SEMA News—January 2013

By Steve Campbell

The 2012 SEMA Award


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Accepting the 2012 SEMA Award with SEMA President and CEO Chris Kersting (second right) for each of their companies were: (from left) Mark Allen, Chrysler Design, Jeep, and Pietro Gorlier, Mopar president and CEO, for the Wrangler as Hottest 4x4-SUV; Ken Czubay, vice president of U.S. marketing, sales and service at Ford, for the F-Series as Hottest Truck and the Mustang as Hottest Car; and Jaycie Dane, corporate manager of Scion, for the FR-S as Hottest Sport Compact.

The Hottest Vehicles of the 2012 SEMA Show

The SEMA Award was established to recognize vehicle models that specialty-equipment manufacturers believe are the best platforms for accessorization and that showcase the year’s coolest products.

The honors have been presented in four categories each year since 2010: Hottest Car, Hottest Sport Compact, Hottest Truck and Hottest 4x4-SUV.

“The SEMA Award helps guide consumers toward the hottest-trending and most accessory-friendly vehicles on the market,” said Chris Kersting, SEMA president and CEO.

“Our SEMA Show exhibitors are industry visionaries who determine the winners of the SEMA Award based on the vehicles they showcase in their booths. Each booth vehicle represents a ‘vote,’ and the most prominent models in each category are the winners.”

Receiving singular distinction in each category for the 2012 SEMA Award were the Ford Mustang, Hottest Car; Scion FR-S, Hottest Sport Compact; Ford F-Series, Hottest Truck; and Jeep Wrangler, Hottest 4x4- SUV.

In the pages that follow, we’ve compiled photos and comments from some of the exhibitors who chose to display these vehicles in their SEMA Show booths, providing a unique understanding of why the selections were made.

Ford Mustang—2012 SEMA Show Hottest Car

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products MagnaFlow is a complete exhaust supplier that offers high-performance exhaust components for every type of Mustang build, from bolt-on systems to custom pipe kits and direct-fit catalytic converter systems. The company says that it will be offering a new product line of headers as a natural extension of its performance exhausts, including stainless-steel MagnaFlow quality and performance in both 49- state long tubes as well as CARB-approved shorty headers.

“The Ford Mustang is an iconic vehicle, and whether you’re passionate about the first generation, the fifth generation or every generation, it’s hard to ignore the impact that it has made in the automotive world,” said Kirsten Wright, MagnaFlow’s social media and PR manager. “For us, it just made sense to include a pony car in the booth at the SEMA Show, and Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s RTR Competition Mustang was a perfect chance for us to show our partnership with the drift world and Vaughn, as well as feature one of the most sought-after musclecars. The Mustang is inherently incredible, but the variety of aftermarket options available take it to a whole other level. Owners can recreate their childhood dream car or build a weekend warrior or ultimate race car—all from the same platform. MagnaFlow had a large presence at the Show, and Mustang was our most represented model.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show, Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Trufiber manufactures fiberglass and carbon-fiber products for modern musclecars, including hoods, exterior and interior trim kits, ground effects and engine dress-up for the Ford Mustang.

“Ninety percent of our products are for Mustangs, so it was a no-brainer that we displayed our ’13 Mustang GT ‘Green Machine’ at the 2012 SEMA Show,” said Phil Truong, Trufiber’s vice president of sales and marketing. “For the past five years we’ve displayed at the SEMA Show four times and won a Global Media Award three years straight, and we used a Mustang every time. We chose Mustangs because they are the most customizable cars compared to any other make and model.

“We were very happy to hear that the Mustang won the SEMA Award. We have been producing parts for Mustangs for the past seven years, and the Mustang winning the SEMA Award made us feel very proud, like we helped accomplish something really big in the industry. Thank you, SEMA.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show, Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products 3dCarbon designs, manufactures and distributes OEM-quality aftermarket exterior auto accessories, such as ground-effects kits, spoilers, fender vents and hood scoops, all of which are manufactured in high-pressure polyurethane and are available pre-painted in factory matching colors.

“Each year, we work with the various original- equipment manufacturers on SEMA project cars,” said Ernie Bunnell, vice president of sales and marketing. “This year, the Mustang was awarded to 3dCarbon to build for the Ford display at the SEMA Show. 3dCarbon previously received three coveted Ford ‘Best of Show’ awards in addition to six Design Achievement awards from Ford for other project builds.

“The Mustang is a true American musclecar, and our Mustang was additionally enhanced with components from Eibach, Pirelli, Forgiato, Brembo and Recaro. The owners of Mustangs are traditionally very accessory-oriented. Since we started making products for Mustangs in 2005, our brand name has continued to grow and we have seen an increased demand.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show, Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Nitto Tire says that it creates tires for those who are enthusiastic about their vehicles, and the company strives to anticipate and drive consumer trends by supporting emerging markets before they are mainstream, helping them grow. Nitto currently offers the NT555, NT555R, NT01, NT05 and Motivo products for the Ford Mustang.

