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2015 Nissan Murano Prototype


2015 Ford F-150

2015 Nissan Murano Prototype  2015 Ford F-150   
2015 Nissan Murano Prototype  2015 Ford F-150

Judging by these shots of the current prototype, it’s apparent that the next Nissan Murano will take design cues from the Nissan Resonance concept crossover that debuted at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, according to the photographers at KGP Photography. The prototype shares the concept’s rising belt line and the prominent side shelf that stretches from the taillights all the way up to a roll into the front fender and hood line.

The Murano prototype’s front fascia appears to have a sharply chiseled grille design similar to that found on the latest Nissan Rogue. Again, the Murano prototype gets a significantly toned-down version of the concept’s front fascia. The Murano’s interior reveals a portion of the crossover’s center stack that is dominated by a large LCD screen at the top of the dashboard. Prominent brushed-aluminum accents can be seen on the interior, both on the outer edges of the instrument binnacle and also defining the outer edges of the center stack.

Production of the ’15 Murano will reportedly take place at Nissan’s manufacturing plant in Canton, Mississippi, with a build date destined for sometime in 2014.


The shooters at KGP snapped images of two F-150 prototypes, revealing two trim levels and dashboard configurations for Ford’s next-generation fullsize pickup. While portions of the new F-Series interior are a mystery, the shooters exposed some important details of the controls and button interfaces.

Elements of Ford’s Atlas concept truck can be seen on the interior design of the ’15 F-150. Starting with the prototype’s instruments, there is a similarly shaped, angular hood over the gauge cluster, and the prototype’s instrument hood also has places for contrasting trim on its outside edges, very similar to those found on the Atlas concept. The F-150 prototypes also have a center stack design that shows Atlas influences, with vertical air vents and similar screen placements.

The shooters speculate that one of the F-150 prototypes was an upmarket trim level, outfitted with an 8-in. central touchscreen display. Prominent knobs for volume and tune flank the upper cluster of buttons, which consist of two rows of numbered presets (1–6) and sandwich the media and skip controls. HVAC controls sit below the center stack and include buttons for heated and cooled front seats. Two more big dials control the temp and dual functions for passenger comfort.


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