SEMA News—February 2014

By Linda Spencer

2013 Global Media Awards

For the tenth year, a panel of 29 journalists from leading international media outlets served on the Global Media Award panel. Journalists from 14 countries participated, including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Honduras, Mexico, Norway, Russia, South Africa, United Kingdom and Venezuela. Each was charged with choosing 10 products from the more than 2,000 new products introduced at the 2013 SEMA Show that they believe would resonate best with their consumers.


Chinese journalists serving as Global Media Awards judges examined products in the New Products Showcase to select the 10 that they believed would sell best in their home market.
Chinese journalists serving as Global Media Awards judges examined products in the New Products Showcase to select the 10 that they believed would sell best in their home market. Each September, SEMA brings a delegation of SEMA-member manufacturers to China to meet with pre-vetted buyers and to learn more about the growing Chinese specialty market. Pictured from left to right are: Junglong Sun, 4WD; Liu Haixiao, Overlander; Pan Bingjian, Modi Auto; and Xin Hua, FB Life. 


Narrowing down the selection to only 10 products was difficult, said Graham Erasmus of South Africa’s Automotive Business Review. “Being a global media awards judge is pretty daunting,” he explained. “You are given six hours to vote for your 10 winning products, but the real problem lies in picking the final 10. I got it down to a short list of 28 and then had to go through the agonizing process of [whittling down the list to the final 10].”

The 185 winning companies—including 34 first-time exhibitors—were invited to the SEMA International Happy Hour to receive their awards and were able to meet with the journalists who selected
their products.

“Quite frankly, we were overwhelmed with the success we had at the SEMA Show,” said first-time exhibitor Joe McGinnes, owner of McHitch Uniglide Trailer Couplings (a division of Autopro Lithgow), which won three Global Media Awards. “We already sell product in very limited quantities overseas in many countries.” He noted that the company will be setting up distributorships in Canada, South America and South Africa.

“We are very humbled to win four Global Media Awards as a first-time exhibitor,” said Brian Kato of Platinum VIP, another first-timer. “It’s great that SEMA provided a platform for us to share our product with car enthusiasts all around the world.” Kato noted that the company currently sells overseas, with Japan as its largest overseas market. He added that the company will definitely be looking at selling into the markets identified by the journalists as good prospects for their products, which included France, the United Kingdom and Finland.

Fourteen of the journalists provided insights into the products they selected. Their remarks follow.

The Americas: Argentina

Luis Zschocke, New Tune Up

  • American Autowire, Highway 22 Universal Wiring System: “This company’s wiring has applications in many of the classic models we repair in Argentina. This set has a universal application that enables us to use it in hot rods, street rods and cars off the factory line. This product is of great help in our work as restorers.”
  • Centerforce Clutches, Triple DYAD Drive System for ’97–’11 Chevrolet LS Engines: “I found this product to be a novelty. Even though very good clutches are made in Argentina, we don’t have any of this type at the moment, and I think it makes a good solution to combining relatively soft drive with good power delivery.”
  • Detroit Speed & Engineering Inc., ’63–’67 Corvette Electric Headlight Door Kit: “This electric headlight door kit is the first I’ve seen in the market for second-generation Corvettes. It drew my attention for its design. We are currently restoring a ’66 Vette, and so we’ll be using it.”
  • Holley Performance Products, Dual-Plane LS3 Carb Intake: “This intake manifold has a great application in our country, as the LS3 engine is becoming more and more popular and is being used in every type of vehicle that has been modified or customized for street or strip. It is also used in boats. Through this product, we can do away with the original injection systems and obtain power at a low cost.”
  • Kooks Headers and Exhaust, ’12–’14 Jeep SRT8 6.4L Complete Header and Exhaust System Exclusively Manufactured Utilizing 49-State EPA-Certified Catalyst: “I really like the construction of this exhaust system. The SRT8 is one of most wanted vehicles among power and high-performance fans in Argentina. Everybody is interested in modifying the exhaust system first, so I truly believe this system will be a great success in our country.”
  • Mercury Racing, QC4V (Quad Cam, Four Valve) Crate Engine: “I found this engine very interesting and novel. As I said to its manufacturer, I think this engine stands a good chance in South America because there is a large number of customers who are after power and performance. After 30 years of repairing V8 engines for both cars and boats, we can say we know the market quite well.”
  • Procomp Electronics TK-2800KIT, LS3 Manifold Throttle-Body Kit: “As I was saying before, the LS3 engine is becoming more popular. This throttle-body kit allows us to replace the original system and adapt all our engines to the variety of vehicles where this is applied. This is of great help for the engine builder.”
  • Scat Enterprises Inc., 470ci LS Rotating Assembly: “Going back to the LS3’s growing popularity in our country, this kit allows us to increase the cubic inches of the engine and, consequently, the power. It will surely be a success, given that we are familiar with Scat products’ quality (taking into account the number of years we’ve been using these products).”
  • United Pacific Industries Inc., ’32 Ford 5-Window Coupe Steel Body Shell: “This Ford five-window body shell took me by surprise. What really drew my attention were the details of its construction. They were the reason why I chose this product, beside the fact that I’m a big fan of this type of car.
  • Viking Performance Inc., Berserker ASM (Active Shock Management): “In my opinion, this active shock management is very good. I also think it’s a good idea to have it available for street and strip at reasonable prices. What I really enjoyed was the presentation of the product itself, together with its finish details.”

