SEMA News—December 2012


SEMA Members Save on Shipping Services


UPS has a long history of working with SEMA and the automotive industry.
SEMA’s partnership with UPS provides special offers on package deliveries and other UPS business services, such as parcel insurance, cargo finance loans, design and test labs and more. 

“SEMA is always looking for ways to add value to our members’ benefits, and our strong partnership with UPS provided a great solution,” said Gary Vigil, SEMA membership director. “The discounts and benefits offered by UPS can make all the difference to a business trying to grow in these tough economic times.”

UPS has a long history of working with SEMA and the automotive industry. UPS experts help ensure that items are appropriately packaged, boxed and shipped where they need to go. They also assist with completion of forms and paperwork required for international shipments.

Having worked closely with the industry for several years, UPS has a good understanding of the industry and the needs of SEMA members. As a result, special discounts and services were developed for SEMA-member companies.

“The enhanced level of benefits UPS now offers SEMA members reflects our ongoing commitment to the automotive industry and the premier trade association for the automotive specialty market,” said Kristin DeBates, automotive segment marketing manager at UPS. “Logistics is our passion, but our mission is to help customers build business more efficiently, and these new offers can do just that.”

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