SEMA News—February 2015

By Linda Spencer

Global Media Awards

Winners Announced at the SEMA Show International Happy Hour

First-time exhibitor Rock Smasher, whose engineering team is shown here with SEMA Vice President of Finance and Administration George Afremow (center, blue shirt), was ecstatic at finding out that the company had won three SEMA Global Media Awards.
First-time exhibitor Rock Smasher, whose engineering team is shown here with SEMA Vice President and CFO George Afremow (center, blue shirt), was ecstatic at finding out that the company had won three SEMA Global Media Awards. “The Rock Smasher Engineering team is comprised of off-road and RV enthusiasts that have been around the industry for more than 30 years, and this was by far our best show to date,” said COO Nick Shirley. “We would like to give a special thanks to Jerome Andre, Mikhail Lastochkun and Mikhail Ryabinin for selecting the 2WayAir System for Global Media Awards.”

Nearly 160 SEMA Show exhibitors were notified on Wednesday morning of the recent 2014 SEMA Show that one or more of their products were Global Media Award winners. Twenty-six international journalists sitting on an elite panel from 15 countries chose the products.

Receiving three Global Media Awards was “probably the biggest highlight out of a week full of highlights for WipeNew,” commented first-time SEMA Show exhibitor Wipe New’s Vice President Nick Naylor.

“We have a great product and a great team, and it was an amazing feeling to be recognized by international media for our innovations,” said Naylor. “We were grateful for the journalists who took an in-depth look at our products and knew that they were vastly different from existing automotive appearance products. It’s a big win for us!

“The SEMA Show for us, was spectacular,” continued Naylor. “We are a small company with a really successful product, and this being our first show, we brought accountants, administrative staff and others from our home office to the show to assist with setup and to enjoy the experience. We ended up needing them all to stand in as sales staff at the booth throughout the week! We literally had people waiting at our booth for someone to speak to them. A lot of our booth visitors were international distributors. We had buyers from all over come to the booth; I spoke with buyers from Mexico, Ecuador, India, the Phillippines, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Czech Republic, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, China, Australia and all over the Caribbean. And that’s just what I recall speaking to personally.” Naylor said that the company is actively following up on all of the international leads from the show and following up with the journalists who have shown interest in their product.

Pictured with one of the nine global media awards won by TMG is the firm’s product manager, Darryl Sanford. The TMG group, manufacturers of Pro Comp, G2 Axle & Gear, Smittybilt, Rubicon Express, LRG Rims and Trail Master products.  Said TMG Marketing Manager Chloe Eady, “It’s such a fantastic honor to be awarded so many Global Media Awards at the SEMA Show this year. Pictured with one of the nine global media awards won by TMG is the firm’s product manager, Darryl Sanford.

Hai Xiao Liu from Overlander 4WD was one of three journalists from China serving as global media judges
Hai Xiao Liu from Overlander 4WD was one of three journalists from China serving as global media judges. Liu, whose readers seek primarily functional products for off-road use, found many options to choose from.

Tiffany Brown, director of new initiatives for Razor USA, said that her company was quite surprised by the awards.

“With it being our first time at the SEMA Show and not being familiar with the various elements and programs going on, our entry in the New Products Showcase was really about driving traffic to the booth,” she said. “We had no idea that there was an opportunity for international media to judge or recognize particular products.”

Global Media Awards were won both by first time exhibitors as well as those with a much longer (and larger) presence at the SEMA Show, including TMG and Chrysler.

“The MOPAR brand is pleased to know that our work to bring genuine, proven, quality-tested, original-equipment parts and accessories to customers around the world is acknowledged and appreciated,” said Todd Beddick, senior manager of MOPAR Accessories & Performance Portfolio.

SEMA News had the opportunity to also touch base with many of the journalists and asked them to provide explanations about the 10 products each chose and what most impressed them. Many commented that the judging gets harder each year because there are more products to choose from. Eduardo Bernasconi, founder of Brazilian-based Fullpower magazine, said that more and more of the 1,500 or so products displayed in the New Products Showcase would do as well in Brazil as in the United States.

“Brazil is starting to have more V8-engine cars,” he said. “With the global market, we’re getting the same cars at the very same time, so we can buy many of the same model-year cars that you find in the United States. It wasn’t like that a few years ago. We used to have older platforms, older cars. Now the manufacturers are starting to sell globally.”

Second-year Global Media judge Chet Kjetil Sveistrup of Norway’s AMCAR Magazine noted that it is difficult to limit the final list to only 10 selections as there are so many good products to choose from. He provided some insight into his strategy for selecting the winning products. “I have a two-way approach when picking products.

First I ask: ‘Is this product something new and improved from my knowledge of similar products in its market segment?’ Secondly, I go for that gut feeling—‘Is this something I would buy myself or recommend to a friend?’ If it passes one or both of these questions, it’s on my list. After going through all of the products in the New Products Showcase, I go over my list and select the 10 I liked the best.”


Following are comments from some of the judges regarding their selections.


