SEMA News—October 2013

New Products Showcase Preview

90+ Products to Be Unveiled at the 2013 SEMA Show

The SEMA Show is all about innovation and creativity. For a taste of what’s coming at the 2013 event, check out the more than 90 new products previewed here. During the Show, head to the upper level of South Hall for a look at the Ideas Alive: Featuring the New Products Showcase at the Las Vegas Convention Center on November 5–8, 2013.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewAdenna
Booth #10253

Adenna introduces two models of thick latex gloves for mechanics, auto-glass assembly workers and repair crews—the Hero 14-mil-thick latex glove and the Explorer 8-mil-thick latex glove. The Hero glove fingers are almost four times thicker than regular latex gloves and are about 12 in. long. They’re designed for heavy-duty applications, while the Explorer glove is great for medium to heavy usage.Information: or call 888-3ADENNA.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewAdvantage Truck Accessories
Booth #33097

According to Advantage Truck Accessories, the Hard Hat is the only vinyl tri-fold tonneau cover with a hard, protective inner shell. The specially engineered poly-fiber panels are covered with multiple layers of exterior-grade UV coating. The unit is tear resistant and features weather-protected vinyl that offers maximum security and great looks. The Hard Hat’s tri-fold design is simple to use and takes only seconds to install. Information: or call 800-773-3110.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewAeromotive Services
Booth #11321

Aeromotive Services introduces the ABS wheel speed
sensor (WSS) lift-kit wiring extension. The Jeep Jumper wiring kit allows customers to raise the body and keep the ABS WSS signal going strong. The wire harness extender fits into the wheel speed sensor pigtail, and the opposite side goes directly into the vehicle’s wiring. A housing designed for a retention clip allows customers to secure the Jeep Jumper onto the chassis to reduce vibration and chafing. The set covers the ’96–’13 Wrangler (YJ, TJ, JK, TK Rubicon). Information: or call 877-7AERO-US.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewAeolus Tyre
Booth #40235

Aeolus Tyre announced the release of the TouringAce A/S (AG03).

Currently available in 26 popular and high-volume SKUs, the TouringAce A/S (AG03) offers a quiet and comfortable ride with impressive traction characteristics.

Popular fitment applications include Acura TL and Integra, Toyota Camry, Mazda6, Ford Fusion, Chevy Malibu, Dodge Caravan and Ford Windstar. Information:, or call 800-343-3276.

SEMA News New Product Showcase Preview

50 Below (an ARI Company)
Booth #37248

50 Below introduces the latest release of its award-winning dealer website tools.

Upgraded features and functionality include enhanced search-engine visibility, new ARI-powered user tools to increase service department revenue, instant search results for quotes, improved functionality for customers using mobile devices and much more. The enhancements and new features are designed specifically to meet the needs of automotive tire and wheel dealers.

50 Below invites buyers to visit the company on the SEMA Show floor and see firsthand how its latest release can help sell more stuff! Information: or call 888-502-3569.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewAstro Pneumatic Tool Co.
Booth #11229

Astro Pneumatic Tool Co. will feature its brand-new lightweight panel stand (PN 557012) at the 2013 SEMA Show. This durable stand features an impressive 300-lb. capacity while maintaining its lightweight feel. Its adjustable bumper extension bar allows its size to be custom-fitted for the job. When set to a minimum height, the stand can be adjusted to 48 in. with a maximum width of 85 in. When set to maximum height, the stand can be set to a height of 68 in. with a maximum width of 65 in. (depending on the user’s preference). This stand is great for working on bumpers and other automotive parts, making it the perfect stand for any body shop. Come see it for yourself. Information: or call 626-228-3170.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewATS Design/FMS Automotive
Booth #20327

ATS Design announces its all-new running-board application for the ’13 Nissan Pathfinder.

With custom-made brackets, the ATS Design running boards are now available to specifically fit Nissan’s newest Pathfinder. All of ATS Design’s vehicle-specific mounting brackets and aircraft-grade aluminum running boards are made in the U.S.A.

Information: or call 866-213-2873.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewAries Automotive
Booth #33115

Aries Automotive introduces its newest Aries Pro Series grille guard. The patented design of the Pro Series grille guard includes an aerodynamic crossbar that can accommodate the most popular brands of LED light bars on the market. Any combination of smaller, slim or LED light bars mounted in pairs or a single bar (up to a full 30 in. long) mount inside the crossbar. The Aries Pro Series is constructed from a thick, 1/4-in. plate and mandrel-bent 11/2-in. OD carbon steel tubing, and it is finished in a distinctive and highly durable textured black powdercoat finish. Information: or call 888-800-2743.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewAvery Dennison Graphics Solutions
Booth #12255

Avery Dennison announced the addition of Conform Blue Chrome, Conform Gold Chrome and Conform Black Chrome to its Conform Chrome Accent film offerings. The new films join Conform Chrome Silver and feature a mirror-like finish that creates a premium look for vehicle wraps. According to the company, Conform Chrome wrapping films are ideal for unique features such as side-view mirrors, striping and door handles. Information: , or call 800-282-8379.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewB&W Trailer Hitches
Booth #31151

B&W Trailer Hitches has begun shipping its new GNRK 1314 aftermarket gooseneck trailer hitch to its nationwide distribution network. The new hitch is comparably priced, with an MSRP of $494, and fits any ’13 Ram 3500 without a factory-installed hitch prep package. Best of all, the new hitch comes with B&W’s signature Turnoverball feature, which allows the hitch ball to invert in its mounting socket when not in use to stow securely and flush with the bed of the truck. Information: or call 800-810-4918.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewBed Wood and Parts Booth #23186

Bed Wood and Parts is releasing its EZ Tailgate Butcher Block to the auto aftermarket and outdoor recreation marketplaces.

