SEMA Member News—July 2019

Building Better Business for All

RepMatchRepMatch is an online resource that helps manufacturers get connected with well-matched sales reps in a matter of minutes.

Manufacturers’ representatives are key channel partners. They are in the unique position to connect with virtually every aspect of the supply chain. From sales calls to warehouse distributors, retailers and installers in the territories they represent to their in-depth product and industry knowledge and sales expertise, reps provide valuable professional services to the manufacturers they represent.

Need help implementing programs and policies or assistance setting up a trade show exhibit? Want someone to train an in-house sales team or to follow up on leads? These and much more are all in a day’s work for a manufacturers’ rep.

But finding the right sales agent can be challenging and time-consuming. Which is precisely why the Manufacturers Representative
Network (MRN) created the RepMatch program.

Creating Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Manufacturers’ reps bring a lot of value to the table. They deliver professional and dedicated service. They are driven by results—your success is their success—and one of the key benefits of hiring experienced sales representatives is that they already have a proven track record and a loyal and well-established customer base.

RepMatch is an online tool designed to connect manufacturers to sales reps who have years (if not decades) of experience in the aftermarket industry. And because RepMatch is an online tool, manufacturers can easily peruse the MRN member roster and connect to well-matched sales agents in a matter of minutes, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming meetings with prospects who may not be a good fit.

MRNMRN rep-matching program helps sync the right manufacturer with the right independent sales rep during the SEMA Show.

Conversely, RepMatch also allows MRN members to find new-to-market manufacturers that may be seeking sales representation and help with gaining greater marketplace exposure for their products. Either way, RepMatch speeds the process, enabling manufacturers and sales agents to make quick connections.

Access to RepMatch is free to manufacturers as well as to independent sales agents who are members of MRN. Manufacturers looking for representation from experienced sales agents can easily register for RepMatch at

Registered RepMatch reps are notified when a manufacturer is in search of representation in the territories they represent. For those sales reps who are not members of MRN and would like to participate in and benefit from the RepMatch program, joining is easy and free: Simply visit the MRN website at It’s the first step in building mutually profitable relationships for all.

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