“The Mustang has always been a popular platform for vehicle enthusiasts, and Nitto Tire found it important to be a part of this segment,” said Harry Kong, marketing and social media strategist for Nitto Tire U.S.A. Inc. “We offer a variety of products for everyone from casual Mustang owners to hardcore enthusiasts. The Mustang is a flagship vehicle for automotive enthusiasts. With its powerful brand message and huge aftermarket support, it exemplifies many of the core values that Nitto Tire has with its product offerings. We would also like to give a big thank you to Steeda Autosports for helping bring their 302 Boss edition Mustang to the SEMA Show.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels says that the Ford Mustang offers the best options for customization when compared to other late-model American musclecars and is a big focus for new-product development, including the Mickey Thompson Street Comp ultra- high-performance street tire and new Street Comp SC-5 wheel—part of the Enhanced Stance System (ESS).

“Mickey Thompson developed this special tire-and-wheel package specifically for the new Mustang,” said Ken Warner, vice president of sales and marketing for Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels. “The ESS combination gives the vehicle a wider stance with maximum wheel width and optimum handling. The company is also currently exploring opportunities to provide complementary components—from suspension to a variety of appearance products— based upon our areas of expertise and manufacturing capabilities.

“Ford has done a fantastic job with the Mustang platform, and the SEMA Award is well deserved. Because of the Mustang, we are able to offer improved product portfolios that will lead to more sales.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products ProCharger supplies complete intercooled supercharger systems for Mustangs in street/strip use as well as cog race kits supporting 3,000-plus hp for Mustangs utilized for racing. ProCharger won two awards at the SEMA Show—one a New Product Award [Best New Performance-Street Product Runner-Up] for the ProCharger i-1 Supercharger, the programmable-ratio supercharger. ProCharger says that the 5.0 Mustang is such a flagship vehicle for the company that this highly innovative new system will first be available for the 5.0 4V Mustang and one other vehicle platform (with availability on other vehicle platforms to follow).

“The Ford Mustang continues to be one of the best platforms for our ProCharger products and has always been one of our top sellers,” said Cary Pangrac, the company’s service and sales director. “Not having a Mustang on display in our booth at the SEMA Show was never an option. The challenge was finding the right Mustang that would draw attention and represent our products well. Prior to the Show, we were put in touch with the builder Haro at Bojix, and we knew this car would be the perfect draw. We were excited to learn that the car won an award and felt that it was very deserving for both the Mustang and the Bojix Team.

“For us, it’s the Mustang’s new 5.0 engine that is the most amazing. Bolting on a ProCharger intercooled system in a few hours can easily take the car to more than 600 extremely reliable horsepower, running pump gas. Mustangs are also easy to modify, with plenty of affordable aftermarket parts available to help complement ProCharger installations.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Doug Thorley Headers is a leading manufacturer of performance exhaust headers and exhaust systems. The company may be best known for its Tri-Y header systems and currently offers a 304 stainless-steel long-tube Tri-Y system as well as a stainless cat-back system and a muffler-delete system for the Mustang.

“The Mustang truly is a blast to drive, and an average working-class person can afford to own one,” said Nick Thompson, sales manager at Doug Thorley Headers. “We chose to highlight this vehicle in our booth at the SEMA Show for that reason. Plus, it was extremely responsive to our new stainless-steel long-tube Tri-Y headers and cat-back system, and the car’s exterior details drove buyers in to see what was under the hood. People are more apt to own this type of vehicle and be able to afford aftermarket products, which in turn equates to an increase in aftermarket accessories sold compared to higher-priced vehicles.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Seibon Carbon offers exterior carbon-fiber components for the Ford Mustang, including hoods, trunks, lip kits, upper front grilles, lower front grilles, rear spoilers, rear diffusers, tail garnish and doors, and the company foresees the development of even more.

“The Mustang is one of those platforms that is going to be around for a long time,” said Marketing Assistant Roxana Morales. “Seibon Carbon incorporated the Mustang into its display because we wanted a vehicle that everyone could relate to. What better way than with the iconic Shelby GT500 musclecar? The theme of our booth was to have a little bit of everything, from exotic to muscle. The GT500 really covered the muscle aspect.

“Seibon Carbon was not surprised that the Mustang won the SEMA Award, mainly because of the amount of attention the car was getting while at our booth. The Mustang is a great combination of power and design. In fact, we had trouble getting one of our guys out of the car after he drove it into the booth. He wanted to stay in the Mustang all day, even if the car was not on. It’s just that great.”