This new product turns the tailgate of a truck, Jeep, station wagon or SUV into a food-safe game, fowl or fish preparation surface for hunters and fishermen or as a food-preparation surface for tailgaters or campers. Made in the USA from hickory wood, the large board protects the tailgate and the cutlery from damage and cleans up easily when the work is done. Information: or call 877-206-9663.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewThe Brake Man
Booth #22830

The Brake Man introduces the Tornado F2 caliper. According to the company, the surprisingly small racing caliper weighs approximately 3 lbs. and utilizes the company’s patented center bridge design to create the world’s most rigid caliper of its size. Ideal for SCCA Formula 500, 1000, Continental, Ford, “C” sports racers and comparable vehicles, the Tornado F2 caliper joins The Brake Man’s patented Tornado F3, F4 and F5 calipers. Like all Tornado
calipers, the Tornado F2 uses high-strength steel center sections in key stress areas to virtually eliminate caliper deflection at temperatures up to 1,500ºF. Information: or call 805-987-7867.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewBedRug
Booth #33097

BedRug announced its newest addition to the company’s Jeep line—BedRug and BedTred premium liners for Jeep JK two-door and four-door ’07–’14 Wranglers.

These custom-molded, precision-cut systems are sold as front or rear kits and install quickly without the need to remove any seat brackets or the center console. The BedTred material provides a rugged spray-in look without the need for labor-intensive prepping. Individual pieces can be quickly removed and hosed off after a long day on the trail if desired, and both products offer excellent heat and noise insulation. Information: or call 800-462-8435.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewAuburn Gear
Booth #22621

Auburn Gear will present its new performance-enhancing Camaro Generation 5, V8 limited-slip differential at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The rugged, cone-style, high-torque-bias differential will be on display for the first time in Auburn Gear’s booth in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. According to the company, the four-pinion-gear design is engineered to exceed the capability of the Chevrolet Camaro’s two-pinion OE stock differential, making the Auburn differential the right choice for those who want to upgrade their drivetrains. Information: or call 260-925-3200.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewBig Mike's Performance Parts
Booth #50306

Big Mike's Performance Parts introduces the Sto N Sho, a two-piece, detachable front license-plate mounting system. Made in the U.S.A. of high-quality aluminum, the Sto N Sho is designed for modern muscle, performance and luxury cars whose appearance would be ruined by using the factory mounting location. It allows customers to stay in compliance with state law by stowing the front license plate when they want to “Sho” the beauty of their cars.
Information: or call 831-663-4849.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewBlair Equipment Co.
Booth #11213

Blair Equipment Co. introduces a new Rotabroach
sheetmetal hole-cutter combo kit. The new kit (PN 11320) combines two popular versions—the small-diameter kit (PN 11090) and the large-diameter kit (PN 11091)—into one convenient package. Included in the set are 13 sizes of Rotabroach cutters from 5/16 to 11/2 in. Rotabroach sheetmetal cutters can drill holes in materials up to ¼- or ½-inch thick, depending on diameter. They are said to be ideal for use in all types
of automotive and metal fabrication, maintenance and electrical applications, spotweld removal and plug holes for welding. Information: or call 810-635-7111.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewRideStyler
Booth #46030

RideStyler, a vehicle and wheel visualization software system, has been completely redesigned and will be available for a pre-release debut at the 2013 SEMA Show. Burkson, the team behind the original RideStyler software that is currently utilized by companies such as Les Schwab Tire Centers, American Car Care Centers and TBC, has developed a new version of the software from the ground up. The new, web-based RideStyler features a host of new web services and management tools designed to offer an unprecedented level of customization for the user, allowing fine-tune fitment data and product search results to reflect specific recommendations based on inventory and proprietary product lines. In addition, the software now includes support for automatic fitment recommendations and data feeds from distributors.
Information: or call 877-849-7638.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewBurns Stainless
Booth #20170

Burns Stainless is eager to aim a spotlight on its supreme silicone couplers. Besides offering hump couplers, straight hose and
reducers, the company now carries 90-degree hose as well.

According to the company, the silicone hose is skillfully constructed in the U.S.A. and has been the industry standard since its debut. Burns Stainless silicone components are specifically designed for extreme use in intercooler and intake plumbing and water lines and are said to be ideal for many other applications.

Information: or call 949-631-5120.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewChief Automotive Technologies
Booth #10339

Chief Automotive Technologies introduces a new tower-extension accessory that can make the EZ Liner Express collision repair system even more versatile. Chief’s tower extension adds another 18 in. of clearance between the frame rack’s tower and the vehicle being repaired. The additional space creates better pulling angles and allows the rack to be used to repair larger vehicles. It removes obstructions and makes working on all vehicles easier for technicians. Chief developed the EZ Liner Express to help increase shop productivity. It offers both a pulling system with five tons of power at the hook and a lift/workstation with a 5,500-lb. lifting capacity. Information:, or call 800-445-9262.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewClassic Industries
Booth #23975

According to Classic Industries, enthusiasts who own ’82–’92 Firebird and Trans AM models have had to stick to hunting for suitable used parts at swap meets and online auctions. That may be changing, however, with the release of new Z20-style exterior components.

The ’88 Firebirds equipped with the RPO Z20 option featured wheel spoilers (also called spats or fender skirts) at the leading edge of the wheelwells and a unique rear spoiler, giving the car a muscular appearance reminiscent of earlier models. Information:, or call 855-35-PARTS.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewCSF Cooling
Booth #21505

The racing and high-performance division of CSF is proud to introduce “The Works” version 2.0. CSF has taken its 65+ years of cooling system manufacturing and heat transfer knowledge to the forefront of the motorcycle cooling industry with its new Yamaha R-1 motorcycle radiator (’09+). This unique, one-piece, trapezoidal, full-core, all-aluminum racing radiator has been in development for three years with the help of both Yamaha North America and legendary Yamaha
factory racing team Graves Motorsports (California, U.S.A.). Information: or call 909-355-1991.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewCloud-Rider Designs
Booth #37139

This innovative mud flap is made of Cloud-Rider Designs’ fusion-bonded rubber. According to the company, it has been tried and tested for many years and has stood up to just about anything. It is available with a stainless-steel insert or without for those who like the blacked-out look.

