SEMA News—February 2017


By Linda Spencer

2017 Global Media Awards

The Winners Include First-Time Exhibitors

2017 Global Media Awards
From left: Bill Miller, SEMA senior vice president of operations; Paul Calisi, director of Element; and Robert Calisi, director of Element. “As a first-time SEMA exhibitor, we were both thrilled and humbled to win so many awards—especially when we saw how great some of the other new products were,” Calisi said. “Certainly the interest shown by the various voting countries highlights the global importance of being protected from the dangers of fire and encourages us to pursue international sales.”

A contingent of 29 leading global journalists, tapped as members of the Global Media Awards (GMA) panel, was charged at the 2016 SEMA Show with selecting products from the New Products Showcase that would resonate best with consumers back home. The diverse group—journalists from 18 countries and covering niches from off-road to street performance, vehicle restoration and motorsports—made their selections on the opening day of the Show after reviewing more than 3,000 products in 16 categories.

In the 13th year of the GMA selections, 157 exhibitors won awards, and 20 were given to first-time exhibitors. Among the highlights, a first-time exhibitor—Element—received nine GMAs, which was the most by any company at this year’s Show. Paul Grace of New Zealand Hot Rod magazine singled out the firm’s lightweight fire extinguisher, calling the product revolutionary.

“I see it as a disrupter, and great pricing is icing on the cake,” he said. “It will have wide applications in our New Zealand market, where the collector-car hobby is especially strong.”

Simon Christie of 4WD TV in Australia also selected Element’s fire extinguisher as one of his 10 selections and saw great promise for the product in the Australian outback.

“With weight, space and safety being such critical factors in remote-area travel as well as motorsports and recreation, this mini-style fire extinguisher offers a practical solution,” he said.

Two companies—Factor 55 and Tire Stickers—tied for second place in the award count, each winning eight awards. Factor 55 is a five-year-old company that has been exhibiting at the SEMA Show since its founding and has won Global Media Awards each year since its first show in 2012, but Michael Costa, the firm’s president, marveled at the company’s widespread recognition at this year’s Show.

2017 Global Media Awards
The Pilot Inc. Pilot HD 360 CAM garnered high praise from Henry Pierini of AutoZulia International, Venezuela.

“When we found out that we had won eight GMAs, we were blown away,” Costa said. “As you know, we have been fortunate enough to win SEMA new-product awards every year, but never eight of them. Winning these awards from worldwide journalists is the main motivator behind our company selling abroad. Until becoming a SEMA exhibitor, we focused mainly on the domestic market. The SEMA show is primarily responsible for the exporting side of our business, which is growing and becoming a more significant part of our sales.”

Tire Stickers, the other eight-award winner, was exhibiting at the SEMA Show for the second time. As a first-year exhibitor last year, the tire-customization company also won recognition.

“Last year, we were privileged to take home four GMAs,” said Keith Ferry, the company’s co-founder and CEO. “Learning that we doubled that success this year left us speechless, especially with the news that we were the second most recognized of any exhibitor. There were so many amazing products at the SEMA Show this year, which makes judging incredibly difficult. Receiving these eight awards continues to affirm that our products are having a profound impact at the SEMA Show and in the automotive market globally. It’s an amazing feeling for the Tire Stickers team.”

Tire Stickers continues to expand globally, and global markets are a major focus for the company after the SEMA Show.

2017 Global Media Awards
Russian journalist Vitaly Gavinskiy of Off-Road Drive, singled out J.W. Speaker Corp.’s Model 8790 Adaptive LED Motorcycle High/Low Headlight for a Global Media Award.

“We had the privilege of touching base with most of the journalists [who selected our product] before the Show ended, and each emphasized the excitement surrounding our innovative products and the response expected in their respective markets,” Ferry said. “We are active in several markets included in this list, though there are several that remain untapped, and that is extremely encouraging. What sets Tire Stickers apart from nearly every company at the SEMA Show is that our products can be used on any vehicle, in any weather condition, and that means we have the unique opportunity to have true global penetration. Seeing the diversity of these judges and awards continues to bring motivation to our global expansion initiative. The global media recognition has already generated recognition by other renowned publications, including DuPont Registry. We will certainly use this recognition as a staple of our promotion as we continue to expand globally into 2016.”

Among the 16 new-product categories, Performance/Racing products were the hands-down favorites with the international judges. Awards went to 66 products in that category, and an additional 44 GMAs were doled out in the second-most-popular category: Off-Road/4-Wheel Drive.

While first-time exhibitors were very well represented among this year’s winners, honorees among longtime exhibitors included Pro Comp/Smittybilt/G2 Axle/Rubicon Express/Poison Spyder/LRG Rims with seven awards; Antigravity Lithium-Ion Batteries and Pearl Automation with six awards apiece; and AccuAir Suspension, Holley/MSD Group, Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge/Alloy USA, Pilot Automotive and Wilwood Disc Brakes with five GMAs each.

SEMA News talked to a number of the award-panel journalists about their selections and why they thought the products they selected would resonate with their readers. We also talked to some of the winning companies about their global recognition.


Simon Christie, 4WD TV

Accele Electronics Inc., Solar Battery Pack: “There are many similar products on the market, but I have never seen one that incorporates a built-in solar panel. In Australia, where travel to remote areas is popular and it’s not uncommon to be hundreds of kilometers from fuel and power, a self-charging (solar) unit like this would be very well received. With the ability to charge itself from the sun and then charge a phone enough to make an emergency phone call (within five minutes), it will also be seen as a safety aid.”

Antigravity Lithium-Ion Batteries, RS-20 Lithium-Ion Performance Battery: “Weight saving is applicable to any automotive application, and these new, lighter and smaller batteries will do well in the Australian market where remote-area power is in high demand and space and weight savings are highly regarded. These batteries also have numerous ‘smart’ functions, with built-in low-voltage protection and ‘last start’ capabilities. With remote-area travel being so popular and Australians loving their 12V accessories, this product will be well received.”

Daystar Products, Rollbar Switch Pod: “In newer and smaller vehicles, the space to fit aftermarket switches is limited. There are many accessories available, and fitting switches neatly and practically can be very difficult. Hence, a set of quality ganged switches in a neat, space-friendly pod is an effective solution. This device will be popular with 4x4, UTV and other off-road enthusiasts.”

Element, Fire Extinguisher: “With weight, space and safety being such critical factors in remote-area travel, motorsports and auto recreation, this mini-style fire extinguisher offers a practical solution. It is even likely that more consumers will purchase it, as there is no major challenge to finding the space to store it or the need to specifically mount it. It offers a solution to the problem of safety while minimizing the extra size and weight to be carried. It will be well received in the Australian automotive market.”

Factor 55, ProLink Expert: “The ProLink Expert is an affordable upgrade to replace the winch hook on 4x4 vehicles. It allows flush retention of the device on the fairlead and is an adaptable hooking solution, as you can pick the rated shackle of your choice or quickly change it as required. It also offers a safer and more efficient recovery point, as the strap eyes are locked into the shackle and not simply hooked with a conventional-style winch hook. Outdoor recreation is very popular in Australia, with most 4x4s and UTVs having winches. This will be a welcomed upgrade to any winch.”

Jet Performance Products, Mass Air for ’15–’16 Toyota: “Toyota is a very popular brand in Australia, and whether on- or off-road, this device offers a quick, easy and affordable upgrade to improve power and efficiency. It will work with other accessories, and considering the popularity of the Toyota 86, this product shows great promise for the Australian market.”

Pearl Automation Inc., RearVision: “A rearview camera system is an incredibly convenient and useful driving and safety device. But the big drawback stopping people from purchasing one is the cost and installation time. This RearVision system is inexpensive and super easy to install, making it ideal for the Australian market where 4x4 owners and other road users want to keep the roads safe but also enjoy the benefits of assisted reversing and parking.”

Rust-Oleum/Wipe New, RainBrella: “Australians are automotive fanatics, and whether you are an outback tourer or a long-distance truck driver, having clear and clean windscreens is practical and safe. This product offers far longer water resistance times than other products. It’s affordable and easy to use. It will be well received in Australia.”

Trac-Grabber LLC, Trac-Grabber: “Trac- Grabber is a new self-recovery product that is inexpensive, easy to use and effective. With four-wheel driving being so popular in Australia, and getting bogged or stuck being so common, this space-saving device will work well in the Australian market.”, Trailer Legs: “Simple, effective and inexpensive make this product a hit from the start. Many Australians own a trailer, camper trailer or caravan (trailer home), and Trailer Legs offers a very easy way to sit the trailer safely off its wheels to protect its tire life and make it secure. With the right price point and distribution, this product will work well in Australia.”