Hai Xiao Liu, Overlander 4WD

  • Paramount Automotive, Fender Flares: “It is an innovation to embed auxiliary lighting into the grilles. It makes good use of the space and it is beautiful.”
  • Chrysler Group, ’07–’15 Jeep Wrangler 2-in. Lift Kit: “The Jeep Wrangler 2-in. lift kit is a good choice for many Chinese enthusiasts. The 2-in. suspension meets most enthusiasts’ needs for off-roading in China.”
  • Warn Industries Inc., Zeon Platinum 10-S: “Warn winch is very popular in China. Its quality and design are first class. This new product features WiFi remote control. It is more convenient and user-friendly. It will sell very well in China as Warn has a very good customer base.”
  • Sprintex Superchargers, Jeep JK 3.8 Intercooled Supercharger: “The Wrangler JK has been selling well in China for many years. This intercooled supercharger can greatly upgrade the horsepower of the engines. It is compatible with many different models of the JK sold in China in the past.”
  • Pro Comp/Smittybilt/G2 Axle & Gear, EPS Generator: “Compared with existing big-horsepower generators, this product is quieter, trendier and more convenient. Outdoor activities are becoming more and more popular with Chinese families. This generator provides electric power for those families doing outdoor activities. The best sales channel for this product is to work with the tuning shops that focus on outdoor activities.”

Baokun Lyu, FB Life

  • Nitto Tire U.S.A. Inc., Exo Grappler AWT: “The strength of the Exo Grappler series is its performance on ice and on snow, and the overall performance is very well balanced. Off-roading on ice and snow roads is becoming a very popular activity in China. Customers have a strong desire to purchase this type of tire.
  • PIAA, Reflector Racing RF3 LED Lights: “As a manufacturer of auxiliary lighting equipment, PIAA’s lights are widely used by champion racing teams, including Mitsubishi, Ford, etc. They are also used by FBlife Panda Racing Team, which has been the champion of China Rally for three consecutive years.
  • Dee Zee Inc., Blue Label Padlock Box: “It is sturdy, safe and can use a padlock that can be opened by the vehicle key. Chinese consumers love this kind of customization.”
  • Chrysler Group, ’07–’15 Jeep Wrangler 2-in. Lift Kit: “There are lots of Jeep Wrangler owners who drive their vehicles mostly on paved roads and go off-roading occasionally. The stock Jeep Wrangler does not meet their needs for off-roading, while tall suspension is not good for a daily driver. This 2-in. kit is a good option for both on-road and off-road.”
  • Warn Industries Inc., Zeon Platinum 10-S: “Warn is a reliable and well-established winch manufacturer. The improved performance of this new product’s remote control, heat feedback and battery indicator are convenient and practical.”
  • eCooLogical LLC, AeroBox Rear-Mounted AeroDynamic Truck Box: “Practical, easy to install and the workmanship is very good.”
  • AnzoUSA, LED Rechargeable 10W Work Light: “Although Anzo product quality and performance are good, the company is not widely recognized in China yet. I hope that this manufacturer can introduce more products into China.”
  • Husky Liners, X-act Contour Floor Liners Packaging: “The need for this type of product is growing fast in China. The functional mats on the market now do not cover all vehicles. High-quality products are expensive and scarce in the market.”
  • Palmer Performance Engineering, DashCommand: “It is powerful and practical. The interface is very friendly. There are many different ways for getting connected. It supports many vehicle models. It takes full advantage of smart terminals, including Smartphone GPS, gyroscope and data portals.”
  • App-Tronics LLC, SmartNav 5: “It is a multifunctional product. The location on the rear mirror is more convenient than on the dashboard. There are very few options for this type of multifunctional, practical and easy-to-install rear mirror upgrade product in China.”
  • Dana Axle & Spicer Drivetrain, The Ultimate Dana 60 Axle: “This product is almost a must for any kind of modification Chinese enthusiasts do for Jeep. All of the modifications have been based on Dana 40 in the past. Dana 60 is the upgraded version of Dana 40. It is bound to sell well in China. The Dana Axle has been the most popular axle for all Jeep enthusiasts. It is the most popular axle in China. It will continue to be the most popular axle brand in China for the coming years.”
  • AnzoUSA, LED 5-Function Corner Step OE Replacement: “Anzo USA has 30-some years manufacturing high-performance lighting. This Anzo lighting offers two features: high brightness and low energy consumption. Once it is charged, the LED work light can last eight hours. It provides great convenience for outdoor activities.”
  • Go Rhino! Products/Big Country, 6-in. OE Xtreme II Side Step: “This product features a broadened anti-slipping mat step. This design makes it safer and easier for passengers to get on and off a vehicle. The step is attached to the vehicle using the original bolts and nuts. This step applies to many different models.”
  • Go Rhino! Products/Big Country, BR10 Replacement Front Bumper: “Go Rhino BR10 front bumper features laser measurement technology and 3D CAD that perfectly fit the vehicle. This one-piece product makes installation very simple. The embedded lighting space, the 1-in.-thick button and the very durable black texture painting provide well-rounded protection for the vehicle.”

Mikhail Ryabin of Russia-based—one of 24 journalists from 14 countries serving as Global Media Award judges—is shown here voting for one of his top 10 picks.
Mikhail Ryabin of Russia-based—one of 24 journalists from 14 countries serving as Global Media Award judges—is shown here voting for one of his top 10 picks.