Mustang Product Lists

Other Contributors to the 3dCarbon Booth Vehicle: DynoMax exhaust, Eibach suspension, Brembo brakes, Forgiato wheels, Pirelli tires, Recaro seats, Peck Leather seats, Sundial window tint
Other Contributors to the Doug Thorley Booth Vehicle: Hillbank Motorsports builder, Vortec supercharger, Toyo tires, Trufiber carbon fiber, K&W suspension, Whiteline suspension, Airaid intake
Other Contributors to the Magnaflow Booth Vehicle: Falken tires, Roush Yates/Ford Racing engine, HRE wheels, K&N filters, Exedy clutch, Motec ECU/data logger, Bosch sensors and fuel pump, Tein coil-overs, RTR body panels
Other Contributors to the Mickey Thompson Booth Vehicle: Airaid intake, American Muscle driveshaft/engine accessories, BMR driveshaft loop, Borla exhaust, Centerforce clutch, Edelbrock supercharger, Mishimoto radiator, Moroso coolant tank, SCT programmer, SX Power battery/hold-downs, M/T suspension, SSBC brakes, Anvil Auto dash/console overlays/exterior accessories, Hurst shifter, Katzkin interior, Lloyds mats, Ford Racing fog lamp kit, Ghost Motorsports/H&H Auto Body bodywork, PPG paint, Anvil Auto/ED Industrial Design design
Other Contributors to the Nitto Booth Vehicle: Steeda shifter, oil separator, intake, exhaust, ignition, third link, lower trailing arms and coil-over suspension, Tokico shocks and struts, bumpsteer kit
Other Contributors to the Seibon Carbon Booth Vehicle: PUR Design wheels, Yokohama tires, K&N intake, Ford Racing throttle body, JBA headers and X-pipe, Magnaflow exhaust, Granatelli Motor Sports subframe connectors, rear shock tower brace and sway bars, WhiteLine panhard bar, rear chassis brace, lower control arms and relocation brackets, Standard Suspension coil-overs, Steeda blower pulley, Stett Performance tuning
Other Contributors to the Trufiber Booth Vehicle: Paxton supercharger, Stance Wheels wheels, Air Lift airbag, Whiteline Performance suspension, KAR Motorsports installations/paint, Magnaflow exhaust, Katzkin leather seat covers, Classic Design Concepts light bar/front bumper/upper grille, Toyo tires, NXT Generation Mustang Accessories hood lift kit, JLT Performance oil separator, Mothers polishes and waxes, R1 Concepts rotors and brake pads, MGP Caliper Covers caliper covers, Radiant HID/LED lights, Scott Drakes billet engine dressed-up and shifter cover, Interlum custom door sill plate, Hillbank Motorsports decals
Other Contributors to the Procharger Booth Vehicle: Bojix Design center-exit exhaust, Thermotec graphite exhaust insulation and heat barriers, Recaro North America front seats, MRT after- cat H-pipe, 3M vinyl, Rennen Wheels forged wheels, Continental Tire tires, Redline Tuning hood supports, Ford Racing front splitter, steering wheel and X brace, 3D Carbon rear wing, Eibach coil-overs, front and rear sway bars

Ford F-Series—2012 SEMA Show Hottest Truck

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show, Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Addictive Desert Designs (ADD) offers a complete line of truck accessories that includes handcrafted, CAD-designed bumpers, chase racks, tire carriers, rock guards, steps, suspension kits and light mounts, and the company has developed each of these products to suit the F- Series pickups from Ford.

“Our growth has stemmed from our Ford F-150 and Raptor products,” said Marketing Director Armando Verdugo. “We found the SEMA Show to be a perfect fit to showcase two Raptors and an F-350 in our booth, and we expect this market to provide continued growth. Like the Jeep Wrangler, the F-Series pickups are good vehicles for off-roading directly from the showroom floor, but there is a lot of room to make them even more capable and personalize them to fit the owner’s lifestyle. This makes the F-Series a great aftermarket choice and a continued platform for ADD to offer products for many years to come, with a lot more of our trademark designs in the future.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show, Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Ultimate Linings produces spray-in bedliners and says that the popularity of the Ford Raptor pickup that the company displayed at the SEMA Show helped sell the product.

Ultimate Linings is an industry leader in providing long lasting coating solutions with superior quality, application technology, and technical support. We are committed to supplying advanced products that solve our customers’ problems in an ever changing and challenging market place.

“Ultimate Linings is the chemical supplier to the Ford F-Series 1/2-ton for the spray-on bedliner program,” said John E. Jamroz, Ultimate’s vice president of sales and marketing.

“It’s a good-looking vehicle that helps drive traffic, and that’s why we chose it for our booth.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show, Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products BMF Wheels specializes in wheels and accessories for lifted and leveled trucks, offering wheels, grilles, suspension leveling kits and other truck accessories.

The company chose to display an F-Series pickup because it wanted to highlight its new Forged Series wheels and BMF Offroad Grille.

“The solid axle front suspension and the ability to lift the F-Series higher than vehicles equipped with independent front suspension is important to our company,” said Steve Jones, BMF Wheels operations manager.

“We have developed wheels, a mesh grille and suspension leveling kits specifically for the Ford trucks. We will eventually be adding even more exterior styling components to our Ford line.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Rock-Slide Engineering currently manufactures rock sliders and a functional step and rock-slider combination for the F-150/Raptor, and will soon will be manufacturing rock sliders, step sliders and front and rear bumpers for the complete line of F-Series trucks.

