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Cadillac ATS-V

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Cadillac ATS-V Land Rover Discovery Sport
Cadillac ATS-V Land Rover Discovery Sport

Here is a rare, unobscured look at the front fascia for the Cadillac ATS-V sedan. Cadillac’s high-performance sports sedan is aiming straight at the BMW M4. The uncovered nose confirms that this ATS-V prototype is outfitted with a vertically slatted grille—completely different from anything in the ATS range or current Cadillac lineup.

The new grille design matches the grille treatment spotted on CTS-V prototypes. The brawny front end, generous side skirts and deep rear valance with quad exhaust all combine to transform the rather lithe ATS into a seriously muscle-bound sedan. Most reports suggest that the ATS-V will be outfitted with Cadillac’s twin-turbocharged 3.6L V6 engine, generating something in the neighborhood of 425 hp. Rumor has it that a seven-speed automatic transmission will be optional on the ATS-V.

KGP’s man in the United Kingdom caught a less-camouflaged prototype for the all-new Land Rover Discovery Sport, providing a good look at the model that will replace Land Rover’s Freelander (in Europe) and LR2 (in the United States). The new Discovery Sport features design cues found on the company’s Land Rover Vision concept, which was shown at the New York Auto Show.

The latest prototype gives an uncovered look at the new Discovery’s grille design and a less-clad view of the
C- and D-pillar interplay. The new model will be offered as a five-seat version along with a newly available seven-seat configuration. The new Discovery is expected to adopt an all-aluminum construction that will help shed weight and improve performance and handling amid a crowded, hyper-competitive market segment.

’15 Ford Mustang

Dodge Challenger SRT8

’15 Ford Mustang Dodge Challenger SRT8
’15 Ford Mustang Dodge Challenger SRT8

This prototype for the ’15 Mustang is showing off some new clear taillight lenses, providing a glimpse at what sources say is the European-spec model. The white-lensed taillights look particularly clean when paired with the white bodywork on the Mustang in these shots. Such a finish option might be welcome on U.S.-spec models; however, no such option has been announced.

The taillight changes go a bit deeper than simply the color of the unlit taillights; they function differently than U.S.-spec taillights. Instead of the Mustang’s sequential rear-turn indicators, these signals alternate between two red bars using the taillights’ inner LED strips and a single amber strip on the outer light bar.

The very aggressive SRT-tuned Dodge Challenger—captured undisguised in red—reveals the musclecar’s new hood design. KGP Photography previously snapped shots of a silver prototype wearing a hood scoop in what appeared to be the first look at the top-tier Challenger model with the new “Hellcat” supercharged V8 engine.

While it has the same hood design as in the earlier spy shots, the red Challenger looks like it is not quite as seriously spec’d out as the earlier prototype. The wheels and brakes on this prototype look to be of a less-aggressive makeup, while the wheels and brakes on the earlier prototype were an exact match for those on an earlier “Hellcat” prototype (which yielded shots of an exposed engine and its supercharger).

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