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GM HD Single-Cab, Chassis-Cab Prototypes


2016 Ford Raptor Mule?

GM HD Single-Cab, Chassis-Cab Prototypes  2016 Ford Raptor Mule?
GM HD Single-Cab, Chassis-Cab Prototypes  2016 Ford Raptor Mule?

The shooters at KGP Photography provided some of the latest shots of Chevrolet’s next-generation HD Silverado running as a single cab and a chassis cab.

GM had unveiled its HD trucks, but only in the crew-cab pickup variation. These images show the differing cab design, with a flatbed attached to carry the heavy weights applied for testing purposes.


Caught heading into the joint Roush/SVT development center, this Raptor test truck was wearing an ill-fitting grille from an F-150 Platinum instead of the Raptor’s usual Ford-emblazoned grille treatment. But it’s not which grille that is of key importance; it’s how the grille is incorporated into the front fascia.

The grille on this mule sits a couple of inches forward from its normal resting place, which has been a key identifying feature of every mule testing the all-new platform for the ’15 F-150. The same grille fitment on this Raptor suggests that the mechanicals under its skin may well be based on the ’15 F-150 platform.


Dodge Challenger SRT With HellCat Supercharger


Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Boss 302

Dodge Challenger SRT With HellCat Supercharger  Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Boss 302
GM HD Single-Cab, Chassis-Cab Prototypes  Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Boss 302

Thanks to these latest shots of the ’15 SRT Challenger, there is finally proof that Dodge will boost the power of its musclecar with the Hellcat supercharger. Due in 2014 as a ’15 model, the Hellcat-powered Challenger is likely what SRT boss Ralph Gilles promised when he said that SRT “will soon have an answer” for the Camaro ZL1, Z/28 and the GT500.

The front-end bra hides what appears to be a new lower air intake, resulting in a deeper-breathing front fascia. It’s currently unclear if the Hellcat engine will be offered as a special edition or if it will serve as a replacement for the top Challenger’s normally aspirated model.


KGP caught a GM test group running Camaro Z/28 prototypes against the Mustang Boss 302. Chevy released video showing the two cars being tested side by side at GM’s MRC road course.

GM’s take is that the Boss 302—not the Shelby GT500—is the quickest Mustang on the track, and the Z/28 is presented as at least 4.0 seconds faster around GM’s MRC. Regardless of the veracity of those times—and despite questions as to how well the GT500 would have done in the same test—at least Detroit’s musclecar wars are still in full effect.


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