Matt Raudonikis, 4x4 Australia

American Trail Products, Jeep JK Wrangler Billet Grab Handles: “Add some bling to your Jeep with these beautifully made billet grab handles. They don’t just look good but also mount solidly to give you something to hang on to when climbing aboard or bouncing along the tracks.”

Bubba Rope, Rock n Roll Recovery Kit: “Just like your usual recovery kit, but instead of a snatch strap, it includes Bubba Rope’s kinetic energy recovery rope, and in lieu of metal shackles, it has a pair of Gator Jaw synthetic soft shackles. This kit isn’t cheap at $419, but its full of U.S.-made products that are innovative and top-quality stuff.”

Bubba Rope, The Grabber: “One of those clever little inventions that makes you wonder why you didn’t think of it. The Grabber simply holds the last few rolls of winch rope to the winch drum to ensure that you never roll it all the way out and always get the most from your vehicle winch. Folks have probably been making their own similar items, but Bubba Rope has brought it to market.”

Redarc Electronics, Tow-Pro Elite: “A great example of an Australian product taking on the global marketplace. Aussies are familiar with Redarc’s electric brake controllers, but here is the brand’s premier product that is suitable for vehicles towing trailers fitted with electric brakes, no matter what country they are in. The compact, remote head of the Tow Pro Elite ensures that it can be fitted to all manner of vehicles, no matter what side the steering wheel is on.”

Factor 55, Fast Fid: “Another clever but simple product that comes from something folks have been cobbling together themselves for years but is now a commercial product. No more stealing Nanna’s knitting needles; the Fast Fid is ready to help you with your synthetic rope splicing and repairs.”

Factor 55, ProLink Expert: “The latest winch thimble from Factor 55, the Prolink Expert features a bigger opening in the head to allow the shackle to be fitted through either the shackle pin or the bow. Like other Factor 55 Prolinks, the Expert is made from hard-anodized aerospace billet aluminum and features convenient titanium shear-pin installation and a rubber guard to protect the front of your fairlead.”

Dynatrac, DynaLoc 40-Spline Locking Hub: “Dynatrac is well known for its heavy-duty axle upgrades, including its ProRock 44, 60 and 80 replacement axle assemblies. Those upgrading to the heavier-duty assemblies often select 40-spline axle shafts, and now Dynatrac introduces its DynaLoc 40-spline hubs for the front end. These American-made hubs claim to be up to three times stronger than any others on the market and work with Dynatrac’s 40-spline chrome-moly axles and exclusive 40-spline ARB Air Lockers to deliver the ultimate in strength.”

ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America, B6 4600: “Bilstein USA had a number of great offerings at the SEMA Show, including its new adjustable coil-over suspensions for the Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado, both of which should transfer to the Australian equivalent utes without too much trouble. Bilstein did an epic off-road R&D trip to Las Vegas and displayed its vehicles covered in mud at the Show.”

Carrichs Accessories, Tablet Dash Kit: “Something a bit different but certainly a valuable accessory, the Tablet Dash kit from Carrichs is a molded pod to mount your iPad or other tablet device into the dash of your vehicle. No more windscreen or other mounts, the Carrichs pod puts your tablet up high where it’s easy to read for navigation or other apps that you use in your 4x4. Set to be available early in 2017 and initially for the JK Wrangler, more models are expected through the new year.”, LS12: “Okay, so this one is a bit self-indulgent and may not be the first engine swap a 4x4’er goes for. But it’s the work of a couple of Aussie mad professors who chopped up a pair of General Motors LS V8 engines and melded them together to create a V12. They’ve now cast a bespoke engine block and heads for the creation, and turnkey engines are available for around $40,000.”


Eduardo Bernasconi, Revista Fullpower

Hooker, Blackheart Axleback Exhaust: “Chevrolet Brazil is just launching the new Camaro, and that’s why I’ve picked some parts for it like Hooker Blackheart Axleback Exhaust. Also, the Quick Time Screamer Exhaust. We already have MagnaFlow and Borla down here, and some new brands will help to raise the exhaust market for V8 engines.”

K&N Engineering, Blackhawk Series Intake System: “K&N Filters also has a Blackhawk series intake system for the ’16 Chevy, and I haven’t seen it yet around here. They can talk to their Brazilian rep and get it ASAP in South America. They also have some parts for the new Colorado, which is our S10 and Trailblazer. Both use the 2.8 engine, and it’s hard to find aftermarket filters for these trucks and SUVs.”

K&N Engineering, AEM Cold-Air Intake System for ’12–’15 BMW 335i/M235i 3.0L: “Brazilians are starting to tune up German cars seriously, and the AEM cold-air intake system for the ’12–’15 BMW 3 Series and M235i is a great choice to start upgrading a Bimmer.”

Prosport Gauges, JDM Series 52 mm: “And there are two products for enthusiasts to fit in any car: Prosport Gauges (JDM Series 52 mm) could work for a JDM or some other project. The most popular here is still AutoMeter, and there is room for some new brands, new design gauges.”

Holley/Powerteq Group, Flashpaq F5 Pro: “At last, the Flashpaq F5 Pro. Some gadgets that we’re not using will become pretty popular here soon, and I believe this one fits perfectly for enthusiasts and owners who love to know about their cars.”


Darren Greenwood, Garageshots Magazine

AutoTrickz LLC, 12VDC Plug-In Tracking Device: “The 12VDC plug-in tracking device would be a great real-time tracking device that is simple to use for any hot rodder.”

Ball’s and Vintage Glass, ’55–’57 Chevy Nomad Wagon Replacement Glass: “Ball’s and Vintage Glass replacement rear sliding curved glass for the ‘55–‘57 Chevy is something that anyone building or customizing a Nomad should consider to give their build that extra touch.”

Brookville Roadster Inc., ’32 All-Steel Tudor Phanton Body: “If you’re having trouble locating a perfect barn find, a 1932 all-steel Tudor Phanton body by Brookville Roadster is the great all-steel body that you have been dreaming about.”

Con2r, ’47–’54 Chevrolet Truck SuperStock Instrumentation: “The Con2r Chevrolet truck SuperStock instrumentation is the perfect way to keep an old-school and original look to your ‘47–‘54 Chevy build, but it also gives you the latest electronic technology.”

Holley/MSD Group, Sniper EFI—Dichromate: “Holley Sniper EFI—Dichromate is a great way to upgrade to EFI without breaking the bank.”

L&B Forged, Blank and Custom Billet Steering Wheel: “The blank and custom billet steering wheel by L&B Forged gives you the ability to create a fully customized wheel that can be a true work of art to complement your build.”

Lokar Inc., Goolsby Edition Interior Door Pulls: “Goolsby Edition interior door pulls by Lokar can give your ’69 Camaro build that extra touch with customizable options. The ’69 has always been a very popular model, and Lokar can make your interior options a little easier to find.”

Pearl Automation, RearVision: “Pearl Automation’s RearVision is such an easy system to use and install that it would be crazy for any new build not to consider a rearview camera. There is no need to drill or wire, and no professional installation is required.”

Shell Pioneering Performance, Pennzoil’s Platinum High Mileage 5W-30: “Pennzoil’s Platinum High Mileage 5W-30 is a great product that any Canadian driving in our harsh environment should consider.”

VMS Racing, Lug-Nut Plate System: “The VMS Racing lug-nut plate system can give any custom build extra flash. VMS has plenty of cap and plate designs that will add a little extra to a finished build.”

Dave Pankew, AutoNation

BBS of America Inc., Forged Magnesium Porsche GT3-RS Wheel: “This new magnesium wheel from BBS is derived from the technology found on the Le Mans-winning Porsche 919 hybrid race car. Fit these mags to your Porsche 911 GT3-RS, and there is 27 lbs. shed from the rotational mass of the vehicle. The wheel also provides superior stiffness versus the OEM alloy wheel. Magnesium is a rare material these days, but this extreme center-lug design is actually quite cost effective versus standard Porsche wheels. The Porsche 911 is the best-selling exotic car in Canada, and those running single lugs have the option to boost performance and handling. Who knows? This wheel may even be an incentive for a single-lug conversion.”

BlackVue, Dash Cameras: “Any dash camera can be a solid investment, but there is a lot of cheap junk on the market, too. BlackVue is one of those innovators in the field with this amazing 1080p cloud-based dash cam that is well worth the price. This dash cam is a game-changer because it’s cloud-based, so everything is backed up without any memory-card issues. If you ever get into an accident and there is a dispute, your footage can be presented to police or in court to show what really happened. For fleet purposes, there is a really slick live-view feature, tracking data and even push notifications, along with the cloud backup for every move an employee makes or even your teenage kids behind the wheel.”

