SEMA News—February 2013

By Linda Spencer

The World Stage

2012 Global Media Awards


The annual International Happy Hour—the venue for the Global Media Awards—brought together more than 1,000 exhibitors and international resellers.
The annual International Happy Hour—the venue for the Global Media Awards—brought together more than 1,000 exhibitors and international resellers.  


The annual International Happy Hour—the venue for the Global Media Awards—brought together more than 1,000 exhibitors and international resellers.
The 25 international journalists from leading publications were available to meet with exhibitors throughout the International Happy Hour. Here are a number of the journalists just prior to the evening festivities.

The International Happy Hour at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas was the venue for the 2012 Global Media Awards. In front of a crowd of more than 1,000 exhibitors and international buyers, 150 companies learned that their products had been selected by a panel of 25 international journalists as this year’s hottest products, chosen from more than 2,000 entries in the Ideas Alive: New Products Showcase.

Winner’s Circle

Sycamore, Illinois-based Auto Meter’s products have wide international appeal, according to journalists from 16 countries. Auto Meter returned from the 2012 SEMA Show with nine Global Media Awards—the top vote-getter at the Show and a new high for Auto Meter, which won eight awards in 2011 and seven in 2010. Auto Meter’s products were tapped by journalists on four continents—North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Another top vote-getter was Intraphex, with six journalists from Panama, Venezuela, Germany, France, Brazil and South Korea selecting Intraphex’s new Capacitive Touch Rear View Mirror with GPS and Smartphone Integration Device for Global Media Awards. “This multifunction rearview mirror seems very practical and complete, given all its built-in features,” said Henry Perini of AutoZulia in Venezuela. “I think it’s great that it has GPS, thus avoiding the need to install a separate satellite device. The integration of a backup camera is a great addition to vehicle safety.”

First-time exhibitors were also among the winners, with E-Motion Products and Velvet Cards each taking home four Global Media Awards and first-time exhibitor Carbon Revolution winning three. In all, 30 first-time exhibitors received Global Media Awards.

“We were very happy to be a part of SEMA for the first time in 2012 and pleasantly surprised that our products caught the attention of global media journalists, reflected Brian Herron from E-Motion.

“It was very unexpected but great because of the business leads it generated for us. Because of globalization of most modern automobiles, we are very fortunate that our products work on most cars worldwide. But just having a product that works everywhere is not enough to make sales. As a small company, it’s hard to have a global reach. SEMA was a great platform for finding international businesses that we hope to turn into distributors. We thought the SEMA Show was great, and plan on returning again next year. We have a lot of work to do between now and then, but we are looking forward to it.” E-Motion won four global media awards, a big achievement for a first-time exhibitor.

Another company going home with four awards is first-time exhibitor Velvet Cars. According to Chief of Operation USA Frank Fuzzy of Velvet Cars/Flock 1 Inc., “It was a fantastic experience to show our new velvet wrap at SEMA and win four Global Media Awards. Even though we were first-time exhibitors, we think that these awards brought a lot of attention to our booth...the day we received the awards, we had SPEED Channel, DuPont Registry, the Las Vegas Sun, and many other important players in the industry come and see us.”

“We didn’t expect to win prestigious awards like these at our first-ever SEMA Show, but based on the response we got throughout the Show, both at the booth and in the press, we have generated even greater interest than we had hoped for,” noted Bill Koenig, director of sales and marketing at Carbon Revolution. This is a fantastic result for Carbon Revolution and confirms that the technology we are bringing to the market truly has global appeal. This is also timely given that we are in the process of setting up our global distribution network. China, Panama and Canada together represent very significant markets in different continents, so we are hoping to take advantage of these awards to help build the awareness of our ground-breaking technology and products.

Another notable winner was CR Laurence, which won two awards for its new HiLux products. The new Powr-Slider for the 1-ton Toyota HiLux pickup was chosen by journalists from Panama and Venezuela. The company had access to the vehicle for the first time only months before through the SEMA International Vehicle Measuring Program, which involves bringing to the United States vehicles that are popular around the world but are not sold in the United States, such as the HiLux.