Don’t let your customers get fined for wheels sticking out past the fender on their trucks; sell them a flared fusion bond long flap, and it will help cover that issue for them. Information: or call 306-761-2119.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewCounterPoint
Booth #32224

CounterPoint announces its extremely durable precision-molded counter mats. According to the company, the units are printed on sheets that are molded between molten plastic layers, creating a virtually indestructible counter mat with molded edges that is both airtight and waterproof.

This point-of-purchase counter mat is great for automotive industry promotions and is built to withstand the wear and tear of heavy products, such as auto parts and hardware.
Information: or call 800-270-3538.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewCorsa Performance Exhausts
Booth #24017

Corsa Performance Exhausts has released a new cat-back performance exhaust system for the 6.4L, V8 ’13 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8. The system features the company’s patented reflective sound-cancellation technology. According to the company, the Corsa Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 exhaust’s straight-through, 2.75-in., nonrestrictive system design maximizes airflow by removing the OEM valves, which improves performance and fuel economy. Designed with mandrel bends, the system delivers increased airflow and maximizes horsepower with a 28hp gain, without tune, over stock exhaust systems. Information: or call 800-486-0999.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewDefenderWorx
Booth #20227

DefenderWorx has new billet hitch covers.

Four new Transformers designs are available in a matte-black oval with machined accents and an Autobot or Decepticon shield cutout in a brushed finish.

The company also has all-new hitch covers for the Ford Raptor and Ford F-150. DefenderWorx manufactures more than 100 designs of hitch covers. Information: or call 714-630-9700.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewDobinson USA
Booth #34270

Jeep Grand Cherokee reached the Australian shores in mid 2011. Following high sales volumes in both the Australian and American markets, there was an immediate demand for a high-quality suspension kit for bulletproof and off-road applications. With this in mind, Dobinson set about designing, testing and developing a full-replacement suspension kit to improve the Jeep’s ground clearance and off-road performance. Consisting of heavy-duty replacement coil springs and heavy-duty twin-tube gas shock absorbers, the kit was developed with a number of different weight-carrying options to ensure that the suspension is tailored to each vehicle while offering a 40mm lift. Information: or call 305-261-5424.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewDeatschWerks
Booth #20677

DeatschWerks has added fuel pumps and injectors for the Holden Commodore to its expanding arsenal. The new DeatschWerks DW65a 265-liter-per-hour fuel pump and injectors ranging from 35 lb./hr. to 95 lb./hr. now allow Holden owners to produce the power they want. The 265 lph DW65a is a high-quality fuel pump that promises rock-solid performance. According to the company, the DW65a is the only 100% drop-in-fitment fuel pump for the Holden Commodore VZ, VE, VT, VX and VY 5.7/6.0; this means no modifications required. Information: or call 800-419-6023.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewDu-Ha Inc.
Booth #34154

Do your customers wish they had more storage in their vehicles? Du-Ha Inc. has come up with a solution to provide extra storage and the ability for users to take it with them. The company’s new product, the Du-Ha Tote, is a removable and portable storage unit designed to fit in the rear cargo area of SUVs and in the bed of pickups. The Du-Ha Tote provides spacious storage for everyday use and is especially useful for contractors, sportsmen and soccer moms. Information: or call 866-306-3842.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewExtang
Booth #31099

Extang announces that the EnCore cover now features Bolt Lock breakthrough one-key lock technology. The low-profile EnCore Tonno is a hard-panel, tri-folding cover that offers easy access from both the front and rear panels. The front panel can now be coded to match the user’s truck ignition key (available on most models). Each Bolt Lock features a six-plate tumbler sidebar, an automotive-grade, weather-resistant shutter and a larger cylinder size to ensure security. Information: or call 800-877-2588.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewG2 Axle & Gear
Booth #34053

G2 Axle & Gear introduces its new Core 44 axle housing for ’07-and-up Jeep JKs. Utilizing the strongest and latest-generation high-pinion Dana 44 gear design, G2 has developed a whole new housing to handle the heavy loads that would normally bend the stock housing.

G2 housings are engineered to be direct replacements for stock Dana 30 or Dana 44 gears and will accept stock Dana 44 rings-and-pinions, stock Dana 44 axle shafts and aftermarket lockers. Information: or call 310-900-2687.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewFlaming River
Booth #22683

Flaming River announces the addition of billet HD amp high-output alternators to its growing line of high-performance automotive products.

According to Flaming River, these alternators feature new technologies and increased efficiencies over OEM alternators, equating to excellent output at extremely low engine rpm, more horsepower to the wheels and less energy wasted in the form of heat. Precision-balanced, low-mass rotors allow these alternators to operate safely at shaft speeds of 20,000+ rpm.

This high-rpm capability plus excellent output at speeds as low as 400 rpm give users a broader operating rpm range and more flexibility in the size of the crankshaft pulley they wish to use. Information: or call 800-648-8022.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewBanks Power
Booth #21455

Banks Power has introduced the Banks Straight-Shot and Double-Shot Methanol-Water Injection systems for domestic and import cars, trucks and motorhomes. According to Banks Power, the Double-Shot dual-stage systems allow rear-wheel horsepower gains of more than 120 hp. These systems optimize fuel economy, lower intake temperature and lower exhaust gas temperatures (EGT.) The system is simple in format, with an integrated digital controller and gauge display unit fully contained in a 21/16-in. gauge pod. Plus, sophisticated in function, with quick push-button adjustment of multi-stage injection quantity using boost/throttle position, EGT/IAT, or both; along with advanced on-board diagnostics and safeties. It features easy plug-and-play installation with a fully sealed harness using a factory MAP/TPS or on-board 100PSIA sensor. Multiple pump, tank and injection nozzle sizes are available to custom tailor the system to any application and power level, gasoline or diesel. Information: or call 800-709-1703.

Global Vision Eyewear
Booth #10325, 37034

Global Vision Eyewear introduces its new Italiano 24 Plus, featuring comfortable vented EVA foam and photochromatic lenses.

The Italiano 24 Plus is available with two lens-tint options—one that transforms from clear to smoke and another that transforms from yellow tint to smoke, providing optimal sight regardless of the time of day. Information: or call 616-583-8383.