DSC Sport, Porsche Retro Series Active Suspension Package: “There really are limited options for suspension upgrades on older Porsche cars. The DSC Sport active suspension package for classic Porsches brings their handling into the modern age. Classic Porsche 911s are skyrocketing in value, especially the 993 and 964 chassis. However, there are limited options for suspension upgrades, and although all-original cars might be going for big money, a few modern tweaks and improvements are solid choices, and sellers can always toss the old OEM stuff in with the deal.”

Ford Motor Co., EcoBoost 2.3L Crate Engine Control Pack: “This 2.L turbo motor is really putting Ford on the map, and we even saw this turnkey kit make it into one of the most popular show cars of SEMA, the Project Underdog Ford Maverick. I remember telling Ford more than 10 years ago to bring the Focus RS to America when they still thought stuffing a V8 into a Focus show car would get attention. Fast forward a few years, and here Ford is with an outstanding turbo-motor lineup that is rewriting the rules for Canada’s best-selling vehicle, the F-150, the four-banger turbo Mustang and even making the EcoBoost engine law-enforcement and fleet friendly.”

Forgeline Motorsports Performance & Racing Wheels, Carbon+Forged Series Wheel: “First the wheel is drop-dead gorgeous, and I only wish that I could slip a set on my GT-R. And second, carbon-fiber wheel technology has arrived for the masses. They used to be crazy expensive and for pro-level racing only, but they are going mainstream, and this hybrid wheel from Forgeline has an impressive hybrid design. With Ford making the move to have carbon-fiber wheels direct from the factory on the GT350, tuners are now following suit. Wheel technology continues to evolve, and we suspect that the copy-cat wheel makers out there will have trouble following the companies that actually do R&D on carbon-fiber wheels.”

MagnoGrip Inc., Pro Utility Magnetic Glove With TouchScreen Technology: “Honestly, I came up with this same idea nearly 20 years ago, but I did a patent search and it already existed, so I shelved it. But now, the technology is back (and better), and I totally want a set of these versatile gloves in my toolbox. Aside from being a potential hit in Canada, these gloves will be a success worldwide. Why? Well, they don’t cost much more than the average mechanic’s glove, and they have a magnetic panel that holds wrenches, nuts, bolts and sockets but also magnetic fingertips to rescue dropped parts. And they also come in impact resistance and with fingertips that can operate iPads, tablets and smartphones.”

Rolloface, SR-T Series Big Brake Kit Front Set: “I always like to see a new player come to the aftermarket tuning scene, and Rolloface has come out strong with a large line of big brake kits that are light, attractive, affordable and have easy-to-swap-out pads. When it’s time to do a brake job on a modern exotic car, it can cost a fortune. So if you have a GT-R or a Porsche, then maybe you want to examine aftermarket gear that will outperform OEM equipment for less money.”

Speedmaster, Chrysler Hemi 6.1L Downdraft EFI Fuel-Injection System: “What a gorgeous piece of equipment that should be hanging on a wall rather than hidden under a hood. Sure, there are a load of aftermarket parts for the 6.1L Hemi engine, but none stopped me in my tracks like this one. If I ever buy that black-on-black six-speed Dodge Challenger I want, the Speedmaster downdraft manifold is going to be installed soon after. This is old-school technology meeting a modern EFI 6.1L Hemi V8. Designed to fit ’05–‘10 SRT-8 vehicles from Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep, this induction system will support up to 1,000 hp and is compatible with modern engine-management systems.”

ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America, Porsche Macan PSS10 Coil-Overs: “The Porsche Macan is a great performer out of the box, but there are limited aftermarket parts available for it. What a great combination this suspension would make on an already agile crossover. The Porsche Macan will soon be the best-selling Porsche—a title currently held by the Cayenne. But the family-friendly Macan still could use a dose of suspension performance upgrades like this Bilstein coil-over with a tuned mono-tube damper and threaded body to adjust the ride height.”

TurboZentrum Germany, Upgraded Turbo for Honda Civic Type R: “Personally, I think the Honda Civic Type R coming to North America is about 10 years too late. But the new turbo Civics do have some potential to be popular with Honda tuners once again, and Turbo Zentrum from Germany has a great turbo upgrade to make big horsepower. The Honda Civic is the best-selling car in Canada, and Honda fans have built a huge performance following. But many enthusiasts left the H-brand to go elsewhere, as Civics got fat and boring and legends like the CRX and S2000 disappeared. The Civic Type R may spark that enthusiasm again with its 300 hp, but Turbo Zentrum from Germany has built a 450hp bolt-on turbo kit, making one torque-steer monster we’d like to test on the streets.”


Poon Bingjian,

Antigravity Lithium-Ion Batteries, RS-20 Lithium-Ion Performance Battery: “The RS-20 has very high exposure at the SEMA Show this year. Many pickup project vehicles on the Show floor have this battery. Other battery brands dominate the high-performance hall, where it’s mostly modified cars. The RS-20’s sign shows that its price is $599 (4,000 yuan). My first impression is that it is expensive. It might be considered crazy expensive in China. A battery usually sells for about 500 yuan. First, it is a lithium-ion battery. Second, it is very light, only about 4 kilograms. Third, its output is up to 1,000 amps. The RS-20 is about 70% lighter than ordinary batteries. Antigravity Batteries’ re-start technology makes it very reliable after long-time use.”

DSC Sport, Nissan GT-R Active Suspension Package: “I picked this product because GT-R is a very mature car for enthusiasts. I still remember that when the GT-R was first put on the market, enthusiasts came across lots of headaches upgrading this car. They had lots of issues. Now enthusiasts have a much better understanding and knowledge about GT-R after many years of working on the car. I believe that this product will be very well received by car owners in China.”

Design Engineering Inc., Exo Sleeve: “Thermal protection has been ignored by most Chinese consumers for a very long time. But thermal protection is an unavoidable global concern for stock or modified vehicles. Engine thermal protection includes air-intake, exhaust, oil pipe, water pipe, turbo, AC pipe and chassis thermal protection. DEI is a well-known brand. Exo Sleeve is a 100% silicone cover glass fiber sleeve surrounded by a 316 stainless mesh. It withstands temperatures up to 260°C in direct contact and 1,093°C in intermittent heat.”

ESE Carbon Company, E1 Carbon-Fiber Wheel: “ESE Carbon Company is a new company based in Florida. We were very impressed by its state-of-the-art work. When you look at the details, you can see that they did not use any aluminum alloy to strengthen the products. It is 100% carbon fiber. We have to admit that it is an achievement. The E1 carbon-fiber wheel is 18 inches, and now products available are 18 to 21 inches. Its price is very reasonable. It indicates a breakthrough in carbon wheel technology. The next goal is how to increase the rate of graded products and lower the cost.”

Enkei Wheels, NT03RR: “I picked the NT03RR because it salutes the classic NT03R, and many senior enthusiasts, including me, worship the NO03R. You can see this product on racing tracks and off-road sites. The classic small inner circle is highly recognizable among piles of beautiful wheels. This is the magic power of classics.

Holley/MSD Group, Hooker Clamp-On Oxygen Sensor Bung: “Holley/MSD is a big brand. The very best professional tuning experts all use this brand. It is a kind of surprise that I found this simple and practical Holley/MSD product. I picked this product because it’s very convenient. Simply drill a hole and install the clamp with simple hand tools for a no-weld, leak-free oxygen sensor bung. It works on 2.25-, 2.5- and 3-in. exhaust pipes.”

Mahle Motorsport, FA20 Subaru BRZ, Scion FSR, Toyota 86 PowerPak Piston Kit: “Mahle group was established in 1920 in Stuttgart, Germany, and is rated as one of the top 30 auto industry companies in the world. The FA20 piston is a high-end product from Mahle Motorsport and was designed for heavily boosted applications with a proper direct-injected crown configuration. The top ring grooves are hard anodized to protect against micro-welding and provide the same long life and durability of the OE piston. The issue is whether we have quality installation shops in China. Car owners need to pay more than 10,000 yuan to have these installed in China—an investment to be sure.”

Snow Performance, BMW N54/N55 Stage 4 Boost Cooler Platinum Water-Methanol Injection Kit: “It is not only a pump, a few nozzles and a few pipelines. The key thing is that its control system needs to be compatible with the stock vehicle computer. Given the technology involved, it is not expensive at all. Enthusiasts should warmly embrace this product.”

Sparta Evolution, Triton R Brake System: “Sparta Evolution is already available in the Chinese market and is a very cost-effective product. Many enthusiasts consider this brand as another Taiwanese brand. Sparta Evolution officially released the U.S.-made Triton R brake system at the SEMA show. The new Triton R-line of brake kits is the next evolution of the already popular Triton line. The Triton-R caliper is cold forged, and the unique body shape was designed through countless hours of testing to retain the pedal feel Sparta is known for while representing a 15% weight savings. Proprietary alloy rotors can handle heavy track use.”