Other top winners with five awards each included KW Automotive North America Inc., OMIX-ADA/Rugged Ridge and PLX Devices. A full list of winners are included in the “2012 Global Media Award Winners” sidebar.

The following are the selections of some of the Global Media judges and the reasons behind their choices:


 “Combining new technology with traditional styling makes this product usable in older cars, too,” said Christofer Willhans, Bilsport Classic Magazine, commenting on why he selected the Auto Meter Prestige White Gauge Series.
“Combining new technology with traditional styling makes this product usable in older cars, too,” said Christofer Willhans, Bilsport Classic Magazine, commenting on why he selected the Auto Meter Prestige White Gauge Series.

The Americas: Argentina

Luis Zschocke, New Tune Up

  • E-Stopp, E-Stopp:
    “This is a clever solution that is applicable to modified vehicles. A system like this is of great help to workshop owners.”
  • U.S. Wheel Corp., YearOne Pontiac Rally II Wheel:
    “An excellent choice for users who want to update their wheels without losing classic styling.”
  • Circle Racing Wheel Inc., 20-in. M-500 Billet Wheel:
    “Truly spectacular. It will enjoy great success in Argentina.”
  • MSD Performance, Atomic EFI, Dual Quad:
    “We use many products from this brand, and they all seem to be of very good quality. This injection caught my attention because it is novel and is applicable to vehicles with which we work.”
  • Whiteline Suspension, KDT916—Watts Link Conversion Kit for ’05+ Ford Mustangs:
    “I am convinced of the virtues of the Watts system and loved finding a company that builds this Mustang conversion kit.”
  • Aeromotive Inc., ’67–’69 Camaro Stealth Fuel Tank:
    “A very practical solution built upon fuel injection in a classic car. It will be valued in our country.”
  • Procomp Electronics Inc., SM4750 SBC Forged Flat Top:
    “We use many products from this brand in our country, and I liked the quality of these pistons.”
  • Weld Racing LLC, Delta 1 Drag Race Wheel:
    “For 20 years, we have used Weld wheels, and I think they are excellent. This new product keeps that trend, and I was struck by its low weight.”
  • Mastershift, Magnum Paddle and Sequential Type Shifter:
    “I found this product simply spectacular. I would like to be the first to install one in Argentina.”
  • Detroit Speed, ’64.5–’70 Mustang Aluma-Frame:
    “This caught my attention for its quality of construction and the novelty of its solutions. I think this is a very good update for classic Mustangs.”


Eduardo Bernasconi, Fullpower

  • COMP Performance Group, RHS 23-Degree Aluminum Intake Manifolds:
    “Brazilian hot-rod lovers are upgrading their carburetors and are adopting fuel injection. This manifold can be great for their cars.”
  • ID4motion, Digital Instrument Cluster:
    “It’s an alternative for the Auto Meter because everybody uses it. This digital cluster can be a replacement for a modified car.”
  • Trufiber, ’10–up Mustang V6 GT Carbon-Fiber Center Console Kit:
    “A lot of independent representatives have been importing Ford Mustangs since 1995. The new Mustang is pretty popular, and it’s difficult to find accessories in Brazil. Trufiber can find a representative down here to sell it for them.”
  • Auto Meter, LCD Competition Dash:
    “Another product for someone who wants to be different. Even for street use, the dash can get a sport look in a hot rod or a modified car. Brazilians like that.”
  • E-Motion Products, nGauge OBD2:
    “Auto Meter is pretty popular in Brazil, and we don’t have something different. Besides being from another brand, the digital display will catch some consumers.”
  • Pro Comp/Smittybilt/Rubicon Express/G2 Axle & Gear, M1 Universal Truck Tie-Down:
    “We don’t have that kind of product in Brazil. People who need to load their pickup trucks may like it. As an example, I have to take my motorcycle to races, and it could help me a lot.”
  • Optima Batteries, Optima Chargers Digital 1200 12V Performance Battery Charger:
    “We have the older chargers from Optima. This brand-new one will be a must-have item for any auto shop.”
  • VMS Racing, Billet-Aluminum Anodized Oil Caps:
    “It’s a simple item but not that easy to find in Brazil, and it makes a nice part in the engine compartment.”
  • EuroStop USA LLC, ESM Wheels, DTMFiberWerkz, Model ESM-001:
    “The Euro scene is getting bigger in Brazil, with events organized for VW/Audi owners only. The ESM wheel will be appreciated by Brazilian Euro-style lovers.”
  • Holley Performance Products, 950-cfm Terminator EFI System:
    “Owners are changing their Quadrajets and are starting to use EFI. This is the time to sell it in Brazil.”