“Rock- Slide Engineering chose the F-150/Raptor for our SEMA Show booth because it is the number-one selling truck,” said Marketing Manager Shaundi Eames. “The F-Series winning this award is no surprise.

No other truck manufacturer out there can come close to the versatility of the F-Series. Its best attributes are its on- and off-road capabilities, and the F-Series provides an open market that we wanted to take advantage of. The F- 150/Raptor has the need for a functional step/slider combination to protect the body when the truck is off-road, and it needs a functional step to get in and out of the vehicle.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show, Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products The entire line of Go Rhino!/Big Country products is applicable to the Ford F-Series. New from Go Rhino! for 2012 are grille/brush guards with patented built-in steps; winch guards; heavy-duty one-piece guards; O.E. Xtreme 4-, 5- and 6- in. oval sidebars; universal steps; hitch steps; bed bars; bedrails; exhaust tips; garage, shop and RV organizers; and patented Dominator Sidesteps. The company’s most popular products have been the Dominator D4 Sidesteps and its new 6-in. Wheel to Wheel Sidesteps.

“Building an F-Series to display all of our products on at our SEMA Show booth was an easy choice,” said Mike DeFord, marketing director for Go Rhino!/Big Country. “The sales numbers speak for themselves: Simply put, there are more Ford F-Series trucks on the road than any other, and we manufacture our entire line of product for the F-Series. Ford is very consistent with its design, making developing product fairly easy and straightforward for our engineers. As they continue to develop product, the Ford F- Series will be one of our first vehicles they consider.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show, Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Roll-N-Lock Corp. manufacturers a line of retractable truck bed covers and Cargo Manager bed dividers. Its number-one selling application is for the 5.5-ft. bed found on the F-Series truck.

“All of our current M- and E-Series covers, plus our Cargo Manager, are designed to work with the Ford F-Series trucks,” said Roll-N-Lock’s Director of Sales and Marketing Dan Beaulaurier. “From a product manufacturer standpoint, development for the Ford trucks is the least complicated. They are very straightforward, which makes installation incredibly easy for our retailers. In fact, we’ll be announcing a new tonneau cover in March that we are very excited about. It is a hard-style cover that addresses the $800–$900 price range and will provide Ford truck owners with a wide range of Roll-N-Lock tonneau covers that will not only fit their applications, but their budgets, too.

“Roll-N-Lock is very excited about the evolution of the F-Series trucks. Ford continues to grow its iconic brand the right way—upon a solid foundation of innovation and design. It is because of this that consumers and truck accessory manufacturers flock to the brand.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show, Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Truck Accessories Group LLC (TAG) brands Leer, Century and Raider manufacture fiberglass and aluminum caps and tonneau covers, and the Pace Edwards brand manufactures retractable tonneau covers. TAG says that its products are designed and engineered to complement each truck, enhancing its looks while adding versatility and storage as well as support of lifestyle habits and hobby choices. TAG companies offer their products through independent retailers and distributors around the world.

“The Ford F-Series has been the best-selling truck for 33 years straight,” said Kevin Page, vice president of sales, marketing and business development for the TAG brands. “The new F-Series continues with the tradition, offering a product full of features and performance that appeal to consumers.

The F-Series offers solid towing, much-improved gas mileage and luxury features, so dealers and consumers should stay tuned as we work on new and innovative products to add to our brands’ product lines.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show, Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Dee Zee Inc. is a leading manufacturer of light- truck accessories, including steps, tool boxes, bed protection, ladder racks, liquid transfer tanks, mud flaps, floor mats and more, and virtually every product line Dee Zee manufactures fits the F-Series pickups.

“Ford pickups have always been a focus for us at Dee Zee because it’s the largest-selling pickup line,” said Director of Marketing Dan Kruzic. “The versatility of the Ford F-Series gives it very wide customer appeal. It’s used in construction, in farming, in off-roading and as the family car. And that versatility makes it one of the best trucks to accessorize. There is no doubt that we will have the F-Series in mind for any new line we introduce. The F-Series deserves all the recognition it receives. It could possibly be the most important vehicle of all time, car or truck.”

F- Series Product Lists

Other Contributors to the BMF Wheels Booth Vehicle: RBP grill and wheels, Pro Comp suspension, KC lights, Line-X bedliner, Toyo tires
Other Contributors to the Dee Zee Booth Vehicle: PIAA lights, BMF wheels
Other Contributors to the Go Rhino/Big Country Booth Vehicle: Toyo tires, Icon Vehicle Dynamics suspension lift, Fusion bumpers, Rigid lights, Pace Edwards tonneau cover, BedRug carpet kit, MBRP exhaust, Street 2 Sand differential cover and paint, So Cal Supertrucks light brackets, Banks intake
Other Contributors to the Rock-Slide Engineering Booth Vehicle: BMF wheels, KC Bones LED lights, Daystar front leveling kit and dash panel, Mickey Thompson tires, MBRP exhaust
Other Contributors to the Truck Accessories Group Booth Vehicle: Nitto tires, BMF wheels, N-Fab front bumper and roof bracket, Rigid LEDs, Amp Research steps, Gibson exhaust, T-Rex grille, Nav- TV, Rockford Fosgate amps and speakers, Escort radar detector, Anzo headlamps and taillamps, Bedslide, Viper alarm
No Other Contributors to the Roll-N-Lock Booth Vehicle