João Mantovani, Revista Fullpower


    Warn won the most 2013 Global Media Awards, with judges from Russia, Norway, Germany, France and Venezuela selecting new products released by the company.
    Warn won the most 2013 Global Media Awards, with judges from Russia, Norway, Germany, France and Venezuela selecting new products released by the company. Ken Scuito, Warn Industries director of marketing, said that the company “appreciates the Global Media Awards for our line of winches and winch accessories.” He said that the company is well situated and has worldwide distribution. Pictured is one of the four new Warn products introduced at this year’s SEMA Show: the PowerPlant 12. Judges included Henry Pierini, of Venezuela’s AutoZulia Internacional magazine, who said of the Warn PowerPlant 9.5: “This package includes an air compressor and a winch; it’s perfect for installation on 4x4 vehicles and pickups. In Venezuela, adventure tourism with these vehicles is very popular. It seems most appropriate for our market.” And Andrey Sudbin of Off Road Drive magazine talked about what drew him to the Warn Premium Winch Hook: “It’s a good and must-have accessory for your winch. It’s lighter than usual ones due to its form and is more reliable due to its coating.”

    Amaxi Products, Merchandiser: “The display they launched is something you rarely see in Brazil. It is definitely a step forward, considering that repair and builder shops are used to improvising when it comes to sanding. Believe it or not, rubber sandals and wood blocks are frequently the options around here.”
  • Billet Specialties, XF550 B-Forged Road Wheel: “The brand is well known in Brazil around classic musclecars and hot rods, but not modern cars. With the fever of colorful rims, there is space in our market where Billet Specialties can participate.”
  • K&N Engineering, Typhoon Air Intake System: “A couple of months ago, our cover article featured 10 brand-new cars that came with turbos from the manufacturer, and we told the readers how great they are to be tuned. First thing to be done on the Sonic’s upcoming turbo engine will be the air intake, especially during the warranty period when enthusiasts are afraid to go radical but still need to change something.”
  • KW Automotive North America, ’13 Ford Focus ST : “A global car should have tuning options all over the globe. This is the case of Ford Focus and its tuning parts. Besides quality, the coil-over suspension they offer is not developed by any local company around here yet.”
  • Mitsubishi Turbo, BMW N20 Upgrade Turbo: “Upgrading the turbo is a trend in Brazil, and bolt-on parts are always welcome for a clear and successful installation. Turbo BMWs have a good share of our market, and their owners are always up for getting more power.”
  • Prosport Gauges, JDM Series Gauges: “Discrete, well finished and attractive. They combine digital and analog displays, and the adjustable redline warning gives a good sense of modernization. Plenty of space to compete with the famous AutoMeter, which are the most popular imported ones around here.”
  • Speed Dawg Shift Knobs, Competition Series Shift Knobs: “Good price and good finishing knob. Also would meet a market dominated by Hurst and B&M in this specific section/usage. It’s a good alternative to be different when customizing street or competition cars.”
  • Traxxas, for Mustang NHRA Funny Car: “A toy for kids of all ages. The brand is known in Brazil, and the new product would attract the customer who is crazy about drag racing.”
  • VMS Racing, Honda and Acura Tow Hooks: “With the track-day culture starting to get big, all parts related to the sport will also be seen on road cars. Among lightweight wheels and rollcages, a tow hook is definitely a signature for a road and track car.”
  • Zeitronix, Ethanol Content Analyzer: “In my opinion, the best new product to suit the Brazilian market. First, our gasoline has ethanol already. It is supposed to be 30%, but we never know—it is a bit hard to trust a gas station. When the engine is modified with a turbo installation or even upgraded, it is almost a rule to make a gasoline engine run with E85—it is best to calibrate, gets more power. The thing is, getting 85% ethanol plus 15% gasoline is always a guess. Maybe not anymore.”

Miguel Ricardo Puerta, Carstereo Magazine

  • American Force Wheels, Nightmare Face Plate Wheels: “The design and color make it unique. New and different style for Brazilian wheel lovers.”
  • Carlisle Tire, Cragar Modern Muscle 617 Series: “Great looking for new or older musclecars; new design with old-style looks. New option for customizers and their clients.”
  • Eddie Motorsports, Billet Aluminum Gauge Panel for ’65–’66 Mustangs: “Maintaining its original style but built with a new look. This will help shops offer new-look options for customizers.”
  • Escort Inc., MediaFlair: “Very interesting way to share media inside the vehicle. Brazilians love traveling with their families; therefore a great device to keep everyone connected.”
  • Glass Apps, Switchable Automotive Privacy Film: “Great technology that permits privacy and comfort during the day and easily helps drivers during night driving due to the lightening switch that allows clear vision. In Brazil, this product will be a success because it’s a tropical country.”
  • K&N Engineering Inc. Blackhawk Air Intake System 71-4519: “It’s a new (never-before-seen) system that helps cool the air intake system. There are lots of Camaros being sold in Brazil, and this new system will be highly asked for.”
  • Lokar Inc., Goolsby Edition Billet-Aluminum Dash Insert: “It’s different, great color and style. New option for customizers.”
  • Spyder Auto, Volkswagen Jetta Projector Headlights: “Great looking and highlights the car at night. Young Brazilians will love it.”
  • Vizualogic, SmartLogic Tablet/DVD Headrest System: “Useful because there are two apps on one light, handheld device. Both young and old kids can be entertained individually during long trips.”
  • Vizualogic, SmartView Safety Camera System: “Great way to protect the surrounding area of the vehicle against damage from obstacles in tight areas. Useful for any and all drivers worldwide.”

Juan Carlos Cuéllar, Sobre Ruedas C.A.

  • AMSOIL Diesel Injector: This product was chosen due to the serious problem with low-quality gasoline prevalent in our region and the low octane and cetane ratings of our fuels. There are similar products, but of unfamiliar brands.
  • Antigravity Batteries: I particularly liked these because they are convenient and practical.
  • AutoTrickz: This would be great in my country for safety reasons.
  • Billy Boat Performance Exhaust: I found it interesting and affordable.
  • KC HiLiTES Inc.: I think it is very convenient.
  • Motul: Motul is a growing brand in our country. I believe that any new product from this brand would be a success.
  • Rampage Products: Practical and very important for safety.
  • Whistler: Practical, comfortable, small, useful, and economical… I love it.