Henry Pierini, AutoZulia

  • Del City, Brake Line Wrench Kits:
    “These wrenches can be used for various maintenance and repair jobs and appear very modern and practical in design. They are multifunctional and handy to use in repair shops and automotive service or for maintenance applications.”
  • Edge Products/Superchips, Flashpaq Linq:
    “Now that every tool is targeting smartphones, I think this is a ‘nifty’ application, as it allows customizing the vehicle’s features from a phone through a main computer to improve performance.”
  • Hotchkis Sport Suspension, Hotchkis Performance Wheels Model-H Sport:
    “I really like the design of these rims. Their versatile design gives any musclecar character; they have a very elegant, contemporary look.”
  • Intraphex, Capacitive Touch RearView Mirror With GPS:
    “This multifunction rearview mirror seems very practical and complete, given all its built-in features. I think it’s great that it has GPS, thus avoiding the need to install a separate satellite device. The integration of a backup camera is a great addition to vehicle safety.”
  • Malco Products Inc., TurboXTools Hemming Air Tool:
    “A very handy tool to easily, cleanly and quickly remove and replace door skins.”
  • Pilot Automotive, Nitrode Performance Spark Plug:
    “I was pleasantly surprised by this spark plug, which promises dual ignition of the combustion chamber for increased power and, above all, fuel economy. This is very convenient nowadays in many automotive markets, given the high fuel prices.”
  • PowerStation LLC, Five-Ton Aluminum Jack Stands:
    “This base for lifting and supporting heavy machinery and vehicles seems very convenient, especially because of its simple design and light weight. It’s ideal for any service or body repair shop. Its best feature is its ability to support large weight loads.”
  • Rosen Entertainment Systems, AV7900 iDOC Media Center:
    “This product is more than just a headrest with a built-in screen. It is a complete entertainment center that supports different devices, such as USB, and it even reads Micro SD cards. I like being able to view HD images.”
  • Scorpion Truck Bed Linings/Al’s Liner, Scorpion One-Gallon Spray Gun + Material:
    “This cleaning tool is very versatile. It gets into hard-to-reach places in a clean and minimally invasive manner. I find it very convenient for maintenance jobs and automotive cleaning.”
  • Taylor/Vertex, ThunderVolt Coil-On Plug:
    “These coils ensure a 10% to 15% gain in vehicle performance and seem like an ideal accessory for customizing cars, increasing power and optimizing fuel economy.”