Scion FR-S—2012 SEMA Show Sport Compact

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products AEM Induction Systems has developed a variety of products for the Scion FR-S, including an intake, an exhaust system and a strut tower bar that incorporates a brake master cylinder stabilizer. The company also envisions many other induction and electronic products for the Scion, with one FR-S already running an AEM ECU that will be used in the Formula D series next year.

“The FR-S in our opinion is the best car to be introduced in the sport-compact market in a long time because it is an affordable, grassroots sports car,” said John P. Concialdi, founder, part owner and director of research and development at AEM. “There are cars that are quicker and may handle better, but their price points are too high for a lot of consumers. The car in our booth at the SEMA Show had been raced at three autocross events to baseline the performance, and it will evolve and continue to be raced using AEM and our technical partner parts that are on the car.

“Congratulations to Scion for bringing out such a fun car to drive. I am so amped about the FR-S that we got one for the company, and I’m getting one for my daily commute to AEM. I love driving it, especially through various unmentioned canyons in Southern California. Can you imagine an FR-S with an LS-7 stuffed into it? Hmmmm.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products iForged Wheels is a full- service fabrication and custom wheel design facility. The company specializes in one-, two- and three-piece forged wheels and rotary-forged, flow-formed wheels.

“We built our FR-S as a company car with some of the best names in the industry to promote everyone’s products,” said Vincent Wong, the owner and CEO of iForged Wheels and Forgestar Wheels. “We feel that the Scion FR-S is a great platform out of the box and can be even better with great aftermarket support. Its best attributes are the sexy body lines and the amazing handling.

“I am very glad that Scion decided to make a tuner-friendly car in the FR-S model. It is great when OEM and aftermarket companies can work together and help advance our industry.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Konig American is the manufacturer of the Konig, Advanti Racing, Privat, Maxxim, Bravado Performance and Mamba wheel lines as well as other private-label wheel brands. Konig also serves as the exclusive North American importer of the Trafficstar, Lowenhart, Racing Hart and Altstadt wheel lines and is the exclusive North American importer of the Neuton Tire brand. The company produces a range of staggered and non-staggered wheels for the Scion FR-S.

“It was important to us to display the new Scion FR-S in our SEMA Show booth because the car captures what our industry stands for,” said Konig Marketing Director Scott Weiss.

“The best attributes of the FR-S are its rear-wheel-drive platform, aggressive styling and affordable price tag. The Scion FR-S and the Subaru BR-Z platforms encompass the excitement that aftermarket enthusiasts embrace and are the very essence of what propels our industry forward.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Vortech has been an industry leader in supercharger technology since the inception of the centrifugal supercharger 75 years ago, and the company introduced a whole new line of compressors and supercharging systems at the 2012 SEMA Show, including the new V-3 H67 supercharging system—both in complete kit and tuner kit formats —for the Scion FR-S.

“We wanted to showcase our new Vortech supercharging systems and knew that the SEMA Show would be the perfect place to unveil our new system for the FR-S,” said Neil Tjin, automotive marketing director for Vortech’s Air Power Group.

“As a company and as a manufacturer, we received great feedback on both our supercharging system and the FR-S display vehicle that we built for the Show. It has the handling, the looks, the stance and, with our supercharging system, now the added power. The FR-S is one of the most exciting vehicles to come along in a great while, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of the buzz surrounding it.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show, Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products BC Racing's Scion FR-S offerings include monotube coil-over shocks with height, preload and dampening adjustments as well as one- and two-piece forged wheels. In addition, the company is now engineering a double adjustable external-reservoir coil-over system for the FR-S.

“The FR-S platform is quickly becoming the number-one car for the budget-minded enthusiast,” said Chelsea DeNofa of BC Racing North America’s motorsports marketing and himself a Formula Drift driver. “Our coil-overs share the same bang-for- the-buck characteristics as the FR-S, so we had to have one in our booth. We also love how the car embraces the AE86’s handling-over-power mindset as well as leaving something on the table for consumers to fine tune.

“The FR-S’s handling is great, but it becomes awesome with an alignment, tires and our coil-overs. The most important part to us at BC Racing would be the steering feel. The electronic steering shaft connects to a manual rack that gives you instant feedback when you’re behind the wheel.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Source Interlink Media (SIM) is the largest U.S. provider of content to enthusiast communities interested in consumer and performance automotive, action sports, marine, home technology and other niche activities. The FR-S that appeared in the SIM booth at the SEMA Show is the focal point of a joint collaboration between the company’s Super Street, Import Tuner and Modified magazines.