SEMA News New Product Showcase Preview

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewGeoCross Co.
Booth #36241

GeoCross Co., the official partner of GM Korea, is a leading
manufacturer and exporter of VisionDrive premium car black boxes, which feature high-definition video cameras, optional
infrared rear cameras and full high definition. The purpose of a black box (car DVR, in-vehicle recorder) is to act as a witness to a motor-vehicle accident. The VisionDrive automatic black box stores past driving events in high-quality video with GPS information, such as location, time, speed and direction at the time of an accident and then stores spot sensor data analyses. In the case of reckless acceleration, braking or turning, the VisionDrive car black box warns the driver. Information: or call +82-70-82733958.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewGT Performance Products
Booth #22988

This Banjo-style steering wheel features polished 6061 aluminum construction with a leather-trimmed split-rim handgrip. The leather-covered portion can be removed and dyed or rewrapped to match the user’s interior. The Banjo wheel (PN 21-4245) is 15.5 in. in diameter, with a 1-in. dish, and retails for $274.98. The horn button
(PN 11-1220) and polished mounting hub (PN 10-5506) are sold separately.
Information: or call 818-847-9611.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewHolley Performance Products
Booth #22667

Holley Performance Products introduces the new Terminator line of carburetor replacement fuel injection. Terminator EFI is designed to help enthusiasts easily change from a carburetor to EFI.

According to Holley, the Terminator throttle body delivers fuel through an annular discharge ring for excellent fuel atomization and no restriction to air flow. The air-entry area is functioned after Holley’s throttle body that powers every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team, and the ECU delivers fast and accurate self-tuning while the car is driven. Information: or call 270-782-2900.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewHornblasters
Booth #35199, #11523

HornBlasters announces the newest kit to its lineup: the Katrina 540. Combined with its Horn-Air 540, the Katrina horn’s profound size and shape is no match for the innocent bystander. According to the company, this horn is not for a Prius or Smart Car; only a big truck can handle this magnitude of power. The Katrina has five massive steel bells, with a heavy-duty mounting bracket and a large electric valve to deliver the volume of air needed. It is paired with a heavy-duty, 150-psi pressure switch, a fast-filling Viair 400C compressor, a Horn-Air 5-gal. tank and a ½-in. DOT rated airline. This combination was created by HornBlasters for serious train-horn enthusiasts. Information: or call 877-209-8179.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewHP Tuners
Booth #23124

HP Tuners announces the release of new calibration support for the ’14 C7 Corvette and the ’14 Silverado/Sierra 1500 trucks featuring GM’s newest Gen V engine design. The release, which is available now, supports the new 6.2L LT1 and 5.3L L83 engine platforms utilizing the E92 engine controller. Calibrators will have access to critical direct injection, active fuel management, ignition timing and volumetric efficiency coefficients along with hundreds of supporting parameters. Information: or call 407-221-3698.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewHunter Engineering
Booth #41047

Hunter Engineering announces its revolutionary Quick Check inspection system. Hunter’s single-process Quick Check inspection system performs a comprehensive vehicle inspection in less than three minutes. By gathering valuable information about a vehicle’s alignment, brake performance, battery health, emissions and tire health, Quick Check allows shops to check every car that comes to the service lane, increasing revenue and improving customer retention. Information: or call 800-448-6848.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewICON Vehicle Dynamics
Booth #36071

ICON Vehicle Dynamics announces the arrival of its 1.75- to 4-in. coilover conversion systems for ’07+ Jeep JKs. According to ICON, these systems offer superior ride quality and performance while allowing the end user the option of adjusting ride height to suit the vehicle and its associated equipment. This system was designed from the ground up for improved handling off-road, increased wheel travel over stock and the best ride quality on the market. Information: or call 951-689-4266.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewKRC Power Steering
Booth #36222

KRC Power Steering introduces the Ford 302 Coyote power-steering kit for converting electric power steering to hydraulic or adding a hydraulic steering pump to a Coyote crate motor. The kit offers a compact, clean-looking solution and will still accommodate air conditioning. The kit is available with a cast-iron KRC power-steering pump or an aluminum Pro Series pump that was built from the ground up for racing and performance. It comes with water-pump and power-steering pump pulleys, the pump bracket, the power-steering drive belt and all necessary hardware.
Information: or call 770-422-5135.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewMountain Off-Road Enterprises (M.O.R.E.)
Booth #31187

M.O.R.E. recently announced a new, black Hide-A-Step for Jeep JK, TJ, YJ and CJ applications.

Just like the popular original M.O.R.E. silver Hide-A-Step, the new black version is affordably priced, lowers the “step up” 11 in., includes two quick-disconnect pins so the users can quickly remove and re-install the Hide-A-Step when they want to go ’wheeling, is Class IV zinc plated (under the black powdercoating) for harsh winter conditions and is proudly made in the U.S.A. Information: or call 877-533-7229.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewIngersoll Rand
Booth #10149

Ingersoll Rand will reveal the latest additions to the IQV20-series cordless tool line at the 2013 SEMA Show. According to the company, the R3000-series ratchets and D5140 drill/driver offer versatility, convenience and performance rarely seen in cordless tools. The Ingersoll Rand R3130 3/8-in. and R3150 1/2-in. 20V cordless ratchet wrenches provide the power, portability and access users need for tight-access jobs. The durable D5140 drill/driver has an all-metal, single-sleeved locking and ratcheting chuck with carbide inserts to keep the bit from deforming the drill/driver during tough applications. Information: or call 908-238-7121.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewMag Daddy
Booth #16608

Mag Daddy has launched a product line utilizing the same ultra-strong permanent magnets that can be found in the military, aerospace, construction and automotive industries. The American-designed fasteners allow for the effortless securing of panels, loose wiring, battery cables, hoses and more. All Mag Daddy products feature a unique capability to be used in any type of vehicle or any wire-management application. No drilling or screwing required: Snap, click, done! Information: or call 847-719-5600.

