SEMA Member News—July/August 2015

Meet PRO’s Leadership: Scott Wolin and Ellen McKoy

 Scott Wolin
Scott Wolin is the new chair of PRO.

Scott Wolin is an industry veteran who has served in a number of roles within SEMA and the Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) over the past 25 years. He became PRO’s chair on July 1, his second run in the position. Wolin is the sales manager for Chicago Parts & Sound (CPS), a company focused on supporting dealership customers by improving their sales. As such, he focuses on educating dealers about the benefits of accessorizing and growing CPS’s key markets.

Ellen McKoy is now the chair-elect, and she also brings a wealth of experience to the select committee. Though she has been active in the industry in a variety of roles since the mid-’70s, she currently focuses on two enterprises. McKoy owns EMK Marketing—a marketing, public relations and editorial consulting company—and is also the editor of Trucking Times magazine.

Wolin and McKoy caught up with SEMA Member News and shared a few thoughts about council membership.

SEMA Member News: Why are you involved in PRO?

Scott Wolin: I’ve been involved in PRO for a long time because I’m dedicated to this industry and wanted to learn as much as possible and meet other industry enthusiasts and business owners. I now enjoy being in the position where I can help our industry grow and work on continuous improvements in all aspects of our business.

Ellen McKoy
Ellen McKoy is the new chair-elect of PRO.

Ellen McKoy: I’ve always believed the restyling industry needs a collective voice to address issues that are important to our market segment. PRO is that voice. I’ve been active in PRO in one capacity or another since I helped to found the group in 1988, and I want to continue to share my experience, learn from others and support the industry.

SMN: What have you gained from your council involvement?

SW: As I mentioned earlier, I’ve learned about our industry and business and met industry leaders, business owners and other talented people. I also gained a network of great friends along the way. I believe that being part of a professional organization is essential for professional development and growth and to give back to our business community.

EM: Being involved helps me stay abreast of what’s happening in our industry. It’s an exceptional opportunity to work with like-minded colleagues on issues relevant to our market and develop strategies for dealing with them. The networking opportunities are invaluable and the friendships long-lasting.

SMN: What do you hope to accomplish during your term?

SW: I look forward to finalizing and launching the projects that we are currently working on. These include our Seating Certificate Program and our many SEMA Show activities—all of which are designed to bring business value to our PRO membership. And, of course, an important goal is to increase our membership. I also plan to work closely with the other SEMA councils, board members and staff to share PRO activities and best practices. My main objective is to work together as a team, grow our industry and provide value to our membership.

EM: Restylers are the primary conduit to the car-dealer community. It’s important that we continue to inform dealers of the benefits of vehicle accessorization and provide our members with the tools to be successful. Whether we’re providing resources to improve members’ businesses or skill levels, addressing challenges and exploring opportunities or mentoring the next generation, my goal is to help in these efforts.

SMN: Why should companies join the council?

SW: Council membership shows your support for our industry and raises the bar of professionalism for your company. The information and networking opportunities provided are invaluable and are guaranteed to help you grow and develop your business for the long run. I look forward to seeing all of you at the SEMA Show this year.

EM: There is strength in numbers. By joining PRO and becoming actively involved, every member can make a difference, share ideas, build new relationships and be part of that collective voice for change and progress.

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