“We’re building what we think is one of the hottest FR-S projects in the United States,” said Jonathan Wong, editor of Super Street. “We worked with several key partners from around the world, using only the best parts to build the car. The GReddy X Rocket Bunny aero kit and BBS E88 wheels are the most sought-after and rare pieces on the FR-S currently, and future plans include an HKS supercharger kit.

“Without a doubt, this is one of the most hyped-up projects that our group has been able to work on in recent years, so it only seemed fitting to debut it at the SIM booth. We’re happy the Scion FR-S is receiving the attention that’s been thrown at it. Our scene has been waiting for a car like this; it is fun to drive and just begging to be modified. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the FR-S and how far tuners will take it.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Cusco U.S.A. manufactures an assortment of products for the Scion FR-S, including a suspension coil-over kit (street to racing), chassis braces, limited-slip differentials, engine components, roll cages, drivetrain components, interior upgrades and rally racing components.

“The Scion FR-S embodies the spirit of the much-celebrated Toyota AE86 Corolla chassis, with characteristics that exhibit the lightweight FR sports machine at an affordable price,” said Kenji Inoue, director of Cusco U.S.A. Inc. “Our Scion FR-S research-and-development project started in our headquarters in Japan, months prior to the actual release of the vehicle in United States. We strongly believe that the FR-S is going to change the way vehicle manufacturers think of the aftermarket tuning parts industry, in conjunction with re-teaching youth the analog synchronization of the driver and machine. Our long history of prosperous relations with Japanese vehicle manufacturers enabled us to get a headstart on aftermarket racing-parts development, being the first company to release to the public a full line of suspension and chassis components in the U.S. market in 2012.

“The FR-S winning the SEMA Award was pretty much a given to us. The number of vehicles displayed at the SEMA Show was indicative that it deserved great recognition.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products XXR Wheels/Primax Wheel Corp. manufactures OEM and aftermarket wheels in a variety of styles and sizes, including 17- to 19-in. wheels for the Scion FR-S.

Since 1976, our factory facilities have specialized in the design and manufacture or aluminum alloy wheels for original equipment and after-market automotive applications.

“Congratulations to Toyota and Scion, and thank you for responding to many Toyota fans with what should be another memorable rear-wheel-drive sports coupe,” said Chris Sabando, sales and marketing for XXR Wheels/Primax Wheel Corp.

“It’s the most anticipated debut of a legendary Toyota RWD sports coupe since the Supra, RWD Corolla and MR2 ERA. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

Scion Product Lists

Other Contributors to the AEM Booth Vehicle: Eibach coil-over system, Rays Engineering wheels, Sparco seats and seat belts, StopTech brakes, Seibon Carbon hood and trunk, AfterHours Automotive splitter and rear diffuser, 120 Racing seat mounts and rollbar
Other Contributors to the Cusco Booth Vehicle: Sparco steering wheel, Works Bell hub, Bride Cuga seats, Takata racing harness, Fujitsubo Authorize exhaust, Five Axis Designs aero, Enkei wheels, Advan Neova tires, Winmax brake pads
Other Contributors to the Konig Booth Vehicle: Scion Central title sponsor, ARK exhaust, Amsoil lubricants, JDM Sport fender washers, K&N intake, Beat-Sonic USA antenna, Katzkin Leather seats, Megan Racing coils and rear arms, Toyo tires, Extreme Dimensions GT Concept kit, Carbon Creations splitter/spoiler, hood and trunk, NRG Innovations steering wheel, oil catch can, power steering tank and ground kit, RaceMesh grille, MGP caliper covers, R1 Concepts rotors, Memphis Car Audio with custom enclosure, DC Sport strut bar, Odyssey battery
Other Contributors to the Source Interlink Media Booth Vehicle: KW Variant coil-overs, Cusco engine room power brace, oil catch can and front and rear strut tower bars, HKS intake and exhaust, manifold and front pipe, BBS wheels, Toyo tires, Recaro seats, Nagisa Auto seat rails, TRD Japan shift knob, JDM headlights, side markers and side emblems, ARP wheel studs, Buddy Club lug nuts, H&R Trak wheel spacers, AP Racing brakes, MOMO steering wheel and hub, Safety 21 rollbar, GReddy aero kit, JDM Grazio & Co. taillights, The Shop paint and body
Other Contributors to the Vortech Booth Vehicle: Borla exhaust, Baer brakes, KW Automotive coil-over suspension, Ground Control Suspension Systems camber adjustment plates and strut tower brace, Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings, Five:AD body styling components, Rotiform wheels, Toyo tires, Downstar custom bolt kit, QStarz GPS lap timer
Other Contributors to the XXR Wheels/Primax Wheel Corp. Booth Vehicle: Toyo tires, M7 intake, exhaust and suspension, APR carbon fiber kit and GT wing
Other Contributors to the BC Racing Booth Vehicle: Sparco seats and harness, Recaro seat slider, Berk Technology exhaust harness bar and seat bracket, AEM gauges, APR Performance rear wing, front air duct, full lip kit and side mirrors, Seibon hood and trunk, Hankook tires, Whiteline swaybars and subframe and transmission bushings, AP Racing brakes, APR/Carbign Craft engine cover

Jeep Wrangler, 2012 SEMA Show 4x4-SUV

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products OMIX-ADA carries more than 15,000 items for Jeeps, from restoration parts to accessories and performance products. The company has developed hundreds of unique items, such as modular XHD bumper systems, modular snorkels, new hood latches, floor liners and more. OMIX-ADA introduces 300–500 new Jeep products each year.