Asia: China

Xin Hua, FB Life

  • AnzoUSA, ’07–Up Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra Five-Function LED Tailgate Spoiler:
    “The design of this product is very innovative. The manufacturing quality is also excellent. Many other Anzo products are very well received in China, such as headlights and taillights for the F-150. Anzo USA has a very big market potential for its products in China if it could design and manufacture more products for Chinese vehicle models.”
  • Bushwacker Inc., ’13 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 Pocket-Style Fender Flares:
    “This enterprise has successfully entered the Chinese market. There are lots of Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2s on the roads in China. And there is a lack of modification solutions for this particular model. There will be a bigger market for new mud guards or modified fenders with flare in China. I also hope that Bushwacker develops more products for the Chinese market.”
  • Gibson Performance Exhaust, ’13 Ford F-150 SVT 6.2L Raptor Metal Mulisha Performance Exhaust: “The ’13 Ford F-150 SVT 6.2L Raptor is the most popular American pickup truck in China. The owners of these vehicles expect to get better modification accessories to upgrade power, to beautify its exhaust sound and other performance.”
  • Inventive Products Inc., LR Mud Flap Kit: “The design is very cool. It is convenient to install. It makes sense to develop these products for the Chinese market.”
  • Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels, Fun Country:
    “There is a big demand for off-road tires in China. At present, there is a lack of them. M/T tires are high-quality products and are a well-known brand in China. I hope it can officially enter the Chinese market.”
  • OMIX-ADA/Rugged Ridge, Modular Steel Bumper System for ’07–’13 Jeep JK Wrangler:
    “The design of this product is spectacular. It is the trend to make the products more and more exquisite. It should be well received by all of the Wrangler owners in China.”
  • Rigid Industries, LEDGrilles:
    “This product is obviously in line with the trends. At present, we do not have similar products in China.”
  • Titan Fuel Tanks, 56-Gallon, Under-Body, Midships Replacement Fuel Tank for ’10–’12 Dodge Crew Cab Shortbed Trucks:
    “I choose this particular manufacturer and its manufacturing technology. If it could develop products for vehicle models available in China, it should sell well there.”
  • VPR 4X4, Toyota 80 Series Front Rally PD-053:
    “There are lots of LC80s in China. Rally-style front bumpers are just starting to be popular there. If this product enters China now, it could still grasp the opportunity for the big number of LC80s on the roads.”
  • Warn Industries Inc., Zeon 8-S Truck/SUV Winch:
    “Warn has been the most popular winch brand in China. It is more expensive in China than in the United States, but because its performance and design are so good, it still sells well in China. This product has made some breakthroughs. That is why I believe that it should have a good market in China.”

Yao Wei, Option 4WD

  • Genesis International Holdings, Drive Green Learning System:
    “This is a set of DVDs promoting safe driving. As China rapidly enters the auto era, education for safe driving has not been in line with the fast growth of vehicles. Bad driving behavior has led to many traffic accidents. I hope that this type of DVD could enter the Chinese market and raise the awareness level for safety.”
  • ID4motion, Digital Instrument Cluster:
    “This dashboard is multi-functional and pretty. Similar products were once available in China and were well received by the racing industry. This dashboard is even prettier and more legible than the earlier product. I believe that this product could be well received by both the racing industry and consumers.”
  • Mito Corp., GentexRear Camera Display Mirror W/OEM Camera Options:
    “In China, rear camera display is installed only on middle- and high-end vehicles. This product could be easily installed on auto vehicles and should be very well received in China.”
  • Palmer Performance Engineering, DashCommand:
    “I believe that more and more products will be digital in the future. This product is the best example of this trend. All the info from OBD could be vividly displayed on an iPad. Convenience and beautiful interface are the most attractive features of this product. We need to constantly beautify its interface and add more content in order to make it more sustainable. This product already has very good value. I am sure it will be well received by consumers in China.”
  • Wilwood Disc Brakes, Quick-Silver Caliper Finish:
    “Brake systems are big business for any market. To our surprise, Wilwood withdrew its products from the Chinese market. I do not understand the reasons behind it. I believe that it could regain its market share easily if it chooses to re-enter China.”
  • Innovate Motorsports, Twin-Screw Supercharger for Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86:
    “Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 will be one of the most popular vehicles for modifications in the whole world, including China. So this supercharger for this particular model will sell well in China.”
  • PLX Devices, Kiwi 2 Bluetooth:
    “Being attractive and convenient to use are the most important features of this electronic product. This type of product will sell well in China.”
  • United Pacific Industries Inc., ’55–’57 Chevy Car Exterior Mirror With LED Turn-Signal Arrow:
    “Classic-car modification has just started in China. But I am sure that it will be more and more popular. It is a good idea to try the Chinese classic-car modification market with this pretty rear mirror.”

