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’15 Ford Focus ST

Ford F-350 Super Duty Smokestacks

’15 Ford Focus ST Ford F-350 Super Duty Smokestacks 
’15 Ford Focus ST  Ford F-350 Super Duty Smokestacks

Ford unveiled the latest forms of its ’15 Focus sedan and Focus Electric hatchback at the 2014 New York International Auto Show in late April. While both versions are set to arrive in the United States late this year, Ford also revealed that it is prepping an ST version of the Focus.

KGP Photography delivered these shots of the overhauled ’15 Focus ST. Even through camouflaged, the ST reveals a front fascia that carries a little more edge compared to the current version. The rear of the prototype ST shows a single-pipe exhaust design; however, that setup is primarily for testing. The ’15 ST exhaust tips are expected to mirror the current model.

Expect the new version of the performance Focus ST to be shown toward the end of summer 2014.

Caught heading into the joint Roush/SVT development center, this Raptor test truck was wearing an ill-fitting grille from an F-150 Platinum instead of the Raptor’s usual Ford-emblazoned grille treatment.

But it’s not which grille that is of key importance; it’s how the grille is incorporated into the front fascia.

The grille on this mule sits a couple of inches forward from its normal resting place, which has been a key identifying feature of every mule testing the all-new platform for the ’15 F-150. The same grille fitment on this Raptor suggests that the mechanicals under its skin may well be based on the ’15 F-150 platform.

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