“The Jeep Wrangler is the most important vehicle for our current business,” said Henk van Dongen, director of marketing for OMIX-ADA. “The Wrangler offers endless possibilities for customization and personalization, and the lifestyle that goes with this vehicle has supported an entire industry.

“Congratulations to Chrysler for winning the SEMA Award. As we are celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2013, we can only say that the Wrangler has been a great vehicle for us for the past 20 years. We know of many companies that supply the aftermarket for Jeep Wrangler parts and accessories that have fared well through the recession. Jeep enthusiasts continued to buy products for their Jeeps and that has kept a lot of companies in this market going.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Bestop manufactures several styles of replacement soft tops for Jeeps, with applications all the way from the mid-40s through current two- and four-door Wranglers. In addition, Bestop manufactures bumpers, seats, doors and racks.

“We launched our Twill acrylic fabric tops at this year’s SEMA Show, with a first-ever lifetime warranty, more lockable as well as soft side storage products, an upscale pet barrier that works with soft tops and a new style of Bikini top just for JK Wranglers,” said Jim Chick, Bestop director of sales and marketing. “We had two JK Jeeps and a TJ in our booth this year with soft tops and Bikini tops, and there were also several Jeep Wranglers around the Show sporting Bestop soft tops and accessories.

“We’re a little biased about Jeep, since we’re the factory supplier to Toledo for all Jeep soft tops. Naturally, Bestop believes that’s the major attribute. That Jeep side silhouette is distinctive and complements the styling Jeep engineers strive to keep in place even as they boost the creature comforts and drivetrain. Congratulations to Jeep for winning the prestigious SEMA Award again, and here’s to another 65 years as the most accessorized vehicle!”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products BDS Suspension manufactures suspension lifts for the Jeep Wrangler that range from 2-in. budget kits to 6.5-in. long-arm kits as well as shocks, steering components and builder parts to improve the ride and performance of the JK.

“The Jeep Wrangler is a great all-around vehicle, suited for family road trips and off-road excursions,” said BDS Marketing Manager Carter Reed. “The JK continues to be an extremely popular vehicle for aftermarket modifications, and we chose to showcase the new 6.5-in. long-arm suspension on this SEMA Show BDS booth vehicle.

The JK is a comfortable and capable vehicle right off the assembly floor, and the introduction of the 3.6L Pentastar engine was a much-needed upgrade and speaks volumes about Chrysler’s willingness to listen to the concerns of Jeep owners. The ongoing improvements made to the JK make it a popular choice for families and four- wheelers alike, with the aftermarket showing these Jeeps special attention.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products BedRug, a manufacturer of premium bedliners and mats as well as the all-new TrailerWare liners, offers the BedRug and BedTred seven-piece premium floor liner kits for ’96–’06 TJ Jeeps and will soon offer those products for ’07–’13 Jeep JK Unlimiteds. The company is also working toward headliners and complementary accessories for this platform.

“The Jeep Wrangler TJ was our initial entry into the Jeep market,” said Ryan Herman, BedRug’s national sales manager.

“It was a product that many customers had requested for several years. They know the quality and benefits of the BedRug and BedTred material, which is 100% waterproof, stain resistant, precision fit, easy to install and easy to remove. The SEMA Show was the best, most logical place to introduce the liners to the wholesale and retail channels. The Wrangler is a highly accessorized market, and we felt that Jeep TJ owners would appreciate the unique attributes of the product and recognize its value immediately.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Asfir Technologies Ltd. manufactures off-road accessories for 4x4 vehicles, small trucks and SUVs. Asfir supplies bumpers, side steps, spare-tire carriers and a complete offering of aluminum skid plates for the U.S. Jeep Wrangler market. For non-U.S. markets, Asfir offers tow bars and roof racks in addition to bumpers, side steps and skid plates.

“Asfir has seen a significant uptick in product sales for the Jeep Wrangler in the United States,” said Kelly Ruiz, territory manager for Asfir 4x4 by Asfir Technologies.