Bing Jian Pan, Modi Auto

  • Seibon, Carbon-Fiber Backpack: “As Android and Apple are developing more cell-phone accessories, I believe that the automotive market will also develop more auto-related ‘wear’ accessories. This backpack is very eye-catching. I expect Seibon to develop more similar products, such as cell-phone covers, handbags and suitcases.”
  • Essex Parts Services, AP Racing Radi-Cal Competition Brake Kit: “The 5000 R is an extremely light and a solid product.”
  • Design Engineering Inc., Muffler Shield: “As for the market prospects of DEI products, the most important thing is not the quality but the market awareness of these types of products. For example, we need to raise the awareness of turbo shield wraps, A/C shield wraps and air intakes shield wraps. Education is more important than the products.”
  • HPA Motorsport/Coty Built, TouchMotion AWD Programmer: “HPA established itself for the VW/Audi/Golf market in China. Its strength is upgrading drivetrain systems. For example, many Chinese VW and Audi owners are using DSG ECU. The feedback is very good. This AWD programmer deserves the same level of attention and expectation. Drivetrain system upgrade is a cost-effective product. What is the point of having 600 hp if you lose 50% of it in the drivetrain system? For only $699 USD, you can make the best use of the power. It is a good deal.”
  • R1 Concepts Inc., Forged Series Big Brake Kit: “The big brake market is blank in China. It is mainly performance-oriented enthusiasts who are potential customers. Big brake kits provide an option for those Chinese enthusiasts who will upgrade.”
  • General Motors Corp., LTG Crate Engine: “American automakers have started to compete with upgraded engines in the aftermarket, while most of the Chinese automakers are still waging price wars and trying to downgrade products. Besides this four-cylinder crate engine, GM also displays six-cylinder and eight-cylinder crate engines at this year’s SEMA Show. This phenomenon indicates that the more mature a market is, the more importance is attached to
    vehicle modification.”
  • Vortech Engineering Inc., Charge Cooler Upgrade for ’15 Ford Ecoboost Mustang: “Most of the Vortec superchargers in China are put on the Toyota 86. Vortec has high-quality products. Vortec superchargers and charge coolers have a big potential in the Chinese market.”
  • ACC Inc., G-Drive Suspension: “It is many customers’ dream to make adjustments to coil-over whenever and wherever you want. Pneumatic coil-over can achieve this goal, but its sports performance is always its weakness. This G-Drive suspension solves this problem in a mechanical way. This solution also takes care of the issues regarding noise and air pipe. It requires only a bit of physical strength.”
  • Auto Meter, Sportsman LCD System: “As many new vehicles do not have physical water temperature meters and oil temperature meters, more and more car owners will want these types of additional displays.”

Mikhail Lastochkin, Polny Privod 4x4

  • 2Way Air/Rock Smasher Engineering, 2WayAir With Viair On-Board Air System: “Viair compressors are the industry standard for off-road tuning in Russia. Production of this company has been perfectly proved in difficult Russian conditions. I think 2WayAir System will be in demand.”
  • Ironman 4x4, Foam Cell Pro Coilover & Shocks: “This fully rebuildable shock absorber by Ironman is a gift for those who want to save on suspension repair and have the corresponding skills. The price list of this company sets a powerful off-road suspension bracket for all popular SUVs in our country.”
  • Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels, Baja MTZ P3: “Tires by Mickey Thompson won respect in our country long ago and are in steady demand. I have used the previous generations of Baja MTZ since 2008 and never doubted its off-road or on-road qualities. I don’t see anything that could prejudice the success of the MTZ P3.”
  • Montana Hitch, MH-F150-6K: “I voted for this product for its design and workmanship. In addition to all of the advantages of the system specified in its marketing materials, I want to add that folding of the coupling device under the car improves geometrical passability on off-road terrain. If only Montana Hitch would have turnbuckles for cars of the Russian market.”
  • Pro Comp/Smittybilt/G2 Axle & Gear, Pro Runner Black Series Shocks: “This interesting product by a known company shouldn’t remain unnoticed in the Russian market. Possibility of simple change of ride height for improvement of passability or installation of bigger-diameter wheels must interest our off-roaders.”
  • Pro Comp/Smittybilt/G2 Axle & Gear, Gear Custom-Fit Seat Covers: “The combination of a cover for seats and an organizer on its back isn’t new, but the Pro Comp product is well-thought-out and looks great. Indispensable for the conqueror of the off-road terrain who often gets into the car in dirty clothes and for whom it is constantly necessary that tools and adaptors are near at hand.”
  • Titan, 15-Gallon Sidekick: “I consider additional tanks for fuel and water by Titan to be among the most interesting for the Russian market out of all new products introduced at the 2014 SEMA Show. First, they ideally fit into the difficult geometry of the body of the pickup and allow optimum use of space. And secondly, autonomy of travel increases several times, which is important for the huge open spaces of Russia. I think it is not really difficult to adapt the tanks for cars for our market.”
  • Tuftruck/WestCoast Winch, PCW3000 Honda Gas-Powered Portable Winch: “I don’t think that autonomous portable winch will really help the car on serious off-road terrain, but it will be useful on ATVs. Especially when a group of quads that aren’t equipped with winches goes to travel. It is possible to take one for all.”
  • U Ace Inc., 3D New Yorker 260 Roof Box: “The soft roof box is a convenient addition to a rigid metal luggage carrier, and the price seemed to be reasonable.”
  • eCooLogical LLC, AeroBox Rear-Mounted AeroDynamic Truck Box: “Cool! You roll out a box on castors from the garage and load it on the back part of the body of the truck, and it is ready to go to a picnic! On Monday, you load the box with tools, and it is ready to go to work. Very convenient access to contents.”

