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Land Rover Scoop

When It Hits: Release dates for the Scoop have not been officially announced.

What Priddy Says: Land Rover has been open about plans to tweak and modify the Scoop for its U.S. debut. Additions to the hardtop include a combination roof rack, light bar and snorkel as well as new wheels and tires, while a surfboard rack and roof box were saved for the open-
air version.


Ford Taurus Interceptor

When It Hits: The ’13 Taurus SHO release date is set for spring 2012.

What Priddy Says: The Interceptor model will feature new front and rear fascias and LED taillights, although the lower front fascia should be unique to the police version. The 3.5L V6 will get a power bump to 290 hp, but this prototype—as per the badging—is powered by the Taurus SHO’s 3.5 V6 Ecoboost with 400 hp.


Mustang GT

When It Hits: A release date for the ’13 Mustang GT has not been announced.

What Priddy Says: Updates include a new hood and front fascia, including LED headlamps, foglights and taillamps. In addition to the prototype’s new rims, the rear sports a new fascia as well.


Fiat-Based CUV From Dodge

When It Hits: The new CUV should arrive sometime in 2013, likely as a ’14 model.

What Priddy Says: While this may look like shots of the upcoming Dodge compact (often referred to as the Hornet), it is actually an early developmental mule for an all-new Fiat-based CUV. This mule sits higher and has much larger wheel arches than the “compact” mules.

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