Daniel Garcia Solis, V8 Musclecars

  • DC Safety Sales Co. Inc., Top Gear Premium Roadside Kit: “Top Gear can certainly get us out of trouble as a first-aid kit for our car. It integrates various accessories that are essential for long trips so you won’t be stranded on the road. Surely the Mexican market would be willing to invest in a product that can help in case of an emergency. We just need to make it available to the consumer.
  • Escort Inc., Media Flair: “This is a gadget that could be launched in the Mexican market quite well. About 70% of the population use cell phones, and many of them are young people who share files, music, photos and movies. I think this accessory would be well received.
  • MSD Performance, Brainwave: “An advanced technology that enables control of multiple electronic systems in your car through a smartphone- or tablet-driven system will make it easy to detect any problem with the vehicle. There is a very strong trend to use this type of accessory, so it could work well in cars with electronic equipment.”
  • No-Choke LLC, Seat Belt Comfort Device: “I noticed this product because it’s something that seems simple and not as bulky as other products; however, it is a good idea to avoid the hassle that comes with seat belts. In fact, the front and rear passengers often find it annoying to wear seat belts across their necks; thanks to this attachment, we can make them feel more comfortable. I am skeptical about how it would be received in the Mexican market due to our bad driving habits; but I still voted for the Seat Belt Comfort Device.”

    Transamerican Manufacturing Group won six Global Media Awards, with journalists from China, South Africa, France and Russia selecting new products released at this year’s SEMA Show
    Transamerican Manufacturing Group won six Global Media Awards, with journalists from China, South Africa, France and Russia selecting new products released at this year’s SEMA Show that included the Pro Comp 5035 Predator Series, Smittybilt Gen 2 XRC Rear JK Bumper, Smittybilt Gen 2 X2O Winch and Pro Comp ’14 GM 1500 6-in. Suspension Kit. Pictured from left to right representing the Transamerican Manufacturing Group are: Eric Greiving, TMG wheel brand manager; Mike Perez, Smittybilt sales; Ryan Sweeney, TMG new-products director; and Steve Andersen, Pro Comp sales.

    PanaVise Products Inc., PortaGrip 15504: “As part of our driving etiquette, we insist on not talking or texting on our cell phones or tablets while driving. PortaGrip is a useful item to avoid such situations. I really liked its adjustability to different sizes. A similar device is available on the Mexican market; however, it’s of lower quality and comes with a lesser warranty.”
  • Quality Aerosols, Shield Glass Treatment: “This product might succeed in Mexico because windshield wipers are not usually replaced. Only when it starts to rain do we realize that the windshield is not getting wiped. But it does not matter because we can preserve our visual field and stay safe while driving with Glass Shield. I like the price, as it is not expensive and could sell well during the rainy season. It does not apply to snow because there is no snowfall in Mexico.”
  • Silent Coat US, Vibration Damping Products: “This is a product that can compete with others already being sold in Mexico. Professional restorers of vintage cars are using this type of material to prevent body noise and vibration. It is launched in the Mexican market at a good price and with good advertising aimed at professionals, it would surely
    sell well.”
  • Sovella Inc., Perfo-Stor Perforated Tool Panel: “This is a versatile solution for storing tools, equipment and automotive parts. It saves space and can be placed in any handy location. It can even be a solution for garages with limited space.”
  • Specialty Auto Parts/Proform, 141-121 Chevy Bowtie Die-Cast V/C—Red Carbon-Style: “This is a very stylish and high-quality part. Car restorers love using this type of valve cover with emblems and a carbon finish. I like it and think it could be attractive to consumers. All in all, it gives a great look to the engine compartment.”
  • 3M, Scratch & Scuff Removal Kit: “Such a product is indispensable in Mexico. Cars endure much wear and tear in the form of paint scratches and cracks. We need a product that restores without spending too much time or money and that is easy to apply. It can be launched in the market without any problems, as it is endorsed by 3M.”
Henry Pierini, AutoZulia Internacional

Pictured here are (left) Petr Likholitov of Polny Privod 4x4 and Andrey Sudbin of Off Road Drive magazine.
The 29 Global Media Awards judges participated in the International Happy Hour at the 2013 SEMA Show, talking with exhibitors and meeting the manufacturers of the 10 products they selected as most likely to succeed in their countries. Pictured here are (left) Petr Likholitov of Polny Privod 4x4 and Andrey Sudbin of Off Road Drive magazine.

  • Aeromotive Inc., Phantom 200 Stealth Fuel System: “This high-performance fuel pump is suitable for use in car tuning and customization applications to increase vehicle power. There are many car-customization fans in Venezuela, and I think this accessory would be a good choice.”
  • App-Tronics LLC, SmartNav 5: “This is a complete bumper radar system that makes the driver aware of objects close to the vehicle. It is an excellent accessory to improve car safety. In Venezuela, few vehicles are equipped with this system.”
  • AutoTrickz, Touch-Activated Trigger for Keyless Entry and Other Accessories: “Vehicle theft is very common in Venezuela. This safety accessory is suitable to prevent access to the car, making it difficult for intruders to break into vehicles. I think it is great.”
  • Bolt Locks, Coupler Pin Lock: “This is a very good product for attaching trailers to vehicles. It’s ideal for trailer-towing pickups. I find it attractive for our market and for people who need to tow small loads while traveling. The fact that it has a key makes it safer.”
  • COMP Performance Group, FAST EZ-EFI 2.0 LS Self-Tuning Engine Control Kit: “This automatic adjustment engine control system is easy to install, can monitor ignition timing control and works with various fuels. It measures fuel pressure and performs other functions that are ideal for car-tuning applications, which are very popular these days.”
  • Flex-a-lite, ’04–’07 Super Duty 6.0 Diesel Radiator/Fan Combo PN 59274: “This is an excellent product for diesel engine cooling. It’s ideal for vehicles operating in tropical climates such as Venezuela’s. It provides rapid cooling and increases engine life.”
  • Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels, Sidebiter II: “A wheel of great beauty that can be adapted to any market, thanks to its aesthetic design that enhances any pickup. Excellent.”
  • MSD Performance, Brainwave: “A comprehensive system that provides complete car operating information. It is excellent for improving driving while monitoring fuel, suspension and other components. It’s ideal for customized cars, which are very popular in Venezuela, where there is a large market of customization enthusiasts.”
  • Odyssey Battery by EnerSys, Performance Series 34-790 battery: “With their great performance, these batteries deliver efficiency and long life. Their reliability makes them attractive to the Venezuelan market.”
  • Warn Industries Inc., PowerPlant 9.5: “This package includes an air compressor and a winch; it’s perfect for installation on 4x4 vehicles and pickups. In Venezuela, adventure tourism with these vehicles is very popular. It seems most appropriate for our market.”
Asia: China
Xin Hua, FB Life

