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C7 Corvette Prototype

 C7 Corvette Prototype  C7 Corvette Prototype 

When It Hits: With questions still surrounding this C7 prototype, a release date is currently unknown.

Latest Details: KGP caught this C7 Corvette test car. While the prototype provides a first look at a racing-striped C7, questions remain: Is this simply a test-striped early C7 build? Or is there any chance that this a new trim level, such as a C7 Gran Sport?

Chevrolet Silverado HD

 Chevrolet Silverado HD  Chevrolet Silverado HD  

When It Hits: While GM’s engineers claim it will top the power, torque and tow ratings of any true half-ton when it hits the street, no official specifications or release date have been announced.

Latest Details: The photos reveal that design elements of the Silverado 1500 will migrate into the HD’s styling, and a new grille treatment is in the works. KGP reports that the Silverado HD may ditch the 1500’s split center bar in favor of a thicker, solid chrome bar.

 ’14 GMC Sierra Denali  ’14 GMC Sierra Denali 

2014 GMC Sierra Denali

When It Hits: The specific date for the official debut of the ’14 GMC Sierra Denali has not been announced.

Latest Details: The shots reveal a new grille opening devoid of horizontal slats and comprised of a perforated, billet-style design. Judging by the photos, it seems that the Denali trim level will continue into the next-generation Sierras, which may attract new customers due to the pending cancellation of the Cadillac Escalade’s EXT variants.

 2013 Ford Focus  2013 Ford Focus 

2013 Ford Focus

When It Hits: The newly updated front end and the rest of the Ford Focus will hit showrooms soon.

Latest Details: The Aston Martin-esque face, which debuted on the ’13 Ford Fusion, is now being readied for the Focus and C-Max. According to the shooters at KGP, the grille work on the Focus and C-Max models will be further integrated into an entirely new front fascia, bringing Ford’s C-segment offerings in line with its new family face.

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