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Ford Mustang

 Ford Mustang  Ford Mustang 

When It Hits: More Mustang news will become available when the assembled production-spec prototypes are running the streets of Detroit.

Latest Details: These shots prove that new, more-complete prototypes of the next Ford Mustang are now being assembled. The prototype looks undisguised under all that canvas, yielding a look at a prominent lower side sill that helps ground the design. However, the lack of bumpers hampers the ability to comment on its overall stance or
its overhangs.

Dodge Challenger

 Dodge Challenger  Dodge Challenger 

When It Hits: As one of three refreshed SRT models announced by Chrysler earlier this year, this Challenger prototype is the SRT engineering team’s latest evidence of a performance-tuned version.

Latest Details: The prototype’s unique exhaust setup has new piping and round tips that sit differently in the rear fascia, supporting industry rumors that SRT has turned to Eaton to supply a supercharged Challenger to compete with Ford and Chevrolet’s factory-built musclecars. Power estimates for the new Challenger currently stand somewhere between 540 and 570 hp.

 Lincoln MKC  Lincoln MKC 

Lincoln MKC

When It Hits: The MKC is being fast-tracked to production, which should result in an official debut at the end of this year.

Latest Details: There appear to be clear differences between the production MKC and the version displayed at the 2013 North American International Auto Show. The differences include a less-aggressive headlight design and a more delicate wing mirror, and the profile of this production model shows its Escape-based roots a bit more than the concept did.

 Dodge Charger SRT8  Dodge Charger SRT8  

Dodge Charger SRT8

When It Hits: The Charger SRT8 update is expected to hit the market in the 2014 calendar year as a ’15 model.

Latest Details: Another one of the vehicles in the updated SRT lineup planned by Chrysler, this SRT-tuned Charger’s basic frontal architecture looks similar that of to the current model. However, it’s expected that the SRT stylists will tone down the “gaping maw” effect of the grille. A further refinement of the Dodge crosshairs may also be in the works.

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