Pictured from left are: SEMA Vice President of Communications and Events Peter MacGillivray; Albert Diaz (sales); Nick Chin (marketing director); Robert Martell (general manager); Lori Martell (sales); and Jerry Prather (warehouse manager).
American Force won five Global Media Awards at the 2013 SEMA Show. Said Marketing Director Nick Chin: “We were very excited and honored to have received five awards for our innovative patent-pending new Faceplate Series wheels. We were extremely flattered to be recognized by these international judges. Everyone at American Force Wheels worked extremely hard to make this all happen, and our company is actively following up with the journalists who selected our products. Since the SEMA Show, we have been in contact with the judges and will be looking into their publications and region to expand our global reach.” Pictured from left are: SEMA Vice President of Communications and Events Peter MacGillivray; Albert Diaz (sales); Nick Chin (marketing director); Robert Martell (general manager); Lori Martell (sales); and Jerry Prather (warehouse manager). Not pictured is Danny Gonzalez (sales).

  • McHitch Automatic Trailer Couplers, Automactic Trailer Coupler: “This product works better on bumpy and rugged roads. It is good for connecting trailers for off-road vehicles. This product turns and twists better on bumpy roads. Most of the trailer owners in China drive off-road vehicles. They mostly go off-roading on unpaved roads. With this trailer coupler, Chinese trailer owners do not worry about any kind of road conditions when they go off-roading.”
  • Hornblasters Inc., Katrina: “This speaker is very high quality and big volume. Chinese vehicle owners love high quality and more powerful speakers. It is especially true for big SUV and pickup owners.”
  • Sprintex Superchargers, 3.6 Pentastar Supercharger for Jeep and Ram: “This product is cost-effective. Manufacturing quality is good, but its performance needs to be tested. A very high percentage of Jeeps in China uses 3.6 Pentastar engines. These Jeep owners have a very strong need to raise their engine power level. That is why this product is a good fit for the Chinese market.”
  • King Shock Technology, Jeep JK Front Bump Stop: “Its design is super. It meets the trends. King Jeep JK Front Bump Stop has become a must for modifying JK vehicles in China.”
  • Truck Accessories Group LLC (TAG), Leer Locker: “It was chosen for its innovation to create more storage room in the vehicle. Pickups are becoming mainstream off-roading vehicles in China. Most of the pickups already have added top roof covers for their beds. This locker is a very good solution for placing goods into different drawers. Most Chinese pickup owners have this need.”
  • Pro Comp/Smittybilt/Rubicon Express/G2 Axle & Gear, Core 44 Axle Assembly: “It is an ideal choice for modifying a JK. The road conditions are worse in China than in the United States. There is a very high chance of damaging the axle assembly on Chinese roads. A Dana 60 is not very cost effective. The G2 Core 44 has a bigger need in China.”
  • Status Alloy Wheels/Ruff Racing, M/T Tire 37x13.50x26: “This product is cost effective. Higher and narrower tires are becoming trendy in China. This type of tire is hard to find in the market. It is also true for off-
    road vehicles.”
  • Bushwacker Inc., ’14 Toyota “OE” Style Fender Flares: “This is the latest product. Toyota Tundras are being imported into China on a very large scale. Most Tundra owners love to have fender flares.”
  • Vision X Lighting, 6.7-in. 50 Watt LED Light Cannon: “Its design is beautiful, and its power level is relatively big. Most Chinese vehicles owners love high-end lighting products.”
  • AnzoUSA, LED Utility Light Bar With Two Rechargeable LED Flashlights: “This product is very innovative and practical. It is a good fit for Chinese pickups. They are used to having LED utility light bars.”

Liu Haixiao, Overlande

  • Sprintex Superchargers, 3.6 Pentastar Supercharger for Jeep and Ram Supercharger: “This product increases the horsepower for ’12–’13 Jeep Wranglers very effectively. It is very appealing to Chinese Wrangler owners. The ’12–’13 Jeep Wranglers sell very well in China. The sales of JKs have been increasing very rapidly. This product is a high-tech product. It has a big potential in China.”
  • COMP Performance Group, FAST Blackout Big Mouth LT 87mm Throttle Body for 5.7/6.1/6.4 Hemi Engines: “This product could greatly improve the engine performance of JK and Grand Cherokee. JK or Grand Cherokee owners have very big buying power in China. It is a high-tech product. It is not easily duplicated. It is a very competitive product.”
  • King Shock Technology, Jeep JK Front Bump Stop Shocks: “King is a very popular brand in China. It is widely regarded as a high-end product. More advanced new King shock products are easily accepted by Chinese consumers.”
  • ProComp/Smittybilt/Rubicon, Gen 2 XRC Rear JK Bumper: “The design is more scientific; the material is lighter; the painting is unique; and the spare-tire rack is more secure. All of these are very appealing to Chinese consumers. On top of that, JK is very popular in China, and the sales of JKs are still increasing rapidly.”
  • Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge, Performance Vented Hood E07-E14 Jeep Wrangler JK: “It facilitates the engine air radiation better, thus improving the performance of the engine. The uniqueness of the design is appealing to Chinese consumers. The large number of JK owners provides a big potential for this product.”
  • ProCharger, i-1 Intercooled System for Ford Raptor: “It effectively raises the engine’s horsepower. It is also very convenient to install. There is a rapidly growing Ford Raptor user base in China. All the Raptor owners have very strong purchasing power and strong curiosity to try new technology.”
  • Superwinch, Roam Smartphone Winch Control: “Almost all Chinese off-roading enthusiasts are using iPhone or Android smartphones. This new technology is very cool and appealing to Chinese consumers.”
  • Race Car Dynamics Inc., Low-Profile Jeep TJ/YJ Bumpers: “It is stronger and lighter, thus it is more fuel efficient. There are some Jeep YJs on the road in China. There is some need for this lighter and more stylish bumper in China.”
  • Factor 55, FlatLink Winch Lock: “It is very stylish and convenient. This winch lock gives more room for the license plate. All the off-road vehicles that have winches might choose to have this stylish winch lock.”
  • Koosspad, Kosspad: “It is a fast repair solution for off-road vehicles. It is very practical. Chinese off-road enthusiasts need it.”