Dakota Digital’s Greg Karpe (left) joined SEMA CFO George Afremow as well as fellow employees Brandon Bauman and Scott Johnson in celebrating the Global Media Awards
Dakota Digital’s Greg Karpe (left) joined SEMA Vice President and CFO George Afremow as well as fellow employees Brandon Bauman and Scott Johnson in celebrating the Global Media Awards. “Dakota Digital as a whole is very excited about winning these awards,” Karpe said. “We are always humbled when our products receive this type of recognition within the industry and perhaps more so when it’s by peers in other countries. We enjoy sales to these and other countries abroad and continue to set up dealers outside the United States.”

Vitaly Gavinsky, Off-Road Drive

  • Titan, 15-Gallon Sidekick: “Generally, auxiliary fuel tanks are not new. What is new is the idea of placing it in useless space behind the rear wheel fender inside the pickup bed. You can have up to 30 gallons of extra fuel (with two tanks, left and right) and not use up the space in the truck bed. Price is reasonable also.”
  • Achilles Tire, Desert Hawk XMT: “There are other similar tires on the market, but this one, at a lower price, might make sense in some markets. I believe this tire has potential in Russia.”
  • Bolt Locks, Hood Lock For JK: “In my opinion, this security gadget can be very helpful everywhere because there are a lot of places where I never leave my car overnight, even in the United States. With minor changes, it can be installed on the whole UAZ 3151 family of cars.”
  • Pro Comp/Smittybilt/G2 Axle & Gear, XMT2 Tire-40x13.50xR17: “IMHO this is the best tread of MT tires I’ve used in my life. I still use it on my car now. The new size of the tire is a good product for sure.
  • Pro Comp/Smittybilt/G2 Axle & Gear, XAT Tire–295/60R20: “Same with new XAT tire. It is good new size of a really good tire for high-performance trucks with 20-in. wheels.”
  • ARB 4x4 Accessories, Old Man Emu BP-51 High-Performance Ride Control: “A lot of time has gone by since the ARB guys said that they’d started R&D on a new adjustable bypass high-performance shock—and it is here at the SEMA Show! Of course I voted for this product. As with other OME suspension components from ARB, I believe that this product will sell well in all markets.”
  • Drake Automotive Group, ’07–’14 Jeep Wrangler Locking Hood Hold-Down System: “Another security product for Jeep hoods. Also can be used for UAZ vehicles. Easy to install.”
  • Vision X Lighting, 7-in. Round Vortex LED Headlight With Low-High-Halo: “The 7-in. round headlights were very popular in the past. A lot of cars with these lights still can be found both on- and off-road. The old parabolic reflector with halogen light bulb takes a lot of energy (high current) from the alternator or battery but produces really small light flow with color temperature about 2,700K. The new LED retrofits for these cars take three to five times less power (low current), have two to three times more intensive light flow (in lumens) and color temperature of 4,200–6,500K for much better contrast. IMHO, this retrofit meets DMV requirements to be street legal and can have a very good market around the world.”
  • Maxxsonics USA, MB Quart 8-in., 2-Way Wake Tower Speaker (NT-120): “Waterproof, good quality; sound, reasonable price. Good product for using off-road.”
  • Engo Industries LLC, 7-in. LED Headlamp 75-Watt High/Low Beam: “Vision-X product looks better, but Engo has a much better price. Same market but two different levels of products.”
2014 Global Media Award Winners (In order of the number of awards received)

Pro Comp/Smittybilt/G2 Axle & Gear/Rubicon Express
App-Tronics LLC
Chrysler Group
Dakota Digital
Darkside Scientific–LumiLor Labs
eCooLogical LLC
Lokar Inc.
2Way Air/Rock Smasher Engineering
Antigravity Batteries
Billet Specialties/B-Forged
Bubba Rope
Deluxe Wheel Co.
Design Engineering Inc.
Go Rhino! Products/Big Country Truck Accessories
NRG Innovations
Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge
Palmer Performance Engineering
Razor USA
Snow Performance Inc.
Sprintex Superchargers
Spyder Auto
TMI Products
Warn Industries Inc.
Wipe New
AEM Induction Systems
American Autowire
ARB 4x4 Accessories
Auto-i (Canada) Corp.
Baer Brakes
Brembo North America Inc.
Chemical Guys/Smartwax
Comp Performance Group
Daystar Products
Drake Automotive Group
e-Motion LLC
EPAS Performance
Gas Tapper
General Motors Corp.
Grip On Tools
Ironman 4x4
JRi Shocks
Maxxsonics USA
Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels Mothers Polishes-Waxes-Cleaners
MSD Performance/Racepak
noLimits Enterprises
R1 Concepts Inc.
Retro Manufacturing
Topline Products
VMS Racing
XRP Inc.
5 Window Coupe byBernt
ACC Inc.
Accel Performance Group
Access Roll-Up Cover
Achilles Tire
Aero Products
Airaid Filter Co.
Alcon Specialist Brakes & Clutches
American Force Wheels
ARP Inc.
Atturo Tire
Auto Meter
Battery Saver
Big Mike’s Performance Parts
BKC Motorsport
Bolt Locks
Braille Battery
Buffer Bit
Cequent Performance Products
Classic Instruments Inc.
Dana Axle & Spicer Drivetrain
DeatschWerks Fuel Systems
Dee Zee Inc.
Doetsch Shocks
Eagle Specialty Products Inc.
Edge Products/Superchips
Engo Industries LLC
Escort Inc.
Essex Parts Services
Holley Performance Products
HPA Motorsport/Coty Built
Husky Liners
iForged Performance Alloys/Forgestar Custom Wheels
Lingenfelter Performance Engineering
Malco Products Inc.
Mattson’s Custom Radiator
MGP Caliper Covers
Montana Hitch
Nexon Motors
Niama-Reisser LLC
Nitto Tire U.S.A. Inc.
Painless Performance Products
Paramount Automotive
Premier Trailer Towing Products
Pressure On Demand
Prosport Gauges Inc.
Prothane Products
Quick Pressure
Quick Trick Alignment
Radflo Suspension Technology
Ram Mounting Systems
Rightline Gear
Rigid Industries LED Lighting
Rocket Racing Wheels
SCT Performance/Bully Dog
Silverback Carbs
Skits by Relief Pod
SPA Technique
Sparta Evolution
Spec Clutches & Flywheels
SpecD Tuning
Steele Rubber Products
Swisstrax Corp.
Thermal R&D
ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America
Tire Profiles-TreadSpec
TrimParts Inc./Parts Unlimited Inc.
Tuftruck/WestCoast Winch
U Ace Inc.
VDO Instrumentation & Accessories
VIP Modular/RSV Forged
Vision X Lighting
Vortech Engineering Inc.
Wheel Vintiques