SEMA News New Product Showcase Preview
Justice Brothers
Booth #22526

Automotive seals and gaskets are constantly heating and cooling, resulting in fluid leakage. Justice Brothers says that its Engine Stop-Leak and Transmission Stop-Leak both recondition old dry seals and gaskets, reduce internal friction and help the engine and transmission to run cooler. In fact, the company says, Radiator Stop-Leak will not only stop a radiator core leak but will also stop water jacket leaks in the engine block and head gasket leaks. It’s also safe for aluminum blocks. Information: or call 626-359-9174.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewKen-Tool
Booth #40106

Ken-Tool announces the expansion of its line of tire-restraining devices with the introduction of the 36010 5-bar Super Magnum cage. The company also offers the 36009 5-bar Magnum, which is structurally and dimensionally identical to the 5-bar Super Magnum but does not include the screen mesh barrier.
The Magnum cages are designed to provide more inside
clearance for the new generation of super single and super wide base truck tires, with their higher inflation pressures and air volumes. Both cages are rated to 130 psi and meet OSHA Standard No. 29 CFR Part 1910.177 regulations.
Information: or call 330-535-7177.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewJanus Cam
Booth #11573

Janus Cam says that it is the leading supplier of car security cameras in the industry, with more than 50,000 security cameras in commercial and personal vehicles within the United States and worldwide. Janus Cam will feature its top-selling cameras, the Janus V1 and Janus V2, and its newest camera, the Dabonda Hunter. The Janus V2 dual-lens security camera is the perfect solution for fleet operators and commercial drivers who want interior and exterior surveillance for their vehicles. The Janus V1 and Dabonda Hunter are single-lens, high-definition cameras with exterior 120-degree wide-angle views. Information: or call 650-871-8696.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewMetal Edge Products
Booth #33274

Metal Edge Products will feature its new product—The Lug Ripper—at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The Lug Ripper is a state-of-the-art tool that removes seized or frozen lug nuts from of the rim of a vehicle in a matter of minutes. According to the company, this tool is a specialized drill bit that is so strong that it can cut into 4 in. of steel up to 200 times. The Lug Ripper is made of carbide metal and is designed to remove 17-, 19- and 21mm lug nuts without damaging the tire rim of the vehicle. Information: or call 951-290-0304.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewPro Comp
Booth #34053

Pro Comp is launching its new range of Explorer lighting, which includes a comprehensive line of LED, HID and halogen products. The range of LED lighting features heavy-duty aluminum housings with integral heat-sink functionality. The housing is treated with an anodized polyester powdercoat for durability and features an IP68 rating as a result of the waterproof and dustproof seals. A variety of single-row and double-row light bars are available in a broad range of sizes for hardcore off-roaders. A significant range of round, square and single lights are also available—perfect for customizing a vehicle. Information: or call 800-776-0767.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewDustless Blasting
Booth #24683

Traditional abrasive blasting requires expensive containment and yields only marginal productivity. Dustless Blasting, however, claims to have changed that with a new type of abrasive blasting system it calls the Dustless Blaster. This system combines water, abrasive and a rust inhibitor inside the blast tank. By adding water, the mass and energy output of the machine is significantly increased. In addition to removing even the thickest paint, rust, body filler and even undercoating faster than traditional blasting can, it also produces no dust plume. Dustless Blasting says that a typical car can be completely stripped in about two hours. Information: or call 800-727-5707.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewMohawk Lifts
Booth #10265

Mohawk Lifts will feature its 10,000-lb.-capacity System I clear floor lift at the 2013 SEMA Show. The System I incorporates Mohawk’s patented hydraulic synchronization and is ideal for servicing all cars and light trucks. According to the company, the System I features 31/2-in. low-profile swing arms, allowing easy access to the lowest-riding sports cars as well as a total-clear floor design with adjustable height overhead hydraulic lines, all-position mechanical and hydraulic safeties and automatic swing-arm restraints. Information: or call 800-833-2006.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewNy-Trex/Design Engineering Inc.
Booth #20013

Leave it to Ny-Trex and DEI’s CryO2 division to design a diesel nitrous system that not only adds quick horsepower but also takes advantage of every purge to keep the intercooler cool. The Big-Diesel with CryO2, designed for use with any intercooled turbodiesel engine, has a universal fit that makes installation relatively simple. It is sold inclusive with the purge valve and all hardware and electrical components, and the solenoid is protected with a no-hassle lifetime warranty. Weather Pack wire connectors facilitate a clean application, and the 1/8-in. nozzle flows up to 300 hp. Information: or call 800-264-9472.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewNorthStar Battery
Booth #34279

Made in the U.S.A., NorthStar Battery says that it uses the latest manufacturing technologies to deliver high performance, superior cranking, unrivaled cycling, faster recharge and minimal maintenance, even in extreme conditions. The NorthStar Battery range covers the automotive, marine, RV, heavy-duty, first-responder and enthusiast markets. The highlight is the innovative 8DK battery kit, a heavy-duty battery that can be installed by just one person and is ideal for marine applications, such as luxury yachts. The 8DK can deliver 3,125 pulse cranking amps, with a reserve capacity of 500 minutes. Information: or 417-575-8261.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewRelief Pod International
Booth #13039

Relief Pod International, winner of three SEMA Best New Product awards in 2011 and 2012, will introduce its revolutionary new
line of smart safety kits and accessories at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. New this year is a streamlined roadside safety kit, the next generation of the SEMA award winner for 2012. “We’ve made our popular Roadside Safety Kit even smarter,” said Relief
Pod CEO Debbie Coleman. “It’s more compact and efficient than ever and now comes in black and tech gray to blend easily with most car interiors.” Also new this year is an ultra-compact active safety kit, which contains first-aid items and safety tools and is sized to fit in a car’s glove compartment. Information: or call 949-474-7637.

Radium Engineering LLC
Booth #33294

Radium Engineering announces an expanding family of fuel surge tanks for any motorsports application.

According to Radium, the innovative fuel surge tanks can be configured countless ways to meet the demands of any application, from drag racing to drifting.

