dealers what to look for when selecting an aftermarket installer (think code of ethics) and of their rights under Magnuson-Moss. The document is available as a PDF. To request a copy, email

PRO Tools at Work

All of these tools—and others such as the “PRO Sales Training Manual” and the all-new SEMA Accessory Sales Professional Certificate program—can help restylers instill confidence in the industry’s products and services and build a members’ images as restyling pros.

Case in point: Josh Poulson, owner of Auto Additions in Columbus, Ohio, recently heard from a dealer principal who was concerned about installing certain aftermarket accessories, which the dealer thought might affect a new-vehicle warranty. Before sitting down with the dealer, Poulson did his homework. He assembled copies of several documents, including his garagekeepers legal liability insurance policy, the PRO codes of ethics for manufacturers and installers, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, and the SEMA memorandum from Chris Kersting. His due diligence paid off.

“PRO continues to put materials into place to help restylers and dealers,” said Poulson, who assumes the role of PRO chair-elect in July. “Many times, it’s just a matter of breaking down the issue and helping dealers understand the value of working with a professional restyler and that they have the right to sell aftermarket accessories. Using the tools in the PRO toolbox helps me as a restyler to have the confidence and information to intelligently address any concerns or objections that a dealer might bring up.”

“PRO has always been focused on helping our members raise the bar and on providing tools to grow their businesses and remain competitive,” said Ellen McKoy, the council’s outgoing chair. “But none of that would be possible if not for our members playing an active role in helping PRO achieve its goals.”

The SEMA Accessory Sales Professional Exam is now live at

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