Perry Mack, 4WD Magazine

  • Titan, 90-Gallon L-Shaped Liquid Transfer Tank: “It might not be a sexy way to spend your dollars, but anyone working a few hours north of the 49th parallel can appreciate the need for a bigger fuel tank. Titan’s military-grade, cross-linked polyethylene construction is better than aluminium at withstanding the extremes of heat and cold that we experience. The L-shape design allows you to drop it into your truck bed and set your locking toolbox on top so that you get great range without costing you too much space.”
  • Sprintex Superchargers, Chrysler Pentastar Supercharger for Jeep and Ram: “Few off-roaders would argue against the fact that Jeeps are chronically underpowered. A bolt-on supercharger is dollar for dollar the cheapest way to get a significant boost in torque and horsepower, and that’s what Sprintex delivers here. No cutting or welding, it fits under the hood and doesn’t require any additional upgrades, making it completely reversible. So whether you need more power to haul your tent trailer through the Rockies or more torque for crawling in low gears through the bush, it’s an awesome engine upgrade.”
  • SlideZilla, Lower Sliding Tray: “Anyone who has ever had to climb in and out of a truck bed can easily appreciate the lower sliding tray from SlideZilla. Bomb-proof construction means you can load it up with 1,000 lbs. of gear and still have easy access. Combine it with the upper sliding tray, and your truck-bed storage doubles while you can still get to everything.”
  • Snow Performance Inc., MPG-Max Ram 3.0L Ecodiesel Water-Methanol Injection System: “The Ecodiesel from Chrysler is an incredible addition to the powerplant lineup for Ram. Given how hard we Canadians work and play, better fuel mileage and more horsepower are welcome additions to Canada’s favorite light-duty truck.”
  • Aeroklas, Aggressor Electric Lift Hard Tonneau Cover: “Not only does it lock to keep your gear and tools safe, but this cover is built for the Canadian environment, with a rubber seal that locks out hard-driving rain and melting snow pack. It’s a bolt-on system for easy installation, and the cover tilts for easy access at the tailgate or goes to the full horizontal lift for access from the sides.”
  • eCooLogical LLC, BumperShellz With BriteShellz Backlit Logo: “I’m a sucker for bright lights and anything that will make my truck look different from the 10,000 other silver Dodge Rams. It’s essentially a cover for your existing bumper corners that will cover up minor dings and rust. You can add the logo of your company, hockey team or cause, and it is backlit at night for extra visibility. Bumper stickers haven’t changed since the day they were invented, but here’s a cool add-on that changes that.”
  • Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels, Baja MTZ P3: “Sometimes you want more than an all-terrain tire and less than a mud tire, and that’s when you want a Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3. Aside from the wide footprint and beefy tread blocks, I get all cranked up over the tougher sidewall compound, three-ply sidewall construction and the aggressive sidebiters.”
  • Bubba Rope, Gator-Jaw Soft Shackle: “Lighter, stronger, doesn’t rust like steel shackles and they float so you’re less likely to lose them during water/mud recoveries.”