TurboZentrum Germany, Upgraded Turbo for Ford Mustang EcoBoost: “This turbo supports up to 450 hp and it sells for $1,755. It provides super value.”

Huan Meng, Autohome

AccuAir Suspension, ENDO-Compressor Valve Tank: “A long-standing issue for upgrading air suspensions is that the compressor, air tank and control unit combined take lots of space in the trunk. Usually people build this system beautifully, but it does not solve the problem of space. Another issue is noise. It makes some noise when the compressor works. This badly impacts the passengers’ ride experience. AccuAir Suspension/ENDO-Compressor Valve Tank integrates the compressor and valve into the air tank. That solves the issues of space and noise at the same time.”

Advanced Accessory Concepts LLC, Nitrous Power Storage Canister/Tool Roll: “ “Many performance-oriented enthusiasts love to build their vehicles in the motorsports style. But not many motorsports accessories fit street cars. This NOS-style canister is a good choice for this group of enthusiasts.”

MGP Caliper Covers, MGP Caliper Covers: “The T6061 aluminum-alloy caliper cover satisfies people’s needs for appearance. On top of that, it does not impact the heat radiation of the brakes. It sells for about $200 for a set of four on its official website and You can get the color of your choice for $100 extra, and you can get the design of your choice for $50 extra.”

Wilwood Disc Brakes, Dynapro 6 A Big Brake Kit for MX-5 Miata: “The Dynapro 6 A big brake kit sells for about 7,000 yuan, which is very affordable. Its performance and appearance are more than enough for car-parade purposes.”

Prosport Gauges Inc., Premium Evo Series 52mm Gauges: “I chose these gauges because they are digital and include the most up-to-date technology.”

Shark Industries Ltd., Griptex Snow Socks: “Snow Socks are very convenient and quick for snow or ice conditions. They also take very limited space to store.”

Tire Penz, Protect-Dip: “This product personalizes your tires. You can peel it off whenever you wish. It does not damage your tires. It is a low-cost, no-damage personal decoration.”

Tire Stickers, Tire Printing: “Tire stickers can be placed on the tire sides. It’s really rather stunning and makes a great impression.”

Turbonetics Inc., EcoBoost 2.3 Mustang Turbocharger: “The 2.3 T Mustang accounts for a very high percentage of the Mustang market in China. Lots of car owners complain about its 314 max horsepower. This turbocharger can greatly upgrade the horsepower without any big changes.”

Voyomotive, Lockdown: “This is a very good product for forgetful people. I am one of them. Pretty often I do not remember if I have locked the car. It is connected via cellphone Bluetooth. You do not need to worry about not locking your car door if you have this app. Your car door is automatically locked after you leave. Actually, many stock vehicles already have this function. It is a good app for those car owners whose cars do not have this function.”

Haixiao Liu, China 4WDMag

Antigravity Lithium-Ion Batteries, RS-20 Lithium-Ion Performance Battery: “The re-start technology puts the battery to sleep if over-discharged yet holds enough energy to re-start the vehicle without the aid of a jump start or assistance. Traditional batteries cannot start vehicles if they are overly discharged. This re-start technology is very good for the Chinese market.”

Carrichs Accessories, Tablet Dash Kit: “It provides in-car navigation, multi-media entertainment and a mobile office. It is easy to install and there is no need to change the electric circuit.”

Factor 55, ProLink Expert: “Factor 55 has outstanding industrial designs. Aerospace billet aluminum is very durable. As modification continues to grow, enthusiasts are more demanding about the elegance of their products. Factor 55 is a perfect combination of beauty and functionality.”

Fox, Factory Race Series 2.0 Bump Stop IFP: “This product provides increased damping performance for the JK Wrangler. Now Chinese customers are taking off-road activities to a more demanding level. For this, they are demanding better and more tenacious products. The new Fox product is a breakthrough in products for off-roading trips.”

Kleinn Air Horns, Jeep JK Wrangler Onboard Air System: “With a unique installation location, this system can power air horns, air locks and inflate tires anytime, anywhere, any way you want, and it does not take lots of space. Chinese customers go off-roading in deserts often, which requires them to inflate and deflate tires often. This system makes the process simple. It is especially useful for racing events in the deserts.”

Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge/Alloy USA, Modular LED Bar Mounting System: “It gives us unlimited abilities to configure lights based on our changing needs. Most Chinese JK Wrangler owners need to install auxiliary lights. This mounting system greatly simplifies the installation of lights, cameras and mirrors.”

Paramount Automotive, ’07–’17 Jeep Wrangler JK Four-Door, Tubular Matrix Doors Without Mirror: “Beautiful, light and easy to install. The JK Wrangler is popular in off-road racing events in China. This product makes the vehicle lighter and thus will be a big asset in competition.”

ProCharger, High-Output Intercooled Supercharger System for the ’17–’12 3.6L Jeep JK Wrangler: “The Wrangler enjoys a 50% horsepower gain with this system. It provides the best solution for raising horsepower for the JK Wrangler.”

Superwinch, EXP8Si: “Its industrial design and waterproof feature is outstanding. Chinese customers regard a winch as more of a decoration than its actual functionality. Thus brand name and beauty come first when they choose winches.”

TeraFlex, Falcon Nexus EF Series 2.2 Stabilizer: “TeraFlex has rich experience in JK products. This product effectively improves steering control. TeraFlex has very high recognition in China. This product broadens the TeraFlex product lines. It is a good product for long-distance pleasure travel.”

Lyu Baokun, FB Life

Tire Stickers, Aftermarket Whitewall Tire Stickers With Optional Integrated Designs: “This modification tends to be more practical compared with the diversity of wheel products. The difference is in tire patterns for different terrains, and the tire color remains charcoal black all the time. This product will achieve the ability to easily personalize tires.”

Razer Auto, Extreme Skull RGB Headlight: “There are lots of Jeep Wrangler vehicles in China, and a very high percentage of their owners upgrade their vehicles. The stock, round halogen headlights are one of the first few things to upgrade. The design of this headlight is trendy, and its brightness is first class. On the top of that, its daytime running light improves safety. I believe that this is a good choice for Jeep Wrangler owners next year.”

Green Filter USA, Green High-Performance Air Filter for the ’15–’16 Colorado Canyon: “Green Filter is an American brand that gives Chinese consumers another option in filter upgrading. Performance-wise, this product can take the challenge of the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race.”

Wilwood Disc Brakes, TX6R Front Big Brake Kit for Cadillac Escalade: “There is a big increase in American fullsize pickup trucks on the Chinese market in the last few years. Thus, there is a strong demand for high-performance accessories. Accessories related to the brake system are a very important part of the performance accessories. European brake brands are more well known than American brands in the Chinese market. The two well-received American brands are Stoptech for cars and Wilwood for off-road vehicles. Wilwood brakes are often installed on Baja racing vehicles and Trophy Truck racing vehicles. I am sure that this well-tested product is very reliable, and consumers can put their trust into this product.”

Advanced Accessory Concepts LLC, Trigger Relay/Wireless Switching System: “As LED technology is becoming popular, it is almost a must to add an LED lighting panel or spotlight to SUVs and pickups. We need to change the stock vehicle harness for adding lighting equipment, which might cause issues if it is not properly done. This wireless switch system provides a very good solution.”

Pilot Automotive, Marvel Shift Knob: “The Marvel super-hero series is extremely popular in China and boosts the sales of post-film products. This super-hero shift knob showcases its impact in the automobile aftermarket area, and its pricing is very reasonable. I believe that it will sell very well in China.”

Shark Industries Ltd., Griptex Snow Socks: “It functions as a tire chain. Its design is revolutionary. It is light, small in size, easy to carry and install. Its light weight means that all adults can undertake the job of installation. Its performance is good for both snow and icy roads. It applies to cars and SUVs as well as pickups. What is more important is that it is only $90 for a set of two.”

TeraFlex, Axis Sun-Visor System: “Many people know that the JK Wrangler sun-visor system does not function well. This product improves this weakness of the JK. It works with different kinds of polycarbonate lenses and for double sun-visor systems. Both its functions and its fun parts are good.”

Pro Comp/Smittybilt/G2 Axle/Rubicon Express/Poison Spyder/LRG Rims, G2 Axle & Gear Core Dual-Rate Swaybar: “Rock crawling is gaining momentum in China. As FB Life RAC Auto will introduce King of the Hammers into China, I believe that rock crawling will be another growth area. Rock crawling needs a large stroke, and the JK needs this swaybar to achieve that goal. With this system, you also have a rigid system for on-road handling.”

Speed-Way Shelters, Retractable Auto/Motorcycle Covers: “This product targets those ATV/UTV motor vehicle owners, who don’t have a garage. It also provides some degree of anti-theft function. As the high-end ATV/UTV market grows, I believe that this solves those points for the customers. I envision this product will enjoy increased demand in the years to come.”