A fuel surge tank is a device that integrates with the vehicle’s fuel plumbing and protects the engine from lean conditions caused by fuel-pump starvation due to slosh.

Lean conditions can cause serious engine damage, and a fuel surge tank is an easy way to prevent that from happening.

Information: or call 503-317-8322.

SEMA News New Product Showcase Preview


ReadyLift Suspension
Booth #30171

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewThe new ReadyLIFT Off Road Suspension Series 5-inch lift kit gives 2005-up Ford Super Duty owners an excellent lift kit option that will raise both F-250 and F-350 trucks 5 inches, for maximum tire clearance and unbeatable off road performance. The ReadyLIFT Off Road Suspension 5-inch lift kit is available in three different configurations (Series 1, 2 and 3). The Series 1 kit includes custom wound coil springs engineered to provide an incredibly great ride while also enhancing off road driving performance. Radius arm drop brackets allow you to use your factory radius arms. According to the company, a mini leaf pack and OEM-style cast iron rear blocks lift the rear of the truck without compromising towing or hauling abilities and actually helps the rear to ride better than stock. Other great components to this kit include a drop pitman arm, track bar bracket, sway bar end links, drive shaft spacer and all hardware is included. The Series 2 kit contains everything in Series 1, plus fully boxed tab and slot radius arms which are much stronger than the stock units. The arms pivot on urethane bushings that can be greased via zerk fittings, making maintenance easy. The premium version of our 5-inch Super Duty system is our Series 3 kit which contains everything in Series 2, plus a new heavy duty anti-wobble trac bar and (4) ReadyLIFT SST9000 Shocks designed specifically for the Super Duty trucks. We guarantee that no other similar kit can provide the quality ride and off road driving performance that his new 5” SST Off Road Lift kit delivers. For more photos or information about the new ReadyLIFT 5” Ford Super Duty Lift Kit please email Information: (email info: or call 800-549-4620.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewOmix-ADA/Rugged Ridge
Booth #30135

Rugged Ridge announced the availability of its newest wheel, the Drakon Alloy, offering a new, sleek, patent-pending design that takes control and style to a whole new level for ’07–’13 Jeep Wrangler JK owners. The Drakon’s hub-centric design enables the wheel to center perfectly every time it’s installed. In addition, Rugged Ridge independently tested and certified its new wheel to exceed all standards, ensuring that it’s strong enough to stand up to even the most rugged expeditions. Information: or call 770-614-6101.

 Rupes SpA
Booth #12675

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewRupes SpA introduces its new BigFoot polisher. According to the company, traditional polishing systems include multiple steps of cutting, polishing and hologram removal; however, the BigFoot simplifies the working process by combining all three actions into just a single step. This new system is composed of the innovative LHR21ES BigFoot random orbital polisher combined with Rupes polishing foams and compounds, creating a dramatic change in body shop polishing. Information: or call +39-02-94-69-41.

Royal Purple
Booth #23713

Royal Purple announced the addition of Royal Purple HMX, a high-mileage synthetic motor oil specifically designed to minimize wear and restore lost performance in engines with more than 75,000 mi.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase Preview

Formulated with robust zinc/phosphorus anti-wear compounds combined with Royal Purple’s proprietary additive technology Synerlec, HMX is chemically enhanced to revitalize hardened seals, reducing oil consumption common in high-mileage engines.

In addition, HMX is fortified with stout detergents to remove engine buildup and deposits, maintain cleanliness and promote engine longevity.


Information: or call 888-382-6300.


SEMA News New Product Showcase Preview

Booth #16307

SEMA News New Product Showcase Preview App-Tronics is proud to offer two distinct products that were designed from experiences with integrated radar laser diffusing systems and aftermarket all in one GPS rearview mirror technology while working in auto dealership service. Finally Bringing to market products that meet consumer needs and wants.
 The SmartNav 5 is the first truly captive all in one rearview mirror. With GPS navigation turn by turn directions. DVR continuous recorder, reverse HD camera, Bluetooth 4.0 with smartphone music integration, optional radar and laser protection, red light and speed trap database, Music, video & photo viewer. OEM mounting for factory windshield anchors.  It’s 5" captive screen with a perfect one touch interface.
 The Stealth Interceptor 2300is’s is an integrated radar detector and laser diffusing system with front viewing DVR. Its construction, unmatched performance, the complete simplicity of installation make it the pinnacle of protection against radar and laser guns used by law enforcement. The Stealth Interceptor 2300is was designed to take away all the financial burden, installation process, and product durability issues that come with the current available integrated radar laser products. While going above and beyond customer expectations. By supplying competitive pricing, faster install (1.5 hours labor) and unmatched warranty along with better performing laser diffusers and radar detector with DVR continuous recording.
 Smartnav 5 now comes standard with the RF receiver from the Stealth Interceptors interior component (NDR-23) replacing the moderate internal radar that came with SmartNav. This now allows buyers to purchase the Stealth’s radar detector and laser diffusers at any time. Combining both systems gives our customers yet another benchmark product to choose from when considering our products. Exclusive 2 and 3 year Extended Warranty, provided solely thru App-Tronics. Extended Warranty on Dealership Accounts, matching warranty on current inventory up to 5 years. Information: or call 888-587-4111.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewRubicon Express
Booth #34053

Rubicon Express released its extreme-duty sway bar disconnects, providing a fast, easy way to disconnect a front sway bar, increase front axle articulation and tackle challenging obstacles with greater flexibility. Made in the U.S.A., Rubicon Express extreme-duty sway bar disconnects work with stock or lifted suspensions, have an adjustable-length design, include spherical bushings and pre-installed grease fittings and feature easy, bolt-on installation. The heavy-duty threaded body adjusts to different lift heights and allows for easy sway bar angle setting. The zinc-plated snap pin disconnects easily, while the tapered post and spherical bushings make reconnecting the front sway bar simple, regardless of terrain and all without tools. Information: or call 877-367-7824.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewSeeways Technology
Booth #11851

Seeways Technology introduces the Vision 361, developed with its own algorithms and IPs, creating what the manufacturer claims is a complete and perfect system solution for all-around-view mobile systems. The Vision 361 system can accept four camera images from the vehicle’s front/rear/left/right cameras. With Seeways’ own patent-pending technologies of fisheye lens distortion correction, keystone correction, four-region exposure equalization, no-gap stitching and dynamic OSD parking guideline, the Vision 361 system delivers the best-quality images with the least amount of distortion, offering users the ideal view around the vehicle. Information: or call 626-839-2806.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewShoot Suit
Booth #11361

Shoot Suit now offers a new seat protector designed to protect the customer’s seat from stains. The heavy-duty, vinyl-coated fabric remains water and oil resistant to help keep seats free of liquid stains.

