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Ford F-150 Prototype Ford F-150 Prototype

Ford F-150 Prototype


Latest Details: According to the latest info provided by KGP Photography, the ’15 F-150 is expected to follow the design lead foreshadowed by Ford’s Atlas Concept, which was displayed during January’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Elements of the Atlas concept can be seen peeking through bits of the camouflage. Most rumors indicate that the F-150 will utilize Ford’s new range of V6 engines (code named “Nano”), likely displacing 2.9L in the F-150 range. Direct injection and dual-stage turbocharging are rumored to be part of the Nano’s defining technologies.



Lamborghini Aventador Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador


Latest Details: Lamborghini engineers are testing a higher-octane prototype of the Aventador, which appears to foreshadow an upcoming Aventador SV model due next year. The Aventador prototype caught here lapping the Nürburgring has some more aggressive modifications to the front air dam, along with a makeshift Gurney Flap attached to the rear wing. The temporary nature of the aerodynamic mods seen here are likely simulations; the SV will probably sport a new rear wing and front fascia designed to increase down force.



BMW F15 X5 BMW F15 X5

BMW F15 X5


Latest Details: This nearly undisguised prototype for BMW’s all-new F15 X5 SUV was snapped as it returned to the assembly plant after a run of an early-build X5. The new front-end treatment gets a variation of the headlight-meets-grille look pioneered on the latest BMW 3 Series. The profile of the X5 shows a tweaked version of the Hofmeister kink and an up-kick around the A pillar. KGP shooters also spotted a new, subtly integrated air slit just aft of the front wheel.



Lexus Sub-RX Crossover Mule Lexus Sub-RX Crossover Mule

Lexus Sub-RX Crossover Mule


Latest Details: Caught in Europe, this Lexus-based mule appears to be a future crossover to slot beneath the RX. The mule—based on a modified Lexus CT200h body with a higher-riding suspension setup—was among an assembly of crossover/SUV offerings outside of a Toyota workshop in Europe. Analysts assumed the crossover would spring forth from the recently updated RAV4; however, this prototype throws the RAV4-based assumptions into question. What’s clear: Lexus is taking concrete steps toward a smaller crossover, and early indications show the first mule taking a different approach than originally predicted.

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