Tomi Eronen, Tuning.FI

AccuAir Suspension, ENDO-Compressor Valve Tank: “This is the product that air suspension builders have been waiting for. Clean-looking, easy to install in a nice way, quite silent, and it doesn’t cost a fortune.”

Dakota Digital, HDX Analog Instrument Systems for ’47–’87 Chevy Pickups: “Pickups have always been builders’ favorites, and square-body pickups were quite popular in Finland back in the day. Currently, they’re the most popular trucks to modify. These instruments just look cool!”

Design Infini Inc., Center Line Alloy Wheels 635MB MM6 Classic Muscle: “Center Line Auto Drag and its replicas used to be the thing in Finland 20 years ago. It’s been about Torq Thrusts ever since, so I believe there’s room for the change.”

Eagle Specialty Products Inc., GM LS Pro Street Stroker Kit: “LS swaps are becoming more and more popular all the time in Finland, as they area globally. It’s time to make more horsepower!”

FiTech EFI, Ultimate LS Master Kit for LS1/LS2/LS6—500 hp Without Transmission Control W/Inline Fuel Pump: “The easy and affordable way to complete an LS swap with less harness work.”

Holley/MSD Group, Street Warrior Carburetor: “The prices of carburetors have gotten much higher lately, so it’s nice to see a new affordable model from an old, well-known manufacturer.”

KNS/Grand General Accessories Mfg., Six-Lug Spider Cap: “Again, these just look cool, and they’ve been one of the missing parts in the hot-rod business.”

Radi8 Wheels USA, R8S5: “It’s not an easy task to reinvent the wheel. This one’s still somehow different.”

Wilwood Disc Brakes, Colored Calipers: “Wilwood is well-known for its good quality and sensible prices, so more color options are great news for builders.”


Daniel Garcia Solis, V8 MuscleCars

AlloyGator North America, Rim Protection: “Aftermarket wheels are an investment designed to make our rides look great. This product protects against damage and has great potential in the tuning market for its looks and protection.”

Chemical Guys/Smart Wax, Cyclone Dirt Trap Car Wash Bucket Insert: “It is an interesting and inexpensive product. I think the main reason for buying it is that it avoids wasting water. We can use it to the maximum without much waste—certainly an innovative idea. This product has great sales potential in Mexico and, frankly, around the world.”

DC Safety Sales Co. Inc., Ready Now Auto Safety Kit: For $34.99, we can get this essential kit in our cars. I am always in favor of this type of products that can be commercialized in any market of the automotive industry. It is a very complete kit of good quality and helps ensure a safe trip.”

Element, Handheld Fire Extinguisher: “This is one of the products that immediately caught my attention, and I congratulate its creators. This extinguisher is easy and comfortable for any adult to handle. It is avant garde, because there is no maintenance and the chemical mixing is much more effective than in the common extinguisher. Definitely this product can be a winner in the automotive market, but also across many industries.”

Gtechniq, Crystal Serum Light: “Once again my vote is for safety. With this product, we can polish and protect the auto glass as well as the paint itself. In rainy times, it can be very effective. But the scope it has is not only for the automotive industry. It can also be used at home for the conservation of furniture.”

ITW Global Brands, Slime Pro Series Super Duty Inflator: “Again a good and practical product needed in the car or even at home to inflate tires. This product is very practical and can be carried in the front compartment.”

Novol, Novol for a Classic Car: “I love this type of product because it is a complete system for the renovation of classic vehicles. Use it for painting and body repairs. It is a new technology that supports several stages of restoration, starting with cleaning and continuing with protection against corrosion.”

Pearl Automation Inc., RearVision: “A good product, and now it is essential to have a rearview camera to avoid accidents. RearVision can be installed in any vehicle, which gives us the possibility of having an interchangeable camcorder. If we sell our car, we can simply remove the RearVision and install it into our new ride.”

The Detail Mate-Cleaning Tool, Multi-Function Cleaning Tool: “A multifunctional cleaning machine. A very useful and efficient toolkit at your fingertips. With this equipment, we can clean some very complicated-to-reach areas such as corners. The combination of the brush and pressure system can easily remove dirt.”

Weego, Jump Starter 44: “A portable battery for autos and many more functions, this is a must-have on long journeys. A battery that can keep from being fully discharged. You can even use it to charge your cellphone and also your laptop. The cost of $149.99 may well be worth it if we are in need of an alternate battery. I think it can work very well in the automotive market.”


Alastair Ritchie, ARL

AEM Performance Electronics, CD-7 Ultra-High Resolution 7-in. Digital Racing Dash: “Finally someone has produced a racing dash that has two CAN bus inputs, which allows tuners to fit and read sensors not only from proprietary AEMnet-enabled products but also third-party devices side by side. Not being locked into one system or the other, this product really hands the power to the tuner. This will be the dash you won’t have to upgrade for a very long time. The New Zealand racing scene is extraordinarily diverse, with many people building all types of cars. This product will suit racers wanting the most data possible in the pursuit of the perfect ¼ or lap.”

Comp Performance Group, Comp Cams SPR Radius Tip Rocker Arms for GM LS1 and LS3 Engines (Needle Bearing and Bushed Versions): “While the OEM rocker arms in stock LS engines have proven to be extremely reliable over the years, the trends within the aftermarket scene call for more and more power-increasing loads on all components. Comp Cams has taken lessons learned in NASCAR and F1 to produce an upgraded OEM bolt-on replacement for LS1 and LS3 engines. In the interests of reducing wear, this design reduces the rocker arm sweep across the valve by 400%. In New Zealand, the LS is an extremely popular engine used across the scene for musclecars, hot rods and even jet boats. This well-designed, easy-to-fit product will suit the sizable market of builders looking for solid power gains.”

Coker Tire, Firestone Wide Oval Radial Redline Tire: “The Firestone Wide Oval tire has been around for nearly 50 years and has been a staple for the musclecar community for decades. This year, Coker Tire has added a new option to the venerable crossply model with a modern radial version that retains the all-original visual elements in the raised lettering, red band and period-correct tread patterns. This new safety element will be hugely attractive to the sizable musclecar community in New Zealand. There are many aftermarket options for curing the dated handling traits of these vehicles, and now there is a safer option that retains the period-correct look that is so revered today. There are six size fitments.”

Edelbrock LLC, Holden VN Performer RPM Air Gap Intake Manifold: “This product was a pleasant surprise to find in the New Products Showcase. This dual-plane manifold design is tuned for a wide range of throttle response and incorporates an air gap design to help keep intake temperatures down. The 308–383ci Holden V8 engines were very popular down in the Australian and New Zealand markets, having been fitted to a number of different Holden models between 1988 and 1998. This product, coupled with Edelbrock VN RPM cylinder heads, will be a breath of fresh air for many Australasian tuners.”

Element, Handheld Fire Extinguisher: “This is a game changer that was originally designed to perform in the delicate environments within the aerospace industry. A product as compact and versatile with little or no damaging residue is perfectly suited to the needs of the automotive industry. Utilizing potassium nitrate technology, Element has produced a product up to 80% smaller with almost 10 times the extinguishing time of a traditional extinguisher. Who wouldn’t want this product within reach in a car, boat or kitchen?”

MagnoGrip Inc., Pro Impact Magnetic Utility Gloves With TouchScreen Technology: “This particular product stood out in the showcase due to the simplicity of the design and the creative features. Magnetic gloves aren’t new, but MagnoGrip managed to not only create a well-made product at a price point comparable to other regular work gloves but also added value with two handy magnetic features. Besides magnets on the back of each hand, one of the fingertips is also magnetized to assist in the recovery of a dropped nut or bolt in tight spaces. This tip can also be turned off by sliding the position of the magnet in the finger. The fingertips can also operate the touchscreen of a phone or a tablet. Any garage or workshop would find this product handy for awkward situations.”

McLeod Racing, Muscle Car 5 Transmission for Ford Applications: “Designed to avoid complicated custom work, McLeod’s five-speed gearboxes make it easy to upgrade a 40- to 50-year-old manual transmission with a modern gearbox, including an economy-boosting fifth gear. The compact case is engineered to slot into tight transmission tunnels and avoids irreversible cutting of metalwork. New Zealand has a solid fleet of imported American and Australian-built Ford and GM musclecars tucked away in garages. This option will really suit those with stock or mildly modified vehicles.”