The oversized headrest pocket makes for easy on and off with almost all vehicles. Smooth fabric makes for easy cleanup (wipe off), and it’s machine washable and dryable for the tougher stains.

Visit Shoot Suit at the 2013 SEMA Show in the Collision Repair & Refinish section. Information: or call 360-687-3451.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewSegway
Booth #38037

The powersports market is continually introducing new products that meet the needs of thrill-seeking and recreational riders alike. To leverage that growth, Segway is exhibiting at the 2013 SEMA Show and inviting powersports dealers to learn more about its synergistic off-road PT, the Segway x2, and consider adding it to the product lines they carry. “The Segway PT is a one-of-a-kind, internationally recognized personal transportation solution,” said Rod Keller, president of Segway Inc. “Powersports product lines are innovative, sometimes electric, and boast features, performance and quality. Segway and powersports dealers are both experts in moving people from point A to point B in a performance-driven, explorative, safe and fun way. Joining forces will offer customers a green, electric off-road option and undoubtedly breed retail success.” Information: or call 866-4-SEGWAY.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewSilent Running/NTCC Dream Eco Snow Chain
Booth #50115

Silent Running announces a new addition to its product line: SR Car, a high-performance liquid coating used to dampen vibration, reduce unwanted road noise and improve stereo quality. According to the company, unlike other sound-deadening products, SR Car requires no cutting, fitting or peeling, and there is no scrap. The product has excellent adhesion and is designed as a permanent coating that can be painted over. “Our goal is to make car restoration as easy as possible for both car shops and individuals without sacrificing quality,” said Silent Running President Brian Prinz. “The ability to manufacture SR Car in the U.S.A. was very important, and we can’t wait to display the benefits of SR Car at the 2013 SEMA Show.” Information: or call 877-436-6542.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewSmittybilt
Booth #34053

Smittybilt offers its new XRC Atlas front and rear bumpers for ’07–’13 Jeep Wrangler JKs. The company says that, besides being stylish, extremely strong and functional, the XRC Atlas front bumper went through extensive testing to meet stringent international pedestrian safety standards. The design of the bumper provides improved approach angles and tire clearance as well as featuring a lower winch plate that allows greater airflow. Made of 3/16-in. cold rolled steel, the three-piece bumper has solid-mount D-rings welded inside and out, a heavy-duty winch plate and built-in light housings to accommodate factory fog lights. Information: or call 888-717-5797.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewTakit
Booth #30129

Bedslide is simply a better way to access a truck bed by turning it into an easy-access drawer.

No more crawling around to get to tools, gear or supplies. Simply grab the handle and pull, and the Bedslide rolls the cargo out to the user—saving time, effort and back pain. There is a Bedslide model to fit almost any truck, van or SUV to make loading, transporting and accessing freight simple and safe.

Information: or call 888-807-0099.


SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewTeco/Sice USA
Booth #40280

Teco Automotive Equipment introduces model 48TI TOP, a lever-less, full-automatic tire changer with space-saving pneumatic swing-arm rotation. The changer comes standard with the patented TPH automatic bead assistant to handle the toughest run-flat and low-profile fitments with self-centering turntable clamping capacity for 11- to 27-in. wheels. Model 48 TOP has the most rigid vertical tower in the industry and is recommended for use in professional tire shops, dealerships and for custom tire and wheel specialists. Available in the North American market in either two-speed or single-speed turntable rotation. Information: or call 518-462-1384/+39-0522-631562.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewTrans Dapt
Booth #22543

According to Trans Dapt, there is no better way to finish the look of a well-built vehicle than by replacing the old, beat-up or rusted cover on the differential. Whether the user is building a vehicle for show, street, track or off-road, a new Trans Dapt powdercoated aluminum differential cover with polished accents will provide a unique, eye-catching appearance. Trans Dapt’s differential covers are available for many of the most popular axles and vehicle applications, including the Dana 25, 27, 30, 44, 60 and 80 as well as those for Dodge, Ford and GM cars, trucks and SUVs. Information: or call 562-921-0404.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewTrimax
Booth #33055

Trimax, a leading U.S. manufacturer of high-security locks for all applications, including performance truck, marine, powersports and RVs, announced that it is going to manufacture and sell an adjustable hitch system called the Razor, patented by inventor/owner Philip Wyers. According to the company, the Razor is a device for anyone towing a trailer. The hitch is fully adjustable in 1-in. increments up and down. “It’s easy to adjust to fit perfectly in any towing situation,” said Wyers. It is uniquely designed to improve safety, function and strength for any towing need. Information: or call 866-796-8500.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewTitan Fuel Tanks
Booth #35111

Titan Fuel Tanks allow diesel truck owners to go even farther with a new spare-tire fuel system. Complete with a state-of-the-art fuel-level sensor and pump controller, this innovative system adds 30 gallons underneath most American-made diesel pickups from’99–up. Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., this system works with all existing Titan tanks and requires very little truck modification. Information: or call 800-728-4982.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewWestin Automotive Products
Booth #34039

Westin Automotive Products introduces its new stylized running board. Designed for function, the stylized running board features all-new board styling and unique aesthetic features. It provides a sturdy step surface and features a full-length rubber step surface and a unique molded trim piece at both ends. Applications include a gap strip that is molded into the step pad and a vehicle-specific mount kit, so there’s only one part number to order. Available in polished or black powdercoat finish, the units are backed by a five-year warranty. Information: or call 800-345-8476.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewTruXedo
Booth #31099

