SEMA Member News—September/October 2015

Getting to Know the WTC Select Committee

 David Insull
David Insull, director of marketing and procurement of wheels and accessories for American Tire Distributors.

On July 1, the Wheel and Tire Council (WTC) installed three newly elected select committee members, though none of them are strangers to the council.

Carl Robinson is product manager at Mickey Thompson Tires. With almost 40 years of experience in the performance aftermarket, he brings a seasoned perspective to the committee. He has been involved with WTC for six years and previously served as a select committee member.

Also returning to the select committee is David Insull, who is the director of marketing and procurement of wheels and accessories for American Tire Distributors. Insull has been in the automotive aftermarket industry for more than 25 years, with positions and responsibilities in sales, marketing, product development, training, management and procurement. His background encompasses retail, wholesale distribution and manufacturing, and he is also an enthusiast in both the wheel and tire segments.

Insull has remained highly involved with SEMA for more than 20 years at a level well beyond an annual SEMA Show attendee. In total, he has 15 years of service as a WTC select committee member, including serving as chair for the 2012–2013 term. Insull was a member of the original Wheel Industry Council, has been on countless task forces and committees, was involved in a number of significant SEMA and WTC projects connected to TPMS as well as the J2530 wheel-testing standard, new-vehicle technology integration, working with SAE and more. He believes that the association provides the theater for a group of like-minded individuals to come together, helping guide and ensure the future of the industry by working from a common platform on the challenges and opportunities that affect all members.

Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson, president of Icon Media Inc.

Dave Johnson, president of Icon Media Inc., has been attending the WTC reception at the SEMA Show for several years. His company is a full-service advertising agency serving performance aftermarket clients with print and digital marketing campaigns. Johnson himself started creating websites for wheel companies in 1994, when the Internet first launched for the general public.

Johnson and Robinson caught up with SEMA Member News to share information about their backgrounds and goals.

SEMA Member News: Why do you feel that it’s important to serve on the select committee?


Carl Robinson
Carl Robinson, product manager at Mickey Thompson Tires.


Carl Robinson: To both contribute and pay back to the industry that has provided me with such great opportunities as well as being at the leading edge of new technologies emerging into the market. Having firsthand knowledge can, and has, been very critical to the development of products for late-model vehicles.

Dave Johnson: I feel that it is important to serve on the select committee because I represent and I am in tune with each of the age groups that make up the wheel and tire markets. I understand each of their needs, expectations and requirements in regard to technology, marketing and user experiences.

SMN: What is most exciting to you about WTC?

CR: First learning, then giving—to understand those things that can dramatically change the climate of our business segment with government regulations and new systems integrated into autos and light trucks.

DJ: The most exciting part of this opportunity is that I get to pay back the industry that has given me such an amazing opportunity. My entire business is a direct reflection of the wheel and tire industry.

SMN: What advice do you have for members who want to get more involved in the group?

CR: Attend the open meetings and speak openly about the issues your business faces. Also listen to the other contributors for the valuable experience they are willing to share freely.

DJ: I would recommend that they spend time talking tokey prominent players in each of the verticals. Ask them what has changed over the past 20 years and where they see this industry going.

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