Mercury Racing, SB4 7.0 Crate Engine: “Mercury Racing has finally started to adapt some of the technology it has developed in the super-harsh climate of powerboat racing to the automotive aftermarket industry. Mercury Racing’s V8 crate motor is based on the popular and proven GM LS block, but that’s where the similarities end. The SB4 (small-block, four valve) runs a 32-valve, double-overhead-camshaft setup, offering better drivability than the standard pushrods, with bespoke Edelbrock cast-aluminum heads and a computer-designed inlet with twin throttle bodies and a super-tough bottom end. The package is even supplied with an ECU that is ready to run. New Zealand’s tuners love to explore new trends and options for repowering custom cars. This is another extremely well-developed package that, while not cheap, will appeal to some.”

Escort/Cobra, Waspcam 9907 4K: “In a market flooded with action cams and accessories, Waspcam has managed to create a new 4K camera packed full of features comparable to the cream of the crop but incorporating many of the accessories competitors sell separately. Besides the wireless wrist controller, this model is also the first action camera to offer a built-in GPS that, when used with the optional GPS kit, can track a person or vehicle around a course or circuit, allowing lap times and sector times to be logged and downloaded. All of this is available at a price point similar to that of other top-of-the-range action cams. For the New Zealand market, this type of product with the value-added features would have a wide appeal.”, LS12: “The imaginations of two Australian brothers have re-engineered General Motor’s proven LS engine technology to create something completely new. Utilizing modern machining techniques, the team has produced a completely new V12 engine option for the musclecar and hot-rod markets, all at a very reasonable price point. With New Zealand’s relatively open modification regulations, custom builds and repowers are very popular, and this new V12 option could prove to be popular.”

Paul Grace, NZ Hot Rod Magazine

Antigravity Lithium-Ion Batteries, RS20 Lithium-Ion Performance Battery: “The three big features of light weight, high amps and sleep mode give this product a true head start on existing competitors. I see it as a great tomorrow product that is sure to disrupt today’s plain lead-acid battery offerings. Because of that, it’ll be a winner in the New Zealand market.”

Element, Handheld Fire Extinguisher: “I liked its compact size and well-thought-out design, which makes it ideal for storage inside the passenger compartment of any automobile but especially for extra protection in a hot rod, street machine, race vehicle or musclecar. The existing fire extinguisher designs are single-fire-rated and relatively bulky. It will have wide applications in our New Zealand market, where the collector-car hobby is especially strong.”

Mercury Racing, SB4 7.0 Crate Engine: “This is an engineering masterpiece. I was impressed with the engine’s custom 32-valve cylinder heads made to fit on GM’s LS engine block architecture. With high horsepower and reliability, it’s the first of its kind and has an opportunity in NZ’s marine market, which is renowned for its size, strength and diversity. There’s also an opportunity in the hot-rod market for repowers, given the engine’s good looks and high power output.”

McLeod Racing, Muscle Car 5 Transmission for Ford Applications: “I ranked McLeod’s Muscle Car five-speed as a dream product that would be high on the most-wanted list of any gear-shifting hot rodder, musclecar or street machine lover or racer. Its potential for wide appeal and applications gives it a winning chance in our New Zealand market, where the collector-car hobby is especially strong.”

Coker Tire, Firestone Wide Oval Redline Tire: “This is a masterful blending of original looks with modern technology. Any musclecar enthusiast will welcome this product with open arms, as it delivers better ride without compromising that OE look they prefer. The musclecar and street machine movement is very large in New Zealand, so its success is assured.”

ESAB Welding & Cutting, Rebel EMP 215ic: “I was impressed with the welder’s multi-function feature, dual voltage and light weight, making it a true go-anywhere and weld-anything machine. With a large DIY market and 230-volt power in New Zealand, I thought it’d be an excellent addition to any professional or hobbyist’s garage.”

CFR Performance, LS Valve Cover Adaptor HZ 8000: “Highly innovative and a real problem solver for those who want to dress up their LS engines. Feature-rich design lets enthusiasts enjoy the benefits offered by modern technology with the option of choosing the good looks of stock or aftermarket valve covers. LS engines are becoming more popular in New Zealand, so I see a good opportunity with this product.”

Edelbrock LLC, Holden VN Performer RPM Air Gap Intake Manifold: “With 40 years of importation of Holdens from Australia to New Zealand, there’s a large car park of Holden V8s. I saw excellent opportunity for owners of these engines to increase performance with the expansion of Edelbrock’s range of successful air-gap intakes to the Holden engine family. Long awaited and sure to be a winner.”

Comp Performance Group, Comp Cams SPR Radius Tip Rocker Arms for GM LS1 and LS3 Engines (Needle Bearing and Bushed Versions): “Any time racers and performance enthusiasts can benefit directly from F1 and NASCAR advanced technology, they’ll put their hands up and vote yes. The design breaks the paradigm of using aluminum roller-tip rockers and has wide applications for race and street performance applications here in New Zealand.”


Chet Kjetil Sveistrup, AMCAR Magazine

Antigravity Lithium-Ion Batteries, RS-20 Lithium-Ion Performance Battery: “A lightweight Antigravity lithium-ion battery, ideal for racing and general use for both cars and motorcycles. Built with smart restart technology, such as a low voltage cut-off that prevents over discharge. That means that if you leave your headlights on and come back to a dead battery, you still have one last start. No jumper cables needed.”

Brisk USA Performance & Racing Spark Plugs, Brisk Premium Evo Multiple-Spark ER15SXC Sparkplug: “This sparkplug has six parallel electrodes and fires two sparks every time. This could be beneficial both for cold starts and during normal engine operation.”

Flex-a-lite Consolidated, Flex-a-lite 200 Dehumidifier: “This is an excellent dehumidifier for any garage. Humidity spells rust for both vehicles and tools. This portable product removes up to 74 pints of water per day.”

Go Rhino/Big Country Truck Accessories, RB10 Hitch Step: “Not only is this a smart product for the obvious reason (stepping on), it also might protect your car from other vehicles making a dent in your bumper or tailgate when backing out of an adjacent parking spot. And it looks so much better than just leaving the hitch and ball in.”

InduraPower Battery, Series 108: “A whole new generation of smart products for the automotive industry is surfacing. This is a smart battery that monitors itself and saves reserve power for one last start. In subzero temperatures, it heats itself. It comes with an on-off switch so that you can turn it off when not in use. Light weight and compact size is another plus.”

Retro Manufacturing, Long Beach SXM: “Retro-looking radio that preserves the authentic look of the car’s interior. The good news is that it also receives Sirius XM satellite signals in addition to FM and AM. Not to mention Bluetooth capability as well.”

RJ Lock, RJ Lock: “A smart antitheft solution for your trailer. This lock secures the weak point—the nut under the hitch—and replaces the nut with a lock. This prevents anyone from stealing your trailer simply by unscrewing the nut.”

Speedmaster, Chrysler Hemi 6.1L Downdraft EFI Fuel Injection System: “This is a beautiful stack bolt-on fuel-injection system that replaces your old carburetors with the precision of EFI. The kit is bolt-on easy, and anyone can install it. And it also really looks good.”

Tire Stickers, Aftermarket Tire Tracking and Inventory Management Tire Stickers: “Dozens of tire brands are available for custom lettering with the tire stickers. Customers can have their company names and logos customized with raised rubber lettering. This is a great idea for companies, race teams and also for individuals.”

USAuto Performance, Drenth Sequential Gear Box: “Drenth motorsports gearboxes are strong and durable. This gearbox will handle up to 1,000 hp from any GM, Ford or MOPAR engine. This relatively compact five-speed gearbox will secure precise gear shifts with ease.”


Christofer Lee Willhans, Bilsport Classic Magazine

Con2r, ’47–’54 Chevrolet Truck SuperStock Instrumentation: “The market for these old Chevy trucks gets bigger and bigger all the time, and most of them will be modified. Con2R´s instruments will make it easy to connect to almost any drivetrain.”

Element, Handheld Fire Extinguisher: “What a wonderful product: Small on the outside and big on the inside. I would like to have one in my classic, as in Sweden it is required by the insurance company to carry one in the collector car.”

Lokar Inc., Goolsby Edition Billet-Aluminum Hood Vents: “A very attractive piece for customizing a modern car or truck, and simple and fast to put in place.”

Malco Automotive, Headlight Restoration Wipe-On Kit: “The headlight restoration kit is something everybody driving a near-new or used car needs.”

Products Inc., Conformable Sander: “A very useful and great tool when one is sanding different body contours. Good tools are your best friends.”

Ningbo Henri Development Trade Co. Ltd., Classic Steering Wheel: “When you have a classic car in nice shape, you start thinking of upgrades. A wooden steering wheel would look good in any car—especially in a Corvette.”

TFP USA, Aluminum Fender Trim Molding—Polished, Narrow Width: “For a small amount of money, these fender trim moldings will dress up any Chevy pickup. Precision made to use predrilled holes in the fender. Can it be easier?”

Uni-Dolly, Uni-Dolly: “A very smart, adjustable dolly that will come in very handy when you need to move heavy or big stuff around your shop.”