“Because of the growing popularity of this vehicle, we saw the opportunity to showcase all available Asfir products on one single Wrangler at the 2012 SEMA Show. It’s no surprise that this is the third year for the Jeep Wrangler to garner the SEMA Award. It’s a great vehicle that appeals to everyone from daily commuters to weekend warriors, and it’s that diversity within the 4x4 consumer marketplace that makes our industry exciting.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show, Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Warrior Products is an American manufacturer celebrating 20 years of designing and engineering off-road accessories and soft goods for the Jeep line of vehicles from the ’40s–present. Warrior’s Wrangler line includes front and rear bumpers, side steps, tube doors, rack systems, tube flares, suspension, body protection, tow bars, hitches and lighting, and the company continues to develop new products for the Wrangler.

“The Jeep Wrangler is an excellent vehicle to showcase the full line of accessories that Warrior manufactures,” said Eric Blackburn, Warrior’s sales manager. “It is a versatile vehicle and appeals to an extremely broad customer base that includes everyone from the stereotypical soccer mom to the hard-core off-road enthusiast and the whole spectrum in between.

“It is likely that the Jeep Wrangler will continue to win the SEMA Award in this category, as no other vehicle on the market can match the versatility of the Jeep Wrangler.”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show,     Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Prolift Suspension offers a 2- in. and a 4-in. suspension lift for all ’07–’13 Jeep Wranglers. The Jeep in this year’s Prolift booth at the SEMA Show was equipped with a complete 4-in. system.

“The Jeep is kind of a recession-proof vehicle,” said Prolift Suspension Vice President Randy Haflich. “Out of all the aftermarket products sold since 2007, those for the Jeep Wrangler have maintained some of the highest levels of retail sales for aftermarket products. The fact that Jeep maintains a straight front axle and a removable top for an open-air experience make it the vehicle most customers prefer when using a vehicle for trail purposes.

“I’m very happy that Jeep has taken the time over the years to listen to the enthusiasts who drive these vehicles and incorporate their ideas into building Wranglers. Other vehicle manufacturers could learn a strong lesson from that!”

Automobile Events, Automobile Trade Show, Auto Show, Automotive Trade Show, Automotive Trade Shows, New Products Pilot Automotive manufactures innovative auto parts and accessories, supplying more than 60,000 SKUs. Its Wrangler offerings include spray-on “Rubber Bully” coating, tray liner floor mats, nerf bars, LED headlamps, taillamps and fog and driving lights.

“The Wrangler represented the rugged off-road image we needed to demonstrate the durability of our spray-on ‘Rubber Bully’ liner,” said John Cheng, Pilot executive vice president for marketing. “The Wrangler in our SEMA Show booth was completely coated with it.”

Pilot developed the recycled-tire technology, and the company applied it onto the entire Jeep, including the underside, body and even the vinyl top, providing protection from rust and scratches while offering added soundproofing at the same time. Note the flames that were added to the side of the Jeep using a lighter shade of rubber.

Wrangler Product Lists

Other Contributors to the Asfir Technologies Booth Vehicle: TerraFlex suspension lift, K&N intake, Level 8 wheels, Falken tires, M.O.R.E. tube fenders
Other Contributors to the BDS Suspension Booth Vehicle: Tim Nicalou builder, Dynatrac axles, Vision X lights, GenRight bumpers/fenders, Fuel wheels, Toyo tires, Backbone headache rack, K&N intake, MBRP exhaust, Katzkin seats, sPod electronics
Other Contributors to the BedRug Booth Vehicle: BDS suspension, Currie sway bars/steering, AGR Performance hydraulic-assist steering, Wheel Pros wheels, MasterCraft Safety seats, Nitto tires, PowerTank CO2 tank, Smittybilt fenders/armor, BodyArmor rear bumper, McGuard wheel locks, Daystar accessories, Warn winch, Magnaflow exhaust, PIAA lighting, Heatshield Products heat armor, Nitro Gears gears/axles, Eaton lockers, Hilift jack, Rugged Ridge grille/light inserts, Paramount Restyling front bumper, JKS motor mounts, Airaid intake, Edge Products throttle body, Borla header, Fox shocks
Other Contributors to the Bestop Booth Vehicle: KC HiLites driving light kit, Warn winch, Daystar tailgate bumpstops/D-ring isolators, Black Mountain Conversions interior/suspension lift with SSV shocks, Pro-Comp steering stabilizer/driveshafts, Black Rock wheels, Goodyear tires, Perfect Rack gun rack, XD-Series wheels, AEV Pro-Cal module, Rubicon Express exhaust loop delete pipe
Other Contributors to the OMIX-ADA Booth Vehicle: Dave Doetsch builder, Mickey Thompson tires, Daystar cam cans, Yakima bike and kayak racks
Other Contributors to the Prolift Suspension Booth Vehicle: Dick Cepek tires/wheels, Laser Star LED light bar/bumper lights, Warn Industries bumpers/winch, Husky Liner floor mats, Lab Rak roof rack, Bushwacker flares/body protection, Airaid intake, Highlift jack
Other Contributors to the Warrior Products Booth Vehicle: General tires, ATX aluminum bead-lock wheels, Smitybilt winch, Superlift suspension system, Banks Power intake/exhaust, Fox shocks, Alloy USA axle shafts/seals, Yukon gears

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