Hai Xiao Liu, Overlander 4WD Magazine

  • Out 4x4, Jeep JK Roof Rack System:
    “The Out 4x4 system is beautiful and practical. Chinese Wrangler owners do not have many choices regarding roof racks. This product is especially good for two-door Wranglers, which do not have much storage room after they are modified. It would sell even better if we do not need to drill holes in the vehicle when the roof rack is installed.”
  • Strike Force Zebra, JK Front LED Light Mount:
    “LED auxiliary lighting is becoming more popular in China. It is becoming a new choice for enthusiasts. LED lighting is more effective and beautiful.”
  • Fox, Factory Series Internal Bypass Reservoir Jeep JK Shocks:
    “Chinese off-road enthusiasts attach more importance to suspension now. Comfortable and steady products are popular. Fox products are very popular in China. Chinese enthusiasts all look forward to new Fox products.”
  • Ark Corp., ArkPak:
    “A portable charger is very practical. For the time being, most Chinese still use power generators when they go off-roading. This product must sell well in China. It would sell even better if it also had the function of an air pump.”
  • Warn Industries Inc., Zeon 8-S Truck/SUV Winch:
    “Warn is the first choice for Chinese enthusiasts when it comes to winches. Chinese enthusiasts love Warn products because they are practical, cool and from a well-known brand. This new product has all three features.”
  • Pro Comp/Smittybilt/Rubicon Express/G2 Axle & Gear, M1 Truck and SUV Bumpers:
    “There is a fair number of FJ vehicles in China, but there is a lack of tuning accessories designed for them. This product is beautiful and practical. On top of that, this brand is well known in China. That is why I picked this product.”
  • Full Throttle Suspension, ’11–’13 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 4WD 4-in. Kit:
    “Ford pickups are very popular in China. The sales of pickup trucks are also growing. That is why I believe that there will be a growing need for new products designed for pickups.”
  • VPR 4x4, Toyota 80 Series Front Rally PD-053:
    “There is a fair number of LC80s on the road in China. It is also becoming popular for enthusiasts to modify this model. This product is designed to upgrade the performance of the LC80. It should sell well in China.”
  • Grip-Tite, GT Pro Series Six-Piece Wrench Set, Metric:
    “This product is practical, and the design is very good. Chinese enthusiasts tend to buy high-quality and brand-name products.”
  • Factor 55, ProLink:
    “This product is practical, and the design is beautiful. Chinese enthusiasts will love this product. At the same time, it may be copied very quickly, because this product is so cool and trendy.”

Pan Bingjian, Modi Auto

  • Auto Meter, LCD Competition Dash:
    “Auto Meter is not very well known in China, but it is recognized by some people. It was once known for its mechanical meter, but it was overtaken by the Japanese DEFI electrical meter. This new LCD product changed the old rigid design. At the same time, it made lots of improvements regarding its legibility and durability. I selected this product because all its improvements are so impressive.”
  • Carbon Revolution, CR-9:
    “Carbon-fiber wheels require very high production technology. The 19-in. CR-9 is about half as heavy as the 19-in. aluminum alloy wheel, but its rigid strength is three times that of the latter. So far, this product is available only for Porsche and McLaren models, but I believe that carbon-fiber wheels will be available for more car models as the production technology improves. I selected this product because to get lighter is the eternal theme for the modification industry.”
  • ITW Global Brands, Slick 50 Supercharged Engine Treatment:
    “Slick 50 was once very well known in the neighborhoods of Hong Kong and Macao. It was also recognized in the southeastern part of China. Slick 50 is one of the earliest engine care products. It should have a bigger market potential. I selected this product because I hope to witness the rebirth of the brand.”
  • Hotchkis Sport Suspension, Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ Total Vehicle System:
    “Body-strengthening parts are not new in China. You could find this type of product everywhere. Hotchkis is not known at all in China. I still selected this product because it is good for the new vehicle/GT86. And the quality of this product is extremely good.
  • Innovate Motorsports, Twin-Screw Supercharger for Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86
    : “The supercharger is irreplaceable due to its practicality. This system could provide output power for FA20 without an added intercooler. It is easy and convenient to install. It is especially suitable for consumers who do not want to have in-depth modifications. I believe that it should have a big potential market in China due to its simplicity and ease of installation—if it is not too pricey.
  • LiteBrake Tech, Steel-Clad Aluminum Brake Rotor:
    “This product is a combination of iron and aluminum. This combination is a perfect balance of durability, weight and heat dissipation. This is a perfect solution for fixed brakes. I selected this product because it has a very bright market potential in China.”
  • Powertrain Control Solutions, Paddle Shifter—9 Bolt:
    “There is a large number of GM and Ford vehicles on the road in China. This product should have a very good market in China.”
  • Rosen Entertainment Systems, AV7900 iDOC Media Center:
    “This product makes the best use of the space right above the headrest. This is very innovative. I selected this product because innovation is the survival principal of all electronics.”
  • Vortech/Paxton, Supercharging System for Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ:
    “This supercharger kit is very complete. This is exactly what high-end enthusiasts want. I noticed that lots of the project vehicles on the SEMA Show floor had this supercharger installed. This means that this product is already widely recognized. I selected this product because it is easily accepted by consumers.”
  • iForged Performance Alloys/Forgestar Wheels, Forgestar Super Deep Concave F14:
    “It looks sporty and elegant. Chinese consumers in north China like this model, so it should have a good potential market in northern China. It could be installed on almost all of the vehicles in China.”