Wheel Vintiques, Jeep Smoothie Steel Wheel: “Wheel Vintiques has given us many different wheels over the years, and this rugged wheel will hold up to most adventures and is easy to clean.”


Henry Pierini, AutoZulia International

Chemical Guys/SmartWax, Cyclone Dirt Trap Bucket Insert: “It is a cyclonic cleaning system that, with 300 cones placed geometrically, traps the dirt and stains of the body, preventing damage to the paint. No maintenance required. This filter, which is called a dirt trap, fits into the bottom of any car-wash bucket to filter particles or abrasive residue for a scratch-free wash. This product will be very well received in our market.”

DC Safety Sales Co. Inc., Ready Now Auto Safety Kit: “A kit designed for unforeseen emergencies. It is a smart, practical and safe package that includes safety accessories that are needed in case of an accident. It is a safety kit that contains many useful items to maintain the vehicle, especially if long journeys are made. I think this product would be a success in our market because it is a very complete kit of road safety and first aid.”

Carrichs Accessories, Tablet Dash Kit: “It’s a very affordable, good-looking and practical product. It will be well received for the many old and more affordable vehicles on Venezuela’s roads.”

Pearl Automation Inc., RearVision: “Pearl RearVision is a connected rearview camera that makes driving more enjoyable and safer, because it offers a clear and sharp view of the entire landscape. It is easy to install, constantly updated with the app on the phone, and it warns you if there are obstacles in the way. It is the only wireless backup camera and alert system that installs in minutes and provides obstacle alerts and updates automatically to provide ongoing feature enhancements. I liked this product because it is like a black box that keeps images of everything that happens, in and out of the car, so at the time of an accident of any kind, it’s proof of what really happened. It would be easily accessible for even low-end vehicle users.”

The Detail Mate-Cleaning Tool, Multifunction Cleaning Tool: “It is a multifunctional cleaning tool that has lightweight brushes with reinforced nylon that serve to scrub and dry in one step. They are excellent for all surfaces. I like this tool because it is environment friendly and is a novel dry cleaning system. It will do well in Venezuela.”

Shenzhen Car-Ku Technology Co. Ltd., 12/24V Extreme Jump Starter PowerPack: “It is a multifunctional portable charger capable of providing power to batteries in all types of vehicles, including SUVs and small trucks. Qualcomm 2.0’s fast charging technology and unified interface offer USB ports for charging mobile phones and other digital electronics such as tablets, iPads and laptops. I chose this product for its versatility, since it offers multiple and important benefits to the user, saving a great amount of money. I think it has many possibilities in the Venezuelan market, because it allows the user to solve many problems with one product.”

Weego, Jump Starter 44: “It is a charger that gives power to gasoline engines of up to 6.4 liters and diesel of 3.2 liters. In addition, you can charge phones, tablets and USB devices of 12V and 19V, and it has a 500-lumen flashlight. Its cables have Smarty clamps with jaws that open as required to connect to any terminal of a battery. This product can be very useful to restart a car without needing a tow truck or asking a stranger for a jump start. I have no doubt that it will have a place in the national market.”

Pilot Automotive, HD 360 Cam: “It is a digital camera with two lenses, which allows the driver to capture images on all sides of the vehicle, assuring that the driver will be able to see any obstacle in the road, even if it’s on the side or in the back of the car. This product is of great importance because it is a passive safety system for the car, avoiding many inconveniences to the driver. In our local market, this will be more than a luxury. Its safety benefits make it a necessity.”

Gtechniq, Crystal Serum Light: “It is a coating or protective film for the whole surface of the car that guarantees an optimal finish due to its excellent resistance to the pressure of washing. It is very easy to use, protects the paint and other vehicle surfaces, and it lasts three to five years. It will really resonate with Venezuelan consumers due to the climate and the custom of washing one’s ride several times a month. This will definitely save some money, as it allows you to wash your vehicle yourself.”

Snap-on, V3300 Diagnostic Imaging Wheel Alignment System: “An innovative alignment system that provides critical and relevant operation information without affecting performance. The user interface guarantees an intelligent flow of predictive alignment and guarantees immediate assistance to the car with a single click. It takes up very little space and is easy to mobilize. I chose this product due to the multiple benefits that it brings to the users who often cannot check the condition of the tires and align them. Snap-on has every opportunity to enter the local market because this is specialized diagnostic equipment that offers a real and reliable analysis of a problem with the car, which would be easy and quick to solve.”

More Comments From Global Media Award-Winning Companies

  • “It’s an honor for us to be recognized by the international media, especially when there were 3,000 products to be considered in the New Products Showcase,” said Troy Hooker, Edelbrock sales manager. “Australia and New Zealand are very important marketplaces for us, and it’s exciting to see enthusiasts outside of the United States who share our passion for American V8 performance products. Edelbrock is a household name in the United States, so to get recognized internationally means a lot to us and our employees. We’ll proudly display these awards at our facilities to let our employees know that their hard work has been rewarded.”

  • “We are always humbled when the global media selects any of our products,” said Henk Van Dongen, director of marketing for Omix-ADA. “There are so many new products launched at the SEMA Show each year that being recognized for any is an honor. This year we were recognized by five different media people for four different products. It confirms that our products for Jeep truly have a global reach. The fact that Jeep is a global brand means that we, by default, have to develop products with a global appeal. We try to do that, and our sales to more than 90 countries worldwide confirms that we are on the right path. Even this late in the JK Wrangler model cycle, we still find areas for which we can develop products and will continue to develop products for the global market.”

  • “We were all quite surprised to be chosen for the award and had to change some plans for after the Show, but we’re glad we did,” said David Schardt, president of Forgeline Motorsports. “We really put a lot of work into our Carbon+Forged wheel series, and it really made it worthwhile to be recognized by SEMA and the international press. We are currently very active in the Canadian market and plan to continue to expand our business there. This particular product gained a lot of international interest at the SEMA Show, especially in Middle East region. We are seriously considering going to SEMA’s Middle East trip.”

  • “We were obviously very excited,” said Scott Webb, COO for Pilot Inc. “Pilot has been in business for 32 years. That’s been possible due to our commitment to constantly bring innovative products to market. It is one of our core values. We live it. We breathe it. Being recognized as a 2017 Global Media Award recipient is fantastic. Winning multiple awards is even more gratifying and reaffirms our vision. We have distribution in Canada, Mexico, South America and Asia. A global distribution initiative is part of our company road map.”

  • “Our team was excited and encouraged about winning two Global Media Awards for our new products at the SEMA Show this year,” said Jim Flowers, Bubba Rope general manager. “It was especially gratifying coming from Australia, where we are beginning to see growth in our line of American-made off-road recovery gear. While our products have been available in Australia for more than seven years, it has only been since winning a Global Media Award for our Gator-Jaw synthetic shackle two years ago that our brand started to gain popularity there. Garnering media attention is a key factor in developing our brand and growing sales in international markets. Winning SEMA Global Awards without a doubt sets the foundation for building sales in markets abroad.”

  • “Our team was extremely excited to get the notification that we had won an award,” said Dan Nicholas, national sales manager for JET Performance Products, concerning the company’s mass air unit for ’15–’16 Toyotas. “It pumped up the booth crew with some much-needed energy after a late Vegas night. We are very happy that we won from an Australian-based journalist. We have just recently started developing products specifically for their platforms. This helps push us to develop more Australian-specific products and create new relationships Down Under.”

  • “We were pleased to learn that J.W. Speaker Corp. won a Global Media Award at the 2016 SEMA Show for our groundbreaking Model 8790 LED 7-in. round headlight, the industry’s first dynamically adaptive, purpose-built motorcycle headlight,” said Michael Stoeckel, the company’s director of aftermarket sales and marketing. “We appreciate receiving this recognition from the Russian publication Off-Road Drive. J.W. Speaker designs, develops and produces innovative LED lighting solutions for well-known global OEMs and distribution partners. Our solid optics technology, in combination with solid-state electronics and sensing, enabled us to create an ‘adaptive’ light that automatically directs light into corners when a motorcycle turns and leans, filling the void of light in the foreground to improve driver comfort and safety. We’re introducing this solution to customers around the world and will expand distribution in Europe, Russia and Asia in 2017.”

  • “I’m incredibly proud of the team here at Pearl for winning six Global Media Awards at our very first SEMA Show,” said Diana Cartwright, Pearl Automation Inc. vice president of marketing. “It’s truly an honor, as these awards demonstrate an industry-wide global recognition of the quality and innovation behind RearVision. We’re thrilled to now be a part of the SEMA family, and we look forward to many more years to come!”