TruXedo introduces the new Invis-A-Rack compatible LoPro QT. According to the company, its number-one-selling soft roll-up tonneau cover is now available for use with DeeZee’s innovative cargo-management system. This new tonneau easily mounts on the inside of the truck bed for a great low-profile appearance and maximum bed usage. Automatic tension controls keep the cover tight in fluctuating temperatures, while the free-floating hook-and-loop system move on the rail to reduce wear and tear. The one-finger trigger latch releases quickly and easily to open the cover, and exclusive side and corner sealing systems keep the elements out of the bed while the cover is closed. TruXedo backs the Invis-A-Rack cover with a lifetime warranty. Information: or call 877-878-9336.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewWizards Products
Booth #11208

Wizards Products announces the introduction of Mystic Clay (PN 10023). According to the company, Mystic Clay quickly and
easily removes tree sap, industrial fallout, rail or brake dust and other contaminants that make vehicle surfaces feel rough. It is also said to be excellent for removing fresh overspray without harsh solvents or rubbing compounds. Mystic Clay is safe for all paints/clears, glass, fiberglass, metal or any hard surface. Use Mystic Clay in conjunction with Wizards’ highly regarded Mist-N-Shine professional detailer (PN 01214) to deliver the best gloss and an extremely smooth finish without scratching. Mystic Clay is proudly made in the U.S.A. Information: or call 800-356-7223.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewWilwood Disc Brakes
Booth #24843

Wilwood Disc Brakes’ new direct bolt-on DPHA four-piston calipers for Honda and Acura mount on factory spindles,
fit over the OE 262mm rotor, accept the OE brake hose and clear many factory aluminum wheels, including the EM1 Si 15-in. wheel.

They are sold as kits with a pair of calipers and a set of brake pads or in a complete front kit that includes calipers, brake pads and OE-replacement 262mm rotors.

Information: or call 805-388-1188.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewSeeways Technology
Booth #11851

Seeways Technology introduces the Vision 361, developed with its own algorithms and IPs, creating what the manufacturer claims is a complete and perfect system solution for all-around-view mobile systems. The Vision 361 system can accept four camera images from the vehicle’s front/rear/left/right cameras. With Seeways’ own patent-pending technologies of fisheye lens distortion correction, keystone correction, four-region exposure equalization, no-gap stitching and dynamic OSD parking guideline, the Vision 361 system delivers the best-quality images with the least amount of distortion, offering users the ideal view around the vehicle. Information: or call 626-839-2806.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewWoodward-Fab
Booth #11109

Woodward-Fab introduces Crazy Larry’s Secret Lube. This new cutting oil has a vegetable-oil base, replacing the old petroleum oil. The new oil handles higher heat without smoke or fumes.

This new product is ideal for drilling metals, tapping, milling and turning to produce better finishes and longer cutter life.

Information: or call 810-632-5419.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewAEM Performance Electronics
Booth: 24313

AEM proudly introduces its new Infinity Programmable ECU available for the U.S.-Spec ’95 BMW E36, M3 and ’92–’95 E36 325I/IS/IC. According to the company, the Infinity EMS delivers high-end engine control for the racing masses at a fraction of the cost. Built around a latest-generation 200MHz automotive processor, the Infinity is capable of processing 400 MIPS (millions of instructions per second). All Infinity systems come fully enabled without the need for feature add-on purchases. Combined with AEM’s industry leading after-purchase support system, including free technical support, the Infinity is the ultimate engine control solution for both professional race teams and weekend track cars. Information: or call 310-484-2322.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewChampion Oil
Booth #25221

On display this year at the SEMA Show in Booth #25221 and in the Show’s New Product Showcase, racers and performance enthusiasts will find Champion’s new “purpose-built” Poly 7 Red–Ultra Performance High-Temp Grease. Champion Poly 7 Red is a tacky, multi-purpose, high-temperature grease that incorporates polymer technology, premium additive technology, hydro-treated base oils and a lithium complex thickening system. According to the company, Champion Poly 7 Red is an excellent solution to most grease-lubrication needs and meets the requirements of the NLGI GC-LB specification for vehicle wheel bearing and chassis lubrication. It is also an excellent choice for any application requiring NLGI #2 heavy-duty, extreme pressure grease. Information: or
call 800-821-5693.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewEnergy Suspension
Booth #23567

According to Energy Suspension, high horsepower and torque from the V8 and V6 engines strapped in the Cadillac CTS/CTS-V vehicles puts a lot of wear and tear on the rubber factory motor mounts. Energy Suspension now offers cost-effective, performance replacement motor mounts engineered with a billet aluminum housing inserted with race-proven Hyper-Flex performance polyurethane. Designed to control engine rotation and outlast OE mounts while dampening vibration, this is a must for Cadillac CTS/CTS-V enthusiasts. Made in America, Energy’s motor mounts are sold in sets and are available in red or black polyurethane. Information: or call 888-913-6374.

SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewFab Fours
Booth #32181

According to Fab Fours, the company’s new FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) front winch bumper for the ’07–’13 Jeep JK set’s the new standard in Jeep customization and protection. The bumper is available in both a stubby and full-width design with an optional grille guard. The all-new winch Modifier is an optional bolt-on piece that provides added winch protection, lighting accessories and style. The bumper is constructed out of 3/16 steel and painted with a two-stage matte black powdercoat with epoxy primer. Information: or call 866-385-1905.

 SEMA News New Product Showcase PreviewSeeways Technology
Booth #11851

Seeways Technology introduces the Vision 361, developed with its own algorithms and IPs, creating what the manufacturer claims is a complete and perfect system solution for all-around-view mobile systems. The Vision 361 system can accept four camera images from the vehicle’s front/rear/left/right cameras. With Seeways’ own patent-pending technologies of fisheye lens distortion correction, keystone correction, four-region exposure equalization, no-gap stitching and dynamic OSD parking guideline, the Vision 361 system delivers the best-quality images with the least amount of distortion, offering users the ideal view around the vehicle. Information: or call 626-839-2806.


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