Pan Bingjian, Modi Auto

    2013 Global Media Award Winners (In Order of Number of Awards Received)

    Warn Industries Inc.
    Pro Comp/Smittybilt/Rubicon Express/
    G2 Axle & Gear
    American Force Wheels
    Billet Specialties Inc.
    Eibach Springs Inc.
    Espresso Veloce
    Ironman 4x4
    King Shock Technology
    Platinum VIP
    Radium Engineering
    Bulldog LED Lighting
    Carlisle Tire
    Cloud-Rider Designs
    DeatschWerks Fueling Solutions
    Escort Inc.
    Glass Apps
    Jet-Hot High Performance Coatings
    KW Automtotive North America Inc.
    McHitch Automatic Trailer Couplers
    NRG Innovations
    Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge
    Palmer Performance Engineering
    Race Ramps
    Rampage Products
    Shiniest Industries Inc.
    Sprintex Superchargers
    App-Tronics LLC
    Big Mike’s Performance Parts
    Bolt Locks
    BorgWarner Turbo Systems
    Circle Racing Wheels Inc.
    Comp Performance Group
    Extreme Outback Products
    K&N Engineering Inc.
    Leap Innovations
    Lokar Inc.
    Mickey Thompson Performance
    Tires & Wheels
    Mitsubishi Turbo
    MSD Performance
    Procomp Electronics
    Prosport Gauges Inc.
    Race Car Dynamics Inc.
    Relief Pod International
    Samco Sport
    SPA Technique Inc.
    Spyder Auto
    Taper Pro USA Inc.
    Viking Performance Inc.
    Advanced Clutch Technology Inc. (ACT)
    Aeromotive Inc.
    Amanda Products
    Amaxi Products
    American Autowire
    Amsoil Inc.
    Antigravity Batteries
    AP Racing/Stillen
    ARP Inc.
    ATP Products Inc.
    Automatic Cargo Light
    B.BOSS & Amasso Wheels
    Bed Wood and Parts
    Billy Boat Performance Exhaust
    Bilstein Shock Absorbers
    Braille Battery
    Brisk USA Racing & Performance
    Spark Plugs
    Bushwacker Inc.
    CarCapsule USA
    Centerforce Clutches
    CFR Performance
    Classic Instruments Inc.
    Comp Turbo Technology
    Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.
    DC Safety Sales Co. Inc.
    Dec-O-Art Inc.
    Delta PAG
    Desity Traffic Industry Co. Ltd.
    Detroit Speed & Engineering Inc.
    DeWitts Aluminum Radiators
    Du-Ha Inc.
    Dynatrac Products Co. Inc.
    Eagle Abrasives
    Eagle Motorsport
    Eddie Motorsports
    e-Motion LLC
    Energy Suspension
    Engo Industries LLC
    Enkei Wheels
    Factor 55
    Ferrea Racing Components
    Garage Armour
    Goodridge USA
    Ground Force Suspension
    GSC Co. Ltd.
    Hitch Demon
    Holley Performance Products
    Hornblasters Inc.
    Hotchkis Sport Suspension
    HP Tuners
    Hypertech Inc.
    iForged Performance Alloys/
    Forgestar Wheels
    Intro-Tech Automotive Inc.
    JE Pistons
    KC HiLites Inc.
    Kleinn Air Horns
    Kooks Headers and Exhaust
    L&B Forged
    Legendary Auto Interiors Ltd.
    Lund International: AVS, Lund, Belmor
    MBRP Inc.
    Mechanix Wear
    Merced A/C Equipment Service Inc.
    Mercury Racing
    MGP Caliper Covers
    Monster Hooks Inc.
    Morgan Design Group
    Mountain Offroad Enterprises M.O.R.E.
    Multiplaz N.A.
    My Shop Assist
    Nitrous Express
    No-Choke LLC
    Odyssey Battery by EnerSys
    PanaVise Products Inc.
    PipeMaster Tools
    PLX Devices Inc.
    PPG Automotive Refinish
    Putco Inc.
    Quality Aerosols
    Ranch Hand Truck Accessories
    RapidPro Manufacturing Corp.
    Rigid Industries LED Lighting
    Rostra Precision Controls Inc.
    Royal Purple LLC
    Save Phace Inc.
    Scat Enterprises Inc.
    SCT Performance
    Shark Kage
    Shenzhen Car-ku Technology Co. Ltd.
    Shenzhen Nova Technology Co. Ltd.
    Silent Coat US
    Sovella Inc.
    Spec-D Tuning
    Specialty Auto Parts/Proform
    Speed Dawg Shift Knobs
    Status Alloy Wheels/Ruff Racing
    Takata Racing
    TFP Inc.
    The Busted Knuckle Garage
    Titan Fuel Tanks
    Torque Trends Inc.
    Truck Accessories Group LLC (TAG)
    includes Leer, Raider, Century, Pace Edwards
    Ultra Wheel Co.
    United Pacific Industries Inc.
    Vee Rubber International Co. Ltd.
    VEI Systems
    Vision X Lighting
    VMS Racing
    Voxx Wheel
    Wavetrac Differentials
    WD-40 Co.
    Whiteline Suspension

