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Ford F-750 


Corvette Z07 Prototype?  

Ford F-750   Corvette Z07 Prototype?   
Ford F-750    Corvette Z07 Prototype?

This massive mule appears to be the next-generation Ford F-750, according to the shooters at KGP Photography. This behemoth begins with the crew cab from the current F-750 and adds a new, makeshift grille that juts out over the existing hood line. So far, these mules have included the truck bed from the Super Duty Dually models—possibly a sign that F-650/F-750 commercial trucks may be offered as mega pickups in the near future. According to sources, the all-new, next-generation Super Duty models are slated for the 2016 calendar year, as ’17 models, so this could be the earliest test mules for the overhauled Super Duty of the future. The mules are extensively modified, looking like far more than mere powertrain upgrades of the current model.


This camouflaged C7 Corvette prototype was spotted testing on GM’s North-South Straight. The photographers got what they need to speculate that the Vette is the Corvette Z07 prototype (a follow-up to the legendary Z06). A close look revealed what appears to be a new air duct in front of the rear wheel, a spot nearly identical to that of the mesh air vent on past Z06 models. In addition, this prototype appears to be a soft top convertible, similar to other C7 convertibles. Without conclusive evidence and with GM’s tendency for clever camouflage fakery, however, KGP could not confirm. This latest camouflaged C7 remains a mystery, and just how many performance-enhancing design features are hiding under the camo will be revealed at some point.



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