Daniel Garcia Solis, V8 Musclecars

  • QuickTrick Alignment, QuickTrick Fleetslide 4WD: “This accessory struck me as quite interesting, as we cannot align a car’s steering at home. Now there’s no need to take your car to the shop. With this easy-to-use tool, you can check the alignment as many times as needed. Despite not being cheap, this option will save a few dollars in the long run.”
  • Wipe New, Wipe New Wheels: “Another accessory that any restorer should have in his or her workshop. This product does a great job of keeping away rust from any steel part—so much so that it virtually maintains a like-new appearance. Congratulations, Wipe New! This is a good product to fight corrosion.”
  • Airaid Filter Co., EconoAid Countertop POP Display: “This product immediately caught my attention because the news of an aftermarket part to save on fuel costs is certainly very interesting. Gasoline is quite expensive in Mexico, and a product that reduces consumption and provides your car with extra power deserves our attention as prices continue to rise.”
  • GearWrench, 12-Piece 120XP Universal Spline XL Metric Flex-Head Ratcheting Wrench Set: “This is a highly efficient tool set for mechanics, providing the convenience to loosen fasteners anywhere in the engine. It also comes in a wide variety of sizes. It’s a must-have product for any mechanic’s garage.”
  • Gas Tapper, GasTapper Gravity: This pump can easily transfer gas between cars or between a vehicle and an electric generator. Using Gas Tapper is definitely a safety-comes-first proposition. I believe it’s a highly recommendable product. I want one!”
  • CarCapsule, The ShowCase: “I know many car-collecting friends who would buy this. This keeps a car free of dust and moisture when it stays parked a long time before the next expo or exhibit. Thus, CarCapsule is a good choice to keep cars protected from bad weather without using typical car covers.”
  • MGP Caliper Covers, Ford Licensed: “An accessory solely for tuned cars that gives an exciting look to wheel components. If the car is equipped with thin-spoke rims, the caliper cover will stand out from afar. I like this product. It’s also available in a number of configurations to match your
    specific vehicle.”
  • Lokar Inc., Goolsby Edition XL Billet Exterior 12-Volt Door Handles: “Lokar is a well-known brand that keeps surprising us. I love the products because they are an exact fit for street rods. Thanks to Lokar’s products, we can install an air of trendiness in our cars without compromising the elegance and character of the required accessory.”
  • Aero Products, 6-Pack Traveler: “I love this type of product for car detailing. It’s a traveler’s kit that has all you need to polish and maintain a beautiful car at an affordable price, and it’s also very easy to carry.”
  • Auto-i (Canada) Corp., OE-Fit Third Brake Light Camera: “My wife loves being able to see and know what’s behind her car or pickup, and even more so when she has to park. I hope that soon this type of aftermarket improvement will come already installed in new cars, because it is useful and makes us safer.”

Eduardo Bernasconi, Revista Fullpower Magazine

  • Weego, Jump Starter Battery Pack+: “Amazing to believe that such a small product can start a car!”
  • Retro Manufacturing, RetroSound Redondo MOPAR Radio: “MOPAR is arriving in Brazil, as Fiat Group has bought Chrysler. The retro sound and the wireless charger is something that will fit MOPAR cars and vintage or classic cars.”
  • Billet Specialties/B-Forged, 400 Modular Performance Wheel: “A forged modular performance wheel. Few companies are investing in two- or three-piece wheels. Billet Specialties is really hard to find here, and the musclecar or classic-car owner who wants an exclusive product could choose it.”
  • Zeitronix, ECA-2 Ethanol Content Analyzer with E% Hacker Display: “The ECA-2 could be good here because we have had ethanol in our pumps since the ’80s, and our gasoline has 22%, 25% ethanol. The owner can check how much ethanol his engine is running. We don’t have such a product here.”
  • Trufiber, ’15 Mustang 5.0 Carbon-Fiber Engine Cover Kit: The carbon-fiber engine covers that fit ’15 Ford Mustangs could be good-selling products because Ford just announced that it will bring the vehicle officially to Brazil.”
  • Nexon Motors, BMW E71 X6M Flat-Bottom Custom Carbon Steering Wheel: “We don’t have smaller-diameter steering wheels that can fit airbags. BMW owners have no choice other than this product to have a sporty interior.”
  • Tire Profiles-TreadSpec, Groove Glove Mobile Tire Laser Diagnostics: “We don’t have mobile tire laser diagnostics, such as the ECA-2 down here, and consumers must take care of their tires. With this, we could have safer drivers.”
  • Palmer Performance Engineering, DashCommand: “Great and easy data for owners.”
  • Chrysler Group, In-Vehicle Wireless Charging from MOPAR: “MOPAR is arriving in Brazil, as Fiat Group has bought Chrysler. The retro sound and the wireless charger is something that will Fit MOPAR cars and vintage or classic cars.”
  • App-Tronics LLC, SmartNav 5: “Safe way to use GPS and camera.”

Fabio Codellos, AutoMotivo

  • Spyder Auto, ’05–’13 Porsche 911 Projection Headlights: “There was a large assortment of headlights and special lamps for every type of vehicle. The trend is certainly toward LED headlights.”
  • Spyder Auto, ’11–’14 Chevy Cruze Light Bar LED Taillights: “There was a large assortment of headlights and special lamps for every type of vehicle. The trend is certainly toward LED headlights.”
  • Spyder Auto, ’06–’09 Lexus IS 250/350 Projection Headlights: “There was a large assortment of headlights and special lamps for every type of vehicle. The trend is certainly toward LED headlights.”
  • Pro Comp/Smittybilt/Rubicon Express, 41 Series Wheel: “Wheels had their own show at the event. The images illustrate some rim models by Green Custom Wheels and Pro Comp Wheels.”
  • Fondmetal, STC-10 with EFS (Easy Fit System): “Models from Italian manufacturer Fondmetal are also worthy of mention. Finishes are impressive!”
  • Zeitronix, ECA-2 Ethanol Content Analyzer with E% Hacker Display: “This product would undoubtedly be a success in Brazil. The product offers high performance and real-time analysis of ethanol content in gasoline.”
  • Escort Inc., Passport: “This is another product that would be highly successful here. It’s one of the most modern radar detectors in the United States.”
  • Pressure on Demand, Pressure On Demand: “This is arguably the greatest innovation for installing tinted glass film or signage stickers on vehicles. Since the P.O.D. Steamer works with pressurization, this represents a new way for window film or bodywork stickers to be installed.”
  • App-Tronics LLC, SmartNav 5: “SmartNav 5 is a fully upgradable mirror. It includes GPS and DVR with front view and preloaded ADR software. It also boasts a rear camera with the brightest 5-in. screen available, Bluetooth 4.0, an FM transmitter and a host of media features. A radar detector and a reverse camera are optional.”

