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Nissan Maxima
Scion iM
Nissan Maxima Scion iM
Nissan Maxima  Camaro Convertible

Here are shots of a ’16 Nissan Maxima prototype, the automaker’s entry into the midsize sedan segment to battle style leaders such as the Ford Fusion and the Mazda6. The new Maxima takes some of its design inspiration from Nissan’s ’14 Sport Sedan concept. Nearly all of the concept’s key design traits have been adapted into a marginally toned-down production design.

Sources at AutoPacific say to expect a performance-oriented hybrid Maxima variant, reportedly using a 2.5L supercharged, direct-injection, four-cylinder engine mated to a battery to provide strong, V6-like performance. This system is seen as a way to further differentiate the Maxima from the encroaching Nissan Altima, which will use a more sedate, eco-minded hybrid setup.

This production-spec prototype Scion iM, spotted testing in Southern California, has less in common with the iM concept that debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2014. While the production reality shown here is not as edgy, it reveals an iM that has more in common with its European Toyota Auris roots.

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, the Scion iM concept sported a wide-body package not found on the prototypes. The concept’s aggressive front fender is thoroughly toned down behind the camouflage, and its resulting front fender flare is a no-show as well.


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