    Mitsubishi Turbo, BMW N20 Upgrade Turbo: “It is very convenient to install this product. It does not damage anything to have this turbo kit installed. It is called “plug and play.” This is a big plus to help the consumers to make up their minds to purchase this product. This product works on BMW F3 series. Our research shows that most of the consumers who spend from 200,000 yuan to 400,000 yuan on BMW F3s have the need to personalize this car. This need is so strong that even BMW China cannot ignore this market. BMW China has BMW performance-series products to meet this need, but there is no turbo kit in the BMW China catalog. That is why I believe that Mitsubishi Turbokit for BMW N20 is a good fit for the Chinese market.
  • Merced A/C Equipment Service Inc., Fire On Ice: “This is a new concept and innovation. It uses A/C to cool the engine under the hood. Turbo engines are becoming more popular in China. This product helps turbo engines cool down, so I believe that it has very good market potential in China. The only thing that is uncertain is that it is very pricey. It sells for 4,000 USD.”
  • Hypertech Inc., PowerWire: “PowerWire shows the professionalism of the American auto industry. We use this product in all the Chinese car repair shops, but even simple products like wires and clips show that China’s auto industry has a long way to go. The different color wires and clips are appealing to Chinese car owners and tuning shops. These products are easy to identify and are fire proof. It has a potential market in China.”
  • Eagle Motorsport, Electroactuated Gear: “This is a new product for the modification market. This product works on Corvette C5/C6/Z06/ZR1, Mustang and Dodge SRT, etc. These vehicles are being introduced into China now. There will be a big market for this product, as there are more above-mentioned vehicles on the Chinese roads.“
  • Ground Force Suspension, Green Filter USA PN 7158 ’14 Ford Fiesta ST Filter: “It is washable and is good for 100,000 kilometers. It saves car owners lots of time. The air intake is also more effective. This high-volume filter has a big market in China if we could raise the awareness of the product.”
  • GSC Co. Ltd., Spoiler: “GSC carbon-fiber spoilers are top quality for Korean vehicles. There are lots of Korean cars on Chinese roads, such as Hyundais, Kias and Samsungs, etc. Unlike Japanese cars or European cars, there is an absence of tuning products for Korean cars. That is why I believe that this product has a big market in China.”
  • Energy Suspension, ’08–’13 Subaru Impreza WRX Hyper-Flex Polyurethane Master Set: “Vehicle body-enhancing parts are one of the hottest products on the tuning market. Energy Suspension is a company that specializes in body-enhancing parts. I am very impressed with the manufacturing quality of the products. Subaru is one of the most popular Japanese vehicles that Chinese enthusiasts modify. That is why I believe that this product has good market potential in China.”
  • Samco Sport, ProShield Titanium Exhaust/Muffler Wrap: “Titanium exhaust wrap could work under much higher temperatures than fiberglass exhaust wrap. Samco is being recognized by Chinese enthusiasts. It has some user base already in China. Samco is a bigger brand than Cool It. That is why I believe that this product is a good fit in China.”
  • Brisk USA Racing & Performance Spark Plugs, Silver Electrode Multi-Spark Plugs: “I once used and experienced Brisk USA sparkplugs on a Subaru EJ207. The quality and performance were amazing. That is why I chose this product. It is a good fit for China, because Brisk USA enjoys a good reputation among tuning-industry professionals in China. It did not sell well in China in the past because it was a bit pricey, and it was not promoted well enough. With a bit of promotion and a bit lower price, this product has a big market in China.”
  • MasterShift, Paddle Shifter for Nissan VQ Transmission: “This product makes it more fun and reliable to drive. There are lots of vehicles that use the VQ engine. For example Infiniti, Fuga, 350Z/370Z, etc. That is why I believe that this product is a good fit for China.”

Andrey Sudbin, Off Road Drive

  • Bracketron, Universal Tablet Cupholder Mount: “Nowadays, a lot of cars have stock navigation systems. But if you look at the cost of navigation equipment as an option, you’ll see that it is very expensive. It’s convenient to have navigation working just at the moment you turn on the ignition key or press the Engine Start button. But it is at times cheaper to use a dedicated navigation device or even a smartphone or tablet. The universal tablet cupholder mount is a product of big demand—a perfect solution for any person who wants to use his tablet for navigation (with all the advantages of being online and having traffic information) but who have no intention of drilling holes in a dashboard.”
  • CarCapsule USA, Outdoor CarCapsule: “Pneumatic installations are widely used in Russia; there are tennis courts and skating rings covered in this way. Our Ministry of Emergency Situations uses tents of this type for mobile hospitals. But I can imagine a lot of situations when a car shelter of this type could be quite useful. For example, for seasonal car keeping (there are a lot of people, who in winter ride 4x4s and in summer drive sporty road cars).”
  • Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., Mastercraft Courser MXT: “Being an off-road enthusiast, I can appreciate the appearance on the Russian market of a new type of MT-class off-road tire. The first impression lets me expect a good off-road performance. It’s even more important that Cooper Tires now has opened official representation in Russia, so we can expect competitive pricing for these tires.”
  • Extreme Outback Products, Recovery Kit Pro: “Just a good recovery kit. Well packed and containing everything that is in high need for off-road enthusiasts.”
  • HP Tuners, VCM Suite for the ’14 C7 and Silverado: “Fullsize U.S. pickups are gaining more and more popularity in Russia. What is more interesting, almost all owners of such vehicles try to customize them. That’s why equipment of this kind may find customers in our country.”
  • Pro Comp, 5035 Predator Series: “ProComp alloy wheels are well known in Russia, especially among off-roaders and rally racers.”
  • Rampage Products, WiFi Tailgate Camera: “I was most impressed with this product. I’ll definitely buy it as soon as it appears in Russia. Rearview cameras provide a lot of convenience while parking and moving in reverse, but not all vehicles come equipped with these rearview cameras. There are a lot of aftermarket cameras, but you have to install the camera, usually using a drill, and place wires from the camera to the display on the visor, in the rearview mirror or on the dashboard. But this gadget is a real solution! You take it out of your pocket, attach it to the tailgate by magnet, link with your smartphone or tablet (which you use for navigation) by Bluetooth, and here you go! When you finish with the car, you just put the camera back in your pocket. A brilliant idea!”
  • Rimskins, Rimskins: “A usual thing: You place a replacement set of tires on your wheels and find out that the wheel rims are scratched or even damaged while parking, so air starts leaking. Rimskins solve this problem and improve appearance.”
  • Warn Industries Inc., PowerPlant 9.5: “Warn is a leader of the winch market in Russia, and PowerPlant 9.5 is a real dream for any off-roader. Maybe it’s a bit expensive, but you get a real multi tool on your bumper. You can winch, air up big tires and run pneumatic wrenches.”
  • Warn Industries Inc., Premium Winch Hook: “A good and must-have accessory for your winch. Lighter than the usual ones due to its form and more reliable due to its coating.”