Europe: France

Igor Subocz, ProRider

  • Kindig-It Design, Patented Square-Style Custom Door Handle:
    “An ultra-sleek, seamless integration for an impeccable neo-retro trend. Sublime!
  • Performance MSD, Atomic LS for LS EFI Engines:
    “An essential product for the future. No more visible cables, no more hanging threads, for a flawless finish. We are awaiting the line’s expansion. Practical and aesthetic application.”
  • Clayton Machine Works, Billet Throttle Pedal Assembly and Matching Covers:
    “Simple and effective. A clear aesthetic that can be adapted to many models. Just beautiful!
  • Orange Electronic Co. Ltd., Tire Vitals:
    “Not a novelty in itself, but a wider range of applications and simplified use. Practical with an interesting price-value ratio.”
  • E-Motion Products, CANalog:
    “Innovation reversed! Why make new from the old when you can convert recent to former. Great quality for a great application.”
  • Intraphex, Smartphone Integration Device: “A great and ultra-convenient innovation for those traveling in groups. Remains to be seen whether the system is usable on all automobile brands.”
  • Rosen Entertainment Systems, AV7900 iDOC Offline Media Center:
    “A very practical device that will delight the entire family and keep children occupied on trips. A top family product!”
  • Billet Specialties, Formula Ticket “D” Shaped Steering Wheel:
    “Known for the quality of its products, Billet is also very strong in design. Simple, elegant, refined. We love it!”
  • Nexon Motors, Audi RS4 Smaller Diameter Custom Carbon Steering Wheel:
    “An American product for the European market—we can’t but be impressed by it! Beautifully crafted alternative product for Audi purists.”
  • GoPro, Hero3 Black Edition:
    “The new ‘war machine’ from GoPro. There is fierce competition among mini cameras, and GoPro is a very strong contender. A true innovation compared to the previous model. We’ve been won over!”


Tomi Eronen, Tuning.Fl

  • Rimblades Ltd., Rimbands:
    “I choose them because I feel they really are a sensible product with affordable price.”
  • MSD Performance, Atomic LS EFI for LS Engines:
    “LS swaps are really the thing nowadays. If there’s something that can get the wiring easier, it’s always a good thing.”
  • KW Automotive North America Inc., KW Suspension Variant 3 Kit for ’12–up BMW 3-Series (F30):
    “KW has been a leading company in the coil-over business in Finland for many years. BMW is one of the most popular brands to modify, so I think this kit will do great.”
  • Specialty Auto Parts/Proform, LS Valve Cover Box:
    “Even though the package looks nice, I actually liked the valve covers, not especially the box.”
  • Ridetech, Monotube Struts:
    “Handling is getting to be a bigger part of building musclecars and hot rods. That’s why I think this could be a good seller.”
  • BD Diesel Performance, Dodge 5.9L Cummins Stainless Exhaust Manifold:
    “Diesel engines have always been very popular in Finland, and there are plenty of very powerful Rams with this Cummins Diesel. I think this could mean good news for the tuners of them.”
  • Retrosound, Model Two Radio:
    “Why shouldn’t a classic also sound good? Retrosound gives a solution without ruining the looks of the classic interiors.”
  • Pioneer Car Electronics, AVH-X5500BHS:
    “Some years ago, all of the affordable touchscreen DVD players used to come from unknown brands. Now that well-known, high-quality manufacturers, such as Pioneer, are making their own cheaper units, no one wants to buy the ones that usually don’t work that well anymore.”
  • Lloyd Mats, New Licensed Mopar Logo Floor & Cargo Mats:
    “They look good and add a nice touch to the interior, no matter if it’s pristine original or completely rebuilt.”
  • Easy Performance Products, Classic Car Sequential Taillights:
    “Musclecars are surprisingly popular in Finland. There are also more and more people who are not just restoring them, so these could be good for that group.”