Henry Pierini, Auto Zulia

“App-Tronics’ winning of eight Global Media Awards and SEMA’s Best in Show is further validation that our goal of providing benchmark products for retail consumers as well as those that sell and install our line is on the correct path,” said Mark Tierno president and founder of App-Tronics LLC
“App-Tronics’ winning of eight Global Media Awards and SEMA’s Best in Show is further validation that our goal of providing benchmark products for retail consumers as well as those that sell and install our line is on the correct path,” said Mark Tierno president and founder of App-Tronics LLC. “We greatly appreciate that the judges took the time here and abroad to recognize our hard work.”

  • GearWrench, 10-Piece 120XP Universal Spline XL Metric Flex-Head Gearbox Ratcheting Wrench Set: “Excellent for work in specialized workshops and for use around the home. In Venezuela, there is an automotive marketplace with cars that, in many cases, are more than 20 years old. To maintain these vehicles, numerous repairs are made at home or are carried out in workshops.”
  • Gas Tapper, GasTapper Gravity: “This system contains all you need to get fuel from new-model cars while avoiding damage to the rollover check valve. Ideal when you need a bit of fuel for the lawnmower or a motorcycle or to help a friend who needs fuel in an emergency.”
  • CarCapsule, The ShowCase: “This cover is perfect for protecting a car from environmental damage. My country has a tropical climate with shores and beaches as well as high temperatures and sun that can be rough on a car. This cover is ideal for this weather to keep a car in tip-top condition.”
  • Dakota Digital, MCL-3014 Digital Plug-In Instrumentation for ’14–Up Harley Touring Models: “Vehicle and motorcycle customization aficionados abound the world over, and Venezuela is no exception. We have fans yearning for this type of accessory to enhance the look and performance of their bikes.”
  • e-Motion LLC, nGauge HPT: “A tool that supports environmental stewardship by regulating emissions. Although vehicle emissions policies in Venezuela are not strict, it is important to implement this kind of system in cargo vehicles to improve this aspect.”
  • Superwinch, Roam-Smartphone Winch Control & Monitoring App: “An interesting application for smartphones that makes work easier and provides important data for cargo and winch trailers; very suitable for any vehicle-towing task.”
  • TMI Products, Smartlogic Deluxe Pro Tablet Rear Seat Entertainment: “This navigation and entertainment system is ideal for long trips with the entire family. A smart solution for Venezuela, where many trips entail road travel.”
  • Auto-i (Canada) Corp., OE-Fit Third Brake Light Camera: “I liked this light with a built-in camera. It seems to be excellent for maneuvering vans and other commercial vehicles. Being able to see the back of the vehicle is an important safety element. A wide range of commercial vehicles driven in Venezuela could use this addition.”
  • Flex-a-lite, Cooler Guard POP Display: “This oil cooler is specific for car engine applications, since our hot climate readily degrades engines and oils.”
  • App-Tronics LLC, SmartNav 5: “This product is suitable for adding tech components to your car, improving safety via GPS and installing parking sensors displayed in the rearview mirror. I am sure this product will be very appealing in Venezuela to those wanting to improve the features of their cars.”

Chet Kjetil Sveistrup, Amcar Magazine

  • Decked, Pickup Truck Bed Organizer and Storage System: “I loved the rugged quality of this pickup bed organizer. The purpose of a pickup truck is to be able to haul stuff. With this organizer and storage system, you can haul things that would not fit under a tonneau cover and at the same time lock away valuable smaller cargo.”
  • Big Mike’s Performance Parts, Sto N Sho for C6 Corvette Z06, ZR1 and Grand Sport: “Some cars look better without a front license plate, especially a Corvette. However, in most European countries and many U.S. states, you have to have the front plate mounted when driving on public roads, by law. With this little bracket, you can easily remove the plate for show and track use, and you put it back again with the same ease when it’s time to hit the road.”
  • EPAS Performance, Electric Power Steering: “It just makes sense on a custom vehicle to install an electric power steering unit. It takes up less space and, assuming it works like regular power steering, is less intrusive under
    the hood.”
  • CarCapsule, The ShowCase: “Sharing storage space with friends for your classic car? This is what I would want, both to keep nosy fingers off my paint and also to protect against elements such as dust and moisture.”
  • Dakota Digital, VHX-68D-CHG Direct-Fit Instrument System for MOPAR B-Body Rallye Dash: “Being able to purchase a complete set of instruments that looks original in appearance and at the same time has modern gauges and easy-to-
    connect wiring would be many restorers’ dream.”
  • QA1, MOPAR Rear Suspension Conversion System: “A bolt-in six-link rear suspension like this would undoubtedly improve handling and performance of a car (in this case, ’67–’69 MOPAR A-bodies). When bringing new-car handling to your classic MOPAR, this is the way to go.”
  • Ram Mounting Systems, X-Grip Suction Cup Mount for iPhone 6 Plus: “Cluttered dashboard? This grip mount holds the iPhone, GPS or anything that will fit within its four claws. For your daily driver or work vehicle, this will help to unclutter that dash or console.”
  • Go Rhino! Products/Big Country, 6-in. OE Xtreme II Side Step: “This will go very well with most contemporary truck designs. This beats the old chrome tube by a long shot.”
  • Darkside Scientific-LumiLor Labs, LumiLor Electroluminescent Coating System Gas Tank: “Just think of all the places you could use this coating system to create amazing effects—not only on motorcycles but also on cars. You could make anything really glow. How cool is that!”
  • App-Tronics LLC, SmartVision: “Video recording of your daily drive will probably soon become just as common as using your headlights or your seat belts. This system records front and rear, but I’ll bet 360-degree recording is just around the corner. Write an accident report? Hey, let’s watch the video instead!”