Dmitry Kolotilin, Tuning Auto

  • BorgWarner Turbo Systems, EFR 6258: “Turbochargers have earned a good reputation around the world, particularly in Russia. The Time Attack Subaru is now the fastest in Russia by using the BorgWarner turbo This company’s turbo can be found in some really fast Russian applications of very different types. I spoke with the company representative at the SEMA Show. I’d like to install a turbocharger of this brand on my own car. I’d like to find and install the one most suitable for my car.”
  • DeatschWerks (DW) Fueling Solutions, Side-Feed to Top-Feed Conversion Fuel Rails: “I liked the workmanship. DeatschWerks products performed very well on a lot of Russian projects featured in our magazine. I was in close communication with companies building custom cars, private owners and with people who tune cars. DW can be found on many vehicles. Given the popularity of modification of Subarus, the conversion kit is an interesting idea.”
  • Dec-O-Art Inc., Deco-Form: “Products with wonderful workmanship and refinement. I think people in Russia have recovered from the “decal adversion” and will now choose something that is precise and well made, like an elegant nameplate.”
  • Eibach Springs Inc., Anti-Roll Kit for ’13+ Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ: “Cars like the Subaru BRZ and the Toyota GT86 are officially sold in our market and are increasingly found on the road. Basically, the first cars can now be found on racetracks, and they will, of course, be tuned. Also, after the factory warranty expires, many owners will start modifying their cars.”
  • Enkei Wheels, RS05RR: “These are some of the most beautiful wheels that have recently appeared on the market. In Russia, there are many types of Japanese cars that are well suited for these wheels. The brand is well known in our country, thanks to a good quality/price ratio. I had Enkei products on my car, namely model Rpf1; those were great wheels, but I needed wider ones and was not able to find those (in the new size) for the vehicle.”
  • Hotchkis Sport Suspension, VW Golf R Sway Bar Kit: “The modification of VW cars has become popular and common in Russia. There are some very fast Golf R cars whose owners would like to upgrade their vehicles’ suspensions. I also think it makes a lot of sense to offer this kit for the Golf GTi and Skoda Octavia RS.”
  • L&B Forged, Power Bolts: “While the situation with large parts is more or less satisfactory, we would like to see more good fasteners, bolts and nuts with different coatings, rustproofing, etc. For example, the disk rotor reassembly usually requires special-order bolts that cannot be found in stores to make this a hassle-free purchase.”
  • Spec-D Tuning, ’12–up Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ LED Taillights Red: “As I mentioned, Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86 cars are officially sold in our market and are increasingly found on the road. Basically, the first cars can now be found on racetracks, and they will, of course, be tuned. The distinguishing feature of lighting equipment is that you can quickly change it, and it is an immediately obvious alteration; I think this would be a popular solution. Personally, I don’t like the original BRZ and GT86 taillights, and Spec-D Tuning lighting looks great.”
  • Takata Racing, Race 4: “The name speaks for itself and is the new model from the legendary manufacturer. The market for such products exists in Russia. It’s not very large, though rather stable.”
  • Taper Pro USA Inc., TPI Conversion Kit: “The brand is well represented in the Russian market and is often found on modified street cars. Given the popularity of wheels and the wide variety of parameters and appearances, this easy-to-install conversion kit is an interesting idea.”

Petr Likholitov, Polny Privod 4x4

  • ATP Products Inc., ATP90M: “A multimedia headrest DVD with a 9-in. screen is absolutely irreplaceable for a long-distance trip, especially with children onboard. You have to entertain these small passengers if you want to have a pleasant journey. In Russia, it is also important that this device is easy to mount. Prices for multimedia installations are very expensive in Russia, and sometimes it is difficult to find professional fitters.”
  • Bully Dog Technologies, PMTII: “An efficient and good-looking monitor that is extremely useful, especially to diesel-powered off-roaders and pickups. Having this performance management tool, you will travel safely even in the very poor road conditions we have in the Russian outback.”
  • Ironman 4x4, Ironman 4x4: “A 50L ice-cube fridge/freezer will be popular due to the great popularity of fishing and hunting among Russians. I like its volume and dimensions; you can fill it with food and beer, and it’s still small enough to fit into small off-road vehicles such as the Suzuki Jimny.”
  • McHitch Automatic Trailer Couplers, Automatic Trailer Coupler: “During every spring, almost every Russian Jeeper or pickupper has the task of bringing his family’s stuff to a countryside place called a “dacha.” In such situations, you can’t do without a trailer. So I believe that the simple and reliable McHitch Automatic Coupler will succeed in Russia.”
  • Mechanix Wear, Material4X M-Pact Glove: “Mechanix gloves are widely available in Russia. You can use this new model of M-Pact series in the garage or doing any kind of housework.”
  • Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels, Deegan 38: “Mickey Thompson is a famous American brand in Russia, and I promise a great demand for its new model among Russian Jeepers and pickuppers. It is important that you can use this tire for sports activities and everyday riding.”
  • Palmer Performance Engineering, DashCommand: “As you do in America, Russians like gadgets and like to apply them to their cars. It is absolutely common thing to have an iPad or an iPhone in your car and to use these gadgets to see what happens under the car’s hood. One more advantage: Now you can throw away all of the additional gauges.”
  • Pro Comp/Smittybilt/Rubicon Express/G2 Axle & Gear, ’14 GM 1500 6-in. Suspension Kit: “Fifteen centimeters is quite enough lift for a daily-use pickup or 4x4. It provides the possibility of mounting bigger wheels and going for expeditions into the very heart of Siberia!”
  • Rampage Products, WiFi Tailgate Camera: “Relatively cheap, very useful and even elegant design for fullsize trucks and small cars. It will be very popular in Russia. There are a lot of iPhones and cars in the big cities in Russia.”
  • Warn Industries Inc., Zeon 10-S: “Iconic product for Russian Jeepers. They always find a reason to get stuck in the mud. And the only way to get through is to use this powerful and water-resistant winch with remote control.”
South Africa