Mathias Albert, VW Speed and Tuning

  • KW Automotive North America Inc., KW Suspensions Variant 3 Coil-Over Kit for ’12 Scion FR-S:
    “Made in Germany with KW ‘Inox-line’ stainless-steel technology offering height adjustability in addition to independently reacting rebound and compression adjustments. High-quality components ensure long-term durability backed by KW’s lifetime warranty. Very fast job; perfect setting; high tech for the aftermarket.
    KW Automotive North America Inc., KW Suspensions DDC ECU Coil-Over Kit for ’12–up BMW 3-Series (F30):
    “This is the first electronic suspension that could be used by the iPhone.”
  • Forgiato Wheels, Hawkeye Retractable Hidden Headlight Grille:
    “Really new development; looks great.”
  • C&R Racing Inc., 9-in. Rear Gear With Internal Pump and REM Finish:
    “Complete 9-in. third member with lightweight nodular case, REM ring-and-pinion and C&R internal oil pump. Break-in dyno service available upon request.”
  • Intraphex, Capacitive Touch Rear View Mirror With GPS:
    “Intraphex introduces the state-of-the-art behind-the-glass capacitive touch rearview mirror with voice-activated navigation, connected telematics, connected Google places of interest and reverse camera input.”
  • Velvet Cars, Elite Wrap 9100:
    “A complete solution for every car. Not known in Germany.”
  • Palmer Performance Engineering, DashCommand:
    “DashCommand is an app for the car. It turns a smartphone or tablet into an advanced display for engine data. Also use DashCommand directly on many in-dash head units. Really nice app; interesting for young people.”
  • Lexani Wheel Corp., RBP Rear Window Graphic:
    “A perforated vinyl rear window graphic for trucks and SUVs so users can proudly display their support of RBP product line. Not known before.”
  • Rosen Entertainment Systems, AV7900 iDOC Media Center:
    “Provides an integrated media docking port option as part of the AV7900 Series headrest entertainment system. Support included for many Apple devices with charging, plus media sharing between Hi-Def LCD displays. Includes Micro SD and USB ports. Apple becomes more and more popular in the tuning-target group, so we guess this could be a really interesting product.”


Christofer Willhans, Bilsport Classic Magazine

  • Divers Street Rods, NotcHead Grip:
    “Simple and helpful tool for safer working. Will do well in any market.”
  • Pittman Outdoors “AirBedz,” AirBedz Lite Truck Bed Air Mattress:
    “A good idea. Will come in handy on many occasions in this crazy world of wheels.”
  • NRG Innovations, Domestic Upgrade Package:
    “Seems like a fantastic innovation. One adapter only for most American cars. Perfect for this hobby of ours.”
  • Jennova (JE Wireless Innovations), Self-Powered Wireless Tachometer:
    “Regardless of what brand of car and how many cylinders you have, this very-easy-to-install, self-powered tachometer seems like a super idea.”
  • Auto Meter, Prestige White Gauge Series:
    “Combining new technology with traditional styling makes this product usable in older cars, too.”
  • Retrosound, Model Two Radio:
    “Combining new technology with traditional styling makes this product usable in older cars, too.”
  • Rampage Products LLC, Trailcan Storage Box:
    A splendid idea to use a Gerry can for (something) other than fluid. Safe storage for a lot of things for a reasonable amount of money.
  • Classic Instruments, Nostalgia VT Series:
    “Always usable and needed. Will sell in any country that is into modified cars.”
  • Grip-Tite, GT Pro Series Six-Piece Wrench Set, Metric:
    Everyone who works with cars knows that your tool will slip on old, bad nuts. Everything that can help to avoid that is a blessing. Smart and inexpensive.
  • Drake Automotive Group, ’65 Mustang “GT” Fender Cloisonne Emblem:
     “Scott Drake is known for very-high-quality repro parts, and the market for this part has to be good.”