Pictured here is the LumiLor Electroluminescent Coating System Gas Tank—one of four new products from Darkside Scientific receiving recognition from a panel of global journalists.
Pictured here is the LumiLor Electroluminescent Coating System Gas Tank—one of four new products from Darkside Scientific receiving recognition from a panel of global journalists. “We were delighted and a little surprised at the recognitions we received, since this was our first SEMA Show,” said Paul Hollett, director of marketing and media for Darkside Scientific LLC. “The four publications all seemed very insightful and attuned to their audiences, so we are very glad for the international exposure. We are eager for discussions with professional application shops or customizers and look to expand internationally. The SEMA Show was excellent, and we met with prospects from all over the world. We are looking to return to SEMA 2015 with even more electroluminescent ideas.”

Christofer Wilhans, Bilsport Classic Magazine

  • Deluxe Wheel Co., Wide Whitewall Tire Rim: “Oh, so different. Old style in today’s format for the younger buyer, who always seems to look for cool parts, whether living in the United States or Sweden.”
  • Mothers Polishes-Waxes-Cleaners, Leather Cleaner: “This a product that people have to learn to use, as a leather interior easily can be 50 years old and still be nice if treated properly. A necessary but often overlooked product.”
  • TrimParts Inc./Parts Unlimited Inc., ’68–’70 Nova Sill Plate: “Any reproduction sill plate for any car is a blessing, especially if one lives outside the United States where second-hand sills are nonexistent.”
  • Chemical Guys/Smartwax, Clay Eraser: “Anything that makes it easier to keep your vehicle clean and nice is a welcome product. Doesn’t matter if you live in or outside the United States.”
  • Drake Automotive Group, 5¾-in. FoMoCo Halogen Head Lamp Reproduction: “For that authentic look and proper light, this is a good product wherever there is a Ford.”
  • American Autowire, Factory-Fit OEM Replacement Wiring (GM): “A factory-perfect-fit harness must be a blessing to anybody who is restoring a car. Many antique cars are driven around with badly executed wiring by owners or others.”
  • VMS Racing, Universal Short Antennas: “It is a fun, inexpensive way to cosmetically upgrade your vehicle.”
  • Steele Rubber Products, Chevrolet Vega Quarter Window Seals: “This is a product you always need for any car. I wish there were rubber like this for all cars.”
  • Antigravity Batteries, Micro-Start XP-10: “A wonderful product. Small in size but big in working makes it outstanding.”
  • Darkside Scientific-LumiLor Labs, Darkside Scientific-LumiLor Labs: “A most fantastic product you have to see to believe. Looks like a normal paint job but collects light and shines like a lamp in the dark.”
United Kingdom

Carmen Baumann-Matthews, Super Fly

  • Wipe New, Wipe New Wheels: “This has the potential to truly provide long-lasting protection for alloy wheels. Bring on the dirt!”
  • CarCapsule, The ShowCase: “Protecting one of the most precious things in your life demands only the best. This goes beyond any conventional car cover with added TLC.”
  • Skits by Relief Pod, Automotive Safety Kit V: “Stylish and does what it says on the tin. Winner.”
  • JRi Shocks, Hydraulic Ride Height System: “Combining coil-over and airbag technology without the bags. Nice one, fellas.”
  • Brandmotion, FreedomCharge Qi Wireless Charging Installer Kit: “Wireless is the future, especially when it comes to recharging our portable devices in the car.”
  • Bubba Rope, Gator-Jaw Soft Shackle: “Super-light and has the strength to pull up to 32,000 lbs.!”

Tony Matthews, Super Fly

  • Rocket Racing Wheels, Rocket Solid: “Bringing back a classic design from the ’50s to give 21st Century racers some vintage panache!”
  • Deluxe Wheel Co., Wide Whitewall Tire Rim: “This is definitely has our SuperFly seal of approval and provides that whitewall look without the need of the whitewall tire. Genius.”
  • Kinetik, HC400 REVolution 400W Power Cell: “Superbly constructed and packs one hell of a punch for
    its size.”
  • Lokar Inc., Goolsby Edition XL Billet Exterior 12-Volt Door Handles: “Constructed out of that stunning material called billet aluminum, and it also activates the latches to open the door. Very cool, indeed.”
  • JRi Shocks, Sportsman Drag Shock: “A high-quality product for drag racing at a price to allow the sport to continue and bring new contenders to the game.”
  • Prosport Gauges Inc., Evo Series 85mm Speedometer and Tachometer: “There is just something about these Prosport gauges that says quality, and they are also futuristic in styling. Very fresh!”
  • Baer Brakes, Remaster 1-in.-Bore Polished Master Cylinder: “The attention to detail and build quality is some of the best we have seen in a long time.”


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