Graham Erasmus, Automotive Business Review

  • App-Tronics LLC, SmartNav 5: “It gives the guy with a standard car the opportunity to have all the gizmos that normally come only with a breathtakingly priced car.”
  • Escort Inc., Passport Max: “Anything that stops the multiple thieves (police, etc.) from pocketing our money will get my vote.”
  • Hitch Demon, Hitch Demon: “What a great way to advertise, and very cost effective.”
  • RageTank—The Social Network for Motorsports, RageTank: “Motorsports in South Africa is in crisis, so it needs all the help it can get.”
  • Advanced Clutch Technology Inc., SB7-XTSS Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S/ Toyota 86 Heavy Duty: “The SEMA Show is all about fire-breathing cars, so I decided to choose two related products that speed-loving South Africans will appreciate. And I am seeing more and more 86s on the road.”
  • Viking Performance Inc, Berserker ASM (Active Shock Management): “See previous comment.”
  • Intoxalock, Intoxalock: “Drunk driving is a no-no, and this product will contribute to reducing the mayhem on our roads. It will also reduce a revenue source for the metro thieves.”
  • ZipGripGo, Tyre and Related Product: “What a wonderful little gizmo at a very low price, which even in snow-deprived South Africa will be useful.”
  • WeatherTech, BumpStep: “It contributes to road safety and is also a very cost-effective way of avoiding costly repairs for minor bumps.”
  • Leap Innovations, Weigh Safe–Trailer Hitch Scale–Measures Tongue Weight: “The most innovative product I found—a simple solution to avoiding nasty, expensive and potentially fatal mishaps. This product also reaped one of the big awards in the SEMA Show.”
Europe: France

Gerry Blyenberg, ProRider

  • American Force Wheels, Master Face Plate Wheels: “Pickups and 4WDs are increasingly popular in France, and this is a great wheel design for the European market.”
  • Billet Specialties Inc., Power Steering Bracket & Pulley Kit–GM Type II: “This is a beautiful piece of art with a hot-rod spirit.”
  • Billet Specialties Inc., XF880 B-Forged Road Wheel: “In the Pro Touring era, this wheel has the right mix of style, racing/performance and quality.”
  • Circle Racing Wheels Inc., Billet Knutkace: “Beautiful nostalgia-style wheel available in all sizes.”
  • Intoxalock, Intoxalock: “Great safety technology. It should be mandatory on every vehicle across France and Europe.”
  • King Shock Technology, Easy Bypass Adjusters: “Easily adjustable and requires absolutely no tools!”
  • Lokar Inc., Goolsby Edition Brake and Clutch Arms: “Very fine and sophisticated brake and clutch arms. This is a good inspiration for the French hot-rod scene.”
  • ProCharger, i-1 Intercooled System for ’14 Camaro SS: “ProCharger offers the greatest power potential and most choice for high-performance needs! Very good products for the Camaro freaks in France.”

Chet Kjetil Sveistrup, AMCAR Norway

  • Du-Ha Inc., Humpstor: “I chose it because it’s a smart and innovative way to create lockable storage space without using all of the valuable truck-bed floor space. And with all the snow we have in Norway, it makes even more sense.”
  • Lund International, Summit Ridge Running Board: “Trucks are popular in Norway and Scandinavia, and stylish trucks need stylish running boards. The old chrome pipe doesn’t do the trick anymore. These do.”
  • Procomp Electronics TK-2800KIT, LS3 Manifold Throttle-Body Kit: “One EFI injection system per cylinder. All wrapped in a classic, no-cluttered look. A crown on your engine jewel.”
  • Race Ramps, Portable Pit Stop Ramp: “Lego for any hobby garage. I want some!”
  • Warn Industries Inc., PowerPlant 9.5: “A winch and air compressor in one unit. You need both, so why not combine? It’s just like the Swiss Army knife—the tools you need.”
  • WeatherTech, BumpStep: “Not just a step; it’s also protection when you back into something or someone backs into you. The most stylish one on the market.”
  • Legendary Auto Interiors Ltd., ’68–’70 Charger Padded Door Uppers: “We welcome all reproduction parts that help the restorer of American classic cars. Well-made interior parts like these for the MOPAR enthusiast get two thumbs up.”
  • AP Racing/Stillen, AP Racing Radi-Cal Brake Upgrade: “I choose this one because these brake kits really set a mark. In Norway, some of the new racing series—such as the Thunder Car Series—have really caught on, and products like these are right down their alley.”
  • CFR Performance, Direct-Fit Chrome & Polished Radiator Module: “I choose this because products like these are always in demand from customizers, hot rodders and restorers—even in Norway.”

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