2012 Global Media Award Winners (In Order of Number of Awards Received)

Auto Meter


KW Automotive North America Inc.

Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge

PLX Devices

E-Motion Products

iForged Performance Alloys/
Forgestar Wheels

MacNeil Automotive Products Ltd.

MSD Performance

Pro Comp/Smittybilt/Rubicon Express
/G2 Axle & Gear

Rosen Entertainment Systems

Velvet Cars

Wilwood Disc Brakes

Carbon Revolution

Classic Instruments

Comp Performance Group

Daystar Products

Edge Products/Superchips

Engo Industries LLC



Innovate Motorsports

Nexon Motors

Optima Batteries


Warn Industries Inc.

Wheel Vintiques

Billet Specialties

Bolt Locks by Strattec

C.R. Laurence Co. Inc.


Detroit Speed

Drake Automotive Group


Holley Performance Products

Hotchkis Sport Suspension


KBD Urethane

Kindig-It Design

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels

Mito Corp.

Orange Electronic Co. Ltd.

Pioneer Car Electronics


Putco Inc.

Relief Pod International

Rigid Industries

Shining Monkey Corp.

Specialty Auto Parts/Proform


United Pacific Industries Inc.

VPR 4x4

Advanced Clutch Technology
Inc. (ACT)

Aeromotive Inc.

Airaid Filter Co.

Airbagit/Chassis Tech


Ark Corp.

ARP Inc.

B.A.D. Wheels Inc.

Baja Designs Inc.

BD Diesel Performance

Bilstein Shock Absorbers


Braille Battery

Burns Stainless LLC

Bushwacker Inc.

Cipher Auto

Circle Racing Wheels Inc.

Clayton Machine Works

Dakota Digital

Dale Adams Enterprises Inc.




Del City

Divers Street Rods


Eagle Specialty Products Inc.

Easy Performance Products

Eddie Motorsports


EuroStop USA LLC, ESM Wheels, DTMFiberWerkz

Factor 55

Forgiato Wheels


Full Moon Wheels

Full Throttle Suspension

General Motors Corp.

Genesis International Holdings

Gibson Performance Exhaust

Hi-Lustre Car Care Products

Hornblasters Inc.

Inventive Products Inc.

ISC Suspension North America

ITW Global Brands

Jennova (JE Wireless Innovations)

Josn Electronic Co. Ltd.


K&N Engineering Inc.

Lexani Wheel Corp.

Link Engine Management

LiteBrake Tech

LLoyd Mats

Lokar Inc.


Malco Products Inc.


Mustang Project

Myron & Davis by Johnson
Safety Inc.

NRG Innovations

Out 4x4

Palmer Performance Engineering

Pilot Automotive

Pin Hsiu Rubber Co. Ltd.

Pittman Outdoors “AirBedz”

Pop & Lock LLC

PowerStation LLC

Powertrain Control Solutions

Presta Products


Procomp Electronics Inc.

Quality Aerosols

Race Ramps

Rampage Products LLC

Ratchet Tech Wrenches

RePlay XD


Rimblades Ltd.

Sanctiond Automotive Group

Scorpion Truck Bed Linings/
Al’s Liner

Solution Finish Trim Restorer

SPEC Clutches & Flywheels

Sterile Auto & Sterile Doctor

Strike Force Zebra

Swisstrax Corp.


Titan Fuel Tanks

Top Street Performance


U.S. Wheel Corp.

Vintage Air Inc.

VMS Racing


Weld Racing LLC

Wheel Bands by
RimPro-Tec North America

Whiteline Suspension



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