  • “We were extremely honored and humbled to have won a Global Media Award and give many thanks to for picking our E1 Carbon Fiber Wheel out of 3,000-plus new products,” said Carlos Hermida, president of ESE Carbon Co. “We are also thankful to SEMA for providing the opportunity for us to compete and be recognized as a first-time exhibitor. We are thrilled to be an awardee. This opened our eyes to the large demand for our wheels globally—including in China, where is based. We look forward to supplying U.S. and global aftermarkets with our E1 carbon-fiber wheels.”

  • “Here at Radi8 Wheels USA, our center core is fueled by our passion to create an awesome personality in each of our wheel designs,” said Radi8 Wheels USA Marketing Director Steven Tran. “When we first heard that we won, we thought that multiple media companies had voted for us to win one award. It wasn’t until we went to accept the award that they told us we actually won four awards! We are very happy that people believe in us and can see our passion and hard work.”

  • “EcuTek is delighted to receive the award from both Canadian and Indonesian journalists,” said Tobin Sinclair, sales and marketing director for EcuTek Technologies Ltd. “A huge amount of work has gone in to producing the ECU Connect App and Bluetooth vehicle interface, so gaining recognition from two very important markets for us was praise indeed. Both Canada and Indonesia are important markets for EcuTek. So receiving this accolade from both countries vindicates the efforts we are making to develop the products that these markets want.”

  • “We’re extremely honored and humbled to be the recipient of two SEMA Global Media Awards,” said Andre Woolery, Magnogrip CEO and founder. “This is a major breakthrough for MagnoGrip and an innovation that we believe will disrupt the gloves industry. We are active in Canada but not Australia. This recognition does encourage us to further develop a presence in these markets and abroad in general.”

  • “We were ecstatic when hearing the news that we were recognized for the Global Media Awards and even more overwhelmed learning that we had won not just one but four awards,” said Keith Ferry, Tire Stickers co-founder. “This was an incredible honor and reinforced the feedback we continuously received while exhibiting, which was that our product has had a profound impact at the SEMA Show and in the automotive market. Our reach continues to expand globally, and these markets are certainly a major focus for us after the SEMA Show. We had the privilege of touching base with most of the journalists before the Show ended, and each emphasized the excitement surrounding our innovative products and the response expected in their respective markets.”

  • “When we found out that we had won eight GMAs, we were pleasantly surprised,” said Michael Costa, Factor 55 president and founder. “Pretty blown away, actually. Factor 55 is five years old as a company, and we have been fortunate enough to win SEMA New Product Awards every year, but never eight of them. It is satisfying to know that the rest of the world also appreciates the hard work we put into the engineering and manufacturing of each and every one of our vehicle-recovery safety products, which are made in the U.S.A. Winning these awards from worldwide journalists is the main motivator behind our company’s selling abroad. Until becoming a SEMA exhibitor, we focused mainly on the domestic market. The SEMA Show is primarily responsible for the exporting side of our business, which is growing and becoming a more significant part of our sales.”

  • “We were very proud, honored and humbled when we heard that our ENDO-CVT new product had won five GMA awards at the 2016 SEMA Show,” said Reno Heon, AccuAir Suspension co-founder and CTO. “We are well aware of how prestigious these awards are and see these acknowledgments as a great opportunity to increase awareness about our products in markets outside of the United States. Although AccuAir does currently distribute products in the countries that we received GMA awards from, there is always room to sell more through increased product awareness. Gaining this access to raising product awareness in other countries can be challenging without good media relationships abroad. SEMA’s GMA program offers manufacturers such as AccuAir the opportunity to build relationships with media partners from all around the world.”

n Simon Christie of 4WD TV picked the JET Performance Products Mass Air Flow Sensor for ’15–’16 Toyotas for a Global
Media Award.

Global Media Award Winners
(In Descending Order of the Number of Awards Won; * Signifies First-Time Exhibitor)

Element* (9)Factor 55 (8)Tire Stickers (8)Pro Comp/Smittybilt/G2 Axle/Rubicon Express/Poison Spyder/LRG Rims (7)
Antigravity Lithium-Ion Batteries (6)Pearl Automation Inc.* (6)AccuAir Suspension (5)Holley/MSD Group (5)
Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge/Alloy USA (5)Pilot Automotive (5)Wilwood Disc Brakes (5)McLeod Racing (4)
Radi8 Wheels USA* (4)Retro Manufacturing (4)TeraFlex (4)ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America (4)
Advanced Accessory Concepts LLC* (3)Carrichs Accessories (3)Coker Tire (3)Comp Performance Group (3)
Con2r (3)DSC Sport* (3)Green Filter USA (3)K&N Engineering (3)
Kleinn Air Horns (3)Lokar Inc. (3)ProCharger (3)Speed-Way Shelters* (3)
The Detail Mate-Cleaning Tool* (3)Shenzhen Car-Ku Technology Co. Ltd. (3)* (3)Voyomotive (3)
Weego (3)AEM Performance Electronics (2)ARP Inc. (2)Autodip (2)
Bubba Rope (2)Chemical Guys/SmartWax (2)Dakota Digital (2)Daystar Products (2)
DC Safety Sales Co. Inc. (2)EcuTek Technologies Ltd. (2)Edelbrock LLC (2)Eibach (2)
FiTech EFI (2)Gtechniq* (2)MagnoGrip Inc.* (2)Malco Products (2)
Mercury Racing (2)Mishimoto Automotive (2)Prosport Gauges Inc. (2)RSVforged VIPmodular (2)
Shark Industries Ltd. (2)Snow Performance (2)SPA Technique Inc. (2)Speedmaster (2)
Tire Penz (2)TurboZentrum Germany (2)USAuto Performance (2)VMS Racing (2)
Accele Electronics Inc. (1)ACDelco Auto & Equipment Tools (1)Advanced Clutch Technology Inc. (ACT) (1)aFe Power (1)
AGS Company (1)Alcon Specialist Brakes & Clutches (1)All American Billet (1)Alloygator North America (1)
American Trail Products* (1)AMI AllSales Mfg./ReadyLift Suspension (1)Amsoil Inc. (1)AP Racing/Essex (1)
AP Racing/Stillen (1)Assault Industries* (1)Audi of America (1)AutoTrickz LLC (1)
Ball’s and Vintage Glass* (1)Battery Guard—The Clever Battery Monitor (1)BBS of America Inc. (1)BlackVue (1)
Bonding Solutions (1)Brisk USA Performance & Racing Spark Plugs (1)Brookville Roadster Inc. (1)CFR Performance (1)
Chevrolet (1)Classic Instruments (1)Collision Edge (1)Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. (1)
Covercraft Industries LLC (1)Dana Axles Spicer Driveline & Victor Reinz Gaskets (1)Design Engineering Inc. (1)Design Infini Inc. (1)
Du-Ha Inc. (1)Dynatrac (1)Eagle Specialty Products Inc. (1)Energy Suspension (1)
Enkei Wheels (1)ESAB Welding & Cutting (1)Escort/Cobra (1)ESE Carbon Co.* (1)
Fabtech (1)Flex-a-lite Consolidated (1)Forgeline Motorsports Performance & Racing Wheels (1)Ford Motor Co. (1)
Fox (1)Go Rhino/Big Country Truck Accessories (1)Haltech Engine Management Systems (1)Holley/Powerteq Group (1)
Husky Liners (1)Hypertech Inc. (1)InduraPower Battery (1)ITW Global Brands (1)
J.W. Speaker Corp. (1)Jet Performance Products (1)Johnston Research & Performance Inc. (1)Keg Media (1)
KNS/Grand General Accessories Mfg. (1)Kooks Headers & Exhaust (1)L & B Forged (1)Mahle Motorsports (1)
Malco Automotive (1)Maxxsonics (1)MGP Caliper Covers (1)Mueller Kueps (1)
Ningbo Henri Development Trade Co. Ltd. (1)Novol (1)NRG Innovations (1)Paramount Automotive (1)
Quick Time Performance QTP (1)Race Ramps (1)Razer Auto (1)Redarc Electronics* (1)
Rightline Gear (1)Rigid (1)RJ Lock* (1)Rolloface (1)
Rust-Oleum/Wipe New (1)SeaSucker* (1)SFA Companies (1)Shell Pioneering Performance (1)
Snap-on (1)Sondpex Electronics (1)Sparta Evolution (1)Strapworks LLC (1)
Superwinch (1)TFP USA (1)THA Hydraulics (1)Trac-Grabber LLC* (1)
TrailerLegs.Com* (1)Truck Hero: Extang, TruXedo, BedRug, UnderCover, Advantage, Retrax, BAK Industries, A.R.E. (1)TurbosmartUSA/3pConnect (1)Turbonetics Inc. (1)
Uni-Dolly (1)Vampire Tools* (1)Vortech Engineering Inc. (1)Wheel Vintiques (1)
Zeitronix (1)

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