SEMA Member News—July/August 2015

McGuire and Reinhardt Lead TORA Toward the Future

 Lee McGuire
Lee McGuire of Superlift Suspension Systems became the TORA chair.

The Truck and Off-Road Alliance (TORA) installed new leadership on July 1. Lee McGuire, the new chair, first joined the aftermarket industry in 2003. She brings a great deal of volunteer experience to the position, having served previously on the select committees of the Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC), the SEMA Businesswomen’s Network and the Young Executives Network. McGuire is currently the Superlift Suspension Systems director of marketing.

Kathryn Reinhardt, marketing manager at MagnaFlow, is McGuire’s right hand as chair-elect. Reinhardt has served on the TORA select committee since 2012. McGuire and Reinhardt shared their leadership goals in a recent interview with SEMA Member News.

SEMA Member News: Why are you involved in TORA?

Lee McGuire: I am involved in the council because I feel that SEMA and this industry have given me so much personally and professionally; it is the perfect way to give back. I also feel that I can make sure the needs of members are well represented as part of this council, as I know a number of people in the industry. Hearing what they need and helping give them a voice is very rewarding.

Kathryn Reinhardt
Kathryn Reinhardt of MagnaFlow is the TORA chair-elect.

Kathryn Reinhardt: I am involved because it’s the right thing to do. Volunteering my time is not easy, but the value in the time I get with SEMA staff, industry leaders and customers is time I can’t get anywhere else. I get to sit next to these knowledgeable people who really care about strengthening the aftermarket and want to do their best to elevate their companies. It’s an experience that you
can’t get or recreate anywhere else.

SMN: What value do you find in SEMA council membership?

LM: We feel that our council membership is important because it ensures that we have a voice not only as a company but as a market segment, and we have a way to have an impact and make our
needs known.

KR: MagnaFlow sees participating in the SEMA councils as a way to learn. We want our staff to learn more about the industry, learn more about how the company interacts and more about themselves and their needs. Council membership provides firsthand experience for people who want to better their careers and better their company’s stature.

SMN: What do you hope to accomplish during your term?

LM: I hope to continue so many of the great programs in place, such as the Media Preview and our big involvement with the Pinewood Drags benefiting SEMA Cares. Something I hope to really grow during my term is the number of members at large who get activated and engaged in task forces and working on projects that move the council forward.

KR: I am excited to meet more members. The membership is the lifeline of the group. I want to know more about what TORA can do for them to make businesses better, to increase their revenues and to gather new customers.

SMN: Why should companies join the council?

LM: Companies should join this council for the many member-specific benefits, such as access to great TORA data through SEMA Education, the opportunity to participate in the Media Preview and a host of other tangible benefits you can take advantage of right away. Being part of the council also gives you an avenue to network with other companies in your segment, and the great reception held at the SEMA Show is a perfect example of that. We hope you will all join us at that and other networking functions throughout the year.

KR: What do you have to lose? Joining a council allows you to reach and communicate with industry peers you may never have met before. It allows you to be open to industry needs and work together for the betterment of the aftermarket. It allows you to be informed and to learn new best practices from industry leaders. I can’t think of a reason not to join.

SMN: What have you and your company gained from your council involvement?

LM: The networking I have gained from being involved as a SEMA volunteer has been invaluable! You learn so much from all the volunteers that pull together for the good of
the industry.

KR: I have gained new relationships with great people. I have learned about industry topics affecting multiple segments and I have gained new insight to develop new programs for MagnaFlow.

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