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2016 Ford Explorer Uncovered

Ford Super Duty

2016 Ford Explorer Uncovered Ford Super Duty 
2016 Ford Explorer Uncovered Ford Super Duty

Here’s an uncovered look at a prototype for the ’16 Ford Explorer facelift. The new headlights clearly get a more angular shape, while the taillight looks more simplified and cohesive. The new front fascia appears to get a smaller grille than on the current model, with the additional air intakes integrated more subtly into the front bumper design.

The current Explorer’s low-set round fog lights will go away in favor of new LED fog lights placed higher up on the front bumper, providing a look that is in line with the ’15 Ford Edge. The mid-cycle revamp will also give the Explorer an all-new interior, which will utilize Ford’s latest technologies in conjunction with a more tactile passenger interface. The new 2.3L Ecoboost engine is expected to replace the current 2.0L turbo.

While shooting a prototype Ford Super Duty, KGP Photography was particularly intrigued with the camouflage on the rear bed cap. The camouflage appears tailor-made for this particular top, and it successfully hides anything that could make it special.

The cap has a badge on it from familiar cap maker ATC Truck Covers, along with some grease-pencil writing that makes it look like a pretty traditional transaction. So why the extensive camouflage? The cladding is a bit of an anomaly for Ford’s test trucks and fuels anticipation
for details.

Next-Gen Camaro

Porsche Panamera

Next-Gen Camaro Porsche Panamera 
Next-Gen Camaro Porsche Panamera

Behold the next-generation Camaro without the heavy vinyl camouflage that has covered all prior prototypes. Some hot lamps on the Nürburgring have encouraged the General Motors test team to strip the Camaro down to its black-and-white graphic camo for the best look yet at Chevy’s new, Alpha-based Mustang fighter.


The new Panamera rides on a Porsche-developed platform dubbed “MSB.” Along with underpinning this Panamera, the MSB is expected to provide the basis for the Bentley Flying Spur. A version of the MSB platform is also expected to be used for the next mid-engine Boxster/Cayman, along with the next rear-engined 911. The Panamera will serve as the launch vehicle for the new MSB platform.

The new Panamera is expected to spawn a wider model array than the current version, with a Shooting Brake/Wagon variant taking cues from ’12’s Sport Turismo concept, to be joined by a large two-door coupe and convertible. Considering Porsche’s traditionally slow development process as a benchmark, this second-generation Panamera is expected to reach the